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There are 10 objects for which Decoration contains "35"
2009.10.2.103 Two figures a man and a woman, she is holding a length of cloth. Number 35.
2009.10.2.245 Nude Aphrodite leaning on a pillar and holding a small object in her right hand, accompanied by a winged Eros carrying a torch and offering a wreath to Aphrodite. Number 35
2009.10.2.35 Double Portrait of Neptune standing in front of Ceres Number 35.
2009.10.2.379 Male figure wearing a hat leaning over a sphinx. He is holding the head of the sphinx with his right hand, with a knife in his left hand held at the sphinx' head. Number 35
2009.8.181 Poseidon, naked with a beard and a cloak, riding on a dolphin on the water holding a trident in his hand. Cast number: 35
2009.8.244 Profile of a woman with straight, long hair, looking right. Cast number: 35
2009.8.91 A sphinx. Some kind of creature above its head. A bell on its left side. Cast number: 35
2009.9.102 A naked winged child sitting in some kind of vessel, a quiver is hanging from his back. Cast number: 35
2009.9.200 A naked young man standing between two poles, taking of the robe. On the right side, there is a statuette standing on the pole. Cast number: 35
2009.9.21 There is a box with a snake on it on the bottom, on the box a globe with Greek letters, and coming out of the ball a dog's head, looking right. Inscriptions around and on the globe. Cast number: 35
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