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There are 9 objects for which Decoration contains "49"
2009.10.2.117 Artemis pictured standing next to a pillar. Very small inscription. Number 49.
2009.10.2.259 Nude Aphrodite lying on her front on a bed with drapery around her viewed from above. Inscription below. Number 49
2009.10.2.393 Large bull with bearded man's face, with a star above on the left, a symbol on the right and a snake beneath the bull. With an inscription above the bull. Number 49
2009.8.105 Profile of an older man with short hair. The top of his cloak can be seen. Inscription on the bottom. Cast number: 49
2009.8.195 Profile of Athena wearing a Corinthian helmet and the aegis with the head of the gorgo Medusa, looking left. Inscription on her left side. Cast number: 49
2009.8.258 Profile of a man with short wavy hair, looking right. The top of his cloak, probably a paludamentum, can be seen. Cast number: 49
2009.9.116 Two naked winged children. One carrying a basket, the other a wreath. Cast number: 49
2009.9.35 A naked man with two pair of wings and a bird's tail, holding a scepter, surrounded by spears or sticks, standing on a serpent. There is an inscription with the serpent's circle. Cast number: 49
85.3.2 On the top of the rim, one broad black band and two concentric narrow; plange side, two narrow bands converging into one band. On body, cinquefoil with leaves touching central wheel. Below handle, rough six-petalled flower. '49' pencilled on back of handle. 2005.05.0051.jpg
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