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There are 3 objects for which Decoration contains "4th"
39.8.2 Picture inside is of a bearded satyr, with his left hand on his side and his 4th and 5th figures bent under. He is stooping and reaching forward with his right hand. His long ear reaches well above the top of his bald head. 2003.21.0014.jpg
83.5.2 Base of 4th c. BC coarse ware open vessel, painted black, fired reddish brown inside. Clay pink, with shell inclusions. Graffito on base (see drawing on card). Foot concave with central peak projecting.
91.12.5A-E (a)-(c) Boeotian half-drachmae, late 5th/early 4th c.; (d) Boeotian quarter obol(?), late 5th/early 4th c.; (e) Athenian obol, c.450BC.. 2008.02.0129.jpg
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