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There are 11 objects for which Decoration contains "36"
2009.10.2.104 Figure of a woman riding a chariot drawn by two horses. Number 36.
2009.10.2.164 Hermes with caduceus bent over and carrying objects (possibly a jar). Number 36
2009.10.2.246 Nude Aphrodite reclining against a pillar with drapery, accompanied by winged Eros. Pillar with objects ontop and a bow and quiver leaning against it. Number 36
2009.10.2.36 A portrait of Poseidon. Number 36.
2009.10.2.380 Standing nude male figure wearing a helmet and a shield on his right arm, holding the hair of a fallen nude male figure. There is a shield, spear and helmet on the right-hand side, and a pillar topped with an (animal?) figure behind the two males. Number 36
2009.8.182 A naked man with a trident behind a woman also holding a trident, riding on a horse. Maybe Poseidon and Amphitrite. In front of the horse Eros. Cast number: 36
2009.8.245 Profile of a young man with short wavy hair, looking right. Maybe Tiberius. Cast number: 36
2009.8.92 An eagle with a wreath in its beak, one claw standing on a twig. Cast number: 36
2009.9.103 A naked winged child sitting on a vessel playing a musical instrument, maybe a lyre. Cast number: 36
2009.9.201 A warrior in armour sitting on a rock holding his weapon, his shield lying to his feet. He is struck by lighting or caught in a web. Cast number: 36
2009.9.22 A dogish creature wearing a robe, standing on its hind legs, looking left, surrounded by Greek letters. Cast number: 36
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