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There are 42 objects for which Decoration contains "against"
2004.8.6 Six, black palmettes (two only partially visible), set against a reserved background. Left of the palmettes is a verticle, thin black line. Above the palmettes there is a thick black band around the rim, with black paint on the rim itself too. 2006.20.0572.jpg
2007.10.2.102 Naked male figure leaning on a column to his right. In his hand he carries a bow and on the floor is a lyre leaning against the column.
2007.10.2.244 A female figure in short knee-length dress is depicted resting against something in the background of the scene, however, it is unclear whether it is vegetation or a structure. The figure appears to have a quivver on her shoulder, possibly identifying her as Artemis.
2007.10.2.245 A bearded, muscular, and semi-naked seated figure. His clothing is possibly an animal skin (paws seem to be apparent). He appears to be resting as his right arm rests on his knee and his right hand supports his bowed head. He is also holding an unidentified object in his right hand which also rests against his leg. His other hand appears to be holding a further (unidentified) object which rests across his lap. A club rests against his left thigh in the foreground of the scene. There is either a bull or cow depicted by the figure's right leg at the bottom-left of the scene. The figure shown is almost certainly Herakles, possibly resting after one his labours (herding the cattle of Geryon?).
2007.10.2.270 Eros standing and leaning his head against a staff.
2007.10.2.298 Naked male figure seated and playing a lyre. The figure is surrounded by armour and weaponry: a helmet to his left, a shield with a face at its centre at his feet to the right, and a sword hanging from some kind of frame or resting against it. The figure is possibly identified as Achilles as he was found by the embassy from Agamemnon at the beginning of book IX of Homer's Iliad.
2007.10.2.311 A large female figure reclines in the centre of the scene. She is dressed in robes and is wearing either a helmet or a cap (Phyrigian cap?). Her left arm is resting on a disembodied (bearded male) head and her left hand holds a staff which rests against her upper-arm or shoulder. Beneath the large female figure and to the left of the male head are two shapes which possibly represent boats or ships. These shapes might indicate that the portion of the scene below the female figure is in fact a river or the sea. In turn this might suggest that the disembodied head is emerging from the water (possibly identifying it as a river god). To the left of the scene a very small figure appears to be presenting the large female figure with something, possibly a basket or urn. A slightly larger figure, leaning on a stick, looks on from beneath a tree. Above the very small figures head are two animals (presumably intended to appear to be further off in the background). One at least of these animals is certainly a horse. To the right of the large female figure's head there is a representation of a stag. At the top of the scene in a central position are three shapes. It is unclear exactly what these are (possibly huts or houses of some description?).
2007.10.2.360 A naked, young male figure, holding what appears to be a piece of cloth and he is leaning against some sort of post.
2007.10.2.89 A male figure leaning against a wall (?). He balances something on his knee whilst holding a small child (?) on his shoulders.
2007.10.2.95 Male figure leaning against a wall. Some sort of bird, possibly an eagle, is pecking from his hand.
2007.10.2.96 Naked male figure sitting/leaning against an inscribed chest. In one hand he holds a small pointed stick/dagger and in the other he holds what looks to be a model warrior. Over his arm is draped a cloak.
2007.9.1.21 Displaying a naked human figure leaning against a modern harp and holding a flower or a mirror.
2007.9.3.124 Man with a shield defending himself against a man on a horse.
2008.2.1.35 Naked female figure seated and resting against a column. To the right of the figure is a small winged boy who seems to have his hands cupped round his mouth, suggesting that he is shouting at the female figure. It is possibly a representation of Eros waking Psyche.
2008.2.1.37 Naked male figure holding a spear. The figure is leaning against a column. At the foot of the column is a small animal (probably a dog) partly obscured by the column. The animal is looking up at the male figure.
2008.2.1.58 A male figure standing on one leg, possibly dancing. His arms are outstretched, over his right arm there is an animal skin and in his left hand he is holding an elaborate staff. His head is thrown back against his left shoulder.
2009.10.2.246 Nude Aphrodite reclining against a pillar with drapery, accompanied by winged Eros. Pillar with objects ontop and a bow and quiver leaning against it. Number 36
2009.10.2.261 Nude male standing holding a spear in his left hand, leaning against a pillar and accompanied by a dog Number 51
2009.10.2.263 Nude male figure leaning against a pillar holding a spear in his left hand and accompanied by a dog. Inscription down the left hand side Number 53
2009.10.2.264 Central figure of nude Aphrodite holding an arrow in her right hand and holding a winged Eros' hand in her left, a shield with a face leaning against her left leg and armour on the floor. Winged Eros holding a bow on the right, and kneeling nude Hephaestus on the left with a hammer held above his head and an anvil in front of him. Number 54
2009.10.2.275 Central figure of a seated nude male wearing a helmet, surrounded by drapery, with a standing semi-nude female on the right resting a sheild against her leg, and a torch-bearing child on the left, standing on armour. Number 65
2009.10.2.390 Nude male figure wearing a cloak and seen from behind, pushing against a large rock, with a sword at his feet and another object behind him. Number 46
2009.8.163 A woman leaning against a rock with a swan. Leda and Zeus. Cast number: 17
2009.8.204 A woman in a dress holding a spear, leaning against a pole with a shield to her feet. Probably Athena. Cast number: 58
2009.8.82 A young woman leaning against a pole, holding two roles of parchment in her hand. Cast number: 26
2009.8.97 A small man with a beard and a shield fighting against a bird, maybe a stork. Cast number: 41
2009.9.104 A winged child wearing a cloth around the waist is leaning against a rake. Cast number: 37
2009.9.105 A naked winged child with crossed legs is leaning against a rake. Cast number: 38
2009.9.106 A naked winged child with crossed legs is leaning against a rake or a trombone. Cast number: 39
2009.9.108 A naked man holding a caduceus in his left hand and a cornucopia in his right hand, leaning against a pole. Maybe Hermes. Cast number: 41
2009.9.12 Four column temple with a pointed gable. In the middle is a statue of a naked man leaning against a tree or pole. Cast number: 26
2009.9.15 A naked woman holding a cornucopia and leaning against a pole, maybe Aphrodite. Cast number: 29
2009.9.16 A naked child putting one finger to its mouth, leaning against a pole and holding a cornucopia. Cast number: 30
2009.9.175 A man leaning against a pole wearing a cloak and holding up what looks like a human head. Maybe Perseus. Cast number: 10
2009.9.204 A naked man wearing only a cloak, holding a sword is fighting against a snake. Cast number: 39
2009.9.206 Four naked winged children. One is flying, two are sitting on poles on the right and left side, the last one is sitting and leaning against the left side pole. Cast number: 41
2009.9.75 A young naked man with wings holding a bow. A quiver is leaning against a rock behind the man. Probably Cupid. Cast number: 8
2009.9.77 A naked winged child leaning against a rock holding a torch in his hand, maybe Cupid. Cast number: 10
22.3.18 Rock covered with foliage, leaning against it a club, part of a tendril. 2004.74.0097.jpg
29.11.6 The vessel is divided in three horizontal zones by lines of unequal width. There are also very thin, vertical lines at the sides of and beneath the handles. A (above): A youth (servant?), making a gesture as if offering something (perhaps a branch, which extends from the servant's wrist) to a bearded, draped man (possibly Dionysos), at centre. He holds a large kantharos and leans against a rock. Behind him is another youth, who is perhaps supporting the rock. On either side of the scene there are palmettes that seem to have sprung from the handles. B (above): Similar to side A, except that the man reclines on a couch, and the vessel is offered to him by a (servant?) woman in front of him. The youth behind him looks to the left. The scene is framed vertically on both sides by a series of dots as well as the same palmettes as on side A. A-B (below): A band of palmettes, every second one inverted; two lines; a band of of tongues; reserved band. Base black, with black concentric circles on the underside. Interior: reserved band within lip. At centre, tondo decorated with the winged horse, Pegasus, advancing to the right. 2004.05.0024.jpg
34.10.24 Standing female (Leda), left leg slightly bent. Naked with cloak over left leg and held up behind by left hand; swan, with neck stretched upwards, held against right hip. Clay light brown. White slip, blue on cloak. Large rectangular opening in back. On the back of the base is a piece of paper with the number 140 written on it. 2004.95.0122.jpg
L.2005.7.15 Obv: Bust of Artemis wearing stephane; bow and quiver at shoulder. Rev: Nude Apollo standing on maeander pattern, holding in right hand a branch and resting left elbow against tripod; all within laurel wreath. 2006.98.0003.jpg
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