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There are 11 objects for which Decoration contains "44"
2009.10.2.112 Artemis sitting with a deer. Number 44.
2009.10.2.254 Nude three graces standing holding drapery Number 44
2009.10.2.288 Profile head and upper back of a young male with drapery and a spear over his left shoulder. Number 44
2009.10.2.44 A large cast with a depiction of the zodiac signs as a border. Four men are pictured, on the far left a man with winged shoes and hat (Hermes), with a cockerel standing next to him, bearded man on throne(Zeus) who is standing on Poseidon, on the right another man with a helmet and sheild (Ares). Number 44.
2009.8.100 Profile of a man with a beard and wreath in his curly hair. The top of a cloak can be seen. Cast number: 44
2009.8.190 Portrait of a woman with a helmet. Probably Athena. Cast number: 44
2009.8.253 Profile of a man with short wavy hair, wearing a wreath, looking right. Cast number: 44
2009.8.49 A young woman sitting on a chair, one arm put on her knee, the other holding a vase. A wreath is hanging on the wall. Inscription on the bottom. Cast number: 44
2009.9.111 A naked winged child is talking to a warrior holding a spear and a shield. Might be refering to Cupid and Mars. Cast number: 44
2009.9.209 A naked man sitting on a rock playing the lyre. Animals are gathered around him. Maybe Orpheus. Cast number: 44
2009.9.30 A man with a rooster's head, holding a basket in one hand, on the other hand the fingers look like feathers. Beside him lays a head of a bearded man. The monster is standing on a box on which are Greek letters. Cast number: 44
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