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There are 11 objects for which Decoration contains "47"
2009.10.2.115 Artemisn seated, holding a spear a deer in the background. Number 47.
2009.10.2.257 Nude Aprhodite sitting holding drapery and accompanied by a seated Eros with a quiver on his back Number 47
2009.10.2.391 Nude male figure stooped over and lifting a large rock between his legs, with a sword at his feet Number 47
2009.10.2.47 A portrait of a man with a beard and wreath. Number 47.
2009.8.103 Two face profile. Looking right is a young warrior with a helmet. Looking left an older man with a beard also wearing a helmet. Maybe Ianus. Cast number: 47
2009.8.193 Profile of a young woman with a helmet and a serpent. Inscription on her left side. Cast number: 47
2009.8.256 Profile of a woman with a lavish hairstyle, looking right. The top of her dress can be seen. In front of her are two ears of wheat. Cast number: 47
2009.8.57 A young girl feeding an eagle, probably Zeus. Inscription on the bottom. Cast number 47
2009.9.114 A naked winged child fight with another naked child. Cast number: 47
2009.9.212 A griffin attacking a woman with one of his claws. She is falling down. Above them a cresent moon. Cast number: 47
2009.9.33 A naked man with wings and a crown, holding two spears in his right hand. There are two stars on his right side and a half moon on his upper left side. He is standing in a skiff. Cast number: 47
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