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There are 10 objects for which Decoration contains "51"
2009.10.2.119 A collection of figures, a bearded man sitting under a tree, watching a centaur dancing with a woman, two cupids surround them. Number 51.
2009.10.2.261 Nude male standing holding a spear in his left hand, leaning against a pillar and accompanied by a dog Number 51
2009.10.2.395 Standing nude male figure seen from behind, holding a staff and facing a figure emerging from a hole in a wall. Number 51
2009.10.2.51 An eagle on top of a mountain of rocks with cresent moon and star. Writing at bottom. Number 51.
2009.8.107 Profile of a man with a beard and a helmet. Situated in nature. Cast number: 51
2009.8.197 Profile of Athena wearing a helmet and the aegis with the head of the gorgon Medusa, looking right. Cast number: 51
2009.8.260 Profile of a man with short wavy hair in a lavish style and a beard wearing a wreath, looking right. Probably Nero. Cast number: 51
2009.9.118 Two naked children. The one on the left side has wings and is holding a spear. The other one is holding a stick. Both have cloaks around their shoulders. Cast number: 51
2009.9.216 A man in armour holding a shield, standing on a barque. There is crane on his left and on his right side. Cast number: 51
2009.9.37 A ball or a globe from which two grow two serpent heads. On the head on the left side stands a man turning to the monster in the middle, on the head on the right side stands a woman also facing the monster. The monster in the middle has a male human body but two dog's heads, one facing the woman, the other the man. The scenery is enclosed by a serpent biting in its own tail. There are letters on the serpent heads. Cast number: 51
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