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There are 9 objects for which Decoration contains "66"
2009.10.2.194 A naked soldier with shield and helmet is holding what might be a bunch of grapes over the head of Eros who is attempting to cease them. A deer tugs at the soldier's shield from behind. Number 66
2009.10.2.276 Standing nude male figure wearing a helmet and a cloak, holding a spear in his right hand and embracing a semi-nude female figure with his left. Female figure has drapery over her legs and is resting her right foot on a ball. Number 66
2009.10.2.410 Central male figure wearing a helmet reaching down towards a vase on the floor, with a male figure on the left, an armoured male holding a shield on the right and a pillar with a vase atop behind the central figure. Number 66
2009.10.2.66 The image shows corn, which represents fertility. It is encircled by a border. Number 66
2009.8.122 A warrior from behind sitting on a horse, holding a spear and wearing a helmet. Cast number: 66
2009.8.40 A young woman holding a ball. Inscription on the left side. Cast number: 66
2009.9.132 A naked child with wings holding a whip and the reins of a chariot pulled by two horses. Cast number: 66
2009.9.226 Profiles of two men with curly hair and a beard, hooded head, looking left. Cast number: 66
2009.9.52 A jackal or wolf. Cast number: 66
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