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There are 6 objects for which Decoration contains "amount"
2006.12.53 Worn black paint; only a very small amount remains at all 2007.03.1134.jpg
2006.12.60 Small amount of dark paint on inside; heavily worn 2007.03.1107.jpg
E.62.10 Carved piece of open-work rail of furniture, shape represents the hes vase. Object is flat and only some small amount of white pigment remains. 2002.98.0972.jpg
E.62.17 The thorax is made of parallel straight lines. There appears to be a small amount of gold pigment between the beetle and the base, there is no other discernible pigment. 2002.98.0982.jpg
E.63.15 Below the uraeus there is a small amount of blue under this, below the chin, on the neck and around the groin, where it is quite faded. The eyes still hold a gold pigment. 2007.01.0108.jpg
REDMG:1953.25.81 The piece consists of half of a foot, which is broken about halfway down its length. The half remaining includes all five toes, with slightly curling little toes and a rather stumpy big toe. The foot sits upon a thick sandal. Under this is a chunk of unworked marble, presumably part of the original base of the statue, which takes up about the same amount of mass as the carved foot does. This underside is rough and worn. The break halfway through the foot in fairly clean, leaving a rough, but planar surface. 2002.97.0588.jpg
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