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There are 10 objects for which Decoration contains "57"
2009.10.2.125 Diana of Ephesus pictured with some dogs. Number 57.
2009.10.2.267 Nude Ares and Aphrodite embracing on a bed to the right, with Hephaestus standing over them and casting a net over them, and a fourth figure (?) reclining in the left corner. Number 57
2009.10.2.401 Bearded male centaur carrying an ornate staff over his left shoulder and a lion skin and basket on his right shoulder. There is a faint inscription below the figure. Number 57
2009.10.2.57 Figure of a standing man, with an eagle on his left side. Holding an object above his head. Number 57.
2009.8.113 Profile of a man with short hair, top of his cloak can be seen, looking left. Cast number: 57
2009.8.203 Athena wearing a helmet and holding her shield on which is the head of the gorgo Medusa. Cast number: 57
2009.8.266 Profile of a man with short hair wearing a wreath and a crooked nose and a prominent chin. The top of his cloak, probably a paludamentum, can be seen. Cast number: 57
2009.9.123 One figure sitting on a bear holding a stick and wearing a cloak around the shoulders. Another is standing in front of the animal. Cast number: 57
2009.9.222 A naked man lying on the ground, a chariot pulled by two horses is fleeing the scene. Probably Phaeton after his fall from the chariot. Cast number: 57
2009.9.43 A man holding a tambourine (?) in his left hand and a sistrum in his right hand. He is naked except for the cloth around his waist. Cast number: 57
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