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There are 10 objects for which Decoration contains "53"
2009.10.2.121 Figures of three women pictured standing together, two facing outwards and on to the front. They are all holding two daggers with blood dripping from them. Number 53.
2009.10.2.263 Nude male figure leaning against a pillar holding a spear in his left hand and accompanied by a dog. Inscription down the left hand side Number 53
2009.10.2.397 Nude male figure lying on the ground with a chimera standing over him. Number 53
2009.10.2.53 Man sitting on barrell, taking off weath and handing it to a bird, a peacock or pheonix. Number 53.
2009.8.109 Profile of a man with short hair. Inscription on the left side. Cast number: 53
2009.8.199 Athena Parthenos with a shield and a spear in one hand and a little Nike in the other. Resembling the statue made by Phidias. Cast number: 53
2009.8.262 Profile of a woman with slightly lavish hairstyle and a rather chubby face, looking right. The top of her dress can be seen. Maybe Livia. Cast number: 53
2009.9.120 Two naked children wearing cloaks. The one on the left side is winged and holding a snake (?) in his hand. The other one holds some kind of scepter or a cornucopia. Cast number: 53
2009.9.218 A creature half woman, half bird playing the lyre. In the left corner, there is a star. Cast number: 53
2009.9.39 On the right side an ibis, in the middle a monster with a lion's head and a serpent's body and on the left side a hawk. Cast number: 53
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