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There are 4 objects for which Decoration contains "85"
2007.10.1.21 Man with wings possibly. Has something draped from his left shoulder to his right side. Cast number 85
2009.9.151 A naked winged child playing with a human head with wild hair and an open mouth, probably a theater mask. Cast number: 85
2009.9.245 Profile of a woman wearing a wreath, looking right. The top of her dress can be seen. Cast number: 85
39.9.7 Underneath, between palmettes; A: Two satyrs around an amphora (oxypythmenos), the left satyr leaning towards and pushing the amphora, while the right satyr, also leaning towards the amphora, rests his hands on his left thigh; B: Two satyrs advancing to the right, the one in the rear holding either a branch with a heart-shaped ending, or a rhyton. The right satyr's stance makes him appear to be running. The rest of the vessel's body is black. The interior is also black with a reserved disk, 8.5 in diameter, containing a central dot and two concentric circles, the one close to the dot and broader than the other, which is closer to the edge of the reserved disk. Underneath, part of the base's hollow, conical surface of the stem is painted with a broad circular band. 2003.18.0003.jpg
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