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There are 9 objects for which Decoration contains "62"
2009.10.2.190 Bust of a laughing man, possibly Silenus. Number 62
2009.10.2.272 Standing nude male figure wearing a cloak and helmet, holding a spear. Male has his arm around a semi-nude female who has one foot resting on a pillar, with a second pillar on the right. Number 62
2009.10.2.406 Right-facing profile of a (?) young female with loose hair. Number 62
2009.10.2.62 Three rows of female women, all holding different objects. Number 62
2009.8.118 Profile of a man with a curly beard and hair, looking right. Cast number: 62
2009.8.208 A temple with 4 columns, in the middle the statue of a god or goddess wearing a helmet and holding something in her hand. Next to the temple is a tree. Cast number: 62
2009.9.128 A figure with a stick and a cape sitting on a lion. Cast number: 62
2009.9.48 Egyptian double-feather crown with a bow underneath it. Cast number: 62
91.12.1 Moulded design incised on top: rough circle ca. 6.2 cm in diameter, containing a dotted star. See notecard for drawing. 2006.20.0031.jpg
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