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There are 10 objects for which Decoration contains "42"
2009.10.2.110 Portrait of a woman in profile turned to the right, with a quiver across her back. Wearing headband. Number 42.
2009.10.2.252 Nude three graces standing holding drapery Number 42
2009.10.2.386 Male figure in a chariot drawn by two large serpents. Number 42
2009.10.2.42 A portrait in profile of a man with a beard and headband. Number 42
2009.8.188 Profile of a woman wearing a helmet with an animal on it, looking right. Cast number: 42
2009.8.251 Profile of a man and a woman, looking right. He has a wreath in his hair and the top of his cloak, probably a paludamentum can be seen. Cast number: 42
2009.8.98 Three warriors with spears, shields and helmets. The one on the left side is kneeling or falling. Cast number: 42
2009.9.109 A naked winged child holding some fruits in his hand, a quiver is lying to his feet. Cast number: 42
2009.9.207 Profile of a woman with a wreath in her hair, looking right. The top of her clothes can be seen. Cast number: 42
2009.9.28 A monster with a lion's head, a man's chest and two serpent tails wearing an aureole, looking right. Cast number: 42
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