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There are 8 objects for which Decoration contains "68"
2009.10.2.196 A naked man with a flowing cloak stands in a pose. Number 68
2009.10.2.278 Two male heads facing each other in profile, with a star above each head. Number 68
2009.10.2.412 Nude female figure holding a staff entwined with (?) snakes and drapery behind her, walking in front of a nude male wearing a helmet and travellers boots and carrying a staff over his left shoulder. Number 68
2009.10.2.68 Depiction of an eagle with a wreath in its beak. Number 68
2009.8.124 A vessel with an animal on it. Cast number: 68
2009.9.134 A naked winged child holding a whip standing in a chariot pulled by four horses. Cast number: 68
2009.9.228 Profile of a bearded man with short straight hair. A part of his cloak can be seen. Inscriptions on the bottom. Cast number: 68
2009.9.54 A walking lion. Cast number: 68
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