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There are 9 objects for which Decoration contains "59"
2009.10.2.127 Figure of a man holding a stick over his shoulder. Two dogs are at his feet. Number 59.
2009.10.2.269 Walking male figure wearing a helmet, holding a spear or staff and a variety of other objects, with a star and another object by his feet. Number 59
2009.10.2.403 Profile head and frontal chest of a young male figure looking to the left, with shoulder-length hair and drapery across his left shoulder. Number 59
2009.10.2.59 Figure of a bearded man with a scepter, there is a child to his left who he is shielding with his cloak. Number 59.
2009.8.115 Profile of a man with wavy hair and a wreath. Head is above a scale and beside it are two ears of wheat. Inscription on the right side. Cast number: 59
2009.8.205 Athena wearing a helmet, holding a spear in one hand and her shield in the other. Cast number: 59
2009.8.268 Profile of a man with a lavish hairstyle, looking right. Cast number: 59
2009.9.125 One naked child sitting on a bear or a boar holding a whip or a stick, wearing a cloak. Another child is sitting in front of the animal, pulling its tongue and holding a torch in his hand. Cast number: 59
2009.9.45 A naked man holding some kind of vessel in his left hand and two ears of cereal in his right hand. On his left side is a naked child or a small woman holding a cornucopia. Cast number: 59
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