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There are 9 objects for which Decoration contains "61"
2009.10.2.189 Bust of a laughing man, possibly Silenus. Number 61
2009.10.2.271 Large bird or bird-like creature holding a shield and two spears. Number 61
2009.10.2.405 Right-facing profile head and frontal shoulders of a young man with shoulder length hair and drapery across his left shoulder. Number 61
2009.10.2.61 There is a gathering of eight male and female figures and an Eros. Two of the males are sitting down and the rest are standing. Number 61.
2009.8.117 Profile of a man with a curly beard and hair wearing a wreath, looking right. Eyes are goggled. Cast number: 61
2009.8.207 Athena in a chariot pulled by two owls, wearing a helmet, holding her shield and a spear. Cast number: 61
2009.8.42 A young woman standing next to a pole, one hand put on it holding somthing in her hand. Cast number: 61
2009.9.127 A naked winged child covering a boar. In the background a tree. Cast number: 61
2009.9.47 An Egyptian double-feather crown, representing Ma'at or Thot. Cast number: 61
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