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There are 11 objects for which Decoration contains "45"
14.9.67 2 black lines at 45 degrees to each other. Black painted design with incised lines marking 7 thin rectangular sections with rounded ends all next to each other and getting shorter towards one side, every other one purple. (feathers? leather strips on armour?) 2 other small incised lines at right angles to each other on black, no clear design. All on coarse grey/buff background. Inside painted black. 2006.20.0343.jpg
2009.10.2.113 Figure of Artemis standing with a deer. Number 45.
2009.10.2.255 Nude three graces standing one holding an apple above a shield with a helmet resting on it, another holding a wreath above a flaming altar, with a butterfly next to it. Number 45
2009.10.2.389 Profile head and upper back of a young male. Number 45
2009.10.2.45 Portrait of man with a headband of leaves. Number 45.
2009.8.101 Frontal portrait of a man with a beard. The top of a cloak can be seen. Cast number: 45
2009.8.191 Profile of a woman with a helmet with a winged horse on it, looking left. Probably Athena Inscription on the left side. Cast number: 45
2009.8.254 Profile of a man with short wavy hair with a wreath, looking left. Cast number: 45
2009.9.112 A naked winged child is sitting in front of a warrior who is fully armed. Cast number: 45
2009.9.210 A naked man riding on a dolphin. Cast number: 45
2009.9.31 A monster with an eagle's head, a man's chest and two serpents instead of legs, holding a shield and a scepter. There is a star and a half moon on its right side. There is also a star underneath it. Cast number: 45
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