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There are 11 objects for which Decoration contains → 43
2009.10.2.111 Artemis sitting with bow and arrow. Number 43.
2009.10.2.253 Nude three graces standing holding small objects in their hands, with a vase of water on the left and a pillar with a jug pouring out water on the right Number 43
2009.10.2.387 Male figure driving a plough pulled by two yoked oxen, passing an object to a standing figure behind the oxen. Number 43
2009.10.2.43 A portrait of a man with beard and headband. Number 43
2009.8.189 Profile of a woman with wavy hair wearing a helmet. One breast is exposed, looking right. Cast number: 43
2009.8.252 Profile of a woman with a lavish hairstyle and a tiara, looking right. The top of her dress can be seen. Cast number: 43
2009.8.39 A young man naked except for his cloak. Holding a dagger in one hand. Inscription on the right side. Cast number: 43
2009.8.99 A young warrior with a helmet and a sword sitting on a rock balancing a staff in his hand. There is a shield on the bottom. Cast number: 43
2009.9.110 A naked winged child only wearing a robe around his shoulders is holding a bow. A quiver is lying to his feet. Cast number: 43
2009.9.208 A naked man sitting on a stone playing the lyre. Animals are gathered around him. Maybe Orpheus. Cast number: 43
2009.9.29 A monster with a rooster's head, a man's torso and instead of feet it has two serpents, holding a weapon and a spear. On the right side a star, on the left side another weapon, looks like a dagger. Inscription at the bottom. Cast number: 43
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