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There are 12 objects for which Decoration contains "56"
2009.10.2.124 Diana of Ephesus pictured holding animals on each arm, including a cat, a boar and horses are behind her. Number 56.
2009.10.2.266 Nude standing Aphrodite holding a torch and another object, with a satyr on the right holding an object, and Eros with a bow and a seated Hephaestus on the left holding a hammer above his head with an anvil in front of him. Number 56
2009.10.2.400 Bearded male centaur lying down, holding a shield above him with his left hand and pulling an arrow from his side with his right. Number 56
2009.10.2.56 Man with scepter standing on ball with two figures on his left, one above the other. one is a woman and one is sitting down. Number 56.
2009.8.112 Profile of a man with short hair and a wreath. The top of a cloak can be seen. Cast number: 56
2009.8.140 Old man with a beard wearing a cloak, but has a bare chest. Cast number: 56
2009.8.202 A woman wearing a dress and a helmet, putting a foot on a rock and holding a spear. Probably Athena. Cast number: 56
2009.8.265 Profile of a man with a wreath in his hair and a rather chubby face, looking left. Cast number: 56
2009.8.60 An old man with a beard holding a role of parchment in one hand. Maybe a philosopher. Cast number: 56
2009.9.122 A naked winged child holding a stick in his hand, riding on a lion which is playing with a goat's head. Cast number: 56
2009.9.221 On the upper part, a man falling down with a chariot pulled by 4 horses. On the bottom, a bearded man looks up and three naked women holding twigs. The downfall of Phaeton. Cast number: 56
2009.9.42 A monster with a female human head and the body of a spider, holding a cobra in each hand. Cast number: 56
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