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There are 6 objects for which Decoration contains "71"
2009.10.2.199 Left profile view of a woman and man, she is wearing a head adornment and he a headband. Number 71.
2009.10.2.281 Two males on horses facing each other and mirroring each other, both wearing a helmet and cloak and holding a spear. The horses mirror each other also. Number 71
2009.8.134 Profile of a man with a beard ans wavy hair wearing a hat, looking left. Gem cast is red. Cast number: 71
2009.9.137 Two naked winged children. One sitting on a rock on the left side, the other on a rock on the right side. They are fishing and the child on the right side caught a crab. Cast number: 71
2009.9.231 A bearded man sitting on a stool playing the lyre in front of a herme of a young man with an erect penis. Cast number: 71
2009.9.57 A creature with a human head and a lion's body with wings, probably a sphinx, wearing the deshret-crown. Cast number: 71
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