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There are 8 objects for which Decoration contains "69"
2009.10.2.197 Figure on a chariot being pulled by another male figure with a shepherd's crook, with two sheep one on either side. star in the top center. Number 69
2009.10.2.279 Two nude male children standing with an arm around each other and holding drapery behind them. Number 69
2009.10.2.413 Nude winged female figure holding drapery behind her, with her right arm around a dolphin, over the sea. Number 69
2009.8.126 Two cows beside a blooming tree. The one on the left is still standing, the other one is lying. Cast number: 69
2009.8.37 A muscular man holding something in one hand. The other arm is outstretched above his head. Probably an athlete. There is also an inscription on the bottom. Cast number: 69
2009.9.135 A naked winged child lying on the floor. On his left side two oval circles. Cast number: 69
2009.9.229 Profile of a rather chubby man with a wreath in his hair, looking left. Cast number: 69
2009.9.55 A bird, maybe a hawk, holding a spear or stick in its beak poking in a vessel. Behind the hawk there is the profile of a man with an aureole. Cast number: 69
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