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There are 8 objects for which Decoration contains "67"
2009.10.2.195 A naked man holding a spear and wearing a cloak stands in a pose. Number 67
2009.10.2.277 Armed Athena wearing an aegis and helmet, holding a spear in her right hand and a shield emblazoned with Medusa's head in her left. Number 67
2009.10.2.411 Semi-nude female (Venus?) with drapery across her legs and holding drapery behind her seated on ram which is flying over the sea, and accompanied by a winged Cupid on the left. Number 67
2009.10.2.67 Zeus is standing with a sceptre, within a temple. There are 2 columns on either side of Zeus and the pediment is adorned with an eagle and a man riding a horse on the top. Number 67
2009.8.123 Portrait of a man with curly hair, open mouth and distorted features, maybe a theater mask. Cast number: 67
2009.9.133 A naked winged child standing in a chariot pulled by two horses. Beneath the horses is a dog. Cast number: 67
2009.9.227 Profile of a man with wavy hair, a beard and a ram's horn. Cast number: 67
2009.9.53 A lioness in the middle, maybe representing Sekhmet. On her right side a man's head with a beard, on her left side, some kind of figure. Cast number: 67
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