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There are 7 objects for which Decoration contains "65"
2009.10.2.193 A naked man holding a staff. Number 65
2009.10.2.275 Central figure of a seated nude male wearing a helmet, surrounded by drapery, with a standing semi-nude female on the right resting a sheild against her leg, and a torch-bearing child on the left, standing on armour. Number 65
2009.10.2.409 Central nude male figure wearing a helmet leaning down towards a jar on the floor, with a nude male holding a staff on the left and an armoured male holding a shield on the right. Number 65
2009.10.2.65 The image shows corn, which represents fertility. Number 65
2009.8.121 Profile of a man, looking right. Top of his clothes can be seen. At the bottom are three symbols: the one in the middle: two hands shaking; the one on the left could be a bird, the one on the right a flower. Cast number: 65
2009.9.131 A naked winged child standing in a chariot, holding the reins and a whip, pulled by a lion and a goat. Cast number: 65
2009.9.225 A bearded man sitting on a stool, drinking with an eagle holding a turtle over his head. Cast number: 65
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