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There are 11 objects for which Decoration contains → 38
2004.8.5 Eleven, black palmettes in fan arrangement, two of which are joined at the stems. Left of the palmettes there is a verticle black line with a series of small black dots, parallel, either side (ten left of the line and eight right of the line) which is believed to be a branch of a tree. Right of the palmettes there is a solid, thin black line (L. 3.8). 2006.20.0571.jpg
2009.10.2.106 Figure leaning on a harp, in the background another very small figure stands on a podium holding a sceptre, with star above head. Number 38.
2009.10.2.166 Clothed Hermes carrying a sickle and caduceus and wearing a winged hat and sandals standing near a bull, a bird and a body on the ground (possibly dead). Number 38
2009.10.2.248 (?) Gateway or building with two pillars either side and a larger central pillar. A crescent moon and star above the central point and a bird on either side above the paired pillars. Number 38
2009.10.2.382 Seated bearded male figure holding an object in his right hand with a raised left hand, instructing a standing nude male youth wearing a cloak and leaning on a spear. Number 38
2009.8.184 A man with a stick in his hand and a wreath in his wavy hair, meeting a man with a horse. Cast number: 38
2009.8.247 Profile of a man and a woman, looking right. The top of her cloak can be seen. Cast number: 38
2009.8.94 A winged horse. Maybe Pegasus. Cast number: 38
2009.9.105 A naked winged child with crossed legs is leaning against a rake. Cast number: 38
2009.9.203 A woman sitting on a stool holding an opening a box. Maybe Pandora. Cast number: 38
2009.9.24 A woman wearing a dress, holding a spear and a cornucopia on the left side. A woman in the middle holding two vessels. A human figure with a dog's or jackal's head on the right side, holding a twig. Cast number: 38
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