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There are 9 objects for which Decoration contains "54"
2009.10.2.122 Figure of Goddess Diana of Ephesus. Number 54.
2009.10.2.264 Central figure of nude Aphrodite holding an arrow in her right hand and holding a winged Eros' hand in her left, a shield with a face leaning against her left leg and armour on the floor. Winged Eros holding a bow on the right, and kneeling nude Hephaestus on the left with a hammer held above his head and an anvil in front of him. Number 54
2009.10.2.398 Kneeling female centaur embracing a centaur child underneath a tree. Number 54
2009.10.2.54 Man with a beard sitting on a rock, taking off wreath and handing it to bird. Number 54.
2009.8.110 Profile of a man with short hair. Birds on his left and right side. A club under his neck. Cast number: 54
2009.8.200 Athena Parthenos holding a shield and a spear in one hand, in the other a little Nike. Resembling the statue made by Phidias. Cast number: 54
2009.8.263 Profile of a woman with a lavish hairstyle, looking right. The top of her dress can be seen. Cast number: 54
2009.9.219 A creature with a human's torso and a bird's body, dressed in full armour, wings attached on the back, holding a sword in one hand. Cast number: 54
2009.9.40 A monster with a lion's head and a serpent's body sitting on a box with inscriptions. There is also an inscription on the left and right side of the monster. Cast number: 54
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