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There are 11 objects for which Decoration contains "37"
2009.10.2.105 Portrait of two women in profile, one in front of the other. Number 37.
2009.10.2.165 Hermes wearing cloak and carrying caduceus bent over carrying objects (possibly a jar). Number 37
2009.10.2.247 Swan (?) with wings out behind it Number 37
2009.10.2.37 A portrait of Poseidon. Number 37
2009.10.2.381 Seated semi-nude bearded male with a female figure on the left leaning over him with her hands on his shoulders. A male figure with his left hand raised and leading a horse is on the left of the figures, and a standing female figure on the right holding drapery. There is a temple behind the figures and a tree on either side, with two bearded male figures under the right-hand tree. Number 37
2009.8.246 Profile of a man with wavy hair, looking right. Probably Caligula. Cast number: 37
2009.8.93 A sphinx. Cast number: 37
2009.9.104 A winged child wearing a cloth around the waist is leaning against a rake. Cast number: 37
2009.9.202 Three men fighting. The two men on the left and on the right are bigger than the one in the middle. They seem to hold a vessel and are naked except for their cloaks around their shoulders. Cast number: 37
2009.9.23 A figure with a jackal's or dog's head wearing a robe, holding a twig in his left hand and a caduceus in his right hand, looking left. Cast number: 37
29.11.7 The rim turns sharply out and has a thick black band round it, below which is a thick reserved band. The interior is mostly black with a well (approx 3.7 cm) in the centre of the dish that has a thin reserved band just outside it, and a small reserved disk in the centre. The handles are rounded at the far end, and have black tips. On the main zone; A: Curling tendril and leaf between upright palmettes. B to A, with addition of vertical wavy line between palmette on right and handle. Below is a thin coloured band, a reserved band, and then colour down to and including the stem of the foot. The edge of the foot has two ridges on it, the lower of which is black, the upper one reserved. The base of the rim is also reserved. The base of the foot slopes inwards, the walls of the slope are red, then the centre is reserved except for a thin red band and a red dot in the centre. 2003.16.0092.jpg
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