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There are 7 objects for which Decoration contains "78"
2007.10.1.14 Man with another figure (possibly a bearded man shaking hands). Cast number 78.
2009.10.2.206 Male figure leaning a lion. holding a spear. Number 78.
2009.10.2.207 Female dog lying down. Number 78.
2009.8.132 White, but nothing on it. Cast number: 78
2009.9.144 A naked winged child riding on a fish. Inscription under the fish. Cast number: 78
2009.9.238 Profile of a man with a beard and straight hair, looking right. The top of his cloak can be seen. Cast number: 78
2009.9.64 A jackal standing on its hind legs with an erect penis. Cast number: 78
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