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There are 5 objects for which Decoration contains "72"
2009.10.2.200 Two figures draped with cloth, male and female appear to be dancing he is holding a basket of fruit. Number 72.
2009.10.2.282 Male figure wearing a helmet and holding a spear, leading a horse through a doorway or between pillars. Number 72
2009.8.138 Profile of a man with wavy hair wearing a wreath, looking left. Cast number: 72
2009.9.138 A naked winged child sitting on a rock on the right side, holding a basket and a fishing-rod with a fish. On the left side, a naked man holding a spear and wearing a cloak. Cast number: 72
2009.9.232 A man with a beard leaning on a cane, to his feet lies a theater mask and a flower is growing. Cast number: 72
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