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There are 12 objects for which Decoration contains "34"
2009.10.2.102 A winged man pictures with three horses. Number 34.
2009.10.2.162 Standing Hermes wearing a cloak and a hat and holding a caduceus with a baby clinging to him and another figure to his right seated and wearing a cloak. Number 34
2009.10.2.244 Nude Aphrodite with drapery across her shoulders, holding an arrow in her right hand, accompanied by winged Eros on the right and a quiver of arrows on the left. Number 34
2009.10.2.34 Double portrait of what appears to be Neptune wearing a wreath of corn facing a woman with a headband and flower (Ceres). Number 34.
2009.10.2.378 Nude male wearing a cloak and helmet, standing near a pillar with a small sphinx onto of it. Possibly Oedipus solving the riddle of the Spinx (?). Number 34
2009.8.180 A naked man with a beard on a chariot pulled by two horses, riding on the water. Probably Poseidon. Cast number: 34
2009.8.24 A dancing woman with a bare chest. Cloak or dress around her waist. Holding a timbrel in her hands above her head. There is also an inscription. Cast number: 34
2009.8.243 Profile of a woman with long hair, maybe Faustina Minor, looking right. Cast number: 34
2009.8.90 A bird. Maybe a crane. Inscription on the right side. Cast number: 34
2009.9.101 A naked winged child sitting on the floor. In the background on the right side the entrance to a cave (?). Cast number: 34
2009.9.199 A winged man flying over water. Cast number: 34
2009.9.20 A woman sitting on a flower chair holding a scepter and point her hand to her mouth. Opposite her an animal, looking like a lion on standing on its hind legs, streching its front legs out to the woman. They are both in a skiff which has a ram's head on its left end. Cast number: 34
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