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There are 6 objects for which Decoration contains "amulet"
2007.9.1.98 Displays Thoth holding the eye of Horus, possibly on an amulet.
E.23.44 Glazed blue amulet in the shape of a head wearing a crown. The head is vaguely reminiscent of that of the dwarf god Bes. The top of the crown has been threaded for a string for wearing. The eyebrows are large triangles, above the sacred eyes which are joined. The nose is snout-like in between two puffed out cheeks. The mouth is thin lipped and small verticle lines indicate a beard. 2002.98.0994.jpg
E.23.47.1 A string of random beads placed together. The string consists of two Horus amulets, two lotus petal amulets, two scaraboid amulets, several single beads of circular shapes, one shell, one broken unidentifiable amulet and one cylindrical bead. There are varying colours and sizes. 2002.98.0232.jpg
E.23.61 Sacred eye amulet, blue with the eye detail painted in black. A hole has been drilled through the amulet to enable wearing. 2002.98.0217.jpg
E.63.12 Sacred eye amulet, light blue. The eye is crowned with a rectangular piece containing two smaller sacred eyes, a lion sits on top of this. 2008.08.0207.jpg
E.65.17 Amulet shaped like the Ibis bird. The details are unclear but it is apparent that the neck cranes down so that the head sits on the body. The hole for threading is attatched to the neck. The whole bird sits on a flat base. 2002.98.0948.jpg
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