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There are 13 objects for which Decoration contains "40"
2009.10.2.108 Portrait of a woman in profile turning to the left, with a quiver across her back. Number 40
2009.10.2.250 Hare inside a large ring centrally, figure in a chariot drawn by two birds above and a butterfly on the right hand side. ? flaming torches on either side and inscription below Number 40
2009.10.2.384 Male figure in a chariot drawn by two large serpents on the left facing a larger seated (deity?) figure holding a spear and another object, and an object or symbol below the figures. Number 40
2009.10.2.40 A portrait in profile of a man with a beard and a headband. Number 40.
2009.8.186 A naked man with a trident and a woman on a chariot pulled by four horses. Probably Poseidon and Amphitrite. In front on the horses a child, probably Eros. Cast number: 40
2009.8.249 Profile of a woman with a lavish hairstyle, looking left. The top of her dress can be seen. Cast number: 40
2009.8.96 Profile of a young man with wings in his wavy hair. Cast number: 40
2009.9.107 A naked winged child holding a twig. Cast number: 40
2009.9.205 A couple. A man wearing a helmet and holding a stick or spear, behind him a snake and a shield. He is holding hands with a woman wearing a dress, behind her there is also a snake. Above them is a crescent moon and between them a star. Cast number: 40
2009.9.26 A naked man with an aureole, holding a scepter, sitting on a dog, looking right. Cast number: 40 Buff clay, painted reddish-brown to a depth of 4.0 on the exterior, 2.5 on the interior. Applied grey band over brown on the exterior. 2008.99.0501.jpg
E.62.28 Tall red jar tapering to a narrow, flat base. Around the top there is a band of black pigment (th. ca. 3.0-4.0), above a band of yellow pigment (max. th. 4.0). Treated on the interior with haematite (iron oxide) and burnished. 2002.98.0130.jpg
TEMP.2003.7.7 Fragment from the central part of a bowl. Interior brown, with three pairs of white lines beginning about 1.5 from the top, 3.0 from the top, and 4.0 from the top. Under the second set of lines, are three white tear drop shapes that used to surround the center. Exterior white with pattern of alternating red and yellow/brown lines .2 to .8 apart.
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