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There are 11 objects for which Decoration contains "39"
2009.10.2.107 Portrait of a woman in profile, turning to the right. Her hair is tied back. Number 39.
2009.10.2.249 Winged Eros at a flaming altar in front of a temple, with a statue of a nude Aphrodite inside, and a tree behind Number 39
2009.10.2.383 Nude male figure lying on a couch or bed in front of four horses and a smaller standing figure on the right, holding an object in their right hand, and a tree on the left. Number 39
2009.10.2.39 A portrait of poseidon Number 39.
2009.8.185 Profile of a man with a beard and curly hair, in capite velato, looking right. Cast number: 39
2009.8.248 Profile of a woman with a lavish hairstyle, looking right. Cast number: 39
2009.8.26 A woman standing on a pole or tree. One hand placed on the pole bending her head. There is an inscription. Cast number: 39
2009.8.95 A a man with a beard holding a spear and riding on a centaur. Cast number: 39
2009.9.106 A naked winged child with crossed legs is leaning against a rake or a trombone. Cast number: 39
2009.9.204 A naked man wearing only a cloak, holding a sword is fighting against a snake. Cast number: 39
2009.9.25 Profile of a man wearing an aureole and some kind of wear. The top of his cloak can be seen, looking right. There is a "C" or a half moon on the right side. Cast number: 39
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