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There are 7 objects for which Decoration contains "64"
2009.10.2.192 Bust of a laughing man, possibly Silenus. Number 64
2009.10.2.274 Nude male figure on the right with drapery (? and a spear) on the right, passing a spherical object with a nude (?) female figure on the left, with a pillar on the far left. A small child is stood between them holding a bow. Number 64
2009.10.2.408 Figure in a tower on the right reaching out to a nude male figure in the sea, above whom is a flying Cupid holding a torch, with two heads blowing the winds on the left. Number 64
2009.8.120 Profile of a man with curly hair looking right. Inscription on the left side. Cast number: 64
2009.9.130 A young man with wings holding a whip/stick riding a horse or lama. Cast number: 64
2009.9.224 Portrait of a man with wavy hair and beard. The top of his cloak can be seen. Cast number: 64
2009.9.50 Two cranes looking for food. One is bending its head down, the other is clapping its wings. Cast number: 64
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