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There are 7 objects for which Decoration contains "90"
2007.10.1.26 Naked man holding possibly cloth in both arms. A small winged child behind him (on the left) Cast number 90
2007.10.2.346 At first sight, what appears to be a dual profile of a bearded man and an elephant with their heads attached but facing in opposite directions. At the tip of the elephant's trunk there is a scorpion. When the cast is turned 90 degrees anti-clockwise, there appears to be a second male profile, facing to the right and wearing a hat.
2008.7.140 Exterior: One horzontal line with 4 short vertical lines at 90 degrees to it are etched on top edge of thwe rim.
2008.7.158 Interior: 3 yellowish-brown horizontal parallel stripes towards upper edgde. Exterior: small handle towards righthand corner at 90 degrees to fragment. Underneath this, three parallel horizontal stripes overpainted in brown.
2008.9.9 Interior: reddish-brown wash. Exterior: reddish-brown wash. One half of fragment forms a horizontal raised lip with 2 vertical narrow ridges within this at 90 degrees.
2009.9.156 Three naked children with wings playing around a tree or gathering fruits. One is sitting in the tree, the others are on the right and left side of the stem. Cast number: 90
2009.9.250 Profile of a man with a large nose looking right. Cast number: 90
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