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There are 10 objects for which Decoration contains "46"
2009.10.2.114 Figure of Artemis, standing with a deer. Number 46.
2009.10.2.256 Reclining nude Aprhodite with drapery under a tree with a bird in it, accompanied by one winged child playing a lyre, another fanning her and a third figure under the tree. Number 46
2009.10.2.390 Nude male figure wearing a cloak and seen from behind, pushing against a large rock, with a sword at his feet and another object behind him. Number 46
2009.10.2.46 Portrait of man with a wreath. Number 46.
2009.8.102 Profile of a young woman. A cithara and a butterfly on her right side. Cast number: 46
2009.8.192 Profile of a woman wearing a helmet and the aegis, looking right. Probably Athena. Cast number: 46
2009.8.255 Profile of a man with short wavy hair and a wreath, lavish hairstyle and a prominent chin, looking right. Probably Nero. Cast number: 46
2009.9.113 A naked winged child carrying a basket. Cast number: 46
2009.9.211 Profile of a woman with wavy hair looking right. The top of her clothes can be seen. Cast number: 46
2009.9.32 A monster with an eagle's head, a man's chest and two serpents instead of legs, holding a spear and a shield with Greek letters on it. The serpents are surrounding the monster. There are inscriptions on the left and right side as well as underneath the creature. Cast number: 46
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