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There are 9 objects for which Decoration contains "58"
2009.10.2.126 Diana of Ephesus pictured in a temple. Number 58.
2009.10.2.268 Standing nude youth wearing a helmet and holding a spear in his left hand and a shield in his right. Number 58
2009.10.2.402 Bearded male centaur rearing up on his back legs and aiming a bow and arrow to the right. Number 58
2009.10.2.58 Figure of a man standing with a sceptre, holding grain in his left hand. Number 58
2009.8.114 Profile of a young woman with wavy hair, looking left. Cast number: 58
2009.8.204 A woman in a dress holding a spear, leaning against a pole with a shield to her feet. Probably Athena. Cast number: 58
2009.8.267 Profile of a man wearing a wreath with a prominent chin and a rather chubby face. The top of his cloak, probably a paludamentum, can be seen. Cast number: 58
2009.9.124 One child sitting on a bear, another with wings standing in front of them, he is aiming with his bow at the animal. Cast number: 58
2009.9.44 Portrait of a man wearing an egyptian crown looking left. The top of his clothes can be seen. Inscription on the right side. Cast number: 58
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