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There are 32 objects for which Decoration contains "="
2007.9.2.1 Displays a winged woman in flight, holding flowers in her hands, and carrying a naked child on her back who is holding a torch aloft in his right hand. (Box Index = Personification of Morning/Day). Tray 5, Layer 1, Gem 1
2007.9.2.11 Displays a naked man with fairly long hair reclining in his seat, whilst a smaller winged figure of indeterminate gender stands in front of him, holding a bowl up to their mouth. (Box Index = Bacchus giving a drink to Love). Tray 5, layer 1, Gem 11
2007.9.2.12 Displays a young woman with her head covered, apparently airborne without wings, and holding a cross in her left hand, whilst a cherub in the lower right corner leans on his trumpet. (Box Index = A happy soul flying to the sky). Tray 5, Layer 1, Gem 12
2007.9.2.13 Displays a seated woman writing on a tablet, a lyre at her feet, whilst a winged figure, a small owl sitting behind his left foot, holds a small jug above a burning oil lamp. A latin inscription is beneath them. (Box Index = Virtue assissted by Genius)Tray 5, Layer 1, Gem 13
2007.9.2.15 Displays the head of a young man, profile facing left. (Box Index = The Knight Thorwaldsen). Tray 5, Layer 1, Gem 15
2007.9.2.16 Displays the figure of a naked woman, her head turned away to the right, trying to cover herself with a piece of cloth. (Box Index = Venus).
2007.9.2.17 Displays a seated woman sitting in front of a column topped by the bust of a man, upon which her left hand rests, whilst in her right hand she holds a pen. (Box Index = Goddess Happiness with the portrait of His Excellence Prince Zizindorph).
2007.9.2.18 Displays a winged man who is holding onto a mostly naked woman who is reclining on the ground and whose arms are held up around his head. Similar to the statue of Cupid and Psyche by Canova. (Box Index = Amore, e Psiche / Love and Psyche).
2007.9.2.19 Displays a seated woman, bent over, her head resting on her right hand. A bird with a long beak is visible in the background. (Box Index = Goddess of Friendship crying for the dead friend).
2007.9.2.2 Displays the seated figures of a man and a woman on the left hand side, with a shield bearing the image of two arrows in the foreground, whilst a mostly naked soldier weraing a helmet and cloak and carrying a spear stands on the right hand side. (Box Index = Hektor reprimanding Paris). Tray 5, Layer 1, Gem 2
2007.9.2.21 Displays a woman, standing up, head facing right, with her hands on her hips. (Box Index = Ballerina).
2007.9.2.22 Displays the head of a man, possibly Hermes, profile facing right, wearing a winged hat. (Box Index = Head of Perseus).
2007.9.2.23 Displays three women, standing together with their arms around each other, mostly naked except for one piece of cloth wrapped around them. Some Greek writing around the outside. (Box Index = The Three Graces).
2007.9.2.24 Displays the head and shoulders of a man, profile facing left. (Box Index = Head of Napolean).
2007.9.2.25 Displaying a naked man with a cloak draped over one arm, holding a large pole in one hand, and a sphere topped with a small figure in the other. (Box Index = Figure of Napoleon).
2007.9.2.26 Displays the head of a woman with an elaborate, bound-up hairstyle, profile facing right. (Box Index = Head of "Beneficenza" in the deposit of St. Maria Cristina in Vienna).
2007.9.2.27 Displays the head of a man, possibly Hermes, wearing a hat, profile facing left. (Box Index = Head of Paris).
2007.9.2.28 Displays a heavily muscled, naked man with curly hair and a beard pulling up from behind him another man by the ankle and hair, who is clutching at a lionskin on the ground. (Box Index = Herakles and Lichas).
2007.9.2.29 Displays a half naked woman, her right arm held up, obscuring most of her head, holding a small jug in the same hand, and a cup in the left. (Box Index = Head of Hebe).
2007.9.2.3 Displays a winged woman in flight, her head bowed, and carrying two naked children in her arms who appear to be asleep. (Box Index = Personification of Night). Tray 5, layer 1, Gem 3
2007.9.2.30 Displays the head of a woman, her hair tied up, and wearing a small crown. (Box Index = Head of Hebe).
2007.9.2.31 Displays a woman, her back to us and her head looking right, standing next to a small pillar and holding a lyre in her left hand. (Box Index = A Muse).
2007.9.2.32 Displays the front view of a naked man, standing by what may be a tree stump, holding a tall, thin object in his right hand. Some Greek writing around the outside. (Box Index = Palamede).
2007.9.2.33 Displays the head of a man with curly hair, profile facing left. (Box Index = Head of Palamedes).
2007.9.2.34 Displays a soldier wearing only a crested helmet, holding a club in the air, his other hand around the throat of a centaur, who is lying nearly defeated on the ground, his upper body bent backwards. (Box Index = Theseus killing a Centaur).
2007.9.2.35 Displays the head of a man, profile facing left. (Box Index = The Marquis of Canova).
2007.9.2.4 Displays the seated figure of a woman on the left hand side, her arms outstretched, being handed a child by Hermes, standing on the right. (Box Index = Mercury giving baby Bacchus to a Nymph of the covern of Nysa). Tray 5, Layer 1, Gem 4
2007.9.2.5 Displays four human figures. From left to right: a man with his head bowed and a hammer raised in his right hand, whilst holding a spear or an arrow in his left; a seated woman, her head turned away to the right, holding an arrow in her right hand, pointed down into a bowl she is holding in her left; a cherub, holding a long pole, his left arm outstretched and looking upwards at the figure behind him; a naked man wearing a helmet and holding a bundle of cloth and an arrow, and looking down at the cherub. (Box Index = Vulcan, Venus, Cupid, and Mars).Tray 5, Layer 1, gem 5
2007.9.2.6 Displays a mostly naked woman, her lower half draped in cloth, who is seated and holding the right arm of a cherub standing in front of her. A small flowering plant, a bee and two birds are also visible. (Box Index = Venus with crying Cupid who has been stung by a bee). Tray 5, Layer 1, Gem 6
2007.9.2.7 Displays a winged man, crouching down on one knee, a quiver of arrows on his back and a bow at his feet are visible, whilst a woman reclines on the ground, only her lower half covered in cloth, resting her upper body agaist his knee. (Box Index = Amore e Psiche or Love and Psyche). Box 5, Layer 1, Gem 7
2007.9.2.8 Displays a seated naked man, one hand resting on the handle of a club, the other holding a bowl, whilst a woman stands in front of him, holding a small jug in her raised right hand. (Box Index = Hercules and Hebe). Tray 5, Layer 1, Gem 8
2007.9.2.9 Displays three cherubs in flight with their arms around one another. (Box Index = Group of Cupids). Box 5, layer 1, Gem 9
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