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There are 6 objects for which Decoration contains "80"
2009.10.2.208 Figure of seated woman and satyr, he has his arm around her. Number 80.
2009.8.135 Satyr holding a baby wearing a fur. Probably Silenos with baby Dionysos. Cast number: 80
2009.8.55 Profile of a young man with wavy hair looking right. Maybe Alexander the Great. Inscription on the bottom. Cast number: 80
2009.9.146 A naked winged child sitting on a sea-monster holding a spear or a stick. Cast number: 80
2009.9.240 Profile of a man with a beard, looking right. The top of his cloak as well as one of his hands can be seen. Cast number: 80
2009.9.66 A cresent moon or a barque surrounded by stars covered with letters. Inscriptions on the barque. Cast number: 80
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