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There are 8 objects for which Decoration contains "70"
2009.10.2.198 Three quarter profile to the right of a woman with a man standing behind her, he is holding a spear. Number 70.
2007.10.1.6 Man pulling bull. Man on the left of bull facing away from it. Cast Number 70
2009.10.2.280 Two nude male youths mirroring each other, both holding a spear in one hand and a sceptre and drapery in the other with a star above each of their heads. Number 70
2009.8.125 A bird, maybe a crane, fighting a snake. Cast number 70
2009.8.30 Dying Gaul. Man with wild hair and moustache, a rope around his neck. There is a wound on his chest, lying on his shield. Cast number: 70
2009.9.136 A naked winged child sitting in a barque. Cast number: 70
2009.9.230 A bearded man sitting on a stool playing the lyre and opposite to him a herme of a man with an erect penis. Cast number: 70
2009.9.56 A hawk sitting on a winged sun. The hawk as well as the winged sun represent Horus. Cast number: 70
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