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There are 2082 objects for which Decoration contains "and"
11.10.11 Quatrefoil, with hatching and wavy patterns intermediate. Black on greenish ground. Three broad circles on mouth, two on side of mouth. Oblique stroke at back of body. 2003.05.0005.jpg
11.10.12 Ribbon handle with projecting ends. Inside is black with two red bands at centre. On turned-in rim, one black band (level with the bottom of the handle) and one red band. The body is decorated with black lanceolate leaves bordered on the outside by five lines alternating black and red, on inner by two lines and band in black. The foot is decorated with black band and, on the base, a wide red band, two thin black bands, two central bands and a dot. 2003.97.0241.jpg
11.10.13 Black on buff, there are leaves around the inside and outside of the rim. Below the rim on the outside is a band of horizontal v shapes. On the main area of the fragment are three redish/black bands, the middle thicker than the other two. On the broad black band, Greek key pattern in applied white paint is still visible. On the lower edge of the fragment is the edge of a black circle. The back of the fragment, except for the rim, is red. 2002.97.0363.jpg
11.10.14 Black all over, but glaze is lacking luster and brownish. 2003.29.0096.jpg
11.10.19 Shoulder: frieze of bars at base of neck; below, five palmettes, consisting of a central group of three, the middle one inverted, and one at each side with its stem on the side away from the handle. The lower branch of each stem curls into a spiral from the end of which a leaf grows. There are dots in the field. Body: black except for a pair of red lines around the top. 2003.12.0002.jpg
11.10.2 Cup mouth originally black inside and out with lip reserved. Shoulder had rays and lotus buds. On back, long verticle smear of paint below handle. Main zone is palmettes and lotus buds on cable, perhaps with white outer continuous lines. Bottom of body was orignally black, as is top of foot. Side of foot is reserved as is base. 2003.97.0444.jpg
11.10.20 Quatrefoil, hatchings and wavy pattern (cf. Reading 11.10.11). Top of mouth: one very broad band between two narrow. Bottom flattened. 2003.97.0027.jpg
11.10.21 Black glaze covers the interior. Exterior of the rim black; black ground line at bottom of figural scene; black on lower part of body and exterior of foot, except for two reserved grooved lines on the top and lower part of foot. Reserved resting surface. Underside decorated with black circle at the center, surrounded by a thin black band. Interior of the foot black . Scene is similar on both sides: between palmettes a charioteer driving a quadriga, or two-horse chariot, to the right. Incised detail on all figures. Careless design, no details. 2008.99.0780.jpg
11.10.6 Cup mouth with deep flange with six bands in two groups of three. Side band is continued across top of handle but otherwise it is plain. Three warriors, heads left, feet right. Spears slope left and shields are red in centre but have a black rim with white dots. The six band pattern is in two groups of three again on the base. 2003.97.0024.jpg Parallel zigzag lines incised on both the bottom and top sides of the bead as well as an incision of one line around the girth of the bead and around each end of the piercing. Spherical bead with an incision around the girth, and parallel lines of 2 or 3 incisions either side of the girth. DSCN0189.jpg Incisions and dots on the surface. Pattern is such that the dots are in between two parallel, vertical lines. Incision around the girth too. Triangular incisions either side of the girth. At the top and the bottom of the bead there are incisions as well as around the girth.
13.10.12 Decorated with three groups of horizontal lines around the body, rays on shoulder, a wavy line round neck. The handle is painted on either edge with a black stripe and a wavy one on its surface. all in black. Edge lip painted in black. 2007.99.0135.jpg
13.10.14 Naked standing female in relief. The figure has short hair, fastened up, broad shoulders, arms close to her sides, and legs together. 2008.99.0100.jpg
13.10.16 Interior: red with concentric black circles inside thick black bands halfway down body, and at base. Exterior: red, with one broad black band. Coarse brownish clay. Handles are also black. 2008.99.0169.jpg
13.10.17 The interior of the lip has a thick black line about 1.0 cm from the top, with black painted on the rim. The neck is painted with alternating red and black thick lines. The handle appears to have been painted in black on the top and sides, but reserved underneath. Around the middle, vertically to the handle there is a pattern of black cross-hatched lozenges. The rest of the body has a pattern of thin black and thick red concentric bands, ending in a circle with a black Maltese cross on either side of the vase. 2003.92.0048.jpg
13.10.18 Interior: halfway down, a series of uneven thin black concentric lines between two thick black lines; at base two concentric black circles. Exterior (from top to bottom): two black concentric lines, uneven thin black lines inside two thick black lines, one wide red band, black line, black line around footring and three concentric black lines on base. 2003.98.0278.jpg
13.10.26 Exterior colour quite pale with several large white patches and ridges, interior coated in brown paint. 2003.92.0071.jpg
13.10.28 Wear peplos, distinctive necklace with large central bead. Fingers and toes incised. 2008.99.0087.jpg
13.10.32 Wears headdress and possibly earcaps. Incision for hair to show braiding or patterning. 2008.03.0021.jpg
13.10.33 Wears headdress and earcaps. 2005.02.0173.jpg
13.10.34 Large distinctive earrings and culry hair 2007.12.0012.jpg
13.10.37 Red wash and some added clay. A dot on the left hand side of the head may be an earring or ear, one on the neck part of a neacklace. 2005.02.0194.jpg
13.10.39 White slip, traces of red on tips of ears, mane, forelock and muzzle. 2007.12.0058.jpg
13.10.4A-B The mirror (A) is decorated on the underside with six concentric circles, arranged in three pairs, and a raised boss at the centre, pierced at the centrepoint. 2010.99.0120.jpg
13.10.7 Fired black in patches. Incised decoration: groups of zig-zags and intersecting straight lines which stop at base without meeting. 2010.99.0086.jpg
13.10.9 Part of handle missing. White slip, with straight and wavy linear patterns in black. Cross in circle on base. 2008.99.0069.jpg
14.10.103 Lip and neck reserved. Shoulder: bars at base of neck; five palmettes (parts of four only remaining). Body: black with a thin red band 3.2 cm from the bottom. 2006.20.0597.jpg
14.9.106 Black gloss except for reserved resting surface and central part of underside. 2003.97.0523.jpg
14.9.108 Inside and outside is black glaze. Curved foot is black on outside. Resting surface is reserved. Inside foot ring is black. Base, from middle to outside, has central dot and circle in thinned glaze and broad band in black, then a reserved band. 2003.30.0010.jpg
14.9.109 Exterior and interior black glazed, turning to red in places (especially around complete handle). Underside of foot reserved with one black band. 2003.97.0495.jpg
14.9.110A Interior black except for a reserved band below rim, 0.3 cm wide; exterior reserved rim and a small handle zone. Rest of the body black. Handles black on the exterior, reserved underneath. 2006.20.0263.jpg
14.9.110B Feeder but with no lid or strainer. Body is black inside and out. The side of the foot ring is grooved and black in patches. The base is flat and reserved around the edge but reddened in the most part with an irregular brown ring in the centre. 2003.97.0483.jpg
14.9.113 Moulded foot-ring with reserved groove in the wall of the vase immediately above it. Whole of foot ring black, including resting surface; base black with two reserved grooved bands and reserved centre. Inside, two concentric zones of incised tongues which have degenerated into hooks. 2003.30.0098.jpg
14.9.114 Small areas of white at the top of the right thigh, and to the left of feet, suggest that the figure was coverd with white slip (painted?). 2002.97.0408.jpg
14.9.114BIS Black glaze on exterior; interior decorated with rouletted ring, stamped palmettes, and irregular circle at centre. 2003.30.0099.jpg
14.9.115 Head and shoulders of figurine of a boy with cloak over both shoulders. 2002.97.0411.jpg
14.9.117 Female wears ceremonial dress suggesting she may be a priestess, of long chiton, necklace with central drop bead and diadem or kalathos on her head. Incision around head and neck. 2008.03.0013.jpg
14.9.118 Dressed in long chiton, wearing necklace, earrings and a veil covering her head. Stumplike arms and her lack of feet suggest she may have formed part of a ring of dancers originally on a plinth. 2008.99.0026.jpg
14.9.12 Creamy white throughout. Patterns in dull black. Rectangular patterns with lines inside with a right-angled crossings on outside and similar rectangle design inside but curved. 2005.88.0002.jpg
14.9.123 Red clay with white slip, orange-red glaze. On shoulder part of harp and two narrow bands. On body broad band 1.3 cm wide, and close beneath it second band 0.5 cm wide. 2003.36.0095.jpg
14.9.13 Creamy-white clay. Patterns in dull black on pinkish ground, rectangles and lines on the outside and a curved pattern inside. Small section of rim (?) 2007.03.1260.jpg
14.9.14 The ground of the clay is pinkish inside and creamy outside. No finished edges. Patterns in dull black, curvilinear, on both sides. The pattern is curved on both surfaces. 2007.03.1262.jpg
14.9.15 Part of base and side of vessel with a white core. The interior surface is pink. Exterior surface is white with horizontal stripes on right half in red, and red line at base of side all on a white slip. What is the base is apparently reserved.
14.9.17 Red core with both surfaces covered in white. The fragment is curved in two directions suggesting it is part of the neck of a vessel. Convex curve white and the concave curve is white with a red zigzag. No finished edges. 2006.20.0019.jpg
14.9.18 Coarse ware with a white core. Inside is white, with red curved line around fracture. Outside is also white with red bands and dentate band (see drawing on card). Fragment is angled suggesting that part of it may have been the base of the vessel. 2007.03.1277.jpg
14.9.19 Inside is white with wavy red line. Outside is also white with red chevrons and slanting line. 2007.03.1283.jpg
14.9.20 No finished edges. Red core and red interior. White on outside with dark brown / red detail in a triangular shape. 2007.03.1286.jpg
14.9.21 Two fragments joined. Core is reddish-brown. Inside is white with two wavy lines in red. Outside is white as well with two thick and two thin straight lines in red. Curves as though it may have been part of the neck of the vessel. 2007.03.1279.jpg
14.9.22 Red clay with white slip on both sides and decorative red stripes, angled like very open chevrons, on outside. Inside, trace of red across on corner perhaps evidence of lost interior design. No finished edges so it is a middle piece. 2007.03.1266.jpg
14.9.23 Red with white slip on both sides and traces of red decoration on the exterior surface with a band and then a band with design attached to it. On the interior surface is a red line down one side with a whte 'S' on it. No finished edges. 2007.03.1271.jpg
14.9.24 Pink with white slip on both sides. Thick wavy stripes on both sides which have points and almost look like very close zigzag.Bands of red are uneven and irregular as they were drawn by hand. One finished edge which is thinner, denoting a rim. 2007.03.1270.jpg
14.9.25 Pink, with decoration of red stripes on creamy ground on outside. Very coarse material and no decoration on the interior surface. No finished edges.
14.9.28 Fragment of coarse Neolithic pottery, pink with grey core, traces of decoration in red on outside and reserved inside. 2007.03.1273.jpg
14.9.29 Pink surface with white slip on each side. Linear decoration in red. Outside is horizontally striped and inside is half red with half the surface with white diagonal stripes. The fragment is a middle piece as there are no finished edges. 2007.03.1267.jpg
14.9.30 Sherd with fragment of handle attached. Interior surface is reserved showing the pale clay. The exterior is covered with dull black paint and has superimposed bands of white with the suggestion that there is some pattern inside the band. Small section of handle is black as well. No finished edges. 2007.03.1254.jpg
14.9.32 Fragment with part of handle, probably belonging to a large vase. Interior is coarse and coloured red although undecorated. The exterior surface has a design of dull black with bands of white. There is a heavy white band round base of handle. Handle round in section. Surfaces are most uneven. 2007.03.1239.jpg
14.9.33 Fragment belonging to the rim of a vase made of fine fabric. Dull black paint inside and out. The exterior surface had white band around rim above spirals or tendrils with three horizontal bands below. The interior had a white band round rim. The material gets thinner at the rim. 2007.03.1235.jpg
14.9.34 Fragment of a flat base. Chocolate coloured paint inside and out, including a flat base, all glazed. Exterior has 6 horizontal bands of white near the bottom, the lowest one broader than the five upper ones. On base two white parallel lines. 2007.03.1233.jpg
14.9.4 One-handled jug, black and blue background. Mouth very small, with a thick lip to which the black handle joins. The neck is very short and black. The shoulder is predominantly black with suggestions of circles around the circumference in black and blue bands. The body has a thick black band overlapping from the shoulder, but the rest is deep blue colour and undecorated. The foot is small and undecorated. 2008.99.0269.jpg
14.9.43 Buff clay. The interior surface is black and the exterior surface is cream with dull black painted design. There is a band at the rim and the pattern on the body below is of buds and spiral leaves. 2003.01.0098.jpg
14.9.44 Top edge of rim is painted black. Buff clay with black paint. Outer surface has a ripple pattern based on horizontal band. Inside has similar but the ripple pattern does not extend below the rim, and sits on two bands inside bowl. 2003.01.0099.jpg
14.9.45 Bottom of false neck has a broad red band. Shoulder has two broad red bands with several narrower bands in between them. The body is squat, with same pattern as the shoulder. Decoration is brick-red on pinkish-buff ground. Smaller band of red near and on the edge of the base, which is undecorated and slightly convex in shape (?). Blackening around hole where true neck has broken off suggests usage as a lamp. 2003.01.0006.jpg
14.9.47 Panel decoration. Broken wave band on neck; below this the end of a broad band and the beginning of a thinner vertical line bordering the panel on the right; within this frame a network composed of papyrus motives, horizontal and facing left with circles in the blank spaces. Inside a broad band extends from the top of the fragment (and presumably from the top of the vase) to the level fo the top of the band on the outside, the rest reserved. 2003.01.0082.jpg
14.9.48 Brick red paint on pinkish buff clay. Interior surface has Two red bands, on on top of rim and one just below. Main scene is a chariot with three passengers facing to right. The broad band below rim has practically obliterated the heads and shoulders. On outer surface is a red band just below rim. 2005.88.0003.jpg
14.9.49 Brick red paint on pinkish-buff clay. On the exterior surface is a band around the rim and one just below, but broader. Design is a little unclear but perhaps shows the heads and shoulders of two men (perhaps in a chariot ?) wearing clothing patterned with dots. On the underside is a red band around rim leaving the rest reserved. 2003.01.0084.jpg
14.9.5 Inside of mouth and rim are black but remainder of interior is reserved. Handles, black on top and reserved underneath. Slight lip to mouth with black band below and then another at base of neck (white spots superimposed on front only). At base of handles are wavy lines and below is a decoration of three black bands. Base is reserved. Graeco-Phoenician. 2003.92.0236.jpg
14.9.50 Shiny red-brown paint on pale buff clay. On outside is a broad band under rim with a loop with cross-piece in centre hanging from it. Both parts have transverse bars. Below and along fracture is a curved line. The interior surface is reserved in the lower part but has as broad band covering rim at the top. 2003.01.0085.jpg
14.9.51 Underside is reserved. Chocolate brown on whitish-buff. The topside has the lower part of a bird including a leg and foot at top with two broad bands below. The bird may be a duck or the like and appears to be running to the right. 2003.01.0086.jpg
14.9.52 Black paint has faded to brownish-orange. Between two pairs of painted bands on the lower-side of the top band and the upper-side of the lower band there is a three tiered fish-scale design. In between there are painted circles that are surrounded with little dots. A band of faded black paint frames the place where the handle might have been. 2003.01.0002.jpg
14.9.57 Central circular knob with painted black cross and sides filled with lines. Side has bars and the stem of the handle is black. Three black bands, two roes of staggered bars, black bands, diagonal lines with dots above and below, black bands, horizontal bars in two rows but are entwined, black bands. Inside is reserved and with a rim so it sits inside the base section. 2003.97.0758.jpg
14.9.58 Thick black bands painted over pale buff: 3 on main part of fragment, 1 on shoulder and 1 on narrow neck part. 2006.20.0325.jpg
14.9.59 Series of banded sections on pale buff background. Top section plain painted band faded to brown, followed by band of small black dots between two lines, then thick black band and 2 thin black lines then another black band that has faded to red and finally a thin black line with one further band that covers the corner and is visible on the bottom. The rest of the bottom is the pale buff of the clay. Inside has traces of brown paint particularly near the top. 2006.20.0333.jpg
14.9.6 Geometric patterns including crosshatching and diamond patterns in black paint on white slip. Short black lines on rim and interior of lip. 2004.13.0093.jpg
14.9.60 Series of bands; 1 thin followed by a thick red band with several darker lines through it, 2 rows of dots set between three faint red lines followed by a thick darker band and 2 thin bands all on pale buff surface. Outer edge has traces of painted line and underside is reserved. 2006.20.0321.jpg
14.9.61 Outer edge has row of dark brown dots. On top, first band is same dark brown colour which is followed by 3 redder bands, a row of dots the same colour and 3 more reddish bands. All the bands are approx. the same width.Background is pale buff. Underside is reserved. 2006.20.0320.jpg
14.9.63 Dark reddish band then three rows of dots set between lines with a lighter red band immediately after and then 1 thin red line which is touched by the tip of a red triangle, all on mid buff background. Underside is reserved. 2006.20.0329.jpg
14.9.65 Thich black band with thinner one very close, then faded line, followed by wide red band, and then black geometric pattern of squared horizontal interlaced S shapes between 2 lines, all on pale buff background. Inside painted black somewhat washily. 2006.20.0318.jpg
14.9.66 Yellow band, followed by brown band, then black irregular shape (possibly a flower) with a thick S shape next to it both partially obscured by red band. This is followed by three pale bands and 7 black line at right angles to these, 6 of which reach down to the 2nd pale band passing over the 3rd and the last only reaches the 3rd band. Background is pale buff. Inside painted black. 2006.20.0331.jpg
14.9.67 2 black lines at 45 degrees to each other. Black painted design with incised lines marking 7 thin rectangular sections with rounded ends all next to each other and getting shorter towards one side, every other one purple. (feathers? leather strips on armour?) 2 other small incised lines at right angles to each other on black, no clear design. All on coarse grey/buff background. Inside painted black. 2006.20.0343.jpg
14.9.68 Hind leg of animal (poss. goat) in black with slightly redder edges and incised lines over hindquarters, standing on 2 thin red lines. 2 black rosettes divided into 8 with incised lines, one more faded to red than the other. Background buff. Inside painted black. 2006.20.0341.jpg
14.9.69 Black painted design. 2 thick lines diverging from medium-sized black section. 1 curves round, the other is straight with a subsidary line curving away. Over the top of the main black region is a largely worn away blob of red paint and there is wavy incised line through the bottom. More incised lines cross the black lines with most falling on the curved one. Pale buff Background. Inside painted black 2006.20.0337.jpg
14.9.7 Core is grey and the surface is red. Both sides have a linear pattern formed into rectangular shapes. The interior surface has lines with adjoined rectangles with lines inside them too. A similar pattern is reflected on the outside but less clear.At one end remains part of a bored hole, perhaps for suspension. 2007.03.1255.jpg
14.9.71 Black floral rosette, small central circle with circle round that and 11 petals marked with incised lines, every other petal marked with red spot. This is surrounded by black vines and several small leaves, 2 of which are marked with incised lines. Background buff. Inside reserved. 2006.20.0348.jpg
14.9.72 Fragment with no finished edges. The interior surface is reserved. The outer surface has a cream slip and much detailed drawing. On the left are the head and front leg of a goat grazing to right. There is, perhaps, the hind leg of another goat in front. A butterfly type design in the field above what appears to be a band with dashes either side with fewer strokes below. There are also parts of a rosette and a curled cross in field. Black glaze is fired red in patches. 2003.46.0072.jpg
14.9.73 Coarse brownish clay with no finished edges. Underside is black except for a red band superimposed between two white ones. The exterior surface has a cream slip with brownish black paint and shows the fore part of goat / deer grazing to the left with the hind leg, rump and tail of the animal in front. 'Swastika' type designs and dotted rosettes in the field. 2013.04.0004.jpg
14.9.76 Woman to right, incised outline for tresses of hair and edge of cloak, white for chest and fingers holding cloak, no added red now visible. 2003.20.0087.jpg
14.9.77 Decoration of a swan facing siren, breast overlapping, added colours still preserved with white for face, neck and breast of siren and red for base of wing, indented outlines for wings of both creatures, for eye and beak of swan. 2013.04.0012.jpg
14.9.78 Design in black indicates hind leg of a quadruped, (boar?) To the right of this is an area of black on the right and bottom edge of the fragment, with thin red lines at right angles to this. 2003.46.0069.jpg
14.9.79 Thought to be part of belly and hind leg of quadroped to right,incisions on the haunch, colours in black. Other side is reserved. 2003.46.0066.jpg
14.9.8 Core red. Red surface with linear decor in dull black on both sides. The underside appears to have a zigzag pattern above a more dense and busy pattern of lines and zigzags. No finished edges.
14.9.82 Head and part of body of woman and siren, both facing left. Shapeless rosettes in field. Red for hair, breast and base of wing of siren and large spot of breast of woman. On top of the rim there are two uneven rows of black dots. The interior is black with a red band along the bottom half of the fragment. 2003.08.0096.jpg
14.9.83 Interior black, with two concentric red circles; flat rim is decorated with three uneven rows of black dots; exterior decorated with a black band, just below rim; in figural zone, two confronting sirens with rosettes in field; below, two horizontal lines, above rays. Red for breast and base of wing of both and for streak across body of siren on left. Incisions. 2003.08.0099.jpg
14.9.84 Outer surface shows has a reserved band between two black ones. The main picture slightly overlaps these bands and is the fore-part of a horse galloping right, added red and incised for detail with the tail of another horse in front of it. There is a very small part of a rosette with incised petals in the top right corner. On the interior surface at the top (below missing offset rim) is a reserved band. The rest is painted black. 2013.04.0020.jpg
14.9.85 Interior black and glazed. Exterior is black above the scene of a youth riding a horse. Only top third of horse is visible. Added red on hair, horses mane, tail and flank. 2004.76.0002.jpg
14.9.86 Interior black as is handle on top although it is reserved underneath. The design appears to the right of existing handle, and is of a satyr, facing right, with horn in thinned paint. To his right is an eye pattern. Detail is incised. 2003.65.0007.jpg
14.9.87 Black above and below. In reserved area a swan left, wings raised. To left, a pseudo-inscription. 2003.97.0792.jpg
2002.10.2.1 Head and shoulders of an elderly man facing left
2002.9.4 A reconstruction of a barbiton comprised of a heart shaped wooden frame with a horizontal bar at the top to which the seven strings are attached. The strings are arranged vertically and are attached at the bottom where there is a tortoise shell with some sort of drum skin drawn taught across the top. A red ribbon has been added for decoration to the left at the bottom. 2004.95.0118.jpg
2002.9.5 A reconstruction of a kithara. Similarly to the barbitos, wooden frame with a horizontal bar resting across the top to which the seven strings are attached. Ornate carving and curls down each side. The lower part is a thicker section of wood with a bridge (as on our stringed instruments of today) to hold the strings taught. Zig zag carving at base for decoration and a red ribbon for the musician to hold attached to bottom right. 2007.99.0175.jpg
2003.3.37 Interior, 2 bands in added red. Exterior, vertical lines above a horizonatal line at rim, with band and line below all in added red. Additional patches of added red are visible below, probably forming a pattern
2003.6.19 Two lines, one black and one red, towards one end of the fragment; covered with a white ground, which has worn of around the edges revealing the darker coloured terracotta underneath. Black glazed on the interior. 2007.03.1216.jpg
2003.6.20 Reserved and decorated with three wavy relief bands. 2005.88.0063.jpg
2003.7.15 Piece of fragment made of red clay with pattern both sides. Fragment is slightly curved, with a small rim at the top suggesting it could be part of a decorative plate or bowl. Side A, which is possible the interior, has a broad black line at the bottom - possibly this was the colour of the interior, with five rough circles in a row, alternating black and red from the left hand side, painted on top of a white background. Side B has a similar broad black line at the bottom, with a broad white line painted at the top and several faded black vertical lines painted over the white. The shape of the fragment is rectangular, and it slopes to a point at the right hand side. 2007.03.1222.jpg
2003.7.16 Curved fragment with rim and stump of handle suggests it was a bowl or cup due to how it open it appears as a shape. The interior is painted entirely in black, with a hint of red (fading?) near the top. The exterior has two black bands, one on the rim and one below the rim which also covers the handle stump. Beneath the handle there is a strip of faded white paint, followed by a red/dark brown stripe, then the rest is white with a thin horizontal black line and possible a thicker vertical black line dividing the white decoration in half. 2007.03.1212.jpg
2003.7.17 Base of a pot/bowl/cup. Interior is decorated in black. Exterior has signs of vertical black stripes on the body, and narrow black circular bands painted on the base. 2007.03.1205.jpg
2003.7.18 Part of a base of a bowl/jar. Interior is painted in bla, Exterior: bottom of body, side of rim on base and inside of rim on base is painted in black. Then the underside has a broad band of white, and an inner circle of red/dark brown paint. 2007.03.1214.jpg
2003.7.19 Possibly part of rim and body of a bowl/jar, due to the smoothness of the top of the fragment. Side is shows indication of being the interior, due to the plain black colour painted on. The exterior, side B, has been painted in white with a narrow area of black at the bottom. There is indication of two parallel lines of small black dots, in between which are two narrow parallel black bands with squares of black between them. 2007.03.1210.jpg
2003.7.20 Fragment of rim, body and stump of handle of a bowl/jar. Interior is painted in black. Exterior has the rim painted in a broad band of white, with signs of parallel lines of black dots at the edge of the white. There are also indications of two narrow parallel lines, with black squares in between them. The body/shoulder and handle are painted in black. 2007.03.1209.jpg
2003.7.22 Possibly top part of a bowl/jug due to smooth edge of rim and the way it curves half way down. The interior side is painted in black. The exterior has the top half painted in white, with two lines of small black dots parellel to each other at the edges of the white paint. There are two dark brown/faded blakc parellel lines which have two black squares at either end of them. There is a narrow red line beneath the white, with a black area beneath that. The clay is quite smooth. 2007.03.1220.jpg
2003.7.23 Possibly part of the top of a bowl/jar due to the smooth edge at the top. The interior is painted black, and has a smooth texture like the exterior. The exterior has a wide band of white painted on, with a few black marks painted on which are possibly horizontal lines and small blacks squares - similar to other Laconian fragments. Underneath the white is a narrow band of dark red, then an area of black. 2007.03.1201.jpg
2003.7.24 Possibly the top of a jar/bowl due to the smooth edge at the top and way it is curved at the middle. The interior is painted black, with a smooth surface similar to the exterior. The exterior is half painted in white, with narrow, parellel lines of black dots or bands, and a black square inbetween two black lines. There is a line of dark red below this, followed by an overlap of white then a black area. 2007.03.1197.jpg
2003.7.25 Very small fragment, interior (side a) is painted black. The exterior, side b, has a narrow red band at the top, with a white background beneath it and two narrow black bands, a strip of small black dots and a black filled in shape at the bottom. 2007.03.1194.jpg
2003.7.26 Probably part of a jar due to the way the bottom of the fragment juts out at an angle - possibly the body of the jar. The interior is painted black/dark red, although most has rubbed off. The top half of the exterior has been painted white (barely visible), with parallel lines of small black dots, and black squares in between these two lines. The rest of the fragment is painted black. 2007.03.1192.jpg
2003.7.27 Small fragment, possibly part of a jar. Interior (side a) is painted black and curves slightly at the top - possibly a rim? The rest of the fragment has been painted in white, with four black narrow parallel lines, and a black square nestled inbetween the first two lines. There is also a dark red line at the bottom of the fragment. 2007.03.1202.jpg
2003.7.28 The interior is painted a solid black. The exterior has a black band at the top. There is a white background painted on, with three black parallel lines. Between the first two lines is a row of small black dots, the second and third line has a black circle lodged between them and there is a small black dot at the very tip of the fragment. 2007.03.1199.jpg
2003.7.77 On the outside trace of a groundline in black glaze followed by a narrow line in reserve, a stripe of 0.5 cm in black glaze, another narrow line in reserve and black glaze for the remaining surface. Inside is unadorned with 3 horizontal wheel marks. 2006.20.0556.jpg
2003.8.37 "Luxor Temple - Statue of Ramses II and his wife Queen Nefertari"
2003.8.66 Rim of an open vessel, two grooves and rounded, overlapping body.
2004.10.1 Plastic decoration (snake or poppy stems and buds) on body suggests Egyptian influence or origin. DSCN0185.jpg
2004.5.1 The face is moulded, with ringlets at forehead, beaded hair at sides, and wavy locks as a beard, tongue protruding from mouth. The face is encircled in a u-shaped element terminating in volutes; petals on the outside. The face and other decoration are painted brown; a painted band beneath the face indicates the top of the dress. 2007.01.0057.jpg
2004.8.4 The rim is decorated with a thin black band, with a reserved band below and another black band below this. Two youths (black in colour) stand facing each other, with the figure on the right presenting a white cock, of which, elements remain (painted over the figure). Behind each figure the tail and part of a sphinx can be seen. The sphinx behind the right figure has incised lines dividing the wing feathers. The centre of the sphinx's wing appears purple in colour. There are faint, incised lines that give the outline of the youths' heads (where paint has been worn away). The reverse of the fragment is black with a reserved circle on top of the rim. 2006.20.0566.jpg
2004.8.5 Eleven, black palmettes in fan arrangement, two of which are joined at the stems. Left of the palmettes there is a verticle black line with a series of small black dots, parallel, either side (ten left of the line and eight right of the line) which is believed to be a branch of a tree. Right of the palmettes there is a solid, thin black line (L. 3.8). 2006.20.0571.jpg
2005.2.4 Black glazed all over, except on resting surface, and underside, which is, however, decorated with two black concentric circles at centre, and black on the interior of the ring foot. Perhaps also ruddled on underside
2005.3.10 Bands on mouth and rim 2005.05.0067.jpg
2005.3.12 Three dots, band and head of a figure in a head-dress(?) in black 2005.05.0064.jpg
2005.3.14 interior, foot and base all have bands of black 2006.20.0359.jpg
2005.3.17 Black on dark brown clay, possibility of band and fill ornament, interior is black 2006.20.0355.jpg
2005.3.19 Black on exterior and interior, white slip is also visible on exterior
2005.3.20 Black glaze on exterior and interior 2006.20.0353.jpg
2005.3.23 Incisions and added black, probably part of an image rather than a pattern
2005.3.24 Black figure with added red, on the body is a siren with added red and incision dor the details. foot is black with base a combination of black and reserved circular bands 2005.05.0063.jpg
2005.3.25A-C A: foot and base reserved, stem and exterior of kylix black, with reserved band. A second band has floral ornament with a chain-like band below. Interior is black except for a reserved circle in the middle, two small black circular bands mark the centre. B: Floral ornament on this fragment joins up with fragment A, pattern as before, interior and rim/lip black. C: interior, rim, lip and majority of exterior black, patterned floral band as before 2006.20.0368.jpg
2005.3.26 Base is reserved, foot and section of body preserved are balck 2006.20.0401.jpg
2005.3.28A-B A: Whitish slip with bands of decoration, zigzags in added red and straight lines in brown. Interior has a wide band of red at rim, rest is white slip, possibilty of an interior ornament, circular shape in red visible at edge of fragment. B: exterior and interior same as A.
2005.3.29 Band of vertical lines with horizontal line below in added red, band of added red visible on interior, rim has lines and a band of red 2006.20.0385.jpg
2005.3.30 Black decoration on exterior, double lines, dots and 'eye' shaped block 2006.20.0383.jpg
2005.3.34 exterior: lines, bands and triangles in added red. interior also has a section of added red
2005.3.35 Black band on interior. Rim, lip and handle have small black lines, two black lines are visible under the handle
2005.3.36 White slip, zigzag and line in added red, possible bands on interior 2006.20.0391.jpg
2005.3.38 Interior, band of added red, exterior, white slip with vertical line above a horizontal line at rim and lines below all in added red 2006.20.0393.jpg
2005.3.39 Band on interior and vertical lines on exterior in black 2006.20.0395.jpg
2005.3.40 Band on interior and lines and spirals on exterior in black 2006.20.0398.jpg
2005.3.41 Circular bands on interior and exterior in added red, Handles are partially painted in red
2005.7.1 Foliate design with canthares in red-blue wool and a yellow wool central circle. 2005.95.0012.jpg
2005.7.18 Orange-pink and unbleached weft threads 2013.03.0010.jpg
2005.7.3 Stylised fig leaf and stem 2013.03.0006.jpg
2005.7.4 Two parallel bands (clavi) with tapestry foliate and zoomorphic design 2005.95.0003.jpg
2005.7.7 Pearl border and (obscure) central design executed in floating weft 2012.97.0010.jpg
2005.7.9 Tapestry band of geometric design in wool and linen 2013.02.0005.jpg
2005.8.10 Rings and animals
2005.8.8 A (according to Beazley): Mission to Achilles; B: Youth departing, between woman with flower and old man 2003.97.0867.jpg
2005.9.1 Blue and white zig-zags 2008.99.0317.jpg
2005.9.11 Obv: Map of Europe, with 12 stars. Rev: Border of 12 stars, picture of a 5th century BC Athenian tetradrachm showing the owl, olive branch on left and crescent moon on left. Rev symbol: Small leaf representing the Bank of Greece.
2005.9.7 Obv: Head of Athena, helmeted, three upright olive leaves on helmet; Rev: Owl, facing right, olive branch and crescent moon on left 2007.05.0024.jpg
2006.12.1 Bands of thick black, unpainted and red-brown across fragment 2007.03.0923.jpg
2006.12.103 Scraps of black and white paint. 2007.03.1002.jpg
2006.12.105 Black paint over much of the outer surface, although it is worn and chipped. 2007.03.1006.jpg
2006.12.11 Large area painted white with red and black designs at edges of fragment suggesting complex design 2007.03.0470.jpg
2006.12.111 Very faded black and white painted lines on both inner and outer surface.
2006.12.112 Black paint on inside and outside, very chipped and faded.
2006.12.113 Worn black and orange red paint over most of the fragment; unable to recognise larger pattern
2006.12.114 Worn black paint on inside; black triangle on what remains of base and two thick worn black paint bands on outer surface.
2006.12.115 Orange-red paint on and around part of handle, thick black strip of paint around edge, worn 2007.03.1059.jpg
2006.12.116 Black paint on inner surface; black and faded brown lines on outer surface.
2006.12.119 Black and white paint bands on inner surface; black and white paint on outer surface but badly damaged.
2006.12.12 On the inner surface shallow and thick black/red-brown lines with thick section of black paint. On outer surface there are spiral patterns in between two sets of lines in brown. 2007.03.0865.jpg
2006.12.123 Black and white paint lines, heavily chipped and worn.
2006.12.124 Black paint on inner surface; bands of faded brown and thicker black paint on outer surface.
2006.12.125 Scraps of black and white paint but almost entirely destroyed.
2006.12.15 One half of outside is grey lines on a white surface, in an unidentifiable pattern; Other half is hatched grey lines on white paint with brown spots in centre and red band just visible at very edge of fragment; all decoration appear faded 2007.30.0050.jpg
2006.12.17 Brown circular lines on both inside and outside of fragment 2005.02.0330.jpg
2006.12.23 Black lid with finely painted concentric rings of red and white on upper surface, lower surface painted brown 2007.03.0430.jpg
2006.12.27 Painted white with black/brown pattern of bands, dots and narrow rays. 2007.03.0512.jpg
2006.12.28 Rim and inner surface painted black. Outer surface may have been painted white. Five raised bands on rim. 2007.03.0966.jpg
2006.12.29 Black, white and red pattern in bands and blocks, inner surface painted white 2007.03.0974.jpg
2006.12.30 Black rays on white background with black and red block below 2007.03.0972.jpg
2006.12.31 Black on white pattern, very rough and imprecisely drawn. On base lozenges fan out from blank circle, on sides rays emanating from base 2007.03.0970.jpg
2006.12.32 Inner side painted black. Outer side decoration is very faded, consisting of black, white and red painted bands. 2007.03.0968.jpg
2006.12.33 Black bands and oval freehand brush strokes onto white paint background 2007.03.0558.jpg
2006.12.36 Decoration mostly faded, but appears to have been bands of black, white and red 2007.03.0450.jpg
2006.12.37 Diamond pattern with chequers of black/brown, grey and orange above two dark coloured bands 2007.03.0981.jpg
2006.12.38 Painted bands of brown, white and red. Top band has brown wavy line on it 2007.03.0951.jpg
2006.12.39 painted brown geometric design with bands that could be concentric circles, chequers and what could be an eye shape 2007.03.0949.jpg
2006.12.41 Narrow white bands with diamond pattern and central hatched square below 2007.03.0934.jpg
2006.12.42 Unclear due to damage and fading, but appears to be black painted design. Two parallel lines and some chevrons distinguishable 2007.03.0941.jpg
2006.12.45 Parallel lines, hatching and a row of backward "S" shapes. 2007.03.0942.jpg
2006.12.5 Two parallel lines and key design in orange-brown on a white painted background, slightly worn 2007.03.0854.jpg
2006.12.50 Largely black and white with brown and orange rings. Part of a figure pattern is visible, but not enough to make an analysis 2007.03.0508.jpg
2006.12.51 Black parallel and hatched lines; very worn 2007.03.1115.jpg
2006.12.54 Block of black paint, adjacent area with red and white lines and other patterns but difficult to identify due to wear 2007.03.1104.jpg
2006.12.55 Black and brown lines on white background running parallel; near edge of fragment others at perpendicular angle to other lines; worn decoration 2007.03.1119.jpg
2006.12.56 Black and white lines; heavily worn 2007.03.1138.jpg
2006.12.69 Black and white paint on both sides; heavily worn but possibly a line pattern
2006.12.7 Black paint, chipped and worn 2007.03.0861.jpg
2006.12.73 Black paint on both inside and outside; outside has four white paint arcs that could be concentric white circles, inside has single white paint arc; decoration worn 2007.03.1148.jpg
2006.12.74 Grooves on inside and outside possibly part of decoration or could simply be relic from manufacure 2007.03.1113.jpg
2006.12.8 Black glaze with red band on inner surface; worn red and black paint on rim; black paint on outer surface, slightly worn and chipped 2007.03.0922.jpg
2006.12.90 Ridges and unusual shape could be detail on figurine, otherwise very low quality pottery 2007.03.1089.jpg
2006.12.93 Worn and chipped black paint
2006.5.19 Light red with pale yellow. With one large ridge and a few smaller ridges below the large one 2007.03.0071.jpg
2006.5.20 One deep ridge on the interior and other shallow ones both on interior and exterior 2007.03.0077.jpg
2006.6.1 Coin of Alexander the Great, Obv: Head of youthful Heracles, wearing a lion-scalp headdress. Rev: Zeus seated on a throne to left, with eagle perched on right hand and sceptre in upraised left hand. Kantharos (or amphora?) under throne.
2007.1.10.28 Possibly Hercules holding the skin of Nemean Lion with club and cupid on his shoulder
2007.1.10.30 Man standing with club and greek letters
2007.1.10.31 Possibly Hercules holding a dagger sitting on a lion skin, and possibly cupid on the left
2007.1.10.33 Possibly Hercules sitting on a lion skin and holding a dagger
2007.1.10.38 A profile of head of a man with curly hair and beard in front of a profile of a head of a woman both looking right, to the right is some Greek letters
2007.1.10.43 The head and shoulders of a bearded man wearing a cloak and holding a stick in his left hand
2007.1.10.44 Naked man lying on the ground with club next to him and a tree and two deers on the background
2007.1.10.45 Portrait of head and shoulders of man with lion skin on his head and around his shoulders
2007.1.10.61 Full body portrait of woman facing right. Partly clothed, carrying a lion's skin and a club.
2007.1.10.62 Full body portrait of a woman facing right. Partly clothed, carrying a lion's skin and a club.
2007.10.1.2 Naked man with helmet holding a club in the right hand and a snake in the left
2007.10.1.20 Man standing with stick in his right hand and an animal like a scorpion in his left. Cast Number 84
2007.10.1.23 Three figures, one naked, two clothed and with head dresses. animals in the background.
2007.10.1.25 Naked man with right hand behind his back and small winged man behind him. Cast Number 89
2007.10.1.27 Bearded man with short curly hair kneeling down on one knee and facing to the left of the image with his right arm raised. Small winged boy behind him. Cast number 91
2007.10.1.28 Naked bearded man with short curly hair kneeling on left knee facing the left of the image. He's holding a stick in his left hand and has a winged boy on his back. Cast number 92
2007.10.1.29 Naked bearded man kneeling down on left knee facing the left of the image and touching head with right hand. Cloths hanging down from his left arm. Tiny winged boy behind him. Cast number 93.
2007.10.1.3 Possibly Hercules on the left, holding a club and Aphrodite on the right. Tree behind Aphrodite with snake coiled round.
2007.10.1.4 Naked man holding a club and a tree branch. Face (incomplete) turning right.
2007.10.2.100 Bearded male head in profile facing right. He is wearing a helmet and to his left is a small naked female figure.
2007.10.2.102 Naked male figure leaning on a column to his right. In his hand he carries a bow and on the floor is a lyre leaning against the column.
2007.10.2.108 3 warriors and their shields.
2007.10.2.109 2 male figures and a horse. The men are shaking hands and both carry staffs.
2007.10.2.111 2 warriors with shields and a naked male figure standing between them (he may also be a warrior but he isn't wearing any armour and he isn't carrying a shield). The warrior on the right is moving behind a wall so only 1 leg and his shield is visible.
2007.10.2.113 Two men talking to a warrior. There is a pot on the floor and one of the men is bending over to put something into the pot.
2007.10.2.122 Topless man sitting down and holding his head with his right hand.In the background are visible the shades of some trees.
2007.10.2.126 Male nude. Profile facing left. The man is sitting down and resting his head on his right hand. He his carrying a sward. On the left side there is an inscription in Greek letters.
2007.10.2.127 Woman's bust. Frontal view. The woman is wearing a veil over her head and a necklace. On the right of the figure there is a "cornucopia"
2007.10.2.138 Standing man, profile facing right, wearing a cape and un-Greek looking clothes, with a strange head-cover, looking at a statue of a naked man.
2007.10.2.139 Male bust, profile facing right, long curley hair and beard, clothed
2007.10.2.14 Man holding a bowl in his right hand and a feather in his left, with something by his feet. Partially clothed
2007.10.2.140 Male, sitting down, bare chested, caring a cornucopia in one hand and a branch with leaves (possibly olive), iconography suggests figure is a god.
2007.10.2.142 Male/female bust, profile facing left, wearing a veil covering most of head and mouth and just above nose.
2007.10.2.144 Two figures, male and female. Man is standing and is holding shield and sword, naked except for a clothe covering his loins. Woman sitting, naked with a tunic very loosely wrapped round her, holding an object (?)
2007.10.2.145 3 figures indoors, shown by hanging drapes and furniture: old man sitting on floor long hair, bearded, wearing robes, chest showing, young woman standing wearing also wearing robes, holding the old man's hand and a young man sitting down bare-chested holding a long object, while looking at the other two figures.
2007.10.2.146 Male figure reclining on a carrage, surrounded by winged children one pushing the wheel, the other holding reigns and a whip, the third being embraced by the male figure, who is half naked. A tree trunk on the fair right of the cast, with branches stretching above the figures.
2007.10.2.147 3 male figures, and a cow. All warriors with shields and armour, the predominent figure bringing cow to an altar, carrying a vessel or bowl.
2007.10.2.150 Two warriors, naked with helmets. The first is facing left and carries a sward in one hand and a shield in the other; he is on his knees. The second is facing right and he seems to be holding back something with his spear.
2007.10.2.152 Three figures. A man, visibly fatter and older than the others, is bound to a tree. A second man is standing in front of him and has a small vessel in his left hand (offering it to the other man?). Finally a woman is sensually reclining in the foreground, showing her naked back to the audience.
2007.10.2.153 Three figures. A man, naked, is sitting on the floor. Behind him a woman (naked as well?) is sitting on a chair touching his shoulders with one hand and carrying something in the other. Above the man's head a winged-child is pouring water from a vase.
2007.10.2.154 Warrior on horse-back. He is carrying a long spear and an oval shield and wears a cape. The horse is standing on its two back legs.
2007.10.2.158 Young male standing in profile. He wears only a cape and carries a stick in one hand and a woman's head in the other. At his feet there is a sort of small container open.
2007.10.2.159 Two figures. A man wearing a cape is on his knees and is holding the naked body of a woman. At his feet there is a club suggesting that he is probably Heracles (killing the Amazon Hippolyte?)
2007.10.2.161 Male riding a swan and fishing with a trident. Nude, profile facing right.
2007.10.2.162 Male walking and carrying a dead animal on his shoulders. Nude, entire figure. Profile facing right.
2007.10.2.171 Athena, wearing the aegis and a Corinthian helmet. Bust.
2007.10.2.180 Cupid is on the back of a bearded centaur, and has his hands tied up.
2007.10.2.181 A naked, male, child-like figure, with a robe draped around his back and arm stretched out in front of him. Sitting on top of a small laurel wreathed plinth.
2007.10.2.185 Fighting scene. A creature with female body and a serpent instead of legs grabbing a man, naked and on his knees
2007.10.2.188 Woman sitting down and touching her left bare foot with a hand. She is wearing a Peplum draped around her body.
2007.10.2.189 Frontal figure of a naked man standing up and rubbing his back with a cloth. On the background a small table with a vase on it.
2007.10.2.19 Head and shoulders of a young man facing to the right, with small spear and shield to his left
2007.10.2.190 Older man, bold and overweight, standing with the help of a staff. He is in front of a boy who is pouring water on his feet. The man only has a cloth draped around his legs and the boy is naked.
2007.10.2.196 Cupid carrying a feather in his right hand, and something else in his left hand.
2007.10.2.2 Displays a man wearing robes and holding a spear falling down. There is also a small snake to the right of the man's face.
2007.10.2.201 A woman wearing a peplum, sitting on a chair holding a mirror (?) and looking down to it.
2007.10.2.219 2 male figures, one seated (left figure) and one standing (right figure). Seated figure carrying a staff, possibly denoting older age or social class. Standing figure is wearing a cape, possibly suggesting that he, or both figures, are travellers. He also appears to be stirring a pot at the feet of both figures. On the far right of the scene there is a pole with a serpent wrapped around it.
2007.10.2.226 Seated male figure, bearded and naked from the waist up. He is holding what appears to be a scythe (possibly identifying him as Kronos). Elaborate seat, possibly a throne. Detail at bottom left of cast is possibly a temple on the summit of a hill or mountain.
2007.10.2.227 Bust of possibly Athena's profile facing right, wearing a helmet and the aegis.
2007.10.2.229 A naked male figure carrying a club in his right hand and a bow in the left hand, (possibly Heracles)
2007.10.2.230 A bust of a figure's profile facing right showing the back of the shoulder, possibly a woman. She is touching her long hair with her right hand and wearing some form of headpiece.
2007.10.2.235 Two figures, both facing towards us, one standing behind the other. The one on the foreground is a warrior, possibly a Greek soldier (because he's naked) carrying a spear and shield and wearing a helmet. Behind him is a fully clothed figure, possibly a goddess.
2007.10.2.236 A powerfully built male figure kneeling with one arm (right) raised, his hand making a fist. The other arm is lowered and appears to bound (possibly) behind his back. His head is bowed. The figure appears to have a small winged figure upon his back. It is not clear if he is carrying the second figure or if there is some sort of struggle in process.
2007.10.2.237 A group of figures. The centre of the cast is a male figure who appears to be dressed in armour (helmet, shield, and cuirass). He appears to be standing on the deck of a ship. The figure is presenting or showing the head of a bull to a second figure (female) who appears to standing on the quay of a harbour. On the far right of the cast (behind the central male figure) is a second soldier. The scene possibly portrays an encounter between Theseus and Ariadne after the killing of the Minotaur.
2007.10.2.241 Single figure of a young winged (male) child holding a bow and club in his left hand, the club rests over his shoulder. His quivver is possibly depicted on the ground at his feet. The figure is presumably Eros or Cupid, although the club is an unusual addition (possibly indicating the imitation of Herakles, as in examples found at Pompeii).
2007.10.2.242 A tall and slender female figure carrying a bow and depicted with a stag, possibly identifying the figure as Artemis. The unusual dress might suggest that the gem showed an unknown female depicted as Artemis.
2007.10.2.243 Depiction of a slender figure (almost certainly female) with right arm raised and hand possibly reaching towards the back of the head or hair. Behind the figure is what appears to be a 'Capricornus'. Both figures are facing to the right.
2007.10.2.245 A bearded, muscular, and semi-naked seated figure. His clothing is possibly an animal skin (paws seem to be apparent). He appears to be resting as his right arm rests on his knee and his right hand supports his bowed head. He is also holding an unidentified object in his right hand which also rests against his leg. His other hand appears to be holding a further (unidentified) object which rests across his lap. A club rests against his left thigh in the foreground of the scene. There is either a bull or cow depicted by the figure's right leg at the bottom-left of the scene. The figure shown is almost certainly Herakles, possibly resting after one his labours (herding the cattle of Geryon?).
2007.10.2.247 A bearded, extremely muscular, and semi-naked male figure standing and facing to the left. He has a cloak tied at the neck and carries a club in his left hand. His right arm is raised and he is holding an (unidentified) object in his right hand. The figure is almost certainly Herakles.
2007.10.2.248 A slender female figure is depicted playing a lyre. She faces to the right and is clothed in a long flowing dress.
2007.10.2.249 The large profile of a bearded male face. Much of the top and back of the head is cut-off by the edge of the cast. To the left of the face is what appears to be a pole with a snake coiled around it.
2007.10.2.250 A young male figure is depicted standing and facing to the left. He is naked from the waist up. The figure is holding a sword which he appears to be examining. The point of the blade is pointed towards the figure's body, the hilt away from the body.
2007.10.2.252 The bust of what appears to be a woman in rear 3/4 aspect with her head turned back and to the right so that her face is presented in profile.
2007.10.2.253 Two figures are depicted. The figure to the left of the scene is a seated semi-naked female. Her dress or cloak lays across her lap and is gathered up in her left hand. Her head is bowed slightly. In the centre of the foreground is a semi-circle which crosses the female figure's left ankle or calf. It is unclear what this might represent. The second figure (to the right) is a smaller winged male facing to the left and the larger figure. He appears to be carrying a bow and stands under a tree. The two figures are almost certainly Aphrodite and Eros.
2007.10.2.254 Bust of an older male figure in high relief. He has a philosopher's beard and curly hair. His high forehead might indicate that he is balding. Clothing is evident draped over his left shoulder.
2007.10.2.257 A naked and winged female figure riding a chariot pulled by two horses with their front legs reared.
2007.10.2.261 Two figures, one is a naked and bearded man standing, the other is a female sitting down. He is holding what looks like a staff or club, which could identify him as Heracles and she is balancing something on her knee. There are trees and vines in the background.
2007.10.2.262 A naked man sits in front of and is looking at, a small statue.
2007.10.2.265 Three male figures positioned under a tree, two sitting and the one in the middle who appears to be younger is standing on a rock. They are possibly shepherds as one is holding a staff.
2007.10.2.266 Three men, semi-naked carrying shields, piled on and alongside each other, possibly the result of a battle.
2007.10.2.270 Eros standing and leaning his head against a staff.
2007.10.2.274 A profile facing forward with curly hair and what appears to be wings coming out of their temples.
2007.10.2.285 Three figures, a woman and a man semi-nude, and beside the man is Eros. Possibly Eros, Ares and Aphrodite.
2007.10.2.29 Two cherubs with birds and a column in the middle, one of the cherubs is holding a feather
2007.10.2.290 A man, possibly a soldier, with a shield and a helmet on, he is standing next to what appears to be a pillar with a snake coiled around it, at the foot of the pillar is a lamb and perched on top of the pillar is a bird.
2007.10.2.292 Two figures riding on a wild cat of some sort. One is a female and is riding side-saddle with her back to us, the other is male, sat behind her.
2007.10.2.293 A man standing, in one hand there is a pile of cloth and in the other is some sort of long stick.
2007.10.2.297 Naked male figure facing to the right and carrying, or struggling with, an animal (possibly a goat).
2007.10.2.298 Naked male figure seated and playing a lyre. The figure is surrounded by armour and weaponry: a helmet to his left, a shield with a face at its centre at his feet to the right, and a sword hanging from some kind of frame or resting against it. The figure is possibly identified as Achilles as he was found by the embassy from Agamemnon at the beginning of book IX of Homer's Iliad.
2007.10.2.302 Three female figures, two figures to the left standing, semi naked figure on the right is seated, middle figure also semi naked, two figures on either side appear to be helping the middle figure bathe left figure holding her hair and right figure touching her back
2007.10.2.303 Possible battle scene, containing five horses and two men, figure to the far left(only wearing a cloak) is on horse back and figure to the right is falling from a chariot (naked), pot at the bottom with contents spilling out, possible bird to its left
2007.10.2.304 A male figure wearing a skin (possibly a lion skin) struggles with a bull. The bull's head is lowered perhaps indicating that it is charging. Behind the bull, to the right of the cast, there is what appears to be a statue (possibly of female form) with two faces in profile, one facing left and the other right. The animal skin (if it is lion) perhaps identifies the male as Herakles. The scene might be a representation of one of Herakles tasks (yoking of the bulls).
2007.10.2.305 A male figure stands over another figure, prostrate on the ground. The standing figure (probably male) is dressed in a cloak and tunic and holds a blade or scythe in his right hand. The standing figure appears to be holding the decapitated head of the second figure in his left hand. Behind the figure prostrate on the ground is an ox whose front legs are raised from the ground. To the right of the cast a tree or bush is depicted with a large bird (possibly a peacock) perched on one of its branches. At the centre of the cast there is what appears to be a standard or post with two serpents coiled about it. The serpent's heads face each other at the top of the post.
2007.10.2.306 At the centre of the cast is a naked young male, he is seated on what appears to be a large smooth rock. A large serpent is coiled beneath the male figure and to the right a lyre is placed on a stand or podium. On the far right of the cast a second stand or podium is carved, this one has what appears to be a tripod standing upon it. To the far left of the cast stands a clothed female figure. She is holding a rod or staff. Her attention is not upon the central scene, she appears distracted by something which is occurring further left as her gaze is directed that way.
2007.10.2.308 A large ox or bull is represented to the left and centre of the scene taking up most of the space within the cast. The beast's head is turned as if it is looking towards the viewer. To the right a figure (probably male) is seated beneath a tree holding a staff. At the figure's feet there appears to be a second (much smaller) creature.
2007.10.2.309 Bust of a figure (male?) in profile facing right. The figure has long hair and wears a wreath (which type is not clear). He is dressed in a tunic which is fastened at the right shoulder, although the right side of the chest is revealed and appears quite muscular. There is some vague detail at both his back and chest. These appear to be a quivver and a bow, which would almost certainly identify the figure as Apollo.
2007.10.2.311 A large female figure reclines in the centre of the scene. She is dressed in robes and is wearing either a helmet or a cap (Phyrigian cap?). Her left arm is resting on a disembodied (bearded male) head and her left hand holds a staff which rests against her upper-arm or shoulder. Beneath the large female figure and to the left of the male head are two shapes which possibly represent boats or ships. These shapes might indicate that the portion of the scene below the female figure is in fact a river or the sea. In turn this might suggest that the disembodied head is emerging from the water (possibly identifying it as a river god). To the left of the scene a very small figure appears to be presenting the large female figure with something, possibly a basket or urn. A slightly larger figure, leaning on a stick, looks on from beneath a tree. Above the very small figures head are two animals (presumably intended to appear to be further off in the background). One at least of these animals is certainly a horse. To the right of the large female figure's head there is a representation of a stag. At the top of the scene in a central position are three shapes. It is unclear exactly what these are (possibly huts or houses of some description?).
2007.10.2.312 There are four figures, two standing, two sitting. Possibly shepherds, due to their staffs and a dog.
2007.10.2.313 Man lying down, with a jug by his side, two deer and a tree in the background.
2007.10.2.318 Possibly the image on a shield. With a chariot and horses in the inner circle and on the outer circle are images of the horoscope star signs.
2007.10.2.319 Oval shaped shield, with chariot and horses on the inner oval, and images of star signs and astrology on the outer oval.
2007.10.2.320 Oval shaped shield, with chariot and horses on the inner oval, and images of star signs and astrology on the outer oval.
2007.10.2.321 Possibly of a tomb with a sarcophogus in the foreground and weapons in the background.
2007.10.2.324 Cherub possibly Eros, riding a lion and playing a harp.
2007.10.2.325 Man tied up and on his knees, with a cherub, possibly Eros, holding him up and helping him.
2007.10.2.331 Two male figures fighting over a woman who has fallen in-between them. One has a dagger, the other could possibly be protecting her. Both men are wearing helmets and armour. There are vases and decoration in the background.
2007.10.2.333 Three figures, two semi-naked and lying down, one playing a flute. With some sort of wild cat beside the bed.
2007.10.2.340 A soldier, wearing nothing but a cape and a helmet, standing looking at what appears to be his armour.
2007.10.2.342 A woman wearing a chiton, in one hand she is holding a stick and in the other potentially a leafy branch.
2007.10.2.343 A naked soldier wearing a helmet raised on his head so his face is visible and he is carrying a shield and a spear. He is reaching for a statue of a woman in armour, possibly Athena.
2007.10.2.345 Dual profile of a man and a boar, they seem to be connected and facing opposite directions.
2007.10.2.346 At first sight, what appears to be a dual profile of a bearded man and an elephant with their heads attached but facing in opposite directions. At the tip of the elephant's trunk there is a scorpion. When the cast is turned 90 degrees anti-clockwise, there appears to be a second male profile, facing to the right and wearing a hat.
2007.10.2.348 Two figures, one sitting and one standing, in front of them is a skeleton and nearby is Eros who appears to be holding a torch.
2007.10.2.35 Portrait head in relief of bearded man with long wavy hair and crown
2007.10.2.354 A woman sitting on an elaborate chair, possibly a throne. There are two heads 'decorating' the backrest of the chair, and the woman's head is surrounded by stars.
2007.10.2.357 A sea monster with the torso and head of a woman and many legs, possibly in the form of snakes, with wild beasts emerging from her body. She's carrying an oar like a weapon. There's a person tangled in her tentacle-like legs. She could be a representation of Scylla.
2007.10.2.358 A tall male figure with a spear, wearing only a cloak and using it to protect a smaller person.
2007.10.2.360 A naked, young male figure, holding what appears to be a piece of cloth and he is leaning against some sort of post.
2007.10.2.361 Hephaistos, Aphrodite and Eros. Hephaistos is using an anvil and Aphrodite is in the middle holding a trident and Eros is holding her other hand. By Aphrodite's side is a shield with a face protruding out of it.
2007.10.2.38 Head and shoulders of a man with two faces, one facing left the other right, bearded
2007.10.2.39 Robed woman holding small staff and something esle in other raised hand, column in background
2007.10.2.4 Side profile of a woman wearing robes and holding up a bunch of grapes with her left arm and holding a bowl in her right hand
2007.10.2.43 Two seated women conversing, one has a cherub on her lap with a staff and the other is holding a large leaf or fan
2007.10.2.46 Naked man holding a vase in one hand and a robe and curved stick in other
2007.10.2.494 Cast has concave shape to it, contains a possible a figure wearing a turban and long robe, possibly holding a vase it its left hand.
2007.10.2.496 Semi naked man, his head facing to his right (our left), leaning on what is possibly a harp on his left hand side. A smaller figure is situated at his right, a possible statue possibly wearing a helmet and holding a spear in its right hand.
2007.10.2.498 Winged figure walking, his right sided profile shown, wearing long flowing robe and helmet
2007.10.2.5 Displays a full body profile of a man standing wearing only briefs, holding a stick over his left shoulder and holding a head of an animal on his right hand
2007.10.2.500 Cast is very worn, figure appears to be half man and half of the sea, holding a trumpet in his left and and a net in his right. Posiibly Posiedon
2007.10.2.502 Cast is made concave, has the image of possibly outline of a temples fround, with wreath at the top of the arch. There is a figure inside, holding a bow in its left hand and possibly reaching for an arrow from its back with its right hand. This is possibly Apollo.
2007.10.2.51 Profile protrait of a woman facing right with flowers in her hair and a stick with orb on top in background
2007.10.2.58 Female torso in profile facing left. She appears to be putting on lipstick and holding a cosmetics pot. Her hair is tied up.
2007.10.2.6 Side profile of a boy with full set of hair and with his mouth open
2007.10.2.61 6 figures - 5 standing and 1 seated. The seated male appears to be crying with his head in his hands. 3 women stand to his left while another naked man and a warrior stand to his right.
2007.10.2.64 Naked male figure holding a short staff and a cloak draped over his arm. He is bearded and very muscular.
2007.10.2.66 Naked young male figure wearing a cloak and carrying a staff.
2007.10.2.71 A winged infant holding a butterfly in 1 hand and some sort of stick in the other.
2007.10.2.74 Winged infant carring something over his sholder and something in 1 hand.
2007.10.2.75 2 figures - 1 seated female and a naked male standing. There is a statue in the background.
2007.10.2.8 Two centaurs facing right. Centaur on right is holding a bowl and something else over his shoulder
2007.10.2.82 Naked male figured dancing with a spear. A vase lies at his feet and it looks like there is an animal skin draped over his arm.
2007.10.2.85 Winged female figure holding a plate in 1 hand and some sort of fruit (?) in the other. Possibly Nike.
2007.10.2.90 2 figures - 1 male and 1 female. They both look to be dancing and the female on the left also seems to be playing a musical instrument.
2007.10.2.91 Female torso facing forwards. In her hair is a wreath and she clasps her hands together under her breasts. To her right appears to be hanging a bunch of fruit.
2007.10.2.92 Bearded male sitting on a grand looking chair, possibly a throne. He holds a tall stick in one hand and some sort of disk in the other. By his feet is an animal.
2007.10.2.93 2 horses and a charioteer.
2007.10.2.96 Naked male figure sitting/leaning against an inscribed chest. In one hand he holds a small pointed stick/dagger and in the other he holds what looks to be a model warrior. Over his arm is draped a cloak.
2007.10.2.97 2 figures, 1 of which appears to be half man and half snake. The hybrid seems to be carrying the other figure. To the left is an inscription.
2007.4.101 Black paint on inside; red and brown parallel lines on outside 2007.03.0625.jpg
2007.4.104 Worn black and red paint 2007.03.0587.jpg
2007.4.115 Red brown zig zag pattern on white paint; heavily chipped and worn 2007.30.0025.jpg
2007.4.116 Very faded black paint lines visible on both inner and outer surface, but not enough to assess decoration 2007.30.0014.jpg
2007.4.118 Concentric black paint bands on rim; black paint band following rim on outer surface with perpendicular black lines coming off it; worn and faded 2007.30.0001.jpg
2007.4.119 Outer surface deocration heavily worn, possible scraps of white and black paint but no discernable pattern; inner surface has irregular black paint tongues on rim and black and white paint bands on inner surface, worn 2007.30.0017.jpg
2007.4.120 Mostly worn black paint on inside and outside 2007.30.0035.jpg
2007.4.124 Black parallel lines next to broken handle; white paint under handle; faded black parallel lines perpendicular to other lines above and below area of handle; decoration worn, faded and chipped 2007.30.0047.jpg
2007.4.126 Black paint on inside; outside has lines of faded brown on a white background in both parallel line designs and chevrons; heavily worn 2007.30.0044.jpg
2007.4.127 Hatched black ? lines on outer surface, heavily worn and faded 2007.30.0038.jpg
2007.4.128 black paint with band of uncoloured on inner surface; Thick black bands with thinner faded brown bands on white paint on outer surface; worn and chipped 2007.30.0042.jpg
2007.4.130 On one side, light red on the botom half and dark red on the other half. On the other side, a pale red background with evidence of a darker red pattern
2007.4.146 Red painted pattern on one side, starting at the top with pale red line, followed by a section of darker red block colour, then red zigzags going down, then another section of red block colour and finally orangey red stripes 2006.78.0044.jpg
2007.4.150 Red painted and ridged on one side
2007.4.157 Painted light red on one side, with a dark red stripe near the lip. On the other side again a dark red stripe near the lip, and some sort of pattern involving red lines on lighter, orangey lines, but difficult to see owing to damage
2007.4.163 Two thick black stripes on one side, slightly worn. On the other side, Black and red painted on, slightly worn
2007.4.170 Black zig zags and lines
2007.4.182 Adjacent and parallel black lines; large portions of shard painted purely black
2007.4.202 Thick black band around join between neck and main body of vessel, with black tear drops below o main body and black arcs on neck above; slightly worn and faded.
2007.4.205 Thick black band below rim on both inside and outside of fragment; two black lines on rim; part of zig zag pattern at bottom of outer surface of fragment.
2007.4.209 Single black band on inner surface; 3 black bands on white paint with black paint "S" and dot design on lower part of fragment.
2007.4.212 Black paint lines and triangular shapes
2007.4.221 The lip and a section of the pot underneath painted a red-orange colour, with section of darker red, almost black. Coming straight down from this are siz dark red lines
2007.4.225 Worn black and white ? paint.
2007.4.68 Bands of red and black paint, worn 2007.03.0614.jpg
2007.4.72 Close inspection of outer surface shows a very faint parallel lines and zig zag pattern. Paint has presumably almost entirely worn away. 2007.03.0700.jpg
2007.4.73 Black lines on outer surface, very worn and difficult to tell what original design was 2007.03.0703.jpg
2007.4.77 Red, orange and brown lines in parallel, with lines from a ore complicated looking design perpendicular to them at edge of fragment 2007.03.0606.jpg
2007.4.85 Faded red brown lines and badly worn small shapes 2007.03.0710.jpg
2007.4.86 Black paint inside and outside, but not on underside of base; worn 2007.03.0714.jpg
2007.4.87 Two black and red painted arcs on outer surface 2007.03.0659.jpg
2007.4.95 Worn black paint on inside and outside 2007.03.0660.jpg
2007.4.98 Black paint on inside and outside, worn 2007.03.0689.jpg
2007.4.99 Dark brown paint on inside and outside 2007.03.0573.jpg
2007.7.1A-S Rim (A-D) has tongues on the top, a design with dots and traigular shapes on the sides, with palmettes below; Side A (H-K) shows a symposion, with a bearded man (Dionysos?) and possibly the hoof of a satyr; Side B (L-N) shows a battle. A, B, C: Rim with tongues, side design and palmettes below; D: Rim with tongues and side design, no palmettes below; E: Fragment from just below the rim with the palmette design; F: Fragment from below the rim, all black with part of a palmette on the lower left; G: Black on both sides; H: Head and shoulders of a bearded man(Dionysos?) with the circle and triangular motif running vertically on the right; I: Arm and torso of the bearded man on the upper part, on the lower part there is another object which could be his couch; J: Left half is black, right half contains an unclear section of the symposion scene; K: Drapery, most likely from the symposion scene, with a drinking horn in the lower right corner and possibly the hoof of a satyr; L: Top half of the battle scene, with a nude man holding a spear, and probably a tree running vertically along the left side. The scene is bounded by the circle and triangle design; M: Lower half of L, with the lower body of the nude man, drapery on the left side; N: Leg of the nude man, with the lower part of the tree running vertically on the left; O-P: Plain black; Q: Black, with part of the circle and triangle design; R: Black, with part of a design on the top; S: Base, tongue design
2007.9.1.1 Displaying the head and shoulders of a human figure with fairly long hair and wearing a headband, profile facing right.
2007.9.1.10 Displaying the head and shoulders of a woman who has her hair tied back and is wearing a necklace and earrings, profile facing right.
2007.9.1.102 Displays a long, thin indentation on the left, hieroglyphs on the right and three raised dots on the top and on the bottom.
2007.9.1.108 Displays a dragon with a curled tail and outstretched wings, standing on a helmet or a crown. Surrounded by a border with the Latin motto of the Order of the Bath.
2007.9.1.109 Displays an early modern style crest with a flourished border and a simple chessboard design on the main body.
2007.9.1.112 Displays a shield topped by a crown and divided into three sections, the left depicting a lion with a cross over each shoulder and another at it's feet.
2007.9.1.113 Displays a crown with two rows of ostrich feathers emerging from it, and a bird's leg and foot emerging from between them. Enclosed in a collar with the Latin motto of the Order of the Bath.
2007.9.1.114 Displays a shield topped by a crown and divided into three sections, the right depicting a lion with a cross over each shoulder.
2007.9.1.115 Displays a shield divided into four sections, possibly bearing the Coat of Arms of the Warren, Stafford and Eaton families. Surrounded by a border with Gothic Latin writing.
2007.9.1.17 Displaying the front view of the head and shoulders of a yound man wearing a wreath.
2007.9.1.18 Displaying three figures, in the foreground a naked man with a shield pulling the hair of a fallen, half-naked woman, and behind them a man raising a spear.
2007.9.1.19 Displaying three theatre masks, one facing left, one facing forward and another, situated above the other two, facing upwards.
2007.9.1.2 Displaying the head of a human figure with long hair and wearing a headband, profile facing right.
2007.9.1.21 Displaying a naked human figure leaning against a modern harp and holding a flower or a mirror.
2007.9.1.23 Displaying the head and shoulders of a man (left) and a woman (right) facing each other.
2007.9.1.25 Displaying a human figure carrying a staff and a ceramic vessel, profile facing left.
2007.9.1.27 Displays a coin showing the head and shoulders of a young man wearing a wreath, profile facing right, with unrecognisable writing around the outside.
2007.9.1.33 Displays a very fine image of a half naked woman, her lower half draped in cloth, standing next to a pedestal and carrying a spherical object.
2007.9.1.34 Displays a naked man kneeling on one leg, possibly Perseus, wearing a helmet and a circular shield depicting a face, possibly Medusa's, facing left.
2007.9.1.36 Displays a chariot with two riders being pulled by two horses rearing up, one rider controlling the horses and the other in armour holding a spear.
2007.9.1.38 Displays the figure of a medieval knight, mid stride, wearing a helmet and carrying a sword, facing right.
2007.9.1.40 Displays a man (left) and a woman (right) kneeling facing each other, the woman inspecting the man's out-stretched foot, with a plant growing between them.
2007.9.1.45 Displays Athena holding a spear, shield and a wreath, facing left, with Greek writing around the edge.
2007.9.1.46 Displays a man, wearing a hat and a cloak, kneeling down and tending to a small animal. Some letters around the outside.
2007.9.1.47 Displays a young naked man kneeling with his head bowed, facing left, and holding on to a post.
2007.9.1.49 Displays a man, wearing a hat and a cloak, kneeling down and tending to a small animal. Some letters around the outside.
2007.9.1.52 Displays a naked man, bent over slightly, facing right, and carrying a spear and long, unidentifiable object.
2007.9.1.53 Displays the figure of a half naked woman, facing left, holding a staff and possibly a basket.
2007.9.1.54 Displays a seated human figure, facing left, possibly an image of Athena Parthenos holding Victory in one hand and a shield in the other.
2007.9.1.55 Displays a naked woman wearing a cloak, her left arm raised and her right hand pointing towards the ground.
2007.9.1.59 Displays a naked human figure riding a hippocampus, probably a Nereid, holding a cornucopia and possibly wearing a helmet, both facing left.
2007.9.1.6 Displaying the head of a man with curly hair and a beard, profile facing right.
2007.9.1.7 Displaying the head and shoulders of a man with curly hair and a beard, profile facing right.
2007.9.1.70 Displays an ant, with the letters C on the left side and A on the right.
2007.9.1.79 Displays a human figure, facing left, carrying a sword and a shield.
2007.9.1.82 Displays two water birds, one partially obscured by the other, surrounded by several raised dots and a simple lined border.
2007.9.1.92 Displays a human figure, facing left, seated on a sphere with their head bowed and holding a staff in their right hand.
2007.9.1.99 Displays a scarab beetle and an Egyptian god, possibly Sobek.
2007.9.2.1 Displays a winged woman in flight, holding flowers in her hands, and carrying a naked child on her back who is holding a torch aloft in his right hand. (Box Index = Personification of Morning/Day). Tray 5, Layer 1, Gem 1
2007.9.2.10 Displays a man, wearing armour and a wreath and carrying a spear, and a winged woman who is leaning forward, riding in a four-horse chariot. All horses are rearing up. Surrounded by a leafy border. Layer 5, Layer 1, Gem 10
2007.9.2.12 Displays a young woman with her head covered, apparently airborne without wings, and holding a cross in her left hand, whilst a cherub in the lower right corner leans on his trumpet. (Box Index = A happy soul flying to the sky). Tray 5, Layer 1, Gem 12
2007.9.2.18 Displays a winged man who is holding onto a mostly naked woman who is reclining on the ground and whose arms are held up around his head. Similar to the statue of Cupid and Psyche by Canova. (Box Index = Amore, e Psiche / Love and Psyche).
2007.9.2.2 Displays the seated figures of a man and a woman on the left hand side, with a shield bearing the image of two arrows in the foreground, whilst a mostly naked soldier weraing a helmet and cloak and carrying a spear stands on the right hand side. (Box Index = Hektor reprimanding Paris). Tray 5, Layer 1, Gem 2
2007.9.2.24 Displays the head and shoulders of a man, profile facing left. (Box Index = Head of Napolean).
2007.9.2.25 Displaying a naked man with a cloak draped over one arm, holding a large pole in one hand, and a sphere topped with a small figure in the other. (Box Index = Figure of Napoleon).
2007.9.2.28 Displays a heavily muscled, naked man with curly hair and a beard pulling up from behind him another man by the ankle and hair, who is clutching at a lionskin on the ground. (Box Index = Herakles and Lichas).
2007.9.2.29 Displays a half naked woman, her right arm held up, obscuring most of her head, holding a small jug in the same hand, and a cup in the left. (Box Index = Head of Hebe).
2007.9.2.3 Displays a winged woman in flight, her head bowed, and carrying two naked children in her arms who appear to be asleep. (Box Index = Personification of Night). Tray 5, layer 1, Gem 3
2007.9.2.30 Displays the head of a woman, her hair tied up, and wearing a small crown. (Box Index = Head of Hebe).
2007.9.2.31 Displays a woman, her back to us and her head looking right, standing next to a small pillar and holding a lyre in her left hand. (Box Index = A Muse).
2007.9.2.5 Displays four human figures. From left to right: a man with his head bowed and a hammer raised in his right hand, whilst holding a spear or an arrow in his left; a seated woman, her head turned away to the right, holding an arrow in her right hand, pointed down into a bowl she is holding in her left; a cherub, holding a long pole, his left arm outstretched and looking upwards at the figure behind him; a naked man wearing a helmet and holding a bundle of cloth and an arrow, and looking down at the cherub. (Box Index = Vulcan, Venus, Cupid, and Mars).Tray 5, Layer 1, gem 5
2007.9.2.6 Displays a mostly naked woman, her lower half draped in cloth, who is seated and holding the right arm of a cherub standing in front of her. A small flowering plant, a bee and two birds are also visible. (Box Index = Venus with crying Cupid who has been stung by a bee). Tray 5, Layer 1, Gem 6
2007.9.2.7 Displays a winged man, crouching down on one knee, a quiver of arrows on his back and a bow at his feet are visible, whilst a woman reclines on the ground, only her lower half covered in cloth, resting her upper body agaist his knee. (Box Index = Amore e Psiche or Love and Psyche). Box 5, Layer 1, Gem 7
2007.9.2.8 Displays a seated naked man, one hand resting on the handle of a club, the other holding a bowl, whilst a woman stands in front of him, holding a small jug in her raised right hand. (Box Index = Hercules and Hebe). Tray 5, Layer 1, Gem 8
2007.9.3.1 Displays the head of a mostly bald and bearded man, profile facing right.
2007.9.3.102 Warrior with cape, helmet, shield and spear admiring a statue of a goddess.
2007.9.3.104 Two male heads in profile facing right. The male in the foreground is older and bearded while the male behind is younger and beardless with wild hair.
2007.9.3.12 Displays a horned cow, front legs raised on a rock, head bowed and looking back behind it, two calves stand underneath.
2007.9.3.127 Male bust in profile facing right. He is wearing armour and has a wreath in his hair.
2007.9.3.13 Displays a horned cow, it's head bowed and looking behind it, suckling it's young.
2007.9.3.131 Male head in profile facing right. He is bearded and wears a cloak. Probably uniform of the army.
2007.9.3.132 Male head in profile facing left. He is bearded and wears a cloak. Probably uniform of the army.
2007.9.3.133 Animal, most likely a wolf, suckling two infants. Probably Romulus and Remus.
2007.9.3.14 Displays five human figures, two kneeling, two standing and one seated, details are too small to see more.
2007.9.3.2 Displays a three-quater view of the head of a man, who has a beard and is wearing a wreath, facing right.
2007.9.3.32 Four male figures; One kneeling, two standing and one seated. The kneeling figure is holding a bowl, possibly an offering. The standing male on the left looks to be holding a flaming torch.
2007.9.3.33 The shepherd Faustolus finding Romulus and Remus with the she-wolf. Also a grape vine to the right.
2007.9.3.34 The shepherd Faustolus finding Romulus and Remus with the she-wolf. To the right is an olive tree.
2007.9.3.35 Elderly man's head in profile facing right. He has curly hair and a beard.
2007.9.3.4 Displays a cherub holding a bunch of grapes, and a chicken(?).
2007.9.3.42 Female bust in 3/4 profile, facing right. She has short/tied up hair and her breasts are exposed.
2007.9.3.45 A large man wearing Greek attire and a beard, sacrificing a female infront of another female. Possibly the depiction of Agamemnon sacrificing Iphigenia, his daughter, infront of Clytemnestra (carrying an axe).
2007.9.3.49 Two figures and a baby. Probably Hermes carrying Erichthonius with Athena standing behind him with her spear.
2007.9.3.5 Displays a naked man, carrying a spear and a lion skin.
2007.9.3.51 Male head facing forward with long curly hair and no beard.
2007.9.3.52 Kneeling male with a sword, possibly with bow and arrow across his back.
2007.9.3.54 Naked male figure holding a sword and a bow. He is embarking or disembarking a boat.
2007.9.3.56 Female head in profile, facing right. Her head is covered and complex hairstyle indicates she's a women of the upper class.
2007.9.3.57 Partially naked male figure. A lyre and tripod are also present, indicating that he is perhaps Apollo.
2007.9.3.6 Displays a man slightly crouched and bent over, possibly about to throw a discus.
2007.9.3.61 Male and female figure standing together holding hands. Look to be holding an offering of a plant. Perhaps a marriage.
2007.9.3.64 Female figure, with Eastern jewellery and dress. A snake is biting her breast. Likely to be Cleopatra.
2007.9.3.65 2 naked warriors with the decoration "HERE" and "MAR".
2007.9.3.68 Young man with curly hair and a cape.
2007.9.3.7 Displays a standing woman (left) and a seated man (right) who is possibly wearing a crown.
2007.9.3.73 Male head in profile facing right. He has curly hair and a beard.
2007.9.3.78 Male head in profile facing left. He has curly hair and a beard. He has some sort of covering on his head.
2007.9.3.8 Displays the head of a woman with hair that is plaited and tied up, profile facing right.
2007.9.3.88 Young female bust in profile facing right. Her hair is up and she appears to be wearing some sort of crown.
2007.9.4 Outer and inner surfaces painted black, the inside paint being of a more glossy nature.
2007.9.6 Both inside and outside painted matte black.
2008.2.1.102 Profile view of a short haired man facing to the right. Under the profile is a spherical helmet and two daggers on either side. Under the helmet is an inscription: (L or E)ID MAR.
2008.2.1.105 Profile bust of a Female wearing head wear, with an ornate hair style and head band.
2008.2.1.109 Left profile view of an older male, with short curly hair and a short beard.
2008.2.1.110 Left side profile of a younger male, he is wearing a head shawl and a head band.
2008.2.1.18 Group of 12 (?) figures, both male and female. Looks like a banqueting scene with musicians and drinking cups.
2008.2.1.31 Two figures in profile facing right. In front is a bearded male and behind, a woman.
2008.2.1.32 Bust of a woman with her face turned slightly to her left. Her hair curly and covered by a head-dress. One breast is exposed.
2008.2.1.34 Naked female figure facing to the right her right arm raised above her head. The figure is leaning on a column and looking at a small winged boy who is seemingly presenting the standing figure with a wreath.
2008.2.1.35 Naked female figure seated and resting against a column. To the right of the figure is a small winged boy who seems to have his hands cupped round his mouth, suggesting that he is shouting at the female figure. It is possibly a representation of Eros waking Psyche.
2008.2.1.38 Semi-naked female figure kneeling on a plinth and facing away from the 'viewer'. The figure is struggling with two snakes,and her head is thrown back perhaps indicating pain. There is a third snake at her feet to the left of the scene, and a vase with flowers in it at her feet to the right.
2008.2.1.40 A small winged figure (probably male) with a quivver upon its back. The figure is seated, upon what appears to be an upturned helmet, and is facing to the left.
2008.2.1.41 A small naked and winged male figure in frontal aspect facing slightly to the right. The figure is holding a bow and a club (which is resting upon his left shoulder)in his left hand. At the feet of the figure on the right side of the cast is a quivver.
2008.2.1.42 Two small winged and naked male figures. They appear to be fighting. One figure is on its knees on the ground an arm raised to protect its head, which the other figure (to the left) is striking.
2008.2.1.43 Three naked and winged figures, two of which are certainly male. Two figures on the left appear to be dancing or struggling. One is positioned behind the other forming a chiastic pattern. The third figure is on the extreme right of the cast, apparently walking away from the scene and carrying what appears to be a lantern.
2008.2.1.44 The profile of a young woman, from the waist up. She has a band around her head and her hair is tied up. She appears to be looking at a small bouquet of flowers which she holds in her left hand.
2008.2.1.45 The bust of a female figure front on with her head turned slightly to the right. Her hair is tied up and there appears to be a band around her head. The figure appears to winged.
2008.2.1.49 Clothed woman walking amoung naked men, some of whom are bending over either to pick up or put down flowers behind her, and one of which stands in front of her handing her flowers. Tree in the background.
2008.2.1.53 Short haired woman holding and gazing at the head of a bearded male, possibly a drama mask.
2008.2.1.54 Robed woman standing next to a pillar. Her right hand is resting on the pillar and is holding two long, straight objects connected near the top, possibly a scroll.
2008.2.1.56 Seated chubby male figure facing forward holding a long stick in each hand. Figure is naked and is either sitting on a cloth and wearing a faint crown or has the horns and tail of a satyr.
2008.2.1.57 Female robed turned and walking away from Male figure who appears to be holding robes to stop her
2008.2.1.58 A male figure standing on one leg, possibly dancing. His arms are outstretched, over his right arm there is an animal skin and in his left hand he is holding an elaborate staff. His head is thrown back against his left shoulder.
2008.2.1.60 Three male figures, the left male figure is playing the flute and the middle male figure is playing the lyre whilst seated. The figure on the far right is standing under a tree and restraining an animal, possibly a sheep.
2008.2.1.61 There are a large group of 10 figures, 5 are standing and 5 are seated. They are engaged in festivities; the second and third figures from the left are holding bowls and appear to be offering them. Behind the seated figures are two standing women who appear to be balancing baskets of fruit on their heads. The two figures on the far right of the scene appear to be playing musical instruments. The scene is framed by two trees, with their branches intertwined above the group of figures. Above the figures there are two small winged figures, possibly cupids.
2008.2.1.62 A bull from the left side, appears to be standing on a long staff. The bull seems to have something tied around its chest, possibly vine leaves. It's head is bowed and it's front right leg is raised from the ground.
2008.2.1.63 There are seven figures depicted, one the far right there appears to be a winged figure possible Eros. The male figure on the right next to the winged figure is sitting naked on a donkey, he is holding his right arm in the air above his head possibly in celebration. On the far left there is a male and a female figure possibly dancing, the female figure is holding what appears to be a cup. The third figure on the left is sitting on the floor and appears to be eating or drinking from a cup or bowl. The fourth figure from the left is playing a flute, on the right to this figure there is a woman holding a cup up in the air in her right hand and in her left hand she is holding a staff. They appear to be engaging in a celebration, possibly a drunken procession. The naked male figure riding the donkey is possibly identified as Dionysus.
2008.2.1.64 A semi-naked female figure stands before a branch, upon which is a disembodied male head. At the foot of the branch is a helmet and a shield. The figure appears to be making some sort of offering from a bowl like object.
2008.2.1.67 Profile of the left side of a female face. The hair is intricately curled and there appear to be snakes coiled within it.
2008.2.1.71 Nude male figure leans on a stone column topped with a bores head, cloak wrapped round shoulders and coiled round right arm. Dog stands next to figure.
2008.2.1.73 At the center of the scene two horses pull a chariot one figure drives the chariot whilst another figure wearing armour holding a spear and shield stands in the chariot. Another figure is depicted up-side-down next to the chariot possibly knocked over the chariot or fallen out of the chariot. In the bottom right of the scene another figure depicting leaning on a shield. In the center at the top of the scene a figure is shown with their hands aloft possibly celebrating. to the right of this central figure is another clad in armour, it is unclear what this figure is doing.
2008.2.1.74 To the left of the scene is a semi-naked male figure appears to be sitting upon a table, there is a second male figure on his knees in front of the other fully clothes and bearded he seems to be much elder than the first. This figure is grasping the seated figures knees possibly in an act of supplication. Behind these figures two further male figures on look, one of these throws his hand out, he's mouth is open suggesting he is surprised or angry. The background setting is heavily draped so is perhaps the interior of a tent.
2008.2.1.79 Bust of a older male figure. The figure is bearded and has his hair tie with a band. There is a robe covering his left shoulder.
2008.2.1.80 Profile male facing left. Bearded and mostly bald hair at base of skull.
2008.2.1.82 Elderley Male robed and beard.
2008.2.1.83 Bust elderly male. Moustache and beard. Inscription on base of bust.
2008.2.1.84 Man balding and bearded with robes. Man looking to the left.
2008.2.1.85 Profile of a man facing to the right. The man is bearded with curly hair and wearing robes.
2008.2.1.86 Bust of an elderly male on a plinth with a beard and hair.
2008.2.1.89 On the right there is a standing woman holding a spear in her right hand and a shield on the ground with her left. She is wearing a type of headdress (possibly a helmet) and could either be robed or naked. to her right there is a standing animal, possibly a sheep, on top of whom is standing a winged cherub holding a bow and arrow, possibly cupid. On the far left of the cast there is a large stalk of corn.
2008.2.1.93 Profile of a young male looking right with short curly hair and a band around his head that is tied in the back. The top of his robes can be seen at the base of the neck.
2008.2.1.94 Profile of a woman facing to the right. She is wearing fabric covering her head and just a small part of her hair is visible at her forehead. Her robes are visible on her shoulders.
2008.2.1.95 An active scene with at least 9 discernible male figures. There are two figures on a raised platform on the far left, one standing wearing armour and the other seated wearing robes. In front of them is a gathering of men, some wearing armour, some only wearing the lower half of their armour, and one, possibly two, who is naked carrying a shield. There appears to be a robed shorter figure among them, possibly a child or adolescent. In the background the outline of a columned building can be seen.
2008.2.1.96 Profile view of a woman sitting in a chair facing left. She is wearing robes and has long hair that is possibly braided and pulled back. At her feet is a vase on a pedestal. Under the illustration is an unreadable inscription.
2008.2.1.97 Standing male-possibly female-figure facing right with curly hair wearing a laurel wreath and playing a lyre. He is wearing robes.
2008.7.1 Black glaze on interior and exterior except on interior of handle
2008.7.10 Thick and thin alternating bands of brown glaze
2008.7.101 Surface slipped with red-orange wash. Strap handle sloping inwards; black glazed on the outside; inside in reserve. Row of uniform parallel black lines at the junction of the shoulder and neck. On the shoulder, five black palmettes, the central one inverted, with black tendrils and dots in between. On the body, black glaze misfired with two red parallel lines just below the junction of the shoulder and body.
2008.7.102 Interior and exterior: black wash.
2008.7.103 Interior and exterior: black wash.
2008.7.104 Interior and exterior: black wash.
2008.7.119 Interior and exterior: black wash.
2008.7.12 Black glaze on exterior and Interior incised scratches on exterior for pattern
2008.7.120 Interior and exterior: black wash.
2008.7.122 Interior and exterior: black wash. One wide waved diagonal groove on flat rim.
2008.7.124 Interior and exterior: orangish-red wash.
2008.7.13 Black Brown and Purple alternating strips of glaze
2008.7.134 Exterior: A fairly wide, flat lip starts about halfway up fragment and curves over to form rim.
2008.7.138 Interior and exterior: traces of greyish-black wash.
2008.7.14 Dark glaze concentric circles possible glaze decoration on exterior and interior
2008.7.141 Interior and exterior: traces of greyish-black wash.
2008.7.144 Interior and exterior: greyish-black wash.
2008.7.145 Interior: cream wash with 4 parallel horizontal lines overpainted in greyish-black creating 2 bands of pattern, one twice the width of the other. The narrower band contains 5 semi-circles, and the narrower a more irregular pattern of intersecting curved and straight lines. Exterior: Cream wash with narrow, evenly-spaced parallel horizontal lines overpainted in greyish-black. Patches of brownish glaze remain.
2008.7.146 Interior and exterior: greyish-black wash.
2008.7.15 Black glaze on interior and exterior, Black and red glaze concentric circles on base
2008.7.151 Interior and exterior: greyish-black wash.
2008.7.153 Interior: greyish-black wash. Exterior: greyish black wash which fades gradually into a brownish colour, and then a reddish colour across fragment.
2008.7.16 Black glaze pattern on exterior, lines and squares
2008.7.168 Exterior: white glaze overpainted by one thick horizontal red line and one thin horizontal black line just above it, traces of other horizontal lines of indeterminate color; interior: black glaze.
2008.7.169 Exterior: white/beige glaze overpainted by thin horizontal brown lines, small brown specks, and black round marks; rim(?): black line?; interior: brown glaze with one thick black line.
2008.7.170 Exterior: white/beige glaze overpainted by thin black horizontal lines, small black specks, and one large black round mark; interior: black glaze.
2008.7.173 Exterior: white/beige glaze overpainted by one thick horizontal red line, three black horizontal lines, and one vertical black line that extends downwards from the bottom horizontal black line; interior: black glaze.
2008.7.174 Exterior: whitish glaze; interior: whitish glaze overpainted by one horizontal black line and four vertical brown/black lines.
2008.7.180 Exterior: white glaze overpainted by horizontal brown lines and one red band; interior: black glaze.
2008.7.185 Exterior: brown(?) slip overpainted by a geometric pattern of horizontal, vertical, and diagonal black(?) lines; could also be white(?) lines.
2008.7.189 Small patches of possible brown and black decoration on interior and exterior.
2008.7.198 Interior: black overpaint; Exterior: remnants of some black overpainted dots. One larger dot in the centre of the fragment, and smaller dots under what could possibly be the rim of the fragment.
2008.7.22 Exterior is half natural baked color, half brown. Four parralel brown and reddish-brown horizontal lines overpainted of uniform thickness (ca. 0.1), one on brown half and three on natural half. Interior dark-brown or black glaze, nine brown and reddish-brown overpainted parallel horizontal lines of varying thickness.
2008.7.23 Exterior: beige slip overpainted by two parallel horizontal thick (0.6) brown lines outlined in black, two thick curved brown figures outlined in black, one small egg-shaped black mark. Interior: bottom third dark-brown to black, upper two thirds probably reddish-brown but heavily chipped and worn.
2008.7.25 Exterior beige glaze overpainted by two black lines and one brown line (darker in the middle). Interior glazed black.
2008.7.26 Exterior glazed light-brown, overpainted by three parallel horizontal brown lines - one slightly darker than the other two - and a black curved/spiral shape.
2008.7.27 Exterior: possible blotchy painting remains and unidentified curving design stamped or inscribed. Interior: slightly raised ovoid decoration.
2008.7.28 Exterior: beige glaze overpainted by black horizontal line just under the rim, also four (three thin, one thick) parallel black lines running at a steep angle down from the rim. Rim: five thick black lines parallel to each other and perpendicular to the rim.
2008.7.33 Exterior has two parallel thick (1.3 and 0.7) brown curving lines.
2008.7.35 Exterior: one horizontal dark brown line running along the approximate intersection of shoulder and body. Just below this are two small dark brown dots of similar but different sizes. Above the line is a thick, wavy, erratic, dark brown line that dominates the fragment from the line up utn il just under the rim. Interior: two horizontal parallel dark brown lines. The top one is right up on the edge of the rim, the other slightly removed below it.
2008.7.36 Exterior: thick brown horizontal line along the rim, and another similar line along the join of neck and shoulder. Traces of other linear decoration of the same brown color. Interior: thick brown horizontal line along the rim.
2008.7.41 Red wash on exterior and interior
2008.7.45 Exterior: three parallel black horizontal lines on the bottom of the fragment, a squiggly irregular black lines on the side of the rim, and a black line following the exterior edge of the rim; rim: seven parallel short brown lines, all perpendicular to the rim; interior: reddish-brown glaze, darker near the rim and fading slightly down the fragment.
2008.7.49 Black glaze on exterior and interior of pot but not on underside of stand
2008.7.5 Red wash on exterior and interior
2008.7.56 Exterior: two fairly thin horizontal parallel bands of brownish-red overpainted. One line of small circular dots running parallel above these, and two dots visible of a similar line below.
2008.7.59 Exterior and Interior: greyish wash.
2008.7.6 Light yellow slip as relief patterns surrounded by darker orange slip for highlights. Lines with possible archs and possible figures.
2008.7.62 Interior: black wash. Exterior: thin parallel lines faintly visible at top and bottom of fragment. Between these, patches of overpainting in cream, black and brown remain.
2008.7.63 Exterior: 6 fairly thick, black, parallel, horizontal bands overpainted. Between the 2nd and 3rd there is a pattern of short vertical lines. Below this there is a pointed shape of the same colour.
2008.7.64 Interior and Exterior: black wash.
2008.7.65 Exterior: 2 narrow, horizontal, parallel bands with triangular pattern between them overpainted in black towards rim. Traces of horizontal bands and geometrical patterns in same colour below.
2008.7.66 Interior: reddish-browm wash. Exterior: checked pattern created by rectangular shapes and horizontal parallel lines overpainted in reddish-brown. 2 thin horizontal bands run parallel to this.
2008.7.67 Exterior: rectangles forming checked pattern overpainted in black. Running parallel to this, 4 thin horizontal parallel lines and above this a pattern of 5 short vertical lines in same colour.
2008.7.68 Interior: reddish-brown wash. Exterior: Horizontal band overpainted in greyish-brown. Above this, a pattern of waved lines and short vertical lines. Below, 2 lines of similar colour run parallel.
2008.7.7 Black glaze with inscribed semi-circle pattern motif mixed with red dots and lines
2008.7.76 Interior: black overpaint on entire side of fragment; exterior: across centre of fragment a set of five parallel horizontal overpainted lines, the central line is slightly thicker and a dark red/brown, the adjacent lines are a lighter red/brown colour
2008.7.78 Interior: greyish-black wash. Exterior: Parallel lines overpainted. Thick strip of dark-red colour in middle. One thin stripe of a geyish-black colour either side and one thicker greyish-black stripe either side of these.
2008.7.81 Interior: Reddish-brown wash, grey parallel horizontal stripes overpainted. Exterior: Cream wash, Reddish-brown parallel horizontal stripes of varying thicknesses overpainted, 2 thick and 3 thin towards one end and one thin at other. Line of small dots of same colour parallel to this.
2008.7.82 Interior: Greyish-black wash. Exterior: Cream wash. Fairly thick parallel horizontal bands towards one end overpainted in Reddish-brown and grey. Below this, the tips of horizontal triangular shapes overpainted in grey forming zig-zag pattern.
2008.7.85 Interior: black wash. Exterior: black wash with thick, horizontal, parallel stripes overpainted. One dark red, with a thinner cream stripe parallel above and below.
2008.7.86 Interior: cream wash with stripe of grey overpainted towards one end. Exterior: Cream wash with two widely-spaced parallel bands overpainted in greyish-black. Traces of another diagonal line of a similar colour and thickness joining these.
2008.7.87 Interior: greyish-black wash. Exterior: cream wash with horizontal parallel lines overpainted in brownish-red. 1 thick and 2 thin lines towards top. Curved pattern overpainted below in same colour.
2008.7.88 Interior: greyish-black wash. Exterior: Traces of cream wash with thin vertical light grey stripes overpainted above and below lip.
2008.7.89 Interior and top of rim: greyish-black wash. Exterior: traces of reddish-brown colour overpainted.
2008.7.9 Black glaze on interior and exterior
2008.7.90 Interior and exterior: greyish- black wash.
2008.7.91 Interior and exterior: greyish-black wash.
2008.7.92 Interior and exterior: greyish-black wash.
2008.7.93 Interior and exterior: greyish-black wash.
2008.7.94 Interior and exterior: greyish-black wash.
2008.7.95 Interior and exterior: greyish-black wash.
2008.7.96 Interior and exterior: greyish-black wash.
2008.7.98 Interior and exterior: black wash.
2008.8.2 Exterior: Greyish-black overpainting depicting 2 standing birds with curved necks. The bird on the right has wings spread and short horizontal lines on the wing and tail suggesting feathers. There is a reddish stripe overpainted across the body and across the tail. The bird on the left is cut off half-way across the body, but the same red body stripe and feather markings are present. Above the birds is a semicircle of thin bulb-shaped parallel vertical lines and around the birds are several circles of varying sizes.
2008.9.10 Relief image of Odysseus strapped to the mast of his ship while his crew steer and row. Winged harpies sing to him. 2005.02.0198.jpg
2008.9.12 Interior: greyish-black wash. Exterior: 1 fairly thick, slightly uneven, horizontal line overpainted in black accross centre of fragment, parallel to edges. Diagonally from this, above and below are shorter teardrop-shaped marks - 7 above and 9 below - forming a horizontal band, and greating a stem and leaf-like effect.
2008.9.13 Interior: greyish-black wash. Exterior: wide greyish-black band overpainted, taking up roughly half the exterior. Above this is a narrower parallel strip of unfinished terracotta containing 14 small dots in a horizontal line towards the top if it. And above this, half of another parallel band overpainted in greyish-black is present.
2008.9.15 Interior: greyish-black wash with a band of unfinished terracotta running parallel to longest edge of fragment. Several narrowly and irregularly spaced parallel horizontal lines overpainted on the wash and unfinished section. Exterior: greyish-black wash overpainted, covering roughly half of exterior of fragment. Next to this is a band of unfinished terracotta bordered above and below by parallel lines overpained in a brownish-red colour.
2008.9.16 Interior: greyish-black streaked wash. Exterior: horizontal line overpainted in greyish-black. Underneath is a semi-circular line with a solid circle attached to its interior and a small diamond-shape underneath this. there is another curved line along the left-hand edge.
2008.9.18 Interior: traces of a pinkish wash. 1 short diagonal line overpainted in brown remains. Exterior: narrow horizontal raised lip across longest edge of fragment with a narrow parallel line overpainted in brown below this. Several narrow vertical parallel lines join onto this and there are traces of a redish-brown wash.
2008.9.19 Exterior: 5 parallel horizontal lines of differing thicknesses are overpainted accross one corner of the fragment. The bottom three are narrower and overpained in brownish-grey, above these is a pinkish-red wider line and above this another greyish-brown line.
2008.9.21 Interior: greyish-black wash. Exterior: several narrow parallel horizontal bands overpainted in a pinkish-red and greyish-brown across fragment, interspersed by a band of unfinished terracotta and another similar band above.
2008.9.26 Interior: greyish-black wash. Exterior: 3 thin narrowly-spaced lines run parallel to one of the edges of the fragment. The upper of these is overpainted in a greayish-black colour, the 2 lower are a redish-brown. Below these lines are three greyish-black dots interspersed by vertical thick greyish black and thinner redish-brown lines.
2008.9.27 Interior: greyish-black wash. Exterior: 2 curved narrow parralel lines run along one edge of fragment, the upper overpainted in greyish-black and the lower in brown. Below these are 3 solid crescent shapes overpainted in greyish-black.
2008.9.3 Exterior: back half of a quadraped animal is painted black with ribs, muscles, and tail inscribed on the object but unpainted. Animal is standing on a thin black line, below which is a thick black line. One other thin black line above the animal, and various round black decorations underneath the animal but above the black line base.
2008.9.4 Exterior: 2 front legs of an animal, joining onto a body is overpainted in greysh-black. 5 short vertical lines are etched across the body and a few other etched lines define the back legs and chest of the animal. 2 back legs and a tail are partially present. A thick horizontal band and below a thinner band run parallel to the bottom-edge of the fragment. The animal appears to be standing on the thinner band, and there are 2 circle between the front and back legs, and two circles to the right of it.
2008.9.7 Exterior: Three parallel horizontal curved lines overpainted in reddish-brown. 2 of them narrowly-spaced and 1 further apart.
2009.10.1.10 A naked woman sits while an eagle feeds from a bowl in her lap, probably Hebe and Zeus as an eagle. Cast Number - 957
2009.10.1.12 Zeus seated and half clothed, wearing a helmet or sun rays, holding a staff in his right hand and a club in his left. Cast Number - 959
2009.10.1.15 Naked male figure swinging a club or sword, with a horse rearing either side and a man and a horse laying on the floor. Possibly Hercules and the Mares of Diomedes. Cast Number - 962
2009.10.1.16 Aeneas, wearing armour, carrying his father Anchises and pulling along his son Ascanius. Cast Number - 963
2009.10.1.17 Left side view of a woman, probably Demeter, holding a cornucopia and a statue of a boy, possibly Eros, and surrounded by two ears of wheat. Cast Number - 964
2009.10.1.4 Left side view of galloping horse and male figure with spear. Cast Number - 951
2009.10.1.8 A cupid/erotes sitting on and sailing an amphora with a mast and sails. Cast Number - 955
2009.10.2.10 Figure of a man with wings and a beard, lying down with a cloth draped over his legs, holding and looking at a sword, with an open book next to him. Number 10.
2009.10.2.103 Two figures a man and a woman, she is holding a length of cloth. Number 35.
2009.10.2.11 Figure of a man with wings and a beard squatting over another man who is crouching down dangling a club from his hand. Number 11
2009.10.2.111 Artemis sitting with bow and arrow. Number 43.
2009.10.2.116 Artemis pictured hunting a deer with bow and arrow. Number 48.
2009.10.2.12 Figure of a man with a beard walking, holding a wreath in his left hand and pointing to it with his right.
2009.10.2.121 Figures of three women pictured standing together, two facing outwards and on to the front. They are all holding two daggers with blood dripping from them. Number 53.
2009.10.2.124 Diana of Ephesus pictured holding animals on each arm, including a cat, a boar and horses are behind her. Number 56.
2009.10.2.13 figure of a man walking, holding a sickle in his right hand and holding a cloth to his mouth with the other. He is unclothed. Number 13
2009.10.2.130 Portrait of a woman in profile, wearing a headband and a bow (Artemis) Number 2
2009.10.2.139 Figure of a man driving a chariot, holding a whip and a sceptre, led by four horses. Lion pictured underneath. Number 11.
2009.10.2.14 Figure of a man walking with a staff in one hand and a dead scorpian in the other. Number 14
2009.10.2.145 Figure of Hermes leaning on pillar, holding cloth in right hand and winged sceptre in his left. Number 17.
2009.10.2.146 Figure of Hermes holding sceptre upside down in right hand and a reed or feather in this left. A small animal is at his feet. Number 18.
2009.10.2.147 Figure of Hermes in winged helmet and sceptre (left hand), pictured with animals including bird, tortoise, goat and scorpion. Number 19.
2009.10.2.148 Profile of Hermes pictured with a cloak and sceptre, also a bird and a crab ontop of a pillar. Number 20.
2009.10.2.149 Naked figure of Hermes in a cloak with sceptre. On his right the initals M A and on his left G F. Number 21.
2009.10.2.15 A man with a tail and a beard, sitting on a pile of stones holding out a bowl. Number 15
2009.10.2.151 Figure of a cloaked man holding an object in his left hand and wearing a hat. Number 23
2009.10.2.153 Naked figure of a man (possibly Hermes) holding objects (possibly Hermes' helmet and caduceus; same as 24. Number 25.
2009.10.2.155 Naked Hermes wearing a helmet and winged sandals and holding a caduceus in one hand and another object in his other. Number 27
2009.10.2.156 Naked Hermes wearing his winged sandals and his helmet and holding his caduceus. Number 28
2009.10.2.158 Cloaked figure holding some form of rod (possibly a sword) and another object, with a basket at his feet on the left side. Number 30
2009.10.2.161 Naked Hermes with cloak behind him holding a caduceus and another object and wearing a hat and winged sandals, in a running position. Number 33
2009.10.2.162 Standing Hermes wearing a cloak and a hat and holding a caduceus with a baby clinging to him and another figure to his right seated and wearing a cloak. Number 34
2009.10.2.163 Hermes with cloak and winged sandals bent over an object
2009.10.2.164 Hermes with caduceus bent over and carrying objects (possibly a jar). Number 36
2009.10.2.165 Hermes wearing cloak and carrying caduceus bent over carrying objects (possibly a jar). Number 37
2009.10.2.166 Clothed Hermes carrying a sickle and caduceus and wearing a winged hat and sandals standing near a bull, a bird and a body on the ground (possibly dead). Number 38
2009.10.2.167 Naked Hermes with cloak and caduceus. Standing next to seated and clothed woman.
2009.10.2.17 A goat suckling a child (zeus) being watched over by a woman seated and wearing a crown and two large men in capes and hats, holding rocks over the the child. Number 17.
2009.10.2.170 Naked and seated Hermes holding caduceus and wearing wing sandals.
2009.10.2.172 Seated Hermes, wearing helmet and holding caduceus with objects around his fees.
2009.10.2.173 Hermes holding caduceus and shepherding a sheep and woman in the background.
2009.10.2.176 Large caduceus with a bird on the left and a scorpion on the right.
2009.10.2.18 Woman in crown sitting on a lion, with scepter in left hand and a scroll in right.
2009.10.2.182 3 woman starring on a baby in the floor who is holding staff and is haloed. Roman inscription.
2009.10.2.183 Left to right: woman seating on a tree, an other one holding a baby on top of a dog and picking something from the tree. Man holding something. Latin insription.
2009.10.2.185 Bust of a woman with long hair and wearing a laurel wreath.
2009.10.2.194 A naked soldier with shield and helmet is holding what might be a bunch of grapes over the head of Eros who is attempting to cease them. A deer tugs at the soldier's shield from behind. Number 66
2009.10.2.195 A naked man holding a spear and wearing a cloak stands in a pose. Number 67
2009.10.2.199 Left profile view of a woman and man, she is wearing a head adornment and he a headband. Number 71.
2009.10.2.2 Man in armour, sacrificing an animal (a lamb), surrounded by small pictures of a man and woman in profile, and other animals including a snake, a crab and a bird. Number 2.
2009.10.2.200 Two figures draped with cloth, male and female appear to be dancing he is holding a basket of fruit. Number 72.
2009.10.2.201 Naked man and woman ride a lion, they appear to be holding a bow and arrow. there is an inscription beneath.
2009.10.2.205 Male figure seated holding spear and wearing a wreath, pictured with a child and a dog. Number 77
2009.10.2.208 Figure of seated woman and satyr, he has his arm around her. Number 80.
2009.10.2.209 two male faces, one bearded and one younger. Number 81
2009.10.2.22 Ornate woman sitting on throne wearing crown and holding scepter . In the background there is a symbol of an S, perhaps delta. Number 22
2009.10.2.225 Nude Aphrodite standing, holding her hair and accompanied by winged Eros holding an object Number 15
2009.10.2.227 Nude female figure (? Artemis) leaning on a pillar and holding a bow in her left hand and an arrow in her right hand. Number 17
2009.10.2.231 Semi-nude female figure sitting on a rock with drapery around her waist, holding an object. Accompanied by two winged children and a basket Number 21
2009.10.2.232 Semi-nude female figure with drapery around her waist, seated on a rock with a basket and two winged children, holding a ? fishing rod in her right hand with an inscription Number 22
2009.10.2.235 Nude female figure with drapery over her shoulders, holding an arrow in her right hand, accompanied by winged Eros and an animal, possibly standing on a snake Number 25
2009.10.2.236 Walking female figure with flowing drapery carrying plants, accompanied by winged child carrying a ?spear and another object Number 26
2009.10.2.239 Clothed female figure, walking with flowing drapery holding plants in her left hand and a bow and arrow in her right. Accompanied by a winged Eros holding an arrow and with a quiver. Number 29
2009.10.2.240 Nude Aphrodite with drapery over her legs sat on a rock, wearing a necklace and bracelet and accompanied by a flying Eros. With an inscription. Number 30
2009.10.2.241 Nude Aphrodite standing with drapery over her arms, holding an arrow and accompanied by winged Eros. Number 31
2009.10.2.243 Standing female figure leaning on a pillar, atop of which is a herm, holding a torch in her right hand. Accompanied by a butterfly and a winged Eros Number 33
2009.10.2.244 Nude Aphrodite with drapery across her shoulders, holding an arrow in her right hand, accompanied by winged Eros on the right and a quiver of arrows on the left. Number 34
2009.10.2.245 Nude Aphrodite leaning on a pillar and holding a small object in her right hand, accompanied by a winged Eros carrying a torch and offering a wreath to Aphrodite. Number 35
2009.10.2.246 Nude Aphrodite reclining against a pillar with drapery, accompanied by winged Eros. Pillar with objects ontop and a bow and quiver leaning against it. Number 36
2009.10.2.248 (?) Gateway or building with two pillars either side and a larger central pillar. A crescent moon and star above the central point and a bird on either side above the paired pillars. Number 38
2009.10.2.249 Winged Eros at a flaming altar in front of a temple, with a statue of a nude Aphrodite inside, and a tree behind Number 39
2009.10.2.25 Portrait of man with curly beard and crown (Neptune) Number 25
2009.10.2.250 Hare inside a large ring centrally, figure in a chariot drawn by two birds above and a butterfly on the right hand side. ? flaming torches on either side and inscription below Number 40
2009.10.2.251 Hare inside a large ring centrally, figure in a four-horse chariot above, helmeted head on the left with an inscription, shiled on the right and a ? grasshpopper at the bottom Number 41
2009.10.2.253 Nude three graces standing holding small objects in their hands, with a vase of water on the left and a pillar with a jug pouring out water on the right Number 43
2009.10.2.256 Reclining nude Aprhodite with drapery under a tree with a bird in it, accompanied by one winged child playing a lyre, another fanning her and a third figure under the tree. Number 46
2009.10.2.257 Nude Aprhodite sitting holding drapery and accompanied by a seated Eros with a quiver on his back Number 47
2009.10.2.26 Man with curly beard and crown (Neptune) with greek letters in background ( Delta, Rho, Gamma, Eplison) on left (Pi, Nu, Delta, Omicron) on right. Number 26.
2009.10.2.261 Nude male standing holding a spear in his left hand, leaning against a pillar and accompanied by a dog Number 51
2009.10.2.262 Nude male wearing a cloak and holding a spear in his right hand, accompanied by a dog and flying winged child holding an object Number 52
2009.10.2.263 Nude male figure leaning against a pillar holding a spear in his left hand and accompanied by a dog. Inscription down the left hand side Number 53
2009.10.2.264 Central figure of nude Aphrodite holding an arrow in her right hand and holding a winged Eros' hand in her left, a shield with a face leaning against her left leg and armour on the floor. Winged Eros holding a bow on the right, and kneeling nude Hephaestus on the left with a hammer held above his head and an anvil in front of him. Number 54
2009.10.2.266 Nude standing Aphrodite holding a torch and another object, with a satyr on the right holding an object, and Eros with a bow and a seated Hephaestus on the left holding a hammer above his head with an anvil in front of him. Number 56
2009.10.2.267 Nude Ares and Aphrodite embracing on a bed to the right, with Hephaestus standing over them and casting a net over them, and a fourth figure (?) reclining in the left corner. Number 57
2009.10.2.268 Standing nude youth wearing a helmet and holding a spear in his left hand and a shield in his right. Number 58
2009.10.2.269 Walking male figure wearing a helmet, holding a spear or staff and a variety of other objects, with a star and another object by his feet. Number 59
2009.10.2.270 Armoured male in a two-horse chariot, holding a spear and a shield, accompanied by a dog and a scorpion. Number 60
2009.10.2.271 Large bird or bird-like creature holding a shield and two spears. Number 61
2009.10.2.272 Standing nude male figure wearing a cloak and helmet, holding a spear. Male has his arm around a semi-nude female who has one foot resting on a pillar, with a second pillar on the right. Number 62
2009.10.2.273 Nude male figure holding a large shield in his left hand, with armour at his feet, accompanied by a semi-nude female figure wearing a cloak or necklace and holding a bow in her right hand. Number 63
2009.10.2.274 Nude male figure on the right with drapery (? and a spear) on the right, passing a spherical object with a nude (?) female figure on the left, with a pillar on the far left. A small child is stood between them holding a bow. Number 64
2009.10.2.275 Central figure of a seated nude male wearing a helmet, surrounded by drapery, with a standing semi-nude female on the right resting a sheild against her leg, and a torch-bearing child on the left, standing on armour. Number 65
2009.10.2.276 Standing nude male figure wearing a helmet and a cloak, holding a spear in his right hand and embracing a semi-nude female figure with his left. Female figure has drapery over her legs and is resting her right foot on a ball. Number 66
2009.10.2.277 Armed Athena wearing an aegis and helmet, holding a spear in her right hand and a shield emblazoned with Medusa's head in her left. Number 67
2009.10.2.279 Two nude male children standing with an arm around each other and holding drapery behind them. Number 69
2009.10.2.280 Two nude male youths mirroring each other, both holding a spear in one hand and a sceptre and drapery in the other with a star above each of their heads. Number 70
2009.10.2.281 Two males on horses facing each other and mirroring each other, both wearing a helmet and cloak and holding a spear. The horses mirror each other also. Number 71
2009.10.2.282 Male figure wearing a helmet and holding a spear, leading a horse through a doorway or between pillars. Number 72
2009.10.2.283 Kneeling female figure holding a staff-like object and another object in her hands. Number 73
2009.10.2.284 Central seated figure touching a free-standing skeleton, with a standing figure on the left and a winged child holding an object on the left. Number 74
2009.10.2.285 Depicts Hercules standing to his right. He is naked and carrying the skin of a lion, there is a club to the right of the image. Number - 1
2009.10.2.286 Depicts Hercules naked standing to the right, with a lions skin draped over him and a club to his right. Number - 2
2009.10.2.288 Profile head and upper back of a young male with drapery and a spear over his left shoulder. Number 44
2009.10.2.290 Right profile view of a man with curly hair and a garment around his neck. Number - 5
2009.10.2.291 Right profile view of a man with curly hair and a garment around his neck. Number - 6
2009.10.2.292 Left profile view of a man with a decorative wreath in his hair and a garment around his neck. Number - 7
2009.10.2.293 Right profile view of a man with curly hair and a garment around his neck. Number - 7
2009.10.2.294 Right profile view of a bearded man with curly hair and a garment around his neck. Number - 9
2009.10.2.307 A scene depicting from left to right: a naked man, Athena, and a clothed woman. The two figures on the outside are looking towards a helmeted Athena who is holding an olive branch and spear.
2009.10.2.309 Scene showing Herakles sitting on the skin of the nemean lion and holding it's head. His club stands nearby.
2009.10.2.31 Portrait of Neptune, In background very faint merperson or fish holding trident with tail and two letters L and Z. Number 31
2009.10.2.310 A scene showing Herakles facing left. In his right hand he carries his club and the head of the nemean lion. The lion's skin is draped over his back
2009.10.2.314 Scene showing Herakles facing left and leaning on his club.
2009.10.2.315 A scene depicting Herakles facing left. In his left hand he holds his club and in his right he has a bowl (possibly the one given to him by Helios, the sun god)
2009.10.2.316 A man facing left and holding a bowl (possibly Herakles)
2009.10.2.318 A scene showing Herakles, club and bow in hand, standing victorious over a giant.
2009.10.2.319 A scene showing Herakles on the left and a cowering giant on the right. Herakles stands about to strike with club and shield.
2009.10.2.32 Neptune on thrown with sceptre, surounded by animals, a child and a musican. Number 32.
2009.10.2.320 A scene depicting two warriors attacking a giant. The central warrior is wearing a helmet and holding a spear and shield.
2009.10.2.34 Double portrait of what appears to be Neptune wearing a wreath of corn facing a woman with a headband and flower (Ceres). Number 34.
2009.10.2.345 figure of a man seated he is bald with a beard, and working on a bust ontop of a pedistal. Number 1.
2009.10.2.346 The image shows the left side of a man making a statue, which has a head and a torso. There is a sheep looking on from the left and a horse looking on from the right. Number 2
2009.10.2.347 Profile of seated figure holding a spear on the left with a standing figure behind, faced by a seated figure on the right, also holding a spear, with a third seated figure on the far right, and an armed figure wearing a helmet and holding a shield and spear between the two. Inscriptions around the edges of the image and between the first and second set of facing figures. Number 3
2009.10.2.349 Nude male figure kneeling with his face upturned and a shield on his left arm, an object at his feet and possibly an inscription to the left of his head. Number 5
2009.10.2.350 Nude male figure kneeling with his face upturned and a shield on his left arm, with a sword at his feet and an arrow or spearhead emerging from his back. Number 6
2009.10.2.351 Male warrior, holding a shield, with snakes on it, possibly Medusa's head (?) wears cloak and helmet, also holds a spear
2009.10.2.362 Pegasus flying above a male figure, possibly Bellerophon (?) who is running, holding a spear and drapery. Number 18
2009.10.2.367 Male figure covered with drapery, holding object in his right hand and drapery in his left. His foot is resting on a rock. number 23
2009.10.2.368 Male figure wearing a cloak and helmet, standing near a pillar with a bird on top. There is also a snake wrapped around the pillar and a dog at his feet. There is a Latin inscription 'POTITI' number 24
2009.10.2.369 Male figure wearing a cloak and helmet, holding a bow and arrow. He stands near a pillar with a bird on it and a snake wrapped around it. A dog stands at his feet and there is a star above his head. Number 25
2009.10.2.370 Male figure wearing a cloak and helmet, holding a bow and arrow. He is standing near a pillar with a bird on top and a snake wrapped around it. A also dog stands at his feet. Number 26
2009.10.2.371 Male figure wearing a cloak and a helmet, holding a bow and arrow, standing near a pillar with a snake wrapped around it. number 27
2009.10.2.372 Nude Aphrodite with drapery over her legs, holding object in her hand. There is a tree in the background and a helmet and shield at her feet. One foot is resting on a stone. Number 28
2009.10.2.376 Standing nude male wearing a helmet, holding a shield and a spear. Facing a small sphinx sat on stones/stone wall (?) Possibly Oedipus solving the sphinx's riddle (?). Number 32
2009.10.2.378 Nude male wearing a cloak and helmet, standing near a pillar with a small sphinx onto of it. Possibly Oedipus solving the riddle of the Spinx (?). Number 34
2009.10.2.380 Standing nude male figure wearing a helmet and a shield on his right arm, holding the hair of a fallen nude male figure. There is a shield, spear and helmet on the right-hand side, and a pillar topped with an (animal?) figure behind the two males. Number 36
2009.10.2.381 Seated semi-nude bearded male with a female figure on the left leaning over him with her hands on his shoulders. A male figure with his left hand raised and leading a horse is on the left of the figures, and a standing female figure on the right holding drapery. There is a temple behind the figures and a tree on either side, with two bearded male figures under the right-hand tree. Number 37
2009.10.2.382 Seated bearded male figure holding an object in his right hand with a raised left hand, instructing a standing nude male youth wearing a cloak and leaning on a spear. Number 38
2009.10.2.383 Nude male figure lying on a couch or bed in front of four horses and a smaller standing figure on the right, holding an object in their right hand, and a tree on the left. Number 39
2009.10.2.384 Male figure in a chariot drawn by two large serpents on the left facing a larger seated (deity?) figure holding a spear and another object, and an object or symbol below the figures. Number 40
2009.10.2.385 Figure in a chariot drawn by two large serpents, with a nude male figure holding drapery and a shield in the foreground. Number 41
2009.10.2.389 Profile head and upper back of a young male. Number 45
2009.10.2.390 Nude male figure wearing a cloak and seen from behind, pushing against a large rock, with a sword at his feet and another object behind him. Number 46
2009.10.2.391 Nude male figure stooped over and lifting a large rock between his legs, with a sword at his feet Number 47
2009.10.2.392 kneeling nude male figure wearing a cloak and carrying an unconscious nude female in his arms, with a club at his feet and his cloak flying out behind him. Number 48
2009.10.2.393 Large bull with bearded man's face, with a star above on the left, a symbol on the right and a snake beneath the bull. With an inscription above the bull. Number 49
2009.10.2.395 Standing nude male figure seen from behind, holding a staff and facing a figure emerging from a hole in a wall. Number 51
2009.10.2.399 Walking bearded male centaur holding a horn in his right hand and carrying a branch over his left shoulder. Number 55
2009.10.2.40 A portrait in profile of a man with a beard and a headband. Number 40.
2009.10.2.400 Bearded male centaur lying down, holding a shield above him with his left hand and pulling an arrow from his side with his right. Number 56
2009.10.2.401 Bearded male centaur carrying an ornate staff over his left shoulder and a lion skin and basket on his right shoulder. There is a faint inscription below the figure. Number 57
2009.10.2.402 Bearded male centaur rearing up on his back legs and aiming a bow and arrow to the right. Number 58
2009.10.2.403 Profile head and frontal chest of a young male figure looking to the left, with shoulder-length hair and drapery across his left shoulder. Number 59
2009.10.2.404 Right-facing profile head and left shoulder of a female (?) wearing a round earing. Number 60
2009.10.2.405 Right-facing profile head and frontal shoulders of a young man with shoulder length hair and drapery across his left shoulder. Number 61
2009.10.2.409 Central nude male figure wearing a helmet leaning down towards a jar on the floor, with a nude male holding a staff on the left and an armoured male holding a shield on the right. Number 65
2009.10.2.410 Central male figure wearing a helmet reaching down towards a vase on the floor, with a male figure on the left, an armoured male holding a shield on the right and a pillar with a vase atop behind the central figure. Number 66
2009.10.2.411 Semi-nude female (Venus?) with drapery across her legs and holding drapery behind her seated on ram which is flying over the sea, and accompanied by a winged Cupid on the left. Number 67
2009.10.2.412 Nude female figure holding a staff entwined with (?) snakes and drapery behind her, walking in front of a nude male wearing a helmet and travellers boots and carrying a staff over his left shoulder. Number 68
2009.10.2.42 A portrait in profile of a man with a beard and headband. Number 42
2009.10.2.43 A portrait of a man with beard and headband. Number 43
2009.10.2.44 A large cast with a depiction of the zodiac signs as a border. Four men are pictured, on the far left a man with winged shoes and hat (Hermes), with a cockerel standing next to him, bearded man on throne(Zeus) who is standing on Poseidon, on the right another man with a helmet and sheild (Ares). Number 44.
2009.10.2.47 A portrait of a man with a beard and wreath. Number 47.
2009.10.2.48 A portrait of a man with a beard and curly hair. Some letters down the side. MIIHO. Number 48.
2009.10.2.500 A scene showing Herakles (distinguished by the Nemean lion pelt and his club) crushing a man.
2009.10.2.502 A man (possibly Herakles) crushes another man's chest on the whilst on the right stands a figure with a helmet and shield (possibly Athena)
2009.10.2.51 An eagle on top of a mountain of rocks with cresent moon and star. Writing at bottom. Number 51.
2009.10.2.52 Man sitting on throne holding sceptre in left hand and round object in right. Eagle standing on his right hand side. Number 52
2009.10.2.53 Man sitting on barrell, taking off weath and handing it to a bird, a peacock or pheonix. Number 53.
2009.10.2.532 In center, a kneeling warrior, holding a sword and shield, also wearing a helmet. either side stand two male figures wearing helmets, possibly capturing the central figure (?)
2009.10.2.54 Man with a beard sitting on a rock, taking off wreath and handing it to bird. Number 54.
2009.10.2.55 Figure of a man with staff and other object in left hand, a large bird. some greek letters. Number 55
2009.10.2.56 Man with scepter standing on ball with two figures on his left, one above the other. one is a woman and one is sitting down. Number 56.
2009.10.2.60 Figure of a naked man with ram's head, holding a sceptre in his left hand and grain in his right hand. Number 60
2009.10.2.61 There is a gathering of eight male and female figures and an Eros. Two of the males are sitting down and the rest are standing. Number 61.
2009.10.2.64 The image shows Poseidon riding a chariot of 4 horses, he is carrying a scepter in his left hand and corn his right. The horses are rearing over two sea creatures that are half man.
2009.10.2.67 Zeus is standing with a sceptre, within a temple. There are 2 columns on either side of Zeus and the pediment is adorned with an eagle and a man riding a horse on the top. Number 67
2009.10.2.7 Figure of a man wearing a hat (maybe Hermes or Paris) holding a staff in right hand and small round object in left. Number 7
2009.10.2.70 Facial view of a man looking to his right, with curly hair and a head dress. Number - 2
2009.10.2.71 Facial view of a man looking to his left, he has curly hair and part of his clothing is shown. Number - 3
2009.10.2.72 Profile view of the right side of a woman, she has curly hair and is wearing a head garland. A part of her clothing is shown. Number - 4
2009.10.2.74 Left profile view of a woman with curly hair and a part of her dress. Number - 6
2009.10.2.75 Left side profile view of a woman with curly hair wearing a head garland and a part of her dress is showing. Gem cast Number - 7
2009.10.2.77 Right profile view of a man with long curly hair and head garland, and a harp to his left. Number - 9
2009.10.2.78 Right side view of a man with curly hair and wearing a head garland. His torso is partially naked. Number - 10
2009.10.2.79 Right profile view of a man with curly hair and wearing a head garland. You can see the top part of his clothes. Number - 11
2009.10.2.8 Figure of a man wearing a hat and a cape, holding a round object in right hand. By his feet are two pictures, the left is perhaps a scroll and the right an animal. Number 8
2009.10.2.80 Right profile view of a man with curly hair and wearing a head garland. Number - 12
2009.10.2.86 Figure of naked man holding a harp and a bow, standing behind Eros, who is to his right and holding arrows. Gem Cast Number - 18
2009.10.2.87 Standing figure of a naked man with a bow and arrow, looking to his right. Number - 19
2009.10.2.9 Small figure wearing a hat with a staff in right hand and with a small winged person balancing on the left hand.
2009.10.2.90 A view of the left side of a naked man sitting and holding a stick in his right hand. Gem cast number - 22
2009.10.2.96 Depiction of Apollo chasing Daphne and her turning into a tree. Gem cast number - 28
2009.8.1 Profile of a man with beard and curly hair looking right. The man has a wreath on his head. Cast number AA.133
2009.8.100 Profile of a man with a beard and wreath in his curly hair. The top of a cloak can be seen. Cast number: 44
2009.8.102 Profile of a young woman. A cithara and a butterfly on her right side. Cast number: 46
2009.8.104 Profile of a woman with wavy hair and a wreath looking right. Cast number: 48
2009.8.107 Profile of a man with a beard and a helmet. Situated in nature. Cast number: 51
2009.8.108 Two coats of arm. Inscription on top and on the bottom. Cast number: 52
2009.8.110 Profile of a man with short hair. Birds on his left and right side. A club under his neck. Cast number: 54
2009.8.112 Profile of a man with short hair and a wreath. The top of a cloak can be seen. Cast number: 56
2009.8.115 Profile of a man with wavy hair and a wreath. Head is above a scale and beside it are two ears of wheat. Inscription on the right side. Cast number: 59
2009.8.117 Profile of a man with a curly beard and hair wearing a wreath, looking right. Eyes are goggled. Cast number: 61
2009.8.118 Profile of a man with a curly beard and hair, looking right. Cast number: 62
2009.8.122 A warrior from behind sitting on a horse, holding a spear and wearing a helmet. Cast number: 66
2009.8.123 Portrait of a man with curly hair, open mouth and distorted features, maybe a theater mask. Cast number: 67
2009.8.127 Profile of a man with a beard and ram horns in his hair. Cast number: 73
2009.8.13 A man with a beard and wavy hear wearing a cloak around his waist, sitting on a rock, one arm placed on his knee. Next to him is a cow. On his other side is a club. There is an inscription above the cow. Cast number: n
2009.8.130 Profile of a man with a beard and wavy hair on a plate, looking right. Cast number: 76
2009.8.131 A wolf with swollen breasts. Probably the wolf that brought up Romulus and Remus. Cast number: 77
2009.8.141 Profile of a man with a beard and short hair, looking left. Cast number: third one in the last row
2009.8.145 Profile of a man with a beard and wavy hair wearing a wreath, looking right. Cast number: seventh gem in the last row.
2009.8.149 A young man feeding an eagle. Probably Ganymed and Zeus. Cast number: 3
2009.8.151 A man with a beard caressing a young man with wings (?). Ganymed and Zeus. There seems to be an eagle on the right side. Cast number: 5
2009.8.153 A shepherd sitting on a stone and leaning on a tree, watching a bull. Cast number: 7
2009.8.157 A woman with a swan. Probably Zeus and Leda. Cast number: 11
2009.8.158 A young woman closed in by a swan. Zeus and Leda. Cast number: 12
2009.8.159 A woman lying on her back with a swan on top of her. Leda and Zeus. On the swan Eros. Cast number: 13
2009.8.160 A naked woman lying on her side with a swan next to her. Leda and Zeus. Cast number: 14
2009.8.161 A woman lying on her side with a swan on top of her. Leda and Zeus. Cast number: 15
2009.8.162 A young woman lying on her back on a rock with a swan on top of her. Leda and Zeus. Cast number: 16
2009.8.163 A woman leaning against a rock with a swan. Leda and Zeus. Cast number: 17
2009.8.164 A woman leaning back with a swan. Leda and Zeus. Cast number: 18
2009.8.166 A woman wearing a dress with a stick and holding/offering a ball or apple to the young man. He is naked also holding a stick and a ball or apple in his hand. Beneath her a scorpion, beneath him a crab. Cast number: 20
2009.8.170 A temple with four columns. Inside another building with a cupola and stars above it. Cast number: 24
2009.8.172 A woman sitting on the back of creature that is half horse and half serpent. Cast number: 26
2009.8.173 Profile of a man with a beard and a ribbon in his wavy hair, looking right. Cast number: 27
2009.8.174 Bare torso of a man with a beard and a wreath in his hair, looking right. Cast number: 28
2009.8.175 A man with a beard and a wreath in his hair. Holding a trident in one hand, a fish (?) in the other. Probably Poseidon. Cast number: 29
2009.8.176 A naked man with a beard and a trident in his hand, putting his foot on a rock. Poseidon. Cast number: 30
2009.8.177 A naked man with a beard and a trident in his hand, putting one foot on a rock. Probably Poseidon. Cast number: 31
2009.8.178 A naked man with a beard and a cloak around his shoulders, holding a ball in one hand and a trident in the other. Probably Poseidon. Cast number: 32
2009.8.179 Poseidon, naked and with a beard, riding on a chariot pulled by four horses, holding a trident in one hand. His cloak is blowing in the wind. Cast number: 33
2009.8.18 Profile of a man with wavy hair and a wreath, looking right. Cast number: 7
2009.8.181 Poseidon, naked with a beard and a cloak, riding on a dolphin on the water holding a trident in his hand. Cast number: 35
2009.8.182 A naked man with a trident behind a woman also holding a trident, riding on a horse. Maybe Poseidon and Amphitrite. In front of the horse Eros. Cast number: 36
2009.8.183 A naked man with a beard holding a stick and putting one foot on a rock. There is a tree in the middle. On the other side of it a woman wearing a dress and a helmet. There is a serpent at her feet and another one behind her. Maybe Athena and Hercules.
2009.8.184 A man with a stick in his hand and a wreath in his wavy hair, meeting a man with a horse. Cast number: 38
2009.8.185 Profile of a man with a beard and curly hair, in capite velato, looking right. Cast number: 39
2009.8.186 A naked man with a trident and a woman on a chariot pulled by four horses. Probably Poseidon and Amphitrite. In front on the horses a child, probably Eros. Cast number: 40
2009.8.187 Profile of a woman with curls and a helmet with an owl on it, looking left. Probably Athena. Cast number: 41
2009.8.19 A woman laying on waves, probably Aphrodite. Above her Cupid. A man wearing an armour and a spear, probably Ares. Cast number: 8
2009.8.192 Profile of a woman wearing a helmet and the aegis, looking right. Probably Athena. Cast number: 46
2009.8.193 Profile of a young woman with a helmet and a serpent. Inscription on her left side. Cast number: 47
2009.8.194 Profile of Athena Promachos wearing a helmet and the aegis with the head of the gorgon medusa, looking right. Cast number: 48
2009.8.195 Profile of Athena wearing a Corinthian helmet and the aegis with the head of the gorgo Medusa, looking left. Inscription on her left side. Cast number: 49
2009.8.196 Profile of Athena wearing a helmet and the aegis with the head of the gorgon Medusa. Cast number: 50
2009.8.197 Profile of Athena wearing a helmet and the aegis with the head of the gorgon Medusa, looking right. Cast number: 51
2009.8.198 Profile of Athena wearing a helmet and the aegis with the head of the gorgo Medusa. Cast number: 52
2009.8.199 Athena Parthenos with a shield and a spear in one hand and a little Nike in the other. Resembling the statue made by Phidias. Cast number: 53
2009.8.2 Profile of a man with a short beard and curly hair looking right. Can be seen to be wearing a cloak. Cast number AA.154
2009.8.200 Athena Parthenos holding a shield and a spear in one hand, in the other a little Nike. Resembling the statue made by Phidias. Cast number: 54
2009.8.201 A woman wearing a dress holding a spear and a shield. There is a snake at her feet. Probably Athena. Cast number: 55
2009.8.202 A woman wearing a dress and a helmet, putting a foot on a rock and holding a spear. Probably Athena. Cast number: 56
2009.8.203 Athena wearing a helmet and holding her shield on which is the head of the gorgo Medusa. Cast number: 57
2009.8.205 Athena wearing a helmet, holding a spear in one hand and her shield in the other. Cast number: 59
2009.8.206 A woman in a a dress, wearing a helmet, holding a spear in one hand and a shield in the other. Probably Athena. Cast number: 60
2009.8.207 Athena in a chariot pulled by two owls, wearing a helmet, holding her shield and a spear. Cast number: 61
2009.8.208 A temple with 4 columns, in the middle the statue of a god or goddess wearing a helmet and holding something in her hand. Next to the temple is a tree. Cast number: 62
2009.8.211 Profile of a man with a wreath in his hair and a star next to his head, looking right. The top of his cloak can be seen. Cast number: 2
2009.8.212 Profile of a man with a wreath in his hair and a star in front of his head, looking right. The top of his cloak, probably a paludamentum. Cast number: 3
2009.8.213 Profiles of three men, two looking right overlapping each other, one looking left. Their hair is curly and on the left side behind the heads is a vessel. Cast number: 4
2009.8.214 Profile of a man and a woman. He has rather thick face with a small mouth and a double chin, maybe Nero. She has a ribbon or wreath in her hair, the top of her dress or cloak can be seen. They are both looking right. Cast number: 5
2009.8.215 Profile of a man with short hair and a rather large nose, looking right. Cast number: 6
2009.8.217 Profile of a man with a wreath in his hair and a prominent chin, looking right. Cast number: 8
2009.8.218 Profile of a man, probably a Roman emperor with an aureole and a prominent chin, looking left. On the left side there is an eagle on a globe, probably referring to Jupiter. Cast number: 9
2009.8.219 Profile of a man with a prominent chin and short wavy hair, looking right. Maybe Augustus. Cast number: 10
2009.8.222 A moon, a cornucopia and a caduceus. Maybe a bunch of thunderbolts. Cast number: 13
2009.8.223 Profile of a man with a wreath in his hair and profile of a woman, the top of her clothes can be seen. They are looking left. Cast number: 14
2009.8.224 Profile of a woman in capite velato and a wreath in her hair, looking right. Inscription on the right side. Cast number: 15
2009.8.226 Profile of a man with a wreath in his hair and a prominent chin, looking right. Cast number: 17
2009.8.227 Profile of a man with a wreath in his hair and a prominent chin, looking left. Cast number: 18
2009.8.229 Profiles of two young men, one looking right, the other looking left. There are inscriptions on the top and on the bottom. Cast number: 20
2009.8.234 Profile of a man with a wreath in his hair and a slightly prominent chin, looking right. Cast number: 25
2009.8.235 Profile of a man with a wreath in his hair and a prominent chin, looking right. Cast number: 26
2009.8.236 Profile of a man and a woman, looking right. He has a wreath in his hair and a prominent chin. She wears a tiara and the top of her dress can be seen. Probably Augustus and his wife Livia. Cast number: 27
2009.8.237 Profile of a man with short hair and a crooked nose. Cast number: 28
2009.8.238 Profile of a man with short wavy hair and frowns on his forehead, slightly prominent chin. Cast number: 29
2009.8.239 Profile of a man with short wavy hair, a big nose and a prominent chin, looking left. Cast number: 30
2009.8.240 Profile of a man with short hair and a prominent chin. Cast number: 31
2009.8.241 Profile of a man with short hair and a prominent chin, looking right. Cast number: 32
2009.8.242 Profile of a woman with a lavish hairstyle and a chubby face, looking right. Maybe Valeria Messalina, third wife of Emperor Claudius. Cast number: 33
2009.8.247 Profile of a man and a woman, looking right. The top of her cloak can be seen. Cast number: 38
2009.8.250 Profile of a man with short wavy hair and a wreath, looking right. The top of his cloak, probably a paludamentum can be seen. Cast number: 41
2009.8.251 Profile of a man and a woman, looking right. He has a wreath in his hair and the top of his cloak, probably a paludamentum can be seen. Cast number: 42
2009.8.252 Profile of a woman with a lavish hairstyle and a tiara, looking right. The top of her dress can be seen. Cast number: 43
2009.8.255 Profile of a man with short wavy hair and a wreath, lavish hairstyle and a prominent chin, looking right. Probably Nero. Cast number: 46
2009.8.259 Profile of a man with short hair and a bare chest, looking right. A cloak is hanging on his shoulder. Cast number: 50
2009.8.260 Profile of a man with short wavy hair in a lavish style and a beard wearing a wreath, looking right. Probably Nero. Cast number: 51
2009.8.261 Profile of a man with wavy hair in a lavish style and a beard, wearing a wreath, looking right. Rather chubby face. Probably Nero. Cast number: 52
2009.8.262 Profile of a woman with slightly lavish hairstyle and a rather chubby face, looking right. The top of her dress can be seen. Maybe Livia. Cast number: 53
2009.8.265 Profile of a man with a wreath in his hair and a rather chubby face, looking left. Cast number: 56
2009.8.266 Profile of a man with short hair wearing a wreath and a crooked nose and a prominent chin. The top of his cloak, probably a paludamentum, can be seen. Cast number: 57
2009.8.267 Profile of a man wearing a wreath with a prominent chin and a rather chubby face. The top of his cloak, probably a paludamentum, can be seen. Cast number: 58
2009.8.269 Profile of a man with a lavish hairstyle and a rather chubby face, looking right. Cast number: 60
2009.8.270 A creature with the head of a goat with a human face, wings and the back of a lion. A figurine standing behind it. Maybe a sphinx. Cast number: 1
2009.8.271 Two naked men on the left and on the right side, only wearing a cloak on their shoulders, hanging up a garland. In the middle, a man with a beard and fully dressed, holding something in his hand. Cast number: 2
2009.8.275 A cow and a naked woman with a crown, holding a vessel, sitting on a flower, are in a barque which has a lion's head on the left end and a ram's head on the right end. Cast number: 6
2009.8.282 Portrait of a woman with curly hair and a tiara, looking slightly to the left. A necklace can be seen. Cast number: 13
2009.8.283 Profile of a woman with a tiara, holding a spear, looking left. Clothes and breast can be seen. Cast number: 14
2009.8.29 Profile of a woman with wavy hair and a ribbon or wreath, looking right. There is an inscription on the left side. Cast number: 121
2009.8.3 Profile of a man with a beard and wavy hair looking right. Top of a cloak can be seen. Cast number: BB.1
2009.8.30 Dying Gaul. Man with wild hair and moustache, a rope around his neck. There is a wound on his chest, lying on his shield. Cast number: 70
2009.8.31 A man with a beard sitting on a rock and a lion's fur, holding a club in his hand. Probably Hercules. There is also an inscription. Cast number: sn
2009.8.35 A man with a beard standing on a globe and holding another above his head. There is a lion's fur around his waist. Probably Hercules carrying the earth for Atlas. Cast number: s3
2009.8.38 Cupid and Psyche. A young man in a tight embrace with a young woman. Inscription on the left side. Cast number: 13
2009.8.41 A young woman wearing a dress is sitting on a rock and holding a ball. One arm is put on her knee. Inscription on the bottom. Cast number: 141
2009.8.45 Farnese Hercules. A muscular nacked man with a beard and curly hair leaning on a pole. Inscription on the left side. Cast number: 50
2009.8.46 Crouching Aphrodite/Venus. A young woman kneeling and covering her nacked body with her arms. Inscription on the bottom. Cast number: 150
2009.8.47 Profile of a man with a beard and curly hair, wearing a helmet and a cloak, looking left. Inscription on the bottom. Cast number: 4
2009.8.48 A young nacked woman with wavy hair and a ribbon, sitting on a rock holding a ball in her hand, the other put on her knee. Inscription on the bottom. Cast number: 153
2009.8.5 Profile of a man wearing a head and a cloak, looking right. Cast number: BB.11
2009.8.53 Aphrodite lying and leaning on a rock. Cupid stands next to her. Inscription on the bottom. Cast number: 41
2009.8.56 Athena wearing the aegis and a helmet, holding a cup in her hand. A snake is curved around her arm. Inscription on the left side. Cast number: 94
2009.8.58 A woman in the middle. On her left a profile of a young man wearing a helmet, looking right. On her right side a profile of a man with a beard and curly hair, looking left. Cast number: 157
2009.8.6 Profile of a man wearing a head and a cloak, looking left. Cast number: BB.16
2009.8.63 A man with a beard and wavy hair kneeling in front of an altar, holding a snake. Behind him, stading a young woman. On the other side of the altar, a tree with a ram head. On a pole is a mask. Inscription on the bottom. Cast number: 116
2009.8.65 A naked young man with wavy hair and with an outstretched arm. Maybe an athlete. Cast number: 2A or 21?
2009.8.66 Profile of a young man with curly hair, an open mouth and a wreath of wine leaves. Probably Dionysos. Cast number: 87
2009.8.69 Temple with three gods. Probably Hera (left), Zeus (middle) and Athena, she is sitting on a chair (right). Cast number: 13
2009.8.7 Profile of a man wearing a head and a cloak, looking right. Cast number: Pio VI
2009.8.70 Profile of a man with a beard an curly hair and a sea shell above his ear. Maybe Poseidon. Cast number: 14
2009.8.71 Athena with a helmet, the aegis with the Gorgo Medusa head and a shield. Cast number: 15
2009.8.72 Profile of a young woman with wavy hair and a wreath, looking right. Inscription on the right side. Cast number: 16
2009.8.74 Hercules. A young man with wavy hair and a lion's fur on his head. Cast number: 18
2009.8.78 Cupid. A naked child with wings holding a bunch of flowers. Arrow and bow lie on the bottom. Cast number: 22
2009.8.80 A young man sitting on a rock, holding a caduceus. Next to him stands a naked child with wings. Probably Hermes and Eros. Cast number: 24
2009.8.81 Profile of a young woman with wavy hear and one breast exposed, holding something in her hand, looking left. Cast number: 25
2009.8.83 Potrait of a man with wavy hair and a big ear. Top of his cloak can be seen, looking right. Cast number: 27
2009.8.89 A scene of a feast. Women and men are dancing and playing instruments. A vase on a pole. Cast number: 33
2009.8.9 Vase with a sphinx and two heads above it. Cast number: DD.15
2009.8.95 A a man with a beard holding a spear and riding on a centaur. Cast number: 39
2009.8.97 A small man with a beard and a shield fighting against a bird, maybe a stork. Cast number: 41
2009.8.98 Three warriors with spears, shields and helmets. The one on the left side is kneeling or falling. Cast number: 42
2009.8.99 A young warrior with a helmet and a sword sitting on a rock balancing a staff in his hand. There is a shield on the bottom. Cast number: 43
2009.9.108 A naked man holding a caduceus in his left hand and a cornucopia in his right hand, leaning against a pole. Maybe Hermes. Cast number: 41
2009.9.111 A naked winged child is talking to a warrior holding a spear and a shield. Might be refering to Cupid and Mars. Cast number: 44
2009.9.118 Two naked children. The one on the left side has wings and is holding a spear. The other one is holding a stick. Both have cloaks around their shoulders. Cast number: 51
2009.9.120 Two naked children wearing cloaks. The one on the left side is winged and holding a snake (?) in his hand. The other one holds some kind of scepter or a cornucopia. Cast number: 53
2009.9.123 One figure sitting on a bear holding a stick and wearing a cloak around the shoulders. Another is standing in front of the animal. Cast number: 57
2009.9.125 One naked child sitting on a bear or a boar holding a whip or a stick, wearing a cloak. Another child is sitting in front of the animal, pulling its tongue and holding a torch in his hand. Cast number: 59
2009.9.128 A figure with a stick and a cape sitting on a lion. Cast number: 62
2009.9.13 A man in a robe wearing some kind of crown, looking left and holding a scepter. Cast number: 27
2009.9.131 A naked winged child standing in a chariot, holding the reins and a whip, pulled by a lion and a goat. Cast number: 65
2009.9.132 A naked child with wings holding a whip and the reins of a chariot pulled by two horses. Cast number: 66
2009.9.137 Two naked winged children. One sitting on a rock on the left side, the other on a rock on the right side. They are fishing and the child on the right side caught a crab. Cast number: 71
2009.9.138 A naked winged child sitting on a rock on the right side, holding a basket and a fishing-rod with a fish. On the left side, a naked man holding a spear and wearing a cloak. Cast number: 72
2009.9.139 A naked winged child and a mermaid (?) are sitting in a barque. Cast number: 73
2009.9.14 A naked man putting one finger to his mouth, holding a club and standing in a skiff, looking left. Cast number: 28
2009.9.145 A naked winged figure is sitting on a dolphin and playing the lyre. Above them is a crescent moon and two stars. Cast number: 79
2009.9.149 A naked man with wings wearnig a robe, holding grapes in one hand and a basket of fruit on his head with the other hand. Cast number: 83
2009.9.15 A naked woman holding a cornucopia and leaning against a pole, maybe Aphrodite. Cast number: 29
2009.9.151 A naked winged child playing with a human head with wild hair and an open mouth, probably a theater mask. Cast number: 85
2009.9.156 Three naked children with wings playing around a tree or gathering fruits. One is sitting in the tree, the others are on the right and left side of the stem. Cast number: 90
2009.9.157 Three naked children playing around a tree or gathering the fruits. One is sitting in the tree, the others standing on the left and right side of the stem. Cast number: 91
2009.9.159 Procession of four naked winged children and one wearing a dress. The one on the left side is trying to sit down on a daybed, the one behind him is carrying a torch, they are both looking over their shoulders to the last two children. The third child is accompanied with a child wearing a dress, they are standing very close together. The last child is carrying a basket with fruits over his head. Cast number: 93
2009.9.16 A naked child putting one finger to its mouth, leaning against a pole and holding a cornucopia. Cast number: 30
2009.9.161 A naked winged child, with a quiver hanging over his shoulder, a bow lying next to his feet, embracing a half naked woman wearing a robe. Maybe Cupid and Psyche. Cast number: 95
2009.9.162 Two naked children with wings, facing and embracing each other. The one on the left side is wearing some kind of robe. Cast number: 96
2009.9.163 A naked winged child standing on the right side of a pole and a dressed woman standing on the left side. They are both looking to the left. Cast number: 97
2009.9.164 A naked man with wings, a quiver and a bow are lying next to his feet, is kissing a winged half naked woman. Inscription on the right side. Cast number: 98
2009.9.165 A naked boy with wings is embracing and kissing a winged half naked girl. Cast number: 99
2009.9.166 Profile of a young man wearing a helmet with a griffin and holding a shield with the head of the gorgon Medusa,looking right. Behind his shoulder the top of a spear or lance can be seen. Maybe referring to Perseus. Cast number: 1
2009.9.168 A naked young man wearing a cloak around his shoulders, holding a sword in one hand and in the other a human head, behind his back. Maybe Perseus. Cast number: 3
2009.9.169 A naked young man with a cloak and club (?) in his right hand, with the other he touches the shield which lays on a pile of arms. On the shield is the head of the gorgo Medusa. Maybe Perseus. Cast number: 4
2009.9.170 A young naked man holding a cloak in the right hand and with the other he touches a shield lying on a rock with the head of the gorgon Medusa. On his right side, there is a pile of arms. Maybe Perseus. Cast number: 5
2009.9.171 A naked young man with a cloak around his shoulders, holding a sword in his left hand and a human head in the other. Next to his feet, a shield. Cast number: 6
2009.9.172 A naked man wearing a cloak, holding a club or sword in his right hand and a human head in his left. Cast number: 7
2009.9.173 A naked man wearing a cloak, holding a sword or club in the left hand and a human head in the right. Cast number: 8
2009.9.174 A young woman leaning on a rock, touching a young man's face. The young man is touching her arm and putting one hand behind his back in which he is holding a human head. Maybe referring to Perseus and Andromeda. Cast number: 9
2009.9.175 A man leaning against a pole wearing a cloak and holding up what looks like a human head. Maybe Perseus. Cast number: 10
2009.9.176 A young naked man wearing a cloak, holding the reins of a horse with wings standing next to him. There is a tree on the right side. Maybe Perseus and Pegasus. Cast number: 11
2009.9.178 A head of a woman with curly hair and horns, a rope with a knot around her neck. Probably Medusa. Cast number: 13
2009.9.182 Portrait of a woman with horns in her hair and the curls end in snake heads. Probably Medusa. Cast number: 17
2009.9.184 Portrait of a monster with curly snake hair and a grimace as a face. Probably Medusa. Cast number: 19
2009.9.190 A naked man sitting on his cloak, next to his head is a boar's head, to his feet a dog. Maybe referring to Meleager and the Calydonian Hunt. Cast number: 25
2009.9.191 A two face head. The one looking to the right is a human face, the other is the head of a boar. Refering to Meleager and the Calydonian Hunt. Cast number: 26
2009.9.192 A young naked man wearing a cloak, putting one hand behind his back, the other resting on a boar's head on a pole. On his right side, there is a dog. Referring to Meleager and the Calydonian Hunt. Cast number: 27
2009.9.198 A naked winged boy or statue standing on a rostrum with an inscription. On the left side are a half naked satyr who is touching the statues arm and a woman who is touching its wings. On the right side is a warrior but might also be female. Cast number: 33
2009.9.2 A man wearing a crown on top of ram antlers, holding a stick in his left hand and the anch-symbol in his right. Cast number: 16
2009.9.20 A woman sitting on a flower chair holding a scepter and point her hand to her mouth. Opposite her an animal, looking like a lion on standing on its hind legs, streching its front legs out to the woman. They are both in a skiff which has a ram's head on its left end. Cast number: 34
2009.9.202 Three men fighting. The two men on the left and on the right are bigger than the one in the middle. They seem to hold a vessel and are naked except for their cloaks around their shoulders. Cast number: 37
2009.9.205 A couple. A man wearing a helmet and holding a stick or spear, behind him a snake and a shield. He is holding hands with a woman wearing a dress, behind her there is also a snake. Above them is a crescent moon and between them a star. Cast number: 40
2009.9.206 Four naked winged children. One is flying, two are sitting on poles on the right and left side, the last one is sitting and leaning against the left side pole. Cast number: 41
2009.9.21 There is a box with a snake on it on the bottom, on the box a globe with Greek letters, and coming out of the ball a dog's head, looking right. Inscriptions around and on the globe. Cast number: 35
2009.9.213 A female griffin with one claw on a wheel. Inscription on top and on the bottom. Cast number: 48
2009.9.214 A naked old man with a cane and shield on his back. Cast number: 48
2009.9.216 A man in armour holding a shield, standing on a barque. There is crane on his left and on his right side. Cast number: 51
2009.9.219 A creature with a human's torso and a bird's body, dressed in full armour, wings attached on the back, holding a sword in one hand. Cast number: 54
2009.9.221 On the upper part, a man falling down with a chariot pulled by 4 horses. On the bottom, a bearded man looks up and three naked women holding twigs. The downfall of Phaeton. Cast number: 56
2009.9.223 Profile of a man with culry hair and a beard, looking right. The top of his cloak can be seen. Cast number: 63
2009.9.224 Portrait of a man with wavy hair and beard. The top of his cloak can be seen. Cast number: 64
2009.9.226 Profiles of two men with curly hair and a beard, hooded head, looking left. Cast number: 66
2009.9.227 Profile of a man with wavy hair, a beard and a ram's horn. Cast number: 67
2009.9.23 A figure with a jackal's or dog's head wearing a robe, holding a twig in his left hand and a caduceus in his right hand, looking left. Cast number: 37
2009.9.230 A bearded man sitting on a stool playing the lyre and opposite to him a herme of a man with an erect penis. Cast number: 70
2009.9.232 A man with a beard leaning on a cane, to his feet lies a theater mask and a flower is growing. Cast number: 72
2009.9.233 Head of a man with a beard and wavy hair on a rostrum. Cast number: 73
2009.9.234 Profile of a man with wavy hair and a beard, looking right. The top of his cloak can be seen. Cast number: 74
2009.9.236 Profile of a man with wavy hair and a beard, looking right. The top of his cloak can be seen. Cast number: 76
2009.9.238 Profile of a man with a beard and straight hair, looking right. The top of his cloak can be seen. Cast number: 78
2009.9.239 Portrait of a man with wavy hair and a beard. The top of his cloak can be seen. Cast number: 79
2009.9.24 A woman wearing a dress, holding a spear and a cornucopia on the left side. A woman in the middle holding two vessels. A human figure with a dog's or jackal's head on the right side, holding a twig. Cast number: 38
2009.9.241 Profile of a man with wavy longer hair and a ribbon, looking right. The hair on his forehead is moved, reminding of a anastole and Alexander the Great. Cast number: 81
2009.9.246 Profile of a man with a wreath in his hair and a beard, looking right. The top of his cloak can be seen. Cast number: 86
2009.9.247 Profile of a man with a beard and an open mouth looking right. Cast number: 87
2009.9.249 Bust of a half-bald man with a beard and a bare chest, wearing a cloak. There is an inscription at the bottom of the bust. Cast number: 89
2009.9.25 Profile of a man wearing an aureole and some kind of wear. The top of his cloak can be seen, looking right. There is a "C" or a half moon on the right side. Cast number: 39
2009.9.251 Profile of a man with a beard and wavy hair looking right. Cast number: 91
2009.9.252 Profile of a man with short straight hair, looking right. The top of his cloak can be seen. One letter on the left side and one on the right. Cast number: 92
2009.9.253 Profile of a man with short straight hair and a beard, looking right. His bare chest can be seen. Cast number: 93
2009.9.255 Profile of a man with a larger nose and short hair, looking right. Inscriptions in Greek letters on both sides. Cast number: 95
2009.9.261 Profile of a man with wavy hair and beard, looking right. The top of his cloak can be seen. Cast number: 101
2009.9.269 Profile of a man with a ribbon and wavy hair and a ram's horn behind his ear, looking left. Cast number: 7
2009.9.270 Profile of a man with wavy hair and a ram's horn behind his ear, looking right. Cast number: 8
2009.9.271 A naked man sitting on a rock holding a shield, behind him a horse. On his left side a tree and next to his feet lies his armour. Cast number: 9
2009.9.274 Profile of a young man with wavy hair and a ram's horn behind his ear wearing a ribbon, looking right. Cast number: 12
2009.9.275 Profile of a young man with a ribbon in his wavy hair and a ram's horn behind his ear, looking right. Cast number: 13
2009.9.276 Profile of a young man with a ribbon in his wavy hair and a ram's horn behind his ear, looking right. Cast number: 14
2009.9.277 Profile of a man with wavy hair and a lions fur on his head, looking right. The top of his cloak can be seen. Probably Alexander the Great. Cast number: 15
2009.9.279 Profile of a man with a beard and a ribbon in his curly hair, looking left. The top of his cloak can be seen. Cast number: 17
2009.9.28 A monster with a lion's head, a man's chest and two serpent tails wearing an aureole, looking right. Cast number: 42
2009.9.280 A woman with wings, maybe Nike, and a bearded man wearing a helmet standing in a chariot pulled by two horses. A second woman walking behind the horses. Inscription beneath the chariot. Cast number: 18
2009.9.282 A warrior in full armour holding a spear and a shield receiving a wreath from a small woman with wings, probably Nike, flying above a lion. Cast number: 20
2009.9.283 A warrior with a beard wearing a helmet and holding a spear and a shield, receiving a wreath from a woman with wings, probably Nike. On the left side next to Nike is a cornucopia, on the right there is a basket with fruits and wheat ears as well as a bird. Cast number: 21
2009.9.286 Profiles of a couple, looking left. The woman is in the foreground wearing a ribbon and a hood and the top of her dress can be seen. The man is behind her, has wavy hair and a ribbon. On the right side behind the heads a cornucopia can be seen. Cast number: 24
2009.9.289 Profile of a young man with a beard and a ribbon in his wavy hair, looking right. Cast number: 27
2009.9.29 A monster with a rooster's head, a man's torso and instead of feet it has two serpents, holding a weapon and a spear. On the right side a star, on the left side another weapon, looks like a dagger. Inscription at the bottom. Cast number: 43
2009.9.292 A naked young woman wearing a cloak around her shoulders and a ribbon in her hair holding a vessel. Cast number: 31
2009.9.293 A naked woman wearing a cloak and a ribbon in her hair, holding a vessel in her hands. On the right side a rooster or bird can be seen, on the left side a spider (?). Cast number: 32
2009.9.3 A girl holding a stick with a jackal sitting on it in her right hand, and a chrysalis in the other. She is wearing a crown and is surrounded by stars. Cast number: 17
2009.9.31 A monster with an eagle's head, a man's chest and two serpents instead of legs, holding a shield and a scepter. There is a star and a half moon on its right side. There is also a star underneath it. Cast number: 45
2009.9.32 A monster with an eagle's head, a man's chest and two serpents instead of legs, holding a spear and a shield with Greek letters on it. The serpents are surrounding the monster. There are inscriptions on the left and right side as well as underneath the creature. Cast number: 46
2009.9.33 A naked man with wings and a crown, holding two spears in his right hand. There are two stars on his right side and a half moon on his upper left side. He is standing in a skiff. Cast number: 47
2009.9.34 A naked winged man with sticks and a crown and a bird's tail. Inscription on the top and on the right side. Cast number: 48
2009.9.35 A naked man with two pair of wings and a bird's tail, holding a scepter, surrounded by spears or sticks, standing on a serpent. There is an inscription with the serpent's circle. Cast number: 49
2009.9.38 Monkey like figure with a long penis between its legs, holding up both arms with fingers that look like feathers. A bird maybe even a hawk sitting on its head. There are stars above each hand and a twig above the head. Cast number: 52
2009.9.39 On the right side an ibis, in the middle a monster with a lion's head and a serpent's body and on the left side a hawk. Cast number: 53
2009.9.40 A monster with a lion's head and a serpent's body sitting on a box with inscriptions. There is also an inscription on the left and right side of the monster. Cast number: 54
2009.9.41 A naked man with long hair or a hood holding a spear and another weapon, looking right. Cast number: 55
2009.9.42 A monster with a female human head and the body of a spider, holding a cobra in each hand. Cast number: 56
2009.9.43 A man holding a tambourine (?) in his left hand and a sistrum in his right hand. He is naked except for the cloth around his waist. Cast number: 57
2009.9.45 A naked man holding some kind of vessel in his left hand and two ears of cereal in his right hand. On his left side is a naked child or a small woman holding a cornucopia. Cast number: 59
2009.9.46 A creature with a bird's head, a man's chest and the body of a serpent holding a spear or stick. Inscriptions surrounding the monster. Cast number: 60
2009.9.49 An ibis holding a caduceus and having a human figure sitting on its head which is holding a cornucopia (?). Cast number: 63
2009.9.57 A creature with a human head and a lion's body with wings, probably a sphinx, wearing the deshret-crown. Cast number: 71
2009.9.58 A figure with a baboon's torso and a male human's body bedding over a lying sphinx from behind. Probably alluding to the Egyptian God Thot.
2009.9.59 A creature with an animal head, maybe a cat, and a male human body, kneeling down, holding a vessel in its left hand. Cast number: 73
2009.9.6 A two column temple with a portrait of a woman wearing a crown in the middle. There is a disc surrounded by snakes and wings in the gable. Cast number: 20
2009.9.62 A creature that looks like mixture of bull or goat and a cat. Cast number: 76
2009.9.63 A wolf or jackal with a shaggy fur and an erect penis, standing on its hind legs. Cast number: 77
2009.9.68 A man lying on his back, face turned to an eagle which is flying above him and hitting him with the beak. Referring to the tale of Prometheus whose liver is eaten by an eagle every day. Cast number: 1
2009.9.76 A naked man with wings holding a ball in one hand and a cane in the other. Cast number: 9
2009.9.8 A woman holding a basket in her left hand, offering some kind of vessel to the naked winged child in the middle or the man on the right. The man and the woman are wearing what looks like a crown. The man is offering a ball or a fruit to the woman and holding a stick in his left hand. Cast number: 22
2009.9.83 A naked winged child, kneeling down, aiming at two butterflies with his bow and arrow. Cast number: 16
2009.9.84 A herme of a young naked winged man holding an insect, maybe a butterfly in one hand and some kind of scepter in the other. Cast number: 17
2009.9.9 A woman with a flowery crown covering her breasts with her arm, wearing a robe around her legs and a naked winged child is standing beside her, maybe Cupid. Cast number: 23
2009.9.94 A winged naked child on the left side, holding a twig and a bird on its neck. Opposite to it another naked winged child with a bird at his feet. Cast number: 27
2009.9.99 A herme of a man with beard and an erect penis. Opposite him a naked winged child holding a rope or a twig in his hands. Cast number: 32
2016.3.1 Moulded ring around the discus; there is a moulded decoration of a corpulent bearded male figure (satyr), riding a goat, on the discus. The satyr is grasping the animal's horn with the right and the tail with the left hand. Scene is depicted in left side view. Three punched dots decorate the shoulder in the section of the nozzle. Incised ring around the base with Greek inscription at centre. 2016.01.0013.jpg
2016.3.2 The lamp is decorated with two moulded rings, surrounding the filling hole, and a stylized palm branch around them. A further stylized palm branch or menorah decorates the nozzle. 2016.99.0250.jpg
2016.5.1 Double incisions-black quaterings on the base and lower part of the body. Every fourth-fifth quatering superimposed red. Every fourth quatering incised zig-zag. 2016.01.0001.jpg
2016.5.2 The body of the vase and the interior of the foot is reddish painted. The centre of the body is decorated with a black horizontal band. The interior, the rim, the bottom of the body and the foot walls are black painted. A black band decorates the rim. The interior of the rim has a reddish reserved band.
21.2.27 One broad black band and four narrow concentric bands. Interior: remains of black, red and white bands followed by rosette of black dots and a centre of two small circles, followed by bands then followed b
22.11.1 Handles and flase lid are red and there is a band around the top and bottom of spout. Red decoration on body is broad and narrow bands. 2001.99.0013.jpg
22.3.1 A: Between sphinxes, both facing right, Athena attacking a giant. Branches and grape clusters in the field. B: Similar, but mainly missing. Under each handle is the tail of a sphinx. Interior, reserved band at lip. Medallion very worn, but seems to depict a figure. Added white. 2003.10.0003.jpg
22.3.11 Female garments from which emerge a left arm and hand holding end of the himation. Black spot on hand (ring?) small circle to left of hand (part of a pattern?). Reserved on the interior. 2003.39.0090.jpg
22.3.12 Part of handle-palmette. Teardrop and coil patterns on each fragment. Inside black. 2003.74.0095.jpg
22.3.13 Inside reserved. Outside: feet and bottom of garment of figure running right; vertical line to right, bottom of stick or thryssos. Meander and dotted square pattern. Ruddled. 2003.28.0003.jpg
22.3.14 Inside reserved. Outside: tendril; meander and dotted square pattern. Ruddled. 2003.39.0005.jpg
22.3.16 Inside: reserved. Outside: legs of youth holding stick - thyssos?; woman robed from neck to foot, running or dancing. Meander and dotted square pattern. Ruddled. 2004.73.0097.jpg
22.3.2 Inside is black apart from reserved rim. Two oblong handles, black on top and reserved underneath. Black rim runs around outside of the rim which is slightly offset. Main design is a satyr and maenad with tree between flanked by palmettes. Thin black band and black stem. Foot is black on top and reserved side. Resting surface is reserved and inside is half black and half reserved. Small central dot and circle. 2003.97.0712.jpg
22.3.21 Lower part of draped woman facing left towards a stele. Framed on right by vertical reserved band containing double row of joined dots between lines. Below, egg and tongue pattern covered with streaky black. 2003.24.0004.jpg
22.3.22 There is a red line on the joining point of the rim and body (the bit of rim that is preserved is reserved). In the middle of the scene, there is a draped youth facing part of a second draped figure (on the right), who is holding a walking-stick. The details of the drapery are rendered with thick and thin lines. In the left bottom corner of the fragment there is the lowest right part of a palmette or tendril. There is also a double-meander pattern beneath, with a saltive square (cross with dots) and the rest of the fragment is black. The interior is also black. 2006.20.0110.jpg
22.3.23 Figural scenes are separated by tendril patterns. A: woman seated on ground, holding tray. B: Eros kneeling on one knee holding tympanum and mirror. Circular incised patterns in field. Brown for womans girdle and border of himation. White (now lost) for some detail. Underside of lid is black. Central knob handle has circular tendril pattern with a black band around. 2003.26.0096.jpg
22.3.24 Clay greyish. Inside, with reserved circle, woman running with tray in one hand, uncertain object in other. Rocky ground shown by black spots on reserved surface. Around the inside rim of the kylix are heart and flower shape patterns attached to long flowing lines.Added white, sometimes touched with yellow. On deep rim, ivy beneath. Outside A: two men facing each other holding different uncetain objects there are three circular objects around them, two with a dot in the middle and the other with a cross. Three palmette patterns surround each of the men, but as some of the kylix is missing these patterns are not all complete, the patterns also change slightly when under the handle. The lower quarter of presumably similar picture of the men can also be seen. 2003.28.0091.jpg
22.3.25 Rim has black wave design. Two female heads separated by palmettes. Knob has whole palmette design. And white, and yellow residue colouring around the whole of the pyxis. Central knob with rays and circle in middle. Inside and outside of rim on knob is black but top is reserved. Underside is reserved. 2003.97.0899.jpg
22.3.26 The edge of the rim bears short, thick black lines. The interior of the plate is decorated with two rows of white lotus leaves (heraldic), separated by a reserved, thin line. Next, there is, a black, thick line, followed by a wave pattern around a reserved line that contours the central scene of a female head,in profile, facing left with a head dress (kalyptra) showing white details and her hair in a bun. Above her head, there are two ivy leaves and behind her is a tendril and small, fan-shaped palmette. In front of her there is a circular motif divided in four parts. The exterior is black apart from the edge of the rim , which is reserved and the lowest part of the body snd short stem. The foot (interior and exterior) is also black, with the exception of the reserved resting surface. The concave area is reserved, but bears a large, black round motif on the centre. 2003.97.0922.jpg
22.3.27 Black inside. Wave pattern around rim. Outside shows winged Eros on his knees (all above his waist is missing), garland in right hand, ribbon in left. Added yellow and white. At each handle is a palmette flanked by tendrils. Attached to tendril on left is a serrated leaf. Foot has ruddled band, black side and inside and a ruddled, flat base. 2003.28.0002.jpg
22.3.28 Youth walking right, holding ribboned ball. White on youth's foot. Edge of robe and part of foot of figure right. Above, rectangular object in white, white handle. Below, tray(?) edged with white dots. Line of white dots along ground level. White for bracelet and necklace. 2003.39.0094.jpg
22.3.29 Youth looking back right, heading left. Cloak on left arm, holding flowering stem in right hand. Stem and spots white, leaves red; white garland. Part of tendril to left. 2003.39.0091.jpg
22.3.33 The fragment bears the depiction of a youth in three-quarter face, while drawing a bow. What is illustrated is the face, except for part of the hair (left side), part of an himation over his left shoulder, the arms (the right one before the hands, the left one before the forearm), the chest and the left side of the abdominals?, behind which emerges the ending of the himation. The cheek and the back have been executed with relief contour, whereas thinned brown glaze has been used for part of the hair. The interior is black, with a reserved band ca. 1 cm wide. 2004.11.0009.jpg
22.3.34 Upper part of neck and handle dipped in black. On lower part of neck are 16 narrow tongues and these are repeated on base of handle. Handle is enclosed in a heavy black loop. Egg and dot pattern on shoulder between thin bands. Enire body covered with net pattern with white dots in intersections. Heavy black band above and around the foot, with a reserved band in between. Resting surface and base are reserved and slightly convex. 2003.28.0007.jpg
22.3.39 Black glaze but slightly silvery front and back. Bands of decoration from top to bottom; white 'v' shapes and dots, two thin bands, white 's' shapes facing right, two narrow bands, blocks of red and white, two bands, white dots with swirls and circular leaf pattern, red band, indistinguishable circular pattern due to break. 2003.98.0138.jpg
22.3.4 Glaze fired partly to red and partly to greyish-black. Inside is reserved. Two high, curved handles black on top and reserved below. Under handles are crosses between pairs of vertical lines. On each side are four palmettes standing on four larger, inverted palmettes all joined with a chian and half a palmette at each end. In some areas are groups of very short incised vertical grooves. Below pattern are three bands and then black (faded to red) to foot and including top and side of foot. Resting surface is reserved as is base. 2003.97.0837.jpg
22.3.40 Black glaze except for reserved base. Incised horizontal ivy branch (slightly sloping to the right) on neck, from which descend four streams over the shoulder. Painted leaves and three dot berry groups, once white but now faded. 2003.37.0005.jpg
22.3.41 Painted exterior decoration in dark brown and dark red on a cream ground. Below a broad brown band is a red band, between two white lines, and then another brown band. The lower body is decorated with a series of vertical brown lines, between pairs of red and brown bands, all between two curvilinear patterns each comprised of two concentric circles around a single dot. This entire motif is enclosed in a lens-shaped space, between dark brown patches, underlined by more red bands between white lines. The flat bottom is decorated with a curvilinear diamond crossing a cross, both in dark brown, inscribed in a dark brown circle. 2004.99.0530.jpg
22.3.42 Black glaze all over interior and exterior. 2004.95.0093.jpg
22.3.43 Mouth is black and neck has long black tongues. On front is a female head, wearing a sakkos, or scarf bound around her hair. Her head is flanked by tendrils. Barely visible white paint for radiated stephane and necklace. Bow and ribbons from bun at back of head are black. Ring foot is black, which is unevenly carried on to base. 2003.97.0370.jpg
22.3.5 Body: below the flanged rim, key; below, a broad band. On the reserved base a spiral incised when the vase was leather-hard. Inside reserved with a broad band immediately inside the rim and a line below it; at the centre two small concentric circles. Lid: knob reserved with a broad painted band between two mouleded fillets round its base; main zone, palmette-lotus band bordered above and below by a pair of fine lines and a broad band. Round the rim leaf and bar pattern. Inside reserved. 2011.03.0009.jpg
22.3.5A-B Glaze fired red throughout. On the body below flanged rim, is key below a broad band, on reserved base an incised spiral. Inside is reserved with a broad band immediately inside the rim and a line below it, at the centre are two concentric circles. Lid: around the rim the pattern consists of leaves surroundered by parallel lines. A broad band separates another pattern of palmettes and decorative tendrils. Another broad band of concentric circles leading up to an acorn shaped knob with ridge at its base. Knob is red around bottom but reserved at top. There are also areas of white and black deposits on knob and inside on the underside of the lid and at base. 2003.97.0895.jpg
22.3.6 Black inside and out. Two superimposed red lines just below level of handles. Painted black on the outside and inside is left reserved. Just above foot is left resereved with black vertical lines serving as rays. Outer foot ring is black, as is resting surface. Base is red with two bands in centre. 2003.97.0574.jpg
22.3.7 Stamped in the centre is a single palmette, surrounded by ring of eight palmettes at irregular intervals, outside an incised circle, and beyond that a similar ring of sixteen palmettes outside another incised cirlcle. Foot ring is black inside and out as is resting surface. Base is flat and ruddled with central black dot. 2003.30.0003.jpg
22.9.1 Black lines decorate the body in geometric patterns. Front, from bottom to top: vertical rays, two horizontal bands, 7 vertical rays; two horizontal bands; 6 vertical zigzags; 2 horizontal bands; 12 or 13 short rays; one horizontal band (across maximum width, where 'arms' are extended); necklace consisting of horizontal band with pendant (disk with line extending from bottom). Head decoration is limited to wavy hair (5 vertical zigzags all around), 7 rays on the polos, 3 horizontal bands on the coil; and two eyes, on either side of the 'nose'. Otherwise reserved. 2004.08.0002.jpg
22.9.4 Top half of cup glazed black; bottom half and inside red. Inside has 2 discoloured patches. 2003.29.0088.jpg
22.9.8 Horse and rider - man (?monkey). Solid. Clay pinkish, decorated in black stripes, both vertical and horizontal on horse. Man has a band round waist, arms and back. The top of his head is black. 2007.02.0012.jpg
23.11.1 Black glaze inside and outside. Purple band on exterior of rim; narrower white band below. Reserved on underside. 2003.35.0082.jpg
23.11.10 Reddish-brown glaze outside and inside; two red stripes outside 2004.98.0008.jpg
23.11.11 Black glaze inside and outside 2004.98.0135.jpg
23.11.13 Black glaze outside and inside 2004.98.0134.jpg
23.11.16 Black glaze outside and inside 2004.98.0016.jpg
23.11.18 Black glaze inside and outside 2004.98.0002.jpg
23.11.29 Large rounded top, rounded and thicker at the top of the nail and thinner and sqaure at the bottom with a slight bend at the top and the bottom. 2002.97.0547.jpg
23.11.30 Long nail, rounded top, thicker and rounded at top than at bottom, bottom sqaured. 2002.97.0545.jpg
23.11.31B Warrior shown in profile to the left, holidng a shield, spear, and helmet. Prominent, wide lege emerge from beneath the shield. 2005.06.0057.jpg
23.11.31C2 The waistband of the figurine is striped, and the skirt is patterned with four vertical bands of alternating stripes and diagonal crosses.
23.11.31D Profile figure facing lef, wearing a helmet and holding a shield. Appears to have once held a spear. Two prominent wide legs emerge from underneath shield. Lead is an off-colour black-grey. 2005.06.0024.jpg
23.11.31G Profile figure facing right and wearing a helmet. Holding a small shield with a compact bike spokes formation. Lead is off-colour white-grey. 2005.06.0043.jpg
23.11.31H Profile figure facing right wearing a flat helmet. The face is visible, and a marking shows a potential eye socket. He carries a shield which is intact, with no defining pattern. Appears to have once held a spear. Small wide legs emerge from underneath the shield. Lead is off-colour brown-grey. 2005.06.0049.jpg
23.11.31I Profile figure facing left and wearing a helmet. Holding a shield with a compact bike spokes pattern. Wide legs emerge from underneath the shield. Lead is an off-colour brown-grey. 2005.06.0008.jpg
23.11.31J It is unclear which side is meant to be the front and whether the figure is intened to be in profile. The shield has an ornate bike spokes pattern. Lead is off-colour brown-grey. 2005.06.0064.jpg
23.11.31M Profile figure wearing a helmet and holding a circular shield with a possible bike spokes pattern. Appears to have once held a spear. Thin legs emerge from underneath the shield. Lead is an off-colour brown-grey. 2005.06.0083.jpg
23.11.31OO Profile figure facing the direction right. does not appear to be a Spartan warrior. possibly a Persian warrior or leader? face. helm and armour slightly visible though. defining feature is a ponytail at the back of his helm. not clear whether he is carrying any weaponry. representation of Persian King Darius or Xerxes from the Persian Wars? lead figures part of a large relief commemorating the war? or just used for ritual purposes with the flogging at the Temple of Artemis Orthia? pretty good condition. lead is an off-colour brown grey, similar to 23.11.31h. bears no similarity to the other lead warriors, as it is a lot thinner than them and lacks a shield. 2005.06.0099.jpg
23.11.4 Black glaze pattern outside and inside 2004.98.0143.jpg
23.11.5 Black glaze outside and inside 2004.98.0056.jpg
23.11.6 Black glaze outside and inside 2004.98.0148.jpg
23.11.7 Black glaze outside and inside; two white stripes outside, on upper body; one white strip inside, also on upper body. 2004.98.0022.jpg
23.11.8 Reddish-brown glaze outside and inside; two white stripes below rim outside; one white strip below rim inside 2004.98.0024.jpg
23.11.9 Black glaze outside and inside 2006.20.0350.jpg
23.4.1 Black inside, with 8 ivy leaves reserved on rim joined by a stem and with groups of white berries. At the base of the inside is a stamped pattern of 5 linked palmettes around a horse shoe pattern with ovules inside, and there are ovules around the outside between bands. Side A is a youth with discus and athlete holding aryballos and side B is an athlete and youth with a discus hanging on the wall. Below each handle is a group of three palmettes. Moulded ridge above foot, which is black all over. Base is reserved in centre with three black bands, two broad and one narrow. 2003.97.0672.jpg
25.4.2 Black and red on creamy buff. Main zone flying birds in panels between chevron-panels. Red for middle band of three above main zone, and vertical lines of herringbone panels, and mid band below main zone. Bands on handles. On the inside are three thick black bands interspersed with reserved bands and a reserved circle in the middle. 2003.58.0009.jpg
25.6.1 Three bands on saucer shaped mouth. Flanged sides, one band. Daisy pattern on shoulder. Cinquefoil with leaves touching central wheel and extends onto base of pot. Rough light brown cross on body below handle. 2003.98.0205.jpg
25.6.12 Two black bands on and two black dots with a possible third mostly chipped off on a reserved background. Inside painted black and largely faded to red. 2006.20.0546.jpg
25.6.2 Black on the inside except for a reserved disk in the centre approx 6.0 cm diam. Small handles moving straight out from side, black underneath but reserved on top. On the main zone; A and B. Man leaning on stick listens to a seated lyre player. Handle palmette behind musician has lotus attached to it on left. Between listener and other handle palmette a tall thin lotus bud. Beneath each handle is a small clover leaf. Beneath the main zone is a black disk leading down the stem to the foot. The rim and base of the foot are reserved except for a black band on the base. 2003.16.0094.jpg
25.6.3 Top of neck, back on handle, base of body, top of foot and edge of lower step of foot all black but have a streaky glaze. Rim of mouth reserved. Shoulder design is two rows of bars, the first shorter than the second. Body from top to bottom is three rows of black dots separated by lines. Symposium: Man reclining, woman lyre-player seated at foot of couch. At each side, woman on animal (perhaps mule [looks like llama]). Incised detail on drapery (black robes) and on lyre. Below are reserved bands on black glaze. Foot black on top and on lower edge, reserved in the middle. Base reserved. 2011.98.0106.jpg
25.8.1 Black inside and out but lip reserved. Neck is reserved as is underside of handle. Top of handle was once black with a ridge running down the centre. Shoulder has short bars at base of neck above a lotus bud chain with interlaced stems above a black band. Body shows a hoplite putting on greaves, facing right to a woman holding spear and shield. Two onlookers left and one on right, all facing him. Colour worn but corselet originally red and possibly hair too. Below is black to base, including top of foot, but not side, which is reserved. Base is reserved and concave. 2003.97.0874.jpg
25.8.2 Paint fired red. The rim of the bowl is red. Inside has an eight pointed cross whose spokes reach from the rim to the base. Outside has a red band around rim and a main design of seven long-necked birds facing right with dot rosettes in the field. On bottom is an uneven, eight-spoked wheel with two holes pierced in bottom, one opposite the other. 2003.97.0771.jpg
25.8.4 On top of mouth is a daisy pattern and there is one band on the side. In upper animal zone, ram facing lion (?) with head turned back. In lower, hare between two dogs. Centred circles in field. Bottom daisy pattern round small sunk centre. Zones separated by thin parallel bands. 2003.03.0093.jpg
25.8.5 The handle is black with a reserved line at the foot of each tier. The surface of the lid shows alternate palmettes and lotuses, four of each, joined by tendrils. Towards the edge of the lip is a thin black line, with a thicker one outside it that goes right to the edge of the rim. The underside of the lid is reserved. 2002.97.0271.jpg
25.8.6 Lip inside and outside black. Shoulder: five lotus buds separated by spots, body- probably a runner facing left between youthfull onlookers; the figures in the center and on the left completely repainted. Below, thick black band. Rim of foot missing, but remainder is reserved. 2003.11.0003.jpg
25.9.1 Inside is black with a reserved band below where mouth begins to flare. The mouth is wide and flares outwards. On the exterior surface at the top is a patterned band of two rows of 'cccc' shapes, one row above the other. Two handles, one each side are black and it is hard to distinguish what is on the body behind the handle (maybe a panel with dots?). On side A, Eros flies towards a woman who retreats towards youth seated naked on a folding garment and holding alabastron. Side B shows 2 youths, clothed, the one on the right holding a stick. Brown for feathers at top of Eros' wing. White garland, neckless, bracelet of woman and fillet held by Eros. Below them is a reserved panle with egg shapes with dits in between. Stem and top of foot black, reserved band at top of foot. Base reserved. 2003.23.0003.jpg
25.9.2 The inside is black at the base and reserved up the interior walls. On the upper surface around mouth are alternating black and red tongues surrounded by double row of dots between lines. Outside these is black around the curved body down the stem to the foot. Black glaze badly fired revealing many colours. Side of foot is reserved as is resting surface and central base section which is flat but raised a long way inside the footring which is black inside. 2003.97.0811.jpg
25.9.3 The vessel bears impressed (stamped) decoration and is black inside, as well as outside. There is a rope-shaped plastic motif above the shoulder of the vessel and the body is ribbed (long, tongue-shaped motives). Below the handle there are ten impressed palmettes (voluted with narrow divisions), arranged in an inverted triangle. The resting surface bears traces of a red line, its shallow inner side bears a black band, the central part is red and there is a black circle with a dot at the centre. 2003.31.0095.jpg
25.9.4 Body, shoulder and neck white ground. Cup mouth is black. Handle black on the back and cream ground underneath. On shoulder are two rows of radiating bars. Body design is an ivy-spray, with circles of dots and heart shaped leaves, between bands of grille pattern, at front only and all in black. Three wet-incised lines below. Side and base of foot heavily ruddled. Footring reserved. 2003.12.0074.jpg
26.12.1 On mouth two concentric circles. Three horizontal bands on the handle. No shoulder decoration. On body, six (or seven?) thin bands above three thick ones. Base is slightly concave and reserved. 2003.97.0152.jpg
26.12.10 Inside black with reserved line at top. Two handles are balck on top but reserved underneath. Outer surface top to bottom, black band on offset rim, ivy leaves, black line, inverted ivy leaves, black band, thin band, main design, three black bands, alternating red and black tongues, red ridge, black foot. Main design is similar both sides and shows a wedded pair in chariot with many onlookers or attendants of both genders. On far side of chariot is a bearded man between two women. Onlookers appear to be mostly in pairs. Women originally had white painted flesh. Clothing detail is incised. Foot is black on top but lowest point of side is reserved. Inner foot ring is black and base is reserved except for a black band in the centre. 2002.99.0029.jpg
26.12.11 Inside black with reserved line round lip and reserved disk with one black circle in the bottom. Handle is black on top and reserved underneath. Outer surface, from top to bottom has black band, ivy leaves, black band, inverted ivy leaves, two black bands, main design, three black bands, broad black band, three narrow bands, red and black alternating bars, black band, red ridge, black foot. The main design is similar both sides of Amazons fleeing a quadriga (four horse chariot). Four sirens, facing handles, one each side. Horses are black with detail in red and white. Lower part of side of foot reserved, as is resting surface. Inner foot ring black with base reserved except for a central dot and two rings in black. 2013.99.0133.jpg
26.12.12 Inside is black with reserved line at lip. The rim isblack on the outside. The object is reserved apart from the design of two boxers between two seated men who are facing them. On each side of the scene are the tips of the wings of sphinxes, who were presumably facing the handles. Red is used for hair and folds in garments. Detail is incised. 2004.51.0003.jpg
26.12.13 Lip, handle, neck and back of body all black. Reserved panel in front with main design and two sets of parallel, vertical black lines either side of a double row of dots. Horizontal row of tongues at top. Main design of Amazon on horseback with pelta (shield) and two spears, wearing helmet. At the bottom of the panel, running all the way around is a painted red line, now hardly visible. Foot is black on top and side but reserved on resting surface and underside. 2003.97.0873.jpg
26.12.14 Lip, handle, neck and back of body all black. Horizontal row of nine tongues at top, just below neck, above main, reserved panel, with two parallel, vertical black lines either side of panel (shields ?). Main design of warrior facing right, with helmet, shield, and spear. Ivy leaves on stems in field. Foot is black on top and side, but reserved on resting surface. 2003.44.0005.jpg
26.12.15 Inside is black with a reserved line halfway down rim and a reserved centre circle with a black band and a central dot. The rim is vertical and offset slightly. Two handles are black all over. Outside design, from top to bottom is, black rim, lotus bud and dots linked with chain, black band with narrower bands either side, alternating buds and dots slighlty diagonal, black band with narrower bands either side, rays. At top is a red ridge that then leads to a ribbed and reserved stem. The lower half is black as is the top of the foot and the side. The foot has a thicker ridge around the edge resulting in a channel effect going all the way around it. The resting surface and conical base are reserved apart from the inner ring of the foot which is black. 2005.89.0017.jpg
26.12.16 Probably Kleinmeister type. Forepart of horse?, woman to right in mantle decorated with purple, white and incisions, facing man to left in black mantle. Lower part only of figures preserved. Below a black band. Interior is black. 2007.03.1181.jpg
26.12.17 Inside is black except for a reserved rim and a medallion at the center with a dancing woman inside and with bands around the edge. Two handles, black on top and reserved underneath. Side A is a charioteer mounting quadriga, beside horses is a lyre player and at handles is a satyr pursuing woman. Side B is similar, but woman and satyr have changed places. Dots and branches with dots along in the field. Under each handle is a single ivy leaf. Black band, then black stem to foot. Top of foot is black but side is reserved as is the base which is flat except for a central concave black circle. 2003.52.0004.jpg
26.12.18 Inside is black with reserved rim and central medallion outlined with bands and has a picture of a man with a staff. Figures in black with incised detail. Two handles, one on each side, are black on the top and reserved underneath. Below each handle is a single ivy leaf. The outer surface has a similar picture both sides of a satyr attacking a maenad between two palmettes. Branches with fruit in the field. 2003.52.0006.jpg
26.12.19 Handle black on outside and reserved underneath. Shoulder: rays and long, thin lotus buds; black band at join with body. Top of bod: two rows black dots bordered by smaller white dots. Body: ram in cauldron set on tripod over a fire, flanked by two females holding wreaths on either side. Below is a broad black band with a thin band between reserved bands either side. Lower step of foot black; base reserved. This is probably the scene in which Medea tricked the daughters of Peleus: she killed an old ram, cut up its body and threw it in a boiling cauldron. Medea, a sorceress, restored the ram's life and made it young. Whereupon Pelias' daughters kill Pelias and toss his body into the cauldron. Medea did not, however, restore Pelias' life and was driven out of Iolcus. 2003.12.0082.jpg
26.12.20 Heavy fabric. Cup mouth (with vertical sides) and neck are black. The shoulder is decorated with a ring of dots. Below the rim, is a frieze of radiating leaves. Body zone is covered with a white ground and is decorated with diagonal lines criss-crossing one another (net pattern), with thin bands at the top and bottom. Below where the handle would have been the body is reserved. Below is black, except for the reserved foot. 2002.97.0329.jpg
26.12.23 Outside, a dozen daubs of paint irregularly placed. Inside, uneven band round rim and black daub in centre. 2003.19.0096.jpg
26.12.24A-B Lid: The knob of the handle is flat and circular, the top of which is black, with a small reserved well in the centre. The rim and a band below it is reserved, but the rest of the stem and a thick band surrounding it is black. A reserved zone on the upper surface depicts six palmettes, with an ivy flower after each three. The outer rim of the lid is also black, as is the inside. Lekanis: The resting surface for the lid is black. The two horizontal handles are decorated around the edge with vertical bars. On either side of each handle is a small protrusion, with a black line on each side. The walls, in the handle zone, are decorated with vertical wavy lines. The lower part of the body is black, as is in the interior. The base of the ring foot is reserved. 2003.19.0001.jpg
26.12.26 The vessel bears an uneven black glaze, but it is partly fired red. There is a wide groove at the rim and two more at the upper part of the neck, from which seem to be hanging seven, double, semi-circular, white lines, each one flanked by vertical ones. There are also two grooves that contour the upper part of the vessel's shoulder. The latter bears decoration in white, of a branch with double-leaved (teardropped) motives. There is one last groove below that pattern. 2003.36.0009.jpg
26.12.28 Clay pale buff. Decoration streaky brownish-black, in parts fired to red. On shoulder, two wave bands between two straight. Rest of vase black. Bars across handle, black line round lip. Side of foot and bottom reserved. 2005.89.0016.jpg
26.12.2A-B Two handles, round with projections. Base has concave sides. Red band on rim. In handle zone are black zigzags, on body black and red bands. Flat base reserved. Inside is a black band below rim and then a black band in the base. Lid: Central circular knob with bands on top and down lid itself; rim set back to allow the lid to sit in pyxis. 2003.06.0096.jpg
26.12.3 Handle with hole for suspension. On top of mouth are three concentric circles. On side is a band. Neck has daisy petal pattern. Body: bands above and below the main design of a man attacking a lion. At back large black circle with black centre. In field rosettes with incisions intersecting at centre and dots. Added red for decoration. Many bands on base. 2003.97.0261.jpg
26.12.33 Decorated with black slip inside and out; dipped. The base is reserved except at the edges where drip marks extend over it. 2008.10.0003.jpg
26.12.34 Burnt; dull greyish black; where glaze has flaked off, dull grey beneath. Ring handle with triple grooves, groove round lip; flat wide lip. Sharp bend between upper and lower part of body. Large flat resting surface. Underneath reserved. 2003.35.0093.jpg
26.12.4 Top of mouth, bands; side, dots. On shoulder, daisy pattern. Between bands, two above and four below, four komasts in red chitons. Rosettes and dots in field. Bottom, large cetral spot and one thick circle. 2004.15.0005.jpg
26.12.5 On top of mouth, very broad band between two thin ones and a band on the side. Shoulder design is radiating lines with a band below, double row of dots, another band. Body: Lotus-palmette design (with traces of red/purple) flanked by two ducks whose tails overlap. Rosettes, one with double incised circle at centre, others with cross incisions in field. Below design are bands. Foot is black and base has three bands. 2003.97.0353.jpg
26.12.6 Pale greenish clay once decorated with black paint, now brown. Two handles left reserved. Mouth black and on shoulder is a daisy-petal pattern. Just above the widest part of the body is a single row of dots and the rest is banded. 2003.03.0086.jpg
26.12.9 Lip black. Exterior of handle balck and interior reserved. Shoulder: broad band at base of neck, from which hang bars with a white dot at bottom of each. Body: six ivy leaves above six lotuses, buds alternating with flowers with white outer petals painted directly on the clay. Remander of the body and the foot in black. Resting surface and base reserved. 2002.97.0585.jpg
26.2.17 Floral complex in black with added red; suspended field ornament, inside black except rim, which is reserved and traces of white bands. 2003.45.0073.jpg
26.2.18 In the top zone, oblique palmette, wild goat to right with head turned back (only tip of beard preserved), added red on black and haunch, reserved line on belly, in field dot rosette, crossed dumb-bell ornament, dotted double spiral; black zone with bands white-red-white superimposed; rays (tip of one preserved). Inside black with a reserved band a little below rim and two groups of bands, white-red-white, roughly on a level with the top and bottom of the broad black band outside. 2005.02.0430.jpg
26.2.2 Lotus chain in handle zone (only part of interlacing stems preserved). Broad concentric bands of red, black and orange with the orange bands separted by bands of brown gloss. 2013.04.0046.jpg
26.2.20 Back of animal (lion?) with added red on neck and belly and incisions; dot and circle roundel. Inside black with thin bands white-red-white at the top. 2013.04.0048.jpg
26.2.21 Belly of goat to left and typical field ornaments; streaky black band with thin bands white-red-white superimposed; blobs in black with added red; a second black band with white-red-white superimposed. Inside black. 2013.04.0049.jpg
26.2.22 Hind paw and part of body of crouching lion; incisions; in the field a dotted semicircle; two broad bands with key pattern between them; at the bottom tips of petals. Inside black with a group of thin bands white-red-white. 2013.04.0052.jpg
26.2.23 Key pattern and plain bands in black on dirty very pale buff slip. Probably from a burnt vase. Inside black with two thin bands near the top and two at the bottom, now greyish white. 2005.02.0425.jpg
26.2.24 Interlaced lotuses and palmettes with details in red and incision, bordered above and below by lines of thinned black, on yellow-ish buff ground; buff black zone with two thin red bands along the top. Inside black. 2003.45.0070.jpg
26.2.24A-B Interlaced black lotuses and palmettes with details in red and incision, bordered above and below by two lines of thinned black less than a half centimeter apart, on yellowish buff ground. Underneith the second red line on the bottom there are three .1 width lines, with the bottom line bleeding into a broad black zone which contains two 2 thin .5 width red bands .5 apart from each other, the first starting immediately under the last of the three small black lines, while everything underneith and between the red lines is black. Inside black. 2013.04.0055.jpg
26.2.25 Outside, top and bottom brick red; in the middle a zone of panels, one with an X, one with a silhouette square, brick red on creamy-white. Inside black with a group of bands white-red-white. 2003.45.0092.jpg
26.2.26 On underside are four thin black bands. On topside, half the rim is painted black with a red and black band joined below. Seven tongues are seen below the rim, every third one red. They are sitting on a broad band of red between white on black. This band is repeated again just below. 2013.04.0061.jpg
26.2.27 On underside there are four thin streaky brownish bands with one thick black below. Dribble of paint from rim has remained on this surface too. On the topside, the rim is black with a darker band below and below that is a broken key pattern. Main design is a dotted rosette with two circles for the centre. This is between a white-red-white on black band. Perhaps a trace of a tongue to left (?) 2013.04.0064.jpg
26.2.28 Brownish buff ground. The underside has three evenly sized and spaced bands. The parts between are reserved. The topside has red band around rim, with bands of white-red-white on black below with a meander pattern in red followed by another set of red and white bands on black. There are the tips of tongues at the fracture coloured black and red. 2003.45.0081.jpg
26.2.29 Brick red varying to streaky black on a thick white slip. Outside, two bands. Inside, perhaps part of body and beginning of shoulder of an animal facing left; lower part of a pendent triangle; dot and cross ornament in the field. 2005.02.0433.jpg
26.2.3 Paint almost gone, incisions. Fore-part of horse with rider, behind tail and hind quarters of another horse. 2013.04.0070.jpg
26.2.30 Outside, a band below the rim, three lower down, faded black on greyish-buff clay. Inside, on a thin pale slip, large dots on the flat rim, a broad black band with thinner bands of red (and white?) superimposed, and what might be the top of a horse's head to left, showing the beginning of the eye on the extreme left, the ear in the centre, and the main impinging on the framing broad band. 2013.04.0072.jpg
26.2.31 The underside is reserved except for both sides of the foot ring which are black. The upper part is reserved apart from the decoration. This consists of a red band with three red, narrower ones below it. This forms the outline to the central medallion of black lotus buds and goups of palmette leaves which radiate from (missing) centre. 2013.04.0075.jpg
26.2.32 Red painted designs on cream-buff slip on orange red clay. On the underside on the rim there are four .5 wide dashes at one side and a 2 horizontal bar at the other while on the underside body there are four red bands following the contours of the dish all between 1 and 3 apart. On the topside, from top to bottom are four verticle bars alternating with 9 dot rosettes on rim, of which survive from left to right two verticle lines, nine dots, four verticle lines, and nine dots before the fragment ends. On the top of the face of the dish itself is a ca. 1.5 broad red band and below this is a zone of lotus flowers and buds with a final 1 broad band below. 2003.46.0007.jpg
26.2.33 Black (partly fired red) on thin creamy-buff slip. Outside, on edge of rim blobs; on body bands. Inside, on flat rim solid triangles and dots bordered by narrow bands of diluted black, on body key pattern; between this and the rim two bands, the outer and broader red, the inner black with thin, almost golden, inner edge. 2013.04.0078.jpg
26.2.35 No finished edges. The underside has broad streaky black bands on pale buff slip with slightly raised moulding that must have encircled top of stem with a thin and feint band around it. Inside the dish, on pale buff slip, from top to bottom is the lower part of animal zone showing two hooved feet and grass. Below is a red zigzag between two white-red-white on black bands. Below and in centre of dish (now missing) is a rosette made of leaves with dots and spokes bewteen. 2013.04.0083.jpg
26.2.36 No finished edges. The underside is reserved but there is a small trace of a band in the lowest corner. The topside has possible traces of creamy slip. In the centre are six red on black alternating tongues and these are between two stalked and dotted rosettes. Above is the remains of a band with superimposed white and red on black and a similar band is below. 2013.04.0085.jpg
26.2.39 No finished edges. On the underside of the dish fragment, on creamy-buff slip, are the slight remains of floral(?) zone above a black band thinned to golden brown at bottom with black rays and rough dots below that. The topside is onate with a meander pattern inside two bands at bottom of fragment with black above with white-red-white band superimposed. Above this band are red and white swirls surrounded by dots. 2004.46.0059.jpg
26.2.40 Underside, black, turning to red within the double foot-ring; resting surface reserved. Upper side, winged feline (with incisions and applied red markings in the shape of inverted commas on soulder and down foreleg) to right with left paw raised above what may be the tail of a sitting bird or siren, red and incisions on field ornaments. Cream slip. Bands of red and white superimposed on black. 2003.46.0095.jpg
26.2.42 Inside unpainted. Goat to left with head turned back, reserved bands on belly and shoulder, spiral field ornament; rays. Black, partly fired red, on reddish brown. No traces of slip, but the surface is badly worn. 2013.04.0099.jpg
26.2.43 2 zones of grazing goats; upper one head to right, and hind feet of a second goat, the lower: horn and back of goat facing left;black verging on brown or dark red, on thin cream slip, clay reddish, one edge of meander cross field ornament preserved on upper zone. 2003.46.0078.jpg
26.2.44 Above, tongues. Below, tendril and three leaves of an oblique palmette, suspended semi-circular ornament and shapeless blobs in the field. Brick red for black, with superimposed red on one tongue and two leaves. Ground creamy white. 2003.46.0081.jpg
26.2.45 Outside: above tongues, below tendril and 3 leaves of an oblique palmette, small cruciform rosette and suspended semi-circle ornament, purplish black on white slip. 2013.04.0105.jpg
26.2.46 Above, tongues. Below, two leaves and tip of third of an oblique palmette to left, ring and dot field ornaments; on left, part of bird's wing and tail with incisions; soe added red on wing. Black, mostly faded to grey, on crea mslip. 2005.02.0407.jpg
26.2.47 Key pattern between bands of white-red-white on black and, at the top, figured zone with incisions. Red (for black) on cream slip. Figured zone may contain part of a duck. 2003.46.0076.jpg
26.2.48 Above, paw and breast of couchant feline to right, incised details,in the field a shapeless blob. Below, hind quarters of animal to left, the belly indicated by a reserved band with a row of dots bounded above and below by a line of thinned black. Typical Camiran field ornaments and suspended groups of elongated dots. No traces on either zone of applied red or white. Between these zones a band, now simply streaky, but perhaps originally white-red-white on black. 2003.46.0057.jpg
26.2.49 Standing siren or bird to right facing sitting bird or siren to left. Black on pinkish-buff with applied red on both figures. Incisions. Field rosettes, of early Corinthian type with incised lines crossing at centre, and blobs. 2005.02.0483.jpg
26.2.50 Above, tongues. Below, hind part of lion (?) with incised details, round silhouette field ornaments, one with two incised lines crossing at centre. Black, varying in parts of red, on thin creamy-buff ground, the bands above and below the animal zone originally with superimposed thin bands of white-red-white. 2003.46.0056.jpg
26.2.52 Above, tongues. Below, hind part of goat or deer to left, field rosettes of a late type with parallel incised lines covering most of the disk and one or two at right angles to these in the remaining small sector (in the rosette under the goat's leg, scarcely discernible on Pl. 22). Dull black, with applied red for animal's rump and upper part of leg, on whitish buff. 2005.02.0494.jpg
26.2.55 Palmette on back to back spirals; rough silhouetted squares between thin bands; quartered square, each quarter with a dot, and (in thinned black) left side of a meander that probably alternated with the quartered square. Faded black on cream slip. 2005.02.0404.jpg
26.2.56 On top of mouth meander, on side rough squares; neck black; at bottom of neck a ridge, tongues, figured zone showing a wing, supended half-rosette with double incised centre and a field rosette like the half-rosette, or fan-shaped. Black with incisions on cream slip. Inside of neck black. 2003.46.0062.jpg
26.2.57 On plate, back to back spirals joined by three thin lines between heart-shaped leaves; on rim proper, tips of five silhouetted triangles. Black, shading off to red, on creamy-buff. Sides of plate and outer side of handle black. Rest of underside shows the clay rough and pinkish-black in colour. 2005.02.0480.jpg
26.2.58 On top of mouth, key pattern. On shoulder, below a plain band, a star, and to te right of it the beginning of some rectangular pattern. 2004.46.0097.jpg
26.2.62 Outside on creamy-white ground in brownish black, leg of seated lion or sphinx, handle zone, saw pattern and group of veritical lines, inside: streaky brown, with superimposed white band near bottom, at right edge, half round hole indicating rivetting. 2013.04.0148.jpg
26.2.67 Lower part of bowl with trace of beginning of conical foot, outside: on creamy ground, bands alternating purple red and golden brown, Inside: on streaky brownish black, 3 groups of bands white- red-white, and between bottom, 2 groups of white daisy petals 2003.20.0003.jpg
26.2.68 Exterior white with one small red/brown section of a pattern at the highest point and one thick almost 1 red/brown line abour half way from the top. Interior is black/brown with a pair(?) of thin faded white lines 0.5 cm from the top edge; below, a repeating pattern of black teardrops, and below that a pattern of white lotus buds interspliced with red dots. 2007.03.1175.jpg
26.2.69 Outside: white, inside: on black central medallion, white daisy petal and large red spot within 2 white circles. 2007.03.1173.jpg
26.2.7 Interior black; exterior decorated with red and white bands 2003.45.0093.jpg
26.2.70 Outside creamy white; line C. 1c, below rim showing clay-incised?, Inside, on black, row of large white dots, 2 white bands, white-framed tongues alternating black and red. 2013.04.0166.jpg
26.2.71 Outside: on cream ground, line of oblong black spots, one smudged, just below rim, between thinned lines of golden brown. Inside: on black, large white dots between bands, reserved and brown above, 2 white below; lotus bud in white outline with red heart. 2013.04.0167.jpg
26.2.72 Clay the usual grey, but the white ground of the outside is more stony and less milky than normal. Outside, back hair in three tresses and a spiral curl and part of wing of sphinx. Inside streaky blac with one band of better preserved black due to disappearance of superimposed red or white. 2005.02.0384.jpg
26.2.73 Shows tip of outer lotus petal on left and outer part of pendent bud, brownish-black on light buff; two bars on rim show applied red. Inside streaky black with bands white-red-white near rim and again at bottom of fragment. 2005.88.0006.jpg
26.2.74-75 Framed tongues, red on black and plain black alternately, with the top part of a tall cap, perhaps belonging to a Persian or an archer. 2013.04.0174.jpg
26.2.76 Framed tongues, black and red alternately. In panel head and incised mane of horse or perhaps lion. Above the top border of teh tongues a reserved groove. 2003.20.0093.jpg
26.2.77 Framed tongues, black and red alternately. 2003.20.0092.jpg
26.2.78 Outside brick red (for black badly fired) on pinkish-buff ground. Applied red only for a thin band round bottom of neck. unframed tongues, red and black alternately. Inside of neck streaky black. 2013.04.0180.jpg
26.2.79 Top of rim, inside of vase and outside below rim, black. Outside of rim reserved with zones in black of triangles, dots, broken-key pattern, dots. Underside of rim reserved. 2003.20.0004.jpg
26.2.80 On flat top of mouth, tongues framed by incisions, every alternate one left black, the others red and white alternately. On shoulder, similar tongues similarly arranged. Inside streaky brownish black. 2013.04.0185.jpg
26.2.83 On a chamois ground: outside, bands, thinned black black and red, the outermost with vertical bars running down into it; below, black petal tips. Inside, in black with added red and incisions, parts of two snakes from the hair of a gorgon. 2003.20.0078.jpg
26.2.84 Two groups of bands, red, black, red, and at the top a black band. 2005.02.0453.jpg
26.2.86 On rim, between pairs of thin bands vertical wavy lines; below, the back of an animal; applied red between incisions for ribs and shoulder; above back, a row of dots. Pale buff ground. Inside streaky black. 2005.02.0389.jpg
26.2.87 Probably quatrefoil. Brownish-black lines, arcs, and cross-hatching remain. 2013.04.0201.jpg
26.2.88 Four bands of different thickness round top and one round side. Black varying to reddish-brown on pale buff. 2013.04.0204.jpg
26.2.90 On top faded lotus-palmette chain and, where handle plate began, tail of bird or siren. On side step pattern. On underside one plain band, now golden brown. 2013.04.0211.jpg
26.2.91 Outside, on red slip, breast and wing of siren or bird with neck and breast reserved, red for base of near wing, body black below it, black for outspread far wing with alternate red and black, marked off by incisions, for wing featers; rosette with two incised circles at centre and applied red on centre and each petal. Inside black. 2013.04.0213.jpg
26.2.92 Outside, on red slip, hind legs and part of body of a bull (?); behind, legs of bird or siren; in field one cruciform rosette. Incisions. No trace of aplied colours on figures, but below the figure zone bands, white-red-white on black. Inside black. 2013.04.0216.jpg
26.2.93 Lion's (?) paw with outline and pads incised; cruciform rosette with incisions and applied red on top and bottom petals. 2005.02.0387.jpg
26.2.94 Outside, good black with reserved band on which are four black lines. Inside, part of border of medallion consisting of framed tongues, alternating red and black, a reserved zone with black lines and a dot band. 2003.20.0091.jpg
26.2.97 On shoulder, small bit of tendril. Round top of body triple pomegranate band bordered by pair of lines above and below. Head of horse with applied red on mane. 2013.04.0226.jpg
26.4.1A-B Lid are palmettes and tendrils, three ridges painted black and bars to edge which is slightly raised. Underside is black around edge and reserved in the centre. Body is black inside and on outer rim. Design on sides comprised of alternating palmettes and lotuses (three of each) joined by tendrils. Below is a broad black band, ridge with red either sid eand rays. Inset tripod foot which is black at top and red on outside but black inside feet. Base ruddled 2003.17.0001.jpg
26.4.2 The rim on the outside has a thick black band round it, which stops at the top of the handles. On both sides of the handle, the same images are repeated, showing the figure of a bird in between two palmettes with stems ending in a curling ventril with a pendant pointing down towards the foot. Beneath each handle is an ivy leaf with a curled stem. Below these images, is a thin black band, and then a thick one that also encompasses the top side of the foot. The edge of the foot is grooved and reserved, as is the outer rim of the base of the foot. On the base of the foot, there is a well approx 3.8cm wide and 1.5cm deep. The inside of this well and a rim around the edge is fired black, but is mostly red. The inside of the Kylix shows a thin black band that has been extended from the outside. Then there is a thin reserved band, the rest of the inside entirely glazed, except for a small reserved circle in the centre. 2002.97.0264.jpg
26.4.3 Lid is decorated with palmettes, and black vertical bars on the rim. Stamnos-pyxis also has black vertical bars, on the shoulder. Body: two thin black bands, four palmettes, stems rising from a thick black band below them. The base is reserved. 2002.97.0638.jpg
26.4.3A-B Lid has small knob for handling. Shoulder (lid surface) is decorated with four palmettes seperated by lotus's, the rim of the ld is black as is the inside of the vessel. The underside of the lid is reserved. A wave pattern decorates the body whilst the underside and foot are black. The base is reserved. 2002.97.0637.jpg
26.4.4 The rim of the mouth has a thin redish band round it, below is reserved, and then there is another thin reddish band. The handles begin just below this band, but rise above the mouth of the pot. The outside of the handles are black, the inside reserved. On either side of each handle are small blunt spurs (four in total). The main zone of the body is decorated, on either side, with lotuses between palmettes. Between the spurs and the handles are ivy leaves (three with stems, one without). Beneath each handle, there is a palmette. Below the main zone are three red bands, a thin one on either side of a thick one. There is then a reserved space, before another thin band, below which is a thick one. The molded foot has reserved ridges on either side of a reddish-black one. The base of the foot is also reserved. The inside of the pot is red. 2002.97.0345.jpg
26.4.5 On the flat top of the knob, there is a 16 rayed astar in black. On the stem of the lid, are four seperate bands. On the lid, there is an ivy wreath with a faint red stem running through the middle, in between two thin black bands. Outside this, there is a band of leaves and then a plain outer band that reaches the rim. The underneath of the lid is reserved and has a ridge about 1.5cm in. 2002.97.0340.jpg
26.5.1 Inside black apart from a reserved band around rim and disk in bottom. The Handles are black on top and reserved underneath. Both sides are the same, with a bird (duck/swan) on each side between palmette with curling stem. Under one handle is an ivy leaf on a stem. Below are bands. Red band around top of foot. 2005.89.0088.jpg
26.5.2 Inside is reserved except for two bands in centre. On top is a double row of black dots between red lines. Below are three black bands. Turned in rim is black on inside. Foot ring is black. On bottom is a central dot and two circles. Black but largely fired red. Handle is reserved. 2003.06.0099.jpg
26.7.1 Handles have a mixed pattern of horizontal lines at the top and bottom with vertical lines in the middle with the underneath reserved. Inside is almost ribbed in texture and painted black/brown with convex circle at centre. Outside is reserved apart from pattern which is similar both sides. Central design is a four-spoked wheel within two circles flanked by two horizontal patterns of crossed lines and three vertical lines. Below is two bands then brown almost to bottom except for a thin reserved band at base. Underneath is flat and reserved. 2003.08.0007.jpg
26.7.10 Woman in cloak, playing tympanum(beathing rympareum(?)). Head missing. Clay brownish-pink. White slip. Hollow, and oval hole in back. 2004.95.0035.jpg
26.7.15 On main zone, both A and B show a spray of leaves in applied white. There is a long stem leading down to the foot, the base of which has a thin wash of glaze on it. 2003.29.0099.jpg
26.7.2 The interior of the vessel is streaky black (uneven) except for the tondo (reddish brown), that depicts a (shadow of a) man, in a short chiton, facing right and advancing. He is holding a (thorny) club with his right hand and his himation with the left one (using it as a shield?), while his sword is visible at his right side. Exterior: The lip bears a thin, black line. The surface of the body is reserved (up to the point where the scene ends) but bears decoration in black. The scene is repeated on both sides; the myth of Heracles and the Bull. Herakles has captured the Bull from the head. Hanging in the background (above them) there are Herakles' club, cloak and quiver. The scene is flanked (left and right) by fan-shaped palmettes (voluted at the bottom with long, narrow divisions). The lower part of the handles' external surface is black and under either of them there is an ivy leaf (heart-shaped). Below the scene, there is a streaky black line and, after a reserved, thin band, the vessel is (streaky) black up to the end of the foot, whose side surface is reserved, though. The base is reserved but bears a red thin band at the center of the resting surface. No incisions or added colour have been used. 2003.09.0004.jpg
26.7.3 Covered in white slip with traces of red on right arm and polos. 2002.97.0384.jpg
26.7.4 Top of mouth one thick and four thin bands. Dots appear on side. Four horizontal lines appear on the handle. Daisy pattern on shoulder and below that three bands. Three warriors marching right in snowstorm, spears sloping forwards. Shield of central warrior blazoned with flying bird, other two divided vertically, one half red and the other brown. All figures and shields are incised. Six bands down to base. 2004.95.0069.jpg
26.7.5 On top of mouth are four equal width bands and on the side are dots. Horizontal bands appear on the handle. Daisy pattern on shoulder. Three warriors marching right in snowstorm; spears sloping forwards. Shields divided vertically by three incised lines; some added red paint. Below, three narrow bands, three wider and small inverted base. Large area left plain in the 'white style'. 2005.05.0043.jpg
26.7.6 On top of mouth three bands and on the side are dots. Two vertical lines border the back of the handle. On shoulder is a daisy pattern. Main design is of three grazing deer, facing right, with three bands framing them above and below. On bottom small circle and round sunk centre. 2003.03.0006.jpg
26.7.9 Everted rim and flat base. Groove ca 0.3 cm above the base. Grey surface. 2002.97.0480.jpg
26.8.1 Interior black and exterior decorated with black ornament. Black band on handle extending down each side, with horizontal bars between. On the body are panels or vertical strips of check pattern, herring-bone, cross-hatched lozenges and (bordered above by a row of dots), chevrons flanked by horizontal zigzags and at each end a vertical zigzag and this pattern is repeated on the other side. The lower part of body is black to base, which is reserved and flat. 2003.97.0768.jpg
26.8.3 Mouth black inside and out with a reserved rim. Shoulder bars at base of neck, lower buds which have almost degenerated into rays. At top of body is a debased checker board in three rows. Main design is of Athena attacking a giant who is beaten to his knees, between trees. Below are reserved bands and rest of body is black. Top of foot is black as is lower step. Base has traces of black paint. 2007.01.0092.jpg
27.10.1 Reddish-brown on pale buff ground. On shoulder, five groups of concentric arcs, three based on outer circumference, one sideways, one base towards neck. Eight black narrow band are nestled between two broad black bands. The pattern repeats itself on the body and base three times, with a variation after the first group where there are three reddish-brown narrow bands in the buff area. The base is buff, with an overlap of a broad black band. 2004.95.0051.jpg
27.3.10 On shoulder two dogs running to left. On body, below four lines, three dogs running to right, then four lines and three bands. Base reserved; well-marked foot-ring and protrusion in the center. 2003.03.0079.jpg
27.3.3 Fine thin fabric of pinkish-buff ground. Inside is purple/black with traces of red bands. Rim flares out and on it is a black band with two thin red bands. Below this are vertical bars in two groups, some longer. One broad black band then three narrow red bands. Five pronged triangular lines radiating from base. Two bands on foot and three on base. 2003.02.0009.jpg
27.3.5 Decoration faded brick-red. On lip five concentric circles, on handle is a vertical zigzag between two thin lines. On shoulder are two dogs running to the right. On body are a group of four lines, between two bands, then six lines, below which are four bands. The base is reserved and concave with a small central protrusion. 2003.97.0176.jpg
27.3.6 On rim, four concentric circles. On handle, three horizontal bars (bottom two somewhat slanted). On shoulder three dot rosettes comprised of seven dots each. From top to bottom; two lines, three rows of dots, twelve lines, and finally a band of six rays. The base is only slightly concave, with a slight protrusion in the middle, and is circumscribed with two black bands. 2003.97.0147.jpg
27.3.7 On lip rays and a circle around the outer edge. Rays on shoulder. Five broad reddish-purple bands on the body, each with two thin black lines superimposed. Between bands there are double rows of black scales. Triangular rays radiate from bottom upwards. Slightly concave base. Object is top heavy. 2003.57.0096.jpg
27.3.8 On lip, rays. On handle, two horizontal bands. Shoulder decoration consists of a repeated inverted comma pattern. On body a line, a band, six narrow lines, and, in the main zone, two lions (with traces of a third lion between them), with rosettes between their tails. Four thick black bands, each with thin red bands superimposed. Band of five rays rising from base. Two bands around foot and base coloured black. 2003.03.0004.jpg
27.3.9 The decoration above the shoulder is unclear. A fish is probably depicted on the shoulder. On the body, black bands of varying thicknesses, range from top to bottom. The base is reserved and almost flat. Shallow groove between slight footing and central flat disk. 2003.03.0077.jpg
27.4.1 Glazed black on the interior, except for a reserved band within 0.4 cm of the top edge. Exterior black glazed except, in the handle zone, a frieze decorated on each side with a pair of eyes between 5-petalled palmettes, above another reserved band. Each palmette is joined to the corresponding handle by a tendril. Each eye consists of a white circle within a black eye shape, surmounted by a black eyebrow decorated with white dots, and above a plain black curving line that mirrors the shape of the eyebrow. Between each pair of eyes is a straight vertical band, indicative of a nose, decorated with a row of white dots. Between the handle attachments and below each handle is a set of four sloppy spots arranged in a diamond form. 2010.98.0197.jpg
27.4.10 On neck and bottom daisy pattern. On front of body, two cocks facing; between them a small swan. At back (very faded) above cocks' tails inverted lotus, below small duck. Field rosettes of early type. Incisions, added red. 2003.39.0092.jpg
27.4.11 The interior is black, but reserved at the bottom of the bowl. There is a red line around the lip. The body is decorated with figural scenes. A: Two sphinxes. B: A female figure (Artemis or 'Mistress of animals'?) between two lions (alternate stripes of white and red indicate the ribs and hindquarters of the lions). Beneath each handle stands a water bird (swan?) facing to the right. Rosettes and rows of dots in the field. Below the figural zone are two red lines, then a black band, a frieze of narrow black rays (slightly overlapping the black band above). The ring foot is black on the exterior and resting surface. The central part of the underside is decorated with a black dot at centre, surrounded by a black dircle and, farther out, a red circle. White is used on parts of the lions, necks and breasts of sphinxes and woman, and parts of the wings of birds. 2003.15.0009.jpg
27.4.12 Rim decorated with black lines/petals. Inside of bowl, there is a thick band and then two smaller circles, accentuated by thin black bands. The outer circle contains small black dots, the inner circle, a star shape made out of seven lines with a black dot in the middle. Underside of the rim, shows same line/petal motif as other side, but then there is only a thin band. Inside this is an alternating swastika and dot rosette pattern, and then another thin band. A thick black band is around the neck of the foot, the rim and base of which are not glazed. The foot has a thin black band just inside the rim. 2002.97.0239.jpg
27.4.13 Clay pale and rough. Jug garland of ivy leaves. Cf. 27.4.14 2003.15.0099.jpg
27.4.14 Clay pale and rough. Three rough ovals on shoulder and top of body. upper part filled in with black. 2003.15.0098.jpg
27.4.15 Pale clay, paint fired red. Trefoil lip. On neck, a central panel with bird (?), flanked on either side by two vertical lines, panel of zigzag (?) or oblique lines, three more vertical lines. Top and bottom of body broad band; thin bands filling space 2003.97.0776.jpg
27.4.2 Large part of one side smeared(?). The paint is fired red throughout. On the rim is a red band, the inside of the pot is completely red, though the glaze appears black towardes the centre. On the outside, a thick red band lies above two rows of leaves, separated by a thin band. Below the second row of leaves is another thick band, which reaches nearly to the rim of the foot. The foot rim and base are reserved. 2003.17.0003.jpg
27.4.3 Decorated with black horizontal bands, fired to orange-red, and purplish-red wavy bands. Base decorated with two concentric circles on bottom. Interior reserved. 2003.14.0095.jpg
27.4.4 Paint is red-brown. Single handle with incised line down back creating two halves. Trefoil mouth with short bars around, leading to long straight neck. On neck are two parallel bands at the top, above four groups of three tongues with a red bar across top. Three bands separate neck design from shoulder design of three grazing deer facing right with zig-zag fill ornaments above shoulders and a small bird (?) on extreme left. On body is one zone of checks and then bands to base. Base is flat and reserved. 2003.97.0780.jpg
27.4.6 The bowl shows linear decoration in black (fired orange-red) and (purple) red on buff. Groups of four bars on rim and inside, a thin band just underneath the lip. Large red/orange disk in centre of bowl. Outside of bowl features a pattern of wave-like pattern beginning underneath the handles, with one thin band either side. Below this, more plain bands are evident, one thick, the rest thin until the base. Foot contains one thin band right at the top, and then a thick one on the inside. 2003.14.0094.jpg
27.4.7 Main design, framed, shows a baby with amulets slung around him and a thread on his ankle, leaning his hands on a table. Facing him is a duck, behind him a chous on the ground, over the table a bunch of grapes. Above the panel egg pattern part of the way around the neck. Otherwise the surface is black, except for the reserved resting surface and raised base. 2003.97.0702.jpg
27.4.8 Interior: lion, with red and white details, in a tondo framed by a red circle. Exterior: ivy leaves with short, curling stems, separated by chevrons (above) and dot rosettes (below). Black ring foot with reserved resting surface. Underside reserved also within foot, and decorated with three concentric circles: red, black, red. 2003.16.0013.jpg
27.4.9 Grazing goat to left but no trace of added red. Rosettes, with and without an incised circle at centre. Below goat four bands. On bottom two circles, one thin and one thick, round a central spot. 2003.57.0089.jpg
27.6.75 Fragment, showing the very top of a man's head. Has a thin stripe around the edge and the main picture is curved inwards, both suggesting that the fragment is part of a plate or similar item. Some writing is visible around the inside of the stripe. The other side is also black, with lots of small chips
28.6.1 Handle all black, as is neck and back of body. At the front on shoulder is an inverted swirl / wave pattern, consisting of four waves. Below is the main design of an athlete (naked) with a discus standing between two clothed youths, the left of them holding a discus. Robe detail is picked out in black paint. No relief contour. There is an reserved line incised above foot. Foot is black on the top and side but the underneath is reserved and flat. 2011.98.0057.jpg
28.6.2 Mouth, handle, neck and back of body are all black. Main design is of a woman dancing, facing right and standing beside a box. Her right hand has the fingers bent in an ungainly manner. Pair of krotala hanging on wall. Reserved line beneath the picture. Foot is moulded and black on the top and reserved on the side and underneath. 2003.25.0006.jpg
28.6.3 Rim slightly offset. Originally two horizontal handles, now one left. Black inside and out except for the design which is reserved. Side A is an athlete with a strigil and B is a youth with a strigil. Beneath each handle are palmettes with side tendrils. Foot-ring is black inside and out resting surface reserved. Underneath is reserved, with 2 black circles at centre. 2003.97.0652.jpg
28.6.4 Black inside and out. Main design is similar both sides and is of a youth facing right. Beneath each handle is a palmette with side tendrils reaching from the palmette to the figure. Ruddled band below design above foot-ring which is black inside and out whilst the resting surface is reserved. Underneath ruddled with 2 fine black circles at the centre. 2003.97.0655.jpg
28.6.5 On top, the helmeted head of Athena Parthenos in relief, very worn. Body grooved around the relief. Handle grooved and rises above body. Piece is black glazed throughout, including base. Surface pitted with a good deal of flaking of the glaze. 2003.36.0006.jpg
28.9.1 Black inside rim but reserved in body. Neck is black. Shoulder is reasonably flat and has red and black tongues above a combat scene of seven warriors. Incised white and added red detail. Two horizontal handles all black, as is back of body. Front has panel belween two rows of ivy leaves. Scene is of horses and warriors facing right. Warriors are not mounted on horses but stood behind. Below this is a panel showing a lion facing a boar between palmettes. Bands above and below this. Black band to rays at foot. Side of foot is black half way with bottom half reserved. Base reserved. 2003.44.0002.jpg
29.11.1 Mouth black inside and out with a reserved rim. Neck and underside of single curved handle are reserved. Shoulder has bars at base of neck with a ring of lotus buds on edge - circular mistake between rows. Thin black band around edge of shoulder. Body design has two men each leading a horse to right. Both wear cloaks, first helmet, second petasos. Red for beards, manes, tails and peytrels. White on helmet and design on horses, but badly faded. Black band followed by reserved band, then black stem. Disk foot is black on top but reserved on the edge with a flat, reserved base with a central circular concave section. 2003.97.0431.jpg
29.11.12 White with traces of red on mouth and eyes. 2002.97.0749.jpg
29.11.2 Main zone of body cream ground. Mouth black inside and out, lip reserved. Handle black underneath reserved. Shoulder is decorated with two rows of rays or buds (the lower row is slanted to the right). The body is decorated with a symposium scene: a man reclines and a seated woman plays the lyre, framed by two seated women and branches. Above the panel are two irregular rows of dots. Below the main scene are two uneven black bands, then the bottom of the body and top of the foot are black. Side and base of foot reserved. 2003.97.0743.jpg
29.11.3 The vessel is grey (burnt), apart from the rim, the back of the handle, the lower body and upper foot surface, which are black. There is added white on the lower neck, shoulder and upper body surface. There is also a row of black dots and pointed tongues on the shoulder, as well as the motif two rows of black dots between dividing lines (three), interrupted at the back side of the vessel. The scene depicted is that of a charioteer (woman) ridding a chariot of four horses (quadriga). There is a woman at the horses' tails, another standing on the far side of the horses and another seated at the right of the scene. Added red has been used for the faces of the women and for the ornament of the horses' harness. Below the scene, there is a broad, black band between carelessly executed lines and the rest of the vessel is black, apart from the side surface of the foot and the resting surface, which are reserved. 2004.07.0097.jpg
29.11.4 Inside black with reserved disk within one black circle in bottom. Reserved band at lip, just inside. Offset rim is black on outside. Two handles are black on the top and reserved underneath. Main design is similar on both sides and shows a seated man between standing women and youths, and a sphinx facing away from the group on eiach side. All the standing figures are facing the seated one: this is perhaps Zeus at the centre of the Pantheon of gods. Footring is black inside and out and the resting surface and lower third of outer edge is reserved. Base within footring is reserved and convex. 2003.52.0003.jpg
29.11.5 Inside is black, as is the outer rim and the outside of the two oblong handles, although the inside is reserved. Thin red band runs under black rim on outside of pot. The main design is the same on both sides and is of two cattle (bulls ?) one grazing between palmettes. Possible traces of coloured bands on black portion. Black band beneath and then the stem is also black. The foot is black on top, side, resting surface and part of underneath, although centre is reserved. 2003.97.0670.jpg
29.11.6 The vessel is divided in three horizontal zones by lines of unequal width. There are also very thin, vertical lines at the sides of and beneath the handles. A (above): A youth (servant?), making a gesture as if offering something (perhaps a branch, which extends from the servant's wrist) to a bearded, draped man (possibly Dionysos), at centre. He holds a large kantharos and leans against a rock. Behind him is another youth, who is perhaps supporting the rock. On either side of the scene there are palmettes that seem to have sprung from the handles. B (above): Similar to side A, except that the man reclines on a couch, and the vessel is offered to him by a (servant?) woman in front of him. The youth behind him looks to the left. The scene is framed vertically on both sides by a series of dots as well as the same palmettes as on side A. A-B (below): A band of palmettes, every second one inverted; two lines; a band of of tongues; reserved band. Base black, with black concentric circles on the underside. Interior: reserved band within lip. At centre, tondo decorated with the winged horse, Pegasus, advancing to the right. 2004.05.0024.jpg
29.11.7 The rim turns sharply out and has a thick black band round it, below which is a thick reserved band. The interior is mostly black with a well (approx 3.7 cm) in the centre of the dish that has a thin reserved band just outside it, and a small reserved disk in the centre. The handles are rounded at the far end, and have black tips. On the main zone; A: Curling tendril and leaf between upright palmettes. B to A, with addition of vertical wavy line between palmette on right and handle. Below is a thin coloured band, a reserved band, and then colour down to and including the stem of the foot. The edge of the foot has two ridges on it, the lower of which is black, the upper one reserved. The base of the rim is also reserved. The base of the foot slopes inwards, the walls of the slope are red, then the centre is reserved except for a thin red band and a red dot in the centre. 2002.97.0200.jpg
29.4.2 Black band just below rim, painted more firmly on one side, narrow black glossed band around body just above handles, lower body black glossed continuing onto base, handles dipped, inside black excluding reserved band at rim and small reserved disk at center 1 cm wide, some white deposits inside, base reserved, further white deposits on underside. 2002.97.0513.jpg
29.5.1 Black inside and out with a red rim. Handle is black on top and reserved underneath. Red line, drawn unevenly around base of neck. Shoulder has five-leaved palmette (red and black alternating) between two onlookers dressed in black but holding red objects. Body has a hoplite between two pairs of onlookers. Red for hair, folds of himatia, helmet and greaves. White for shield device which is of a leaf and spots (now faded) on palmette. Bands beneath picture, black to foot and on top of foot. Resting surface and base are reserved. 2004.95.0044.jpg
29.5.2 The outer edge of the rim has a thick black band. Below this, is the main zone and the handles. The handles finish above the height of the kylix, and are black on the outside, reserved on the inside. On the main zone: A. Nike flying with garland; B. Pegasus. Either side of each figure, are palmettes which end in a curling vendril with a pendant. Below this is a thin black band, then a reserved one. The rest of the body is black, until two thirds of the way down the edge of the foot. The lower ridge of the foot is reserved. On the base of the foot, the edge is reserved. Most of the base is black except for a thin reserved band near the ridge and two bands on the inside of the well in the foot. Except for a reserved band around the inside rim, inside the body is entirely black. 2003.16.0008.jpg
29.5.3 The decoration is executed with red colour and incisions. Rim: There are petal-shaped tongues on the top surface and dots at the side one. The back of the handle bears three, almost vertical (the central one is wavy) lines. Below the handle on the body there are five (the one smaller) rosettes (leaved rodakes), with incisions intersecting at the centre. The main design is a swan with outspread wings, facing right. Details are incised and there is some added red on its wings and tail. The swan appears to step on a row of petal-shaped spots that contours the sunk centre of the vessel, serving as a base. 2003.57.0088.jpg
29.5.4 Two bands on top of mouth and one on side. On the handle are five horizontal bars. Shoulder and bottom have a daisy/tongue pattern. On the body are four broad bands, alternating red for black and purple. All other areas are reserved. Base has small central concave circle. 2003.03.0089.jpg
29.5.5 Outside, thirteen palmettes separated by dot rosettes above and single large dots below; coarse incised line across heart of each. In handle zone zigzags. Inside and outside foot-ring and base within foot-ring black. Top of rim black. Inside black with reserved band, then black band, than reserved circle with image of Sphinx inside it. 2003.19.0005.jpg
30.11.1 On mouth, daisy pattern between two pairs of circles; cross-hatching on one edge of rim. Daisy petals on neck. Main zone: In front large lotus cross with incised outline, small field rosettes, at back large rosettes with single or double incised circles at centre. Above and below main zone, seven thin bands with double row of vertical line patterns in the middle. On the base, band of leaves and a dot in the very centre, which is indented. 2016.99.0214.jpg
30.11.2 Handles turn outwards and end in small knob where they join body. Inside from top to bottom, vertical lines in groups, circular pattern of brown with some red showing through. Sides concave and decorated with groups of straight or wavy lines in four rows between bands of two or three. Base is plain. 2002.97.0084.JPG
30.11.4 Interior surface has horizontal bands around rim and then black bands to centre . The space in between is reserved. Two horizontal handles, one on each side, are semi-circular with projections and each has a black line running along topside. On exterior surface from handles to base is a row of dots linked by lines, three black bands, leaves with lines inside, black bands, dots around shallow foot. Base is flat and has four triangles with hatching, four leaves in a cruciform shape attached to a central band and dot. 2005.89.0026.jpg
30.4.1 Clay buff, coarse. Decoration: brick-red to brown on creamy buff. Zones of pattern: Step pattern between handles, chevron and dot under handle; bands; zig-zag; bands; wave pattern; bands; thick black band to foot. Underside of foot reserved except for three thin bands. Top side of handles has band pattern on then. Inside body, seven thin bands on a reserved backing. Leaf pattern on rim. 2002.97.0457.jpg
30.4.2 On top of mouth thin fields between two groups of circles; side, row of small dots between bands. Three horizontal lines on handles. Bearded goat to left, head erect, added red on neck and stomach. Field rosettes mainly cruciform with diagonal incisions crossing at centre. Below goat, three bands around base with a gap before four more circles meeting at centre of base. Partly white style, where a large area remains free of design. 2003.97.0018.jpg
31.6.1 Inside is black with a reserved band around rim and a central reserved circle with a black band and a black dot in the centre. Two rounded handles, black on the top and reserved underneath. Offset rim, is black and a small ridge separates this from the first bands of lotus and palmettes linked by chains with dots between. Below this is a band with group of narrow bands either side. Next band has animals (panther and horse / deer / goat / boar) some standing, some sitting and some appear to be fighting. Finally there is a red band with a group of black bands either side. Final band has rays, alternately oblique and outlined. Bands then red band around top of stem and black foot on top and side. Resting surface is reserved and the base is conical with a black band around rim. 2003.97.0857.jpg
33.4.1 Four handles, three with decoration, one without. Decoration black (mostly fired red) and red (purple) on creamy-buff. Zones of pattern: vertical bars (which go up onto the rim and three handles); zigzag; dotted lozenges; triangles separated by hanging loops or dot rosettes. Red used for thin bands dividing each zone. Stem and foot have five redish/black bands round them. Rim of foot edged with small vertical lines. Foot and stem decorated with two more bands. Inside kylix, two black bands round outside, then three smaller in the middle. 2003.58.0011.jpg
33.4.2 Black, often fired to brick-red, and purple-red decoration on creamy-buff. On top of rim and handles groups of bars. Main zone, palmettes in panels (divided by vertical herring-bone bands). Stem has two bands at top, two at bottom. Inside bowl, three broad bands. Rim and base of foot reserved. 2003.58.0012.jpg
33.4.3 The mouth, neck, and handle are black, with some reddish patches. There are two reddish brown lines above the shoulder carination and two below it. The body scene depicts a naked youth in profile to the right, offering a bird (duck?) to Charon (the ferryman who conducts souls to Hades). The latter, standing on his half-moon shaped boat, wearing reddish-brown clothing and a dotted ovaloid headdress, is accepting the offer. Below, there is a reddish brown line on a reserved (but glazed) area. The rest of the vessel is black, with the exception of a red line on the upper part of the foot and its reserved (but glazed) vertical element. 2001.99.0009.jpg
34.10.12 Black; base reserved and slightly concave. 2002.97.0598.jpg
34.10.13 On front of body is the head of an Amazon facing right. Hair black and wearing head scarf with black dots. Foot ring is reserved. Base is ruddled and the outer circle slopes into the central circle which is convex. 2003.97.0474.jpg
34.10.15 White (?) slip has burned, and mostly flaked off. 2004.95.0115.jpg
34.10.17 Orange/buff clay. White slip, traces of red and black. Suspension hole blocked. Female protone / mask with long hair; almost straight across bottom. Label '115' inside. 2002.97.0389.jpg
34.10.2 On rim, one broad then three narrow bands and one band inside opening. Single band on lower part of rim, above handle. Main design is a cinquefoil, with each leaf joined by a stalk to circumference of central four-spoke wheel. At back below handle is a six-spoke wheel. Three-line spiral incised around body. Rest reserved. 2003.04.0001.jpg
34.10.23 Figure is decorated on the front and the back of the head with a white slip, previously coloured. 2002.97.0419.jpg
34.10.24 Standing female (Leda), left leg slightly bent. Naked with cloak over left leg and held up behind by left hand; swan, with neck stretched upwards, held against right hip. Clay light brown. White slip, blue on cloak. Large rectangular opening in back. On the back of the base is a piece of paper with the number 140 written on it. 2004.95.0122.jpg
34.10.26 Female head with low polos over four horizontal plaits with three vertical plaits. Traces of white paint, and of red on hair. Clay brownish-beige. 2002.97.0426.jpg
34.10.27 Round flat hat on back of head. Flesh and part of hair red, undergarment blue. Traces of red on base and red and black on support. 2005.89.0041.jpg
34.10.4 Inside, red rim, black band, red band, black and red band around centre. On outside, red rim, black with two red bands and two more above the reserved zone with vertical lines to base. Red band on outside of foot and five band and a central dot. 2003.98.0190.jpg
34.10.5 Inside, is black but partly misfired red around the rim. Outside, from top to bottom, red and black depending on how it was fired. Traces of two red bands, blank band with leaning vertical lines down to base. Red foot and on base black, red, black lines. 2003.02.0069.jpg
34.10.6 Black, partly fired to red, all over inside and out, including base. Base is raised. Foot is a grey colour. Paint is very streaky all over. 2003.02.0010.jpg
34.10.7 Black-glazed lip and rim (only ca. 0.2 cm on interior); orange band above the handles; between the handles, on either side, a bay wreath. Around the body, below handles: two thin orange lines on either side of a broad black bands; another broad black band lower on body; otherwise reserved. Handle zones reserved but tops of handles glazed black-glaze. 2008.98.0461.jpg
34.10.8 Dipped black glaze on top of lid, stem, and knob, spilling over with some drips on the underside. 2008.98.0478.jpg
34.10.9 Glaze fired red except around mouth and in patches on body. Two grooves below lip. One each side of moulding at base of neck and two round top of body, with glaze rubbed off. On shoulder incised horse shoes. Below shoulder on body two groves. 2002.97.0663.jpg
34.2.1 Rim and inside black, except for reserved disk in centre. On the outside, a black band which stops at the top of the handles. Main zone shows palmettes and lotus buds standing on degenerate cable. Palmette, or degenerate lotus, of three leaves under each handle. Tall stem to the foot and band around it is black, with thin reserved band around it. Side of the foot and resting surface is reserved; on bottom of foot, broad black band. Well is also reserved. 2003.16.0010.jpg
34.2.2 Black glazed except below the neck on the interior, on the friezes (between handles) on the exterior, and on the underside. Just above the handles a short frieze consists of a series of short bars, vertically arranged; below these is a frieze filled with a pair of sideways 7- to 9-petalled palmettes, and either side of upright palm fronds, which enclose an upright 9-petalled palmette. A pair of tendrils emerge from either side of each palmette. 2010.98.0285.jpg
34.2.3 Black, paint carelessly applied, not reaching down to foot. Bands of white, red, white, red, white at bottom of handle, plain red band on body, and on foot, also on lower part of mouth. 2002.97.0010.JPG
34.8.1 Originally black inside, outside and on rim, as was handle and neck. Small ridge at base of neck. Back of lekythos is black and the design on the front is reserved and is of Nike (winged victory), flying with her hands outstretched presumably holding a wreath which is now lost. In front and below her is a swirling tendril. The detail on her clothing is drawn out in black. The foot is black on the top and reserved on the side and underneath, which is flat in the centre. 2003.97.0691.jpg
34.8.11 Thick groove around the shoulder. Black glaze all over interior and exterior except for a reserved base. 2005.01.0128.jpg
34.8.12 The vase is black, both on the inside and the outside, with the exception of few, red lines. A sloping rim allows the lid to sit over the aperture. There is a reserved line on topside of the body, a red, carved circle and a groove around. There are also two, concentric carvings, one in the middle of the body's upper surface and the other one at its side. At the level where the body is divided in two areas there is a reserved line, while another one is apparent at the point where the body is narrower, above the point where it connects with the stem. The latter is divided in two areas by two, plastic, thin, red rings. Below, there are vertical ridges, one third the way down, wider towards the upper surface of the foot, whose larger part they cover with their moulded, tongue-shaped terminations. There is also a carved circle, surrounding these terminations. The foot is grooved and reserved in places. The surface underneath is irregularly painted black, with the central part reserved. 2005.88.0067.jpg
34.8.14 Green glaze shabti, black pigment detail. There is a head-dress and the figure appears to be holding something in each hand which is depicted as a straight line going to each shoulder and meeting around the back of the neck. 2007.99.0032.jpg
34.8.3 Black mouth (despite flat reserved rim), exterior of handle, lower part of body, and top of foot. Neck reserved, as is underside of the handle. Two bands of tongues on shoulder. Body covered with firm white slip with Greek 'key' / meander to right at top of body, between two pairs of lines; single line. Side of foot reserved in groove at top. 2003.97.0421.jpg
34.8.4 Lip reserved. The neck, side and base of foot are coloured with red. Shoulder has two rows of radiating bars, the first row are shorter. On front of body only are bands of decoration, separated with a single black line, alternating with black grille, black key, grille, key, grille, black 'zzzzz'. Three reserved bands on black to base. Foot is black on top. 2003.12.0077.jpg
34.8.5 Mouth black on inside and out but with a reserved rim. Neck and underside of single handle are reserved. Shoulder design is of rays and long, thin buds. Body, from top to bottom, double row of dots joined by zig-zags on white background, black bands, main design, 'key' pattern on white background, black bands and black stem. Main design is, from left to right, a chariot being driven right, a woman facing right, four horses facing right with attendant behind, seated figure facing left, holding a spear. Detail is incised and some parts are picked out in white. Foot is black on top and half the side is black, the rest reserved. The base is reserved. 2003.97.0434.jpg
34.8.6 Lip reserved. Inside is black. Single curved handle is black on top and reserved underneath. Shoulder has bars at base of neck with lotus buds at edge. Main zone of body is drawn on cream ground. Part of the way around the body is a double row of black dots. Charioteer driving four (?) horses to right at speed with a person (possibly Athena ?)running beside in the background. Below are black bands. Foot steps down twice and the lower step is black. Base is reserved and concave in the center. 2003.12.0076.jpg
34.8.7 Cup mouth black inside and out and reserved on the rim. Single handle is black on outside and reserved underneath. Shoulder has inner ring of spots and outer ring of rays. Body has two rows of dots at top above the main design of a chariot with horses galloping right (heads of two horses, five hind legs). Beyond horses is Athena running left. Added white for Athena's flesh and helmet. Bands below and bottom of body os black. Foot is stepped with the side of the lower step reserved. Base reserved. 2003.13.0007.jpg
34.8.8 Mouth red on inside and outside, with lip reserved. Single handle which is red on top and reserved underneath, as is neck. Shoulder design is a cockrel with red on is facing right between stemmed ivy leaves. Black band around shoulder, faded to red. Body design is, from left to right, a standing man facing right, a seated man facing right, a standing man with robes draped over shoulder, facing left, a man standing facing left. All men have spears. Men are balck faded to red but eith red headbands. Detail is incised. Irregular black band then balck stem. Foot is balck on top and reserved on side and base which has central concave circle. 2003.97.0427.jpg
34.8.9 Quatrefoil with side hatching and central zigzag. Below, three petals below zigzag. Six-pointed star on back (very faint). On top of mouth four bands, the second from edge is broader. Dark brown patterning and yellow-buff clay. 2004.95.0104.jpg
35.4.1 Inside is black with a reserved band below offset rim and a reserved circle at the centre. On the outside is black rim, band of lotus buds and dots linked by a chain, two narrow bands, thick black band, another two narrow black bands, wave pattern with dots between bands, black band, rays. The top part of stem is reserved and the bottom is black; the top of the foot is black as is the side. The resting surface is reserved as is the conical base. The inside of the footring is black. 2003.97.0802.jpg
35.4.2 Black on mouth and neck. Lower part of neck has vertical black lines which are thicker at the bottom. Palmette design on body with chevron heart framed in tendrils and with dots in groups of three either side of central leaf. Right and left a cluster of leaves and beyond, on either side of handle, similar cluster reversed. Beneath handle, cluster of leaves. Black band at bottom of base and foot. Base reserved. 2002.97.0682.jpg
35.4.3 The top of the rim is reserved with a black line round the edge. The outside is decorated with two vertical bars between two horizontal lines; below which there is a line of black dots. The pot slopes inwards towards the foot and shows a black band. The rim of the foot itself, also has a thin black band round it, which is repeated on the inside of the rim. In the middle of the base of the foot is a roughly drawn black circle. The inside of the pot is completely black. 2003.17.0098.jpg
35.4.4 The vessel is decorated with impressed (stamped) decoration. Shoulder: there are six inverted palmettes (voluted with narrow divisions), linked with incised curving lines. There is also a ridge at the junction of the shoulder and body, below which there is the motif of ellipsoid tongues (eggs) contoured by a line each. Body: At about the middle, there are six, widely spread double-leaved motives (teardropped leaves) and a continuous, incised line that goes through them. The joining point of the body and foot is reserved and so is the edge of the foot and the resting surface. 2003.31.0091.jpg
35.4.6 Interior: four stamped palmettes, with an egg at the base of each, linked by a small incised circle. Reserved line round body a little way above foot. Whole of foot-ring black. Base reserved and ruddled, with dot and black band. Inside is black as are both circular, horizontal handles. 2003.97.0486.jpg
35.5.1-3 Meander border, showing corner of drapery. (1) Exterior showing part of palmette complex with heel on extreme right. (2) Legs with very pale diluted gloss for markings. (3) Volute and 2 leaves of a palmette; relief contour for most of the tendrils and central 2003.21.0002.jpg
35.5.10 Inside black with a reserved line at rim. Outside, head and shoulder of boy with his himation pulled up over the back of his head; on the wall tablets hanging vertically; behind his head part of a fillet hanging up. No relief contour; hair contour reserved; brown lines for marking on tablets; surface an unusually deep red. 2003.21.0006.jpg
35.5.11 Feet and lower part of himation of a male figure, turned to the right, leaning on a stick; brown on border of back fold of himation. 2003.21.0082.jpg
35.5.12-14 16, outstretched hand and part of garment; 17, lotus and small piece of drapery; 18, lotus. No relief contour; brown markings on lotus. 2003.21.0086.jpg
35.5.15-19 Inside, 20b, meander border broken by cross, small piece of drapery. Outside, 19, two males in himatia facing, standing by a cushioned stool; hanging on the wall a shield and sheathed sword; 20a, tendril and corner of drapery; 21, tendril and part of himation; 22 and 23, bits of himation. No relief contour; brown for border of himation on 12 and 22, markings on seat of stool, cushion, and sword sheath. 2003.21.0094.jpg
35.5.20-22 Inside, 25b, 26b, meander border broken by square (rubbed and indistinct). Outside, 24, arm and part of body of woman dancing, the sleeve of her chiton pulled down over her hand; watching her a male in himation with stick, behind him a dropping lotus; 25a, legs of male in himation with stick; 26a, palmette. No relief contour; brown for bottom edge of himation. 2003.21.0088.jpg
35.5.23-26 Inside black with no reserved line at the rim; 27b, meander border. Outside, 17a, ivy leaf springing from handle base, foot, and lower part of himation; 28, corner of drapery, fillet hanging on wall; 29, head of male wrapped in himation, halter hanging on wal; 30, part of body of male tightly wrapped in himation. No relief contour; brown for bottom edge of himation on 27a. 2003.21.0005.jpg
35.5.27-29 (27) Interior, remnants of black background, geometric border at the bottom. Exterior, clothes of a human, possibly male to the left, with signs of another human beside the person to the right. (28) Interior is reserved, with a line around the rim. Exterior, head and shoulder of youth; tablets hanging on wall, strings in added red; also a head of another youth. (29) Interior black, with signs of a border in red at the bottom left. Exterior, pattern of swirls and leaves iin red - covers entire fragment. 2003.21.0073.jpg
35.5.30-33 Inside, a fine reserved line round rim; 5b, a pair of reserved lines framing a medallion; 6b, part of the outer line of this fram; 7b, shoulder and lower part of face of bearded man. Outside, 4 and 5a, part of palmette complex around handle; 6a, part of figure wearing chlamys, tendril, and lotus; 7a, foot, two reserved lines beneath figure zone. Relief contour for most of the tendrils, but not for drapery nor palmette leaves nor lotus. Remains of red ochre on the reserved patch under the handle. 2004.10.0096.jpg
35.5.34 Inside, reserved line around the rim; in a medallion framed by a key pattern broken by a chequered square, a male in himation leaning on a stick in conversation with an athlete (legs only). Outside, between palmettes an athlete with his arm resting on a pillar over which his cloak falls; on his right a man with a stick, on his left another male (face missing). Relief contour for pillar, walking sticks, and back of neck of all the figures. Hair contour reserved. Added colour, probably red, for fillet of bearded man, white for garland of the clothed figure in the medallion. 2004.10.0083.jpg
35.5.34A-Q (a) fragment, three joins. Decoration on both sides. Band of geometric pattern above which is person's foot and bottom of leg standing to the right, wearing a hymation. On the opposite side: floral pattern to the left of bottom half of a person and to the right of this person the hand and lower body of another. (b) curved, palmette on other side black. (c) large roughened patch to the top right where possibly a handle was attached, floral pattern around this. (d) small fragment, on one side band of geometric pattern, on the opposite side floral pattern. (e) large piece, three fragments joined. Bearded man in the centre facing to the right, left arm raised and holding a long stick, right arm tucked into hymation. To the right of the man, the arm of another person and to the left a floral pattern, inside black. (f) Very similar to fragment a. three pieces joined together. On one side in centre bottom half of a person, feet and lower legs facing left and wearing a hymation, to the right floral pattern. Opposite side, band with geometric pattern. (g) On one side to left part of a hymation, to right an arm. Opposite side band with geometric pattern. (h) On one side the feet and legs of a person standing on a platform with the bottom of a stick he/she is possibly holding to the left, in the right hand corner the edge of a geometric pattern. On the opposite side the feet of someone facing to the left wearing a hymation dropping behind them, to the right of them a floral pattern. (i) Small piece of two fragments joined together. Chest of a male with right arm extending, his hymation drapped over his right arm. (j) Head of a male facing left with hymation over his shoulder and part of large palmette to his right. (k) Small frgment, part of hymation. (l) Small fragment part of hymation (m) Small fragment part of hymation. (n,o,p) small fragments with no detail. 2004.10.0001.jpg
35.5.4-5 Inside, 8, meander border, part of head and shoulder of a woman wearing saccos, chiton (a very small part of the neck border alone remains), and himation; 9, bottom of himation with one foot. Outside, surface destroyed, leaving only a tiny piece of tendril. Relief contour for foot; relief lines for ear, saccos, folds, and ankle; thinned brown glaze for bottom edge of himation and line of dots ornamenting saccos. 2003.21.0091.jpg
35.5.6-7 10, head and shoulders of boy to left; 11, part of face, chest, arm, and himation of seated boy turning to left. Relief contour for nose of 10; relief lines for inner markings; hair contour reserved. 2003.21.0004.jpg
37.11.1 Black, partly fired to brick-red, on brownish-buff. On mouth and shoulder daisy pattern; on handle three bands of vertical zigzags. Main zone: scales, drawn with parallel incised lines with red teardrops occupying angle in alternate rows. Two bands below, then tongues. Base shows one band and a dot in the centre. 2003.03.0010.jpg
37.11.2 Top of mouth has one thick then one thin band. The handle has vertical zigzag (much worn) between bars. The shoulder has a daisy pattern above three bands. Bottom four circles round central spot. Over front of whole vase and covering part of bands is a large double palmette shape with projecting lines and groups of dots at one end and a circular pattern with dot at the other. Random dots over back area of body. Bands around base. 2003.04.0093.jpg
37.11.4 Black glaze all over except base and narrow resting surface which are ruddled and reserved respectively. Heavy foot ring, black all over. Black central dot and circle on base. 2003.97.0666.jpg
37.11.5 Black gloss covers the entire vessel, except for the underside of the foot. The gloss is not lustrous and on the exterior towards the foot is fired brownish. Inside the bottom of bowl, a brownish band caused by foot of another vase fired within it in the kiln. Inside is stamped design of four palmettes outside two concentric circles with an egg and dot pattern attached to the second one. Red paint is applied on the underside of the foot. It is decorated with a wide black band and a black dot at the centre. Between them, two thin concentric circles of almost invisible thinned glaze. 2003.97.0555.jpg
37.11.8 The decoration is executed in a colour varying from dull black to brown, on pale buff ground. Rim: Concentric circles on the upper surface and spots (tongues) on the side one (stephane). At the joining point of rim and neck there is a band and at the upper part of the neck a horizontal row of spots. Central handle: Decorated with short, thick, leaning lines. Neck: An olive wreath, the ends of which meet at the front where there is a cluster of olives (?) (dots). Shoulder: There is another horizontal row of dots immediately below neck that seem to be hanging from a line. At the join of shoulder and body, there is a broad band in the middle of two thin, concentric lines. Body: In the front, between the two handles, an olive-tree branch, framed by (left and right) a vertical motif of a row of dots, a line, two rows of larger, ovaloid dots and another line. This motif can also be found at the other side of the handles, used to frame a linear pattern (from a short line appear to be emerging three longer ones. On either side a vertical line, which leans slightly towards the motif in the middle. From the centre of this line emerges a long, wavy line. Below: there are two, concentric bands and three more that are not very obvious(?). The handles are ornamented with large dots. The foot is black, but the colour looks uneven. Interior of neck: Two concentric circles. 2003.36.0007.jpg
37.7.1 On mouth, very broad band between two thin bands. Red oval pattern around neck with three red bands below Siren with outspread wings to left; on back a duck. Rosettes in field. Incision. Black, red in places. Purple for face and most of Siren, middle, part of wings, spots on upper part of wings. 2002.97.0029.JPG
37.7.2 On mouth three bands, middle one broad; on handle horizontal bands at top and bottom. Daisy petal pattern on shoulder. with three brown bands beneath. Bearded siren with outspread wings to left. In field dots and rough rosettes, one incised with parallel lines. Back left plain in the 'white style'. Bands around foot and two on base. 2003.05.0002.jpg
37.7.3 Long horizontal handles curved and twisted and painted black higher than the rim, which is offset. All black except reserved groove on body just above foot and another in the resting surface. Inside are four stamped palmettes, off centre, in an unusually thin rouletted ring. Base is concave and black. 2003.31.0007.jpg
37.7.4 Reserved resting surface and reserved and ruddled band around outside of foot. The interior of the bowl is black with four stamped palmettes set roughly crosswise in centre with rouletted ring. 2003.31.0009.jpg
37.7.5 Black inside and on top and sides of handles. Underside of handles and the body in between is reserved. Lip on outer surface is black with a reserved groove incised below. Two handles, horizontal and one either side curve slightly upwards. Below each is an ivy leaf with three long petals below and on either side of both handles is a horizontal palmette with grapes (?) attached. Both sides have a similar design of a satyr pursuing a woman (possibly a maenad), whose flesh is white. Dot rosette on peplos of A with red tunic and skirt and satyrs tail, beard and hair. Below design is black band, separated from black foot by a reserved band. Foot has black sides, inside and out but reserved resting surface. 2002.99.0044.jpg
38.12.1 Mouth is black inside, outside and on rim, as is handle and neck. Body has black glaze apart from design on front which is a sphinx with face and hind feet missing. Below is an egg frieze. A diluted glaze has been used for fine dots and strolus on wing. Foot is unevenly glazed on side. Resting surface and raised base are ruddled and flat. 2003.25.0094.jpg
38.4.1 Black glaze except for added white decoration: (A) a bearded man running profile to the rightright but with his head turned back, cloak over his arm; (B) a man standing profile to the right, wearing a himation and holding a wreath. Wavy lines and spray of leaves on each side of figures. 2003.29.0002.jpg
38.4.2 Reddish-brown on pale buff ground. The false neck is decorated predominantly in a black band, with a narrow and broad black circular band in the centre of the false neck. The underside appears to be reserved, with a single thick black line at the base on the false neck. The true neck has a faded broad back band around and overlapping the lp. There is a broad black band at the base of the neck, and also a black blob on the side facing the false neck. On the shoulder there are six groups of narrow black lines painted horizontally. There is one group of either side of the true neck, both have eight horizontal lines, the one on the left has two rings of black to either side of it. The groups of lines on the other side, if faced with the true neck at the top, have groups of 6, 7, 9. 8 horizontal lines, all with a small ring of black in between them. The shoulder is outlined with a broad ring of black. The body has four broad black lines, which have faded to a reddish brown. Adjacent are narrow red rings; four above the first band, two within the first band, two within the second band, two or three below the second band. The fourth band does not overlap the base, which is slightly concave in shape, and has the suggestion of a foot ring.
38.4.3 Black detail faded to brown on pale buff background. Interior of mouth has faded remains of a 0.6 cm thick black circular band. The rest of the interior is reserved. The lip has indications of one, possible two extremely narrow black bands around the circumference. The neck shows signs of either having a very thick black band or several narrow black bands painted closely together. On the shoulder there are two narrow bland bands, then an 1.5 cm area of cross hatching which is surrounded on both sides by a broad black band. The handles appear to have been painted in black on the top and side, and reserved underneath. The main body of the pyxis consists of two narrow brown bands separated by the reserve, then a black band, the pattern is repeated once to the base. The base itself has a black band which overlaps from the body, then two groups of concentric rings, three in the inner circle, and four in the outer circle. 2003.01.0004.jpg
38.4.4 Decoration matte brownish-black on pale buff ground; horizontal bands and lines. Spout open-topped, painted black at sides and underneath. Broad black band around rim inside and out. 2003.98.0165.jpg
38.4.5 Brick red detail on pale buff background. Three groups of three red lines roughly painted, one group of two red lines, all are verticle lines curving to the left at the bottom, between a horizontal red band on the jug shoulder, and a horizontal red band on the lower body of the jug. 2003.01.0003.jpg
38.4.6 Two holes pierced in horizontal rim for suspension. The rim is slightly lower than the top of the shoulder and is reserved. The shoulder is black, herring-bone between four bands, thick, hatched meander, herring-bone between four bands, black to bottom of cone. Inside is reserved. 2005.90.0035.jpg
38.4.6A Top of lid has eight, black rings on it. There are two small rings on knob of lid. Top, flat surface of lid has six rings on it. Going from the knob to the rim of base; inbetween the third and fourth ring there is a pattern. This pattern seems to be lots of small 'y' shapes, which have been joined together. Going from knob to rim of base; there are two small holes on the fifth ring, opposite eachother.
38.4.7 Inside is reserved with black rim inside and with crosses on the outside. Handle has horizontal bars and crosses. On neck, grazing horse with degenerate long-legged bird between each pair of legs. From shoulder to base bands, lozenge and other ornaments in the field, flanked by vertical lines, slanting bars and horizontal zigzags. Horizontal handles, attached halfway down body, decorated with vertical bars. Lower part of base is black to foot. Base is concave and reserved. 2003.95.0088.jpg
38.4.8 Mouth black inside and out with red lip. Shoulder has ivy leaf at front upright between two inverted lotus flowers. Body has a siren between two draped (male) onlookers, the right one holding a spear upright. No added colour, no incisions. Beneath figural zone is a horizontal band and then solid back to the top of the foot. Side of foot and underside reserved. 2013.99.0017.jpg
38.4.9 Blackglaze except for white decoration and reserved base of the foot. A: grotesque bearded god with large head reclining on ground; bird perched on right hand, budding stick as sceptre in left. B. Hermes wearing petasos and short chiton leaning on stick; caduccus in field behind him. Retrograde inscription; letters shown look like W,H,I,O... 2004.75.0006.jpg
39.1.2 Black glazed except for reserved and reddened groove between two mouldings on exterior of foot and reserved groove on resting surface. Interior decorated with four stamped palmettes, crosswise, within two rings of vertical lines. 2010.98.0301.jpg
39.8.1 A. Athlete with strigil and youth, B: 2 athletes, one holding fillet, the other strigil, beneath each handle, palmette with side tendrils. Relief contour for face and neck, white fillets, surface almost disappeared from figures on B, inside 6 stamped palmettes framed in incised circles. Foot-ring black, resting surface reserved, underneath reserved with on ebroad and two fine rings in black; possibly another ring nearer the centre, where the surface has worn. 2004.10.0004.jpg
39.8.2 Picture inside is of a bearded satyr, with his left hand on his side and his 4th and 5th figures bent under. He is stooping and reaching forward with his right hand. His long ear reaches well above the top of his bald head. 2003.21.0014.jpg
39.8.3 Inside in frame of two reserved lines, one foot of figure astride a pointed amphora seen from the side and wreathed in ivy, inscription in red, retrograde, XAIP[E]. Relief contour; relief lines for ankle, handle stem of ivy. Exterior black, with small part of reserved pattern. 2003.21.0009.jpg
39.8.5 The inner surface is framed by a reserved line. Design shows part of a left arm and body of male seated on cushioned stool and playing a lyre. Relief contour, diluted glaze, very pale, for marking on arm and less pale for pattern on cushion and hatching. Outer surface is black and shiny. 2003.61.0005.jpg
39.9.1 Short narrow neck of jug is glazed black. Handle begins at top of neck and carries on to top of the body. The part of the jug joining the neck and the body, has a palmette design on it, in a circle. This circle is broken for the black part of the handle. There is a large palmatee decoration underneath the handle, where it ends on the body of the jug. Body of jug has red-figures on it. Starting from right-hand side of the handle, going from left to right: First figure looks like a women in traditional Greek clothing, kneeling down. She is facing right. The figure to the right of her looks like a naked man with wings. He is standing on one leg and facing right. He is reaching one of his arms out. Underneath that arm there appears to be a duck. To the right-hand side of the duck, there is a man sitting on a stool. He is in traditional Greek cloting and is holding a large box. This figure is also facing right.Underneath the box there seems to be another object, but it is unclear. Perhaps it is a head? Or perhaps it is where the black glaze has been rubbed away, to reveal a patch which looks like decoration on the jug. He has a winged man kneeling in front of him. This man is facing left, towards the sitting figure. The next figure looks like a women in traditional Greek clothing, kneeling down. She appears to be holding something in her hand, perhaps a mirror. She is facing right. Inbetween her and the next figure there is a bird, facing right. The next figure looks like another women in traditional Greek clothing. She is standing on one leg, with her right arm reaching out. She is facing left. Behind her is a 'T' shaped object, perhaps a stool?. Rim of the base is a red/terracotta colour. underside of base is slightly concaved, with many black rings inside. There is a black dot in the centre of the bottom of the base.
39.9.2 Inside is reserved in body but black fired to red on rim with a reserved band near top. Two handles with vertical grooves to make three section - black on top and reserved underneath. Neck has two rows of palmettes (lower inverted) and lotus buds on cable. Shoulder has framed tongues with ivy leaf and dot at each join. Body has similar scene either side. Side A shows combat of three warriors, with white detail on spear, helmet, shield and armour. Side B is similar but there are no spears, instead they appear to only have shields. Below is a broad band with narrower ones either side. Rays to foot. Foot is black and moulded with a reserved band around side. Base is reserved and conical. 2014.01.0002.jpg
39.9.3 Black exterior, except the inner side and beneath handles. Black interior, with gorgoneion framed with red line. The hair of the Gorgon is black and red alternate and the tongue is red. Stem has a red band around it. Foot is reserved on outside with a black band on inside. Base is raised and reserved with black dot and circle in centre. 2013.99.0050.jpg
39.9.5 Double-incision orange-quaterings on mouth and body. Small circular depression on bottom. On body, every fourth/fifth quartering superimposed red. Traces of white/yellow in some sections(now brownish). 2003.97.0108.jpg
39.9.6 Ground varies from cream to buff. Inside is coloured black. The mouth is red. Two handles are placed vertically on top of shoulder and under each is a goose (?) From top to bottom there is a band with the shoulder design below. Pictures are of a stag and a panther facing right (A) and panther and a goat (?) facing each other (B). Separating this from the main design are two rows of dots between bands. Main zone: Griffin-bird between two panthers (A) and two panthers facing a pattern of a palmette complex(B). Various incised rosettes and dots in field. Below main zone is seven bands and a red base. 2002.97.0086.JPG
39.9.7 Underneath, between palmettes; A: Two satyrs around an amphora (oxypythmenos), the left satyr leaning towards and pushing the amphora, while the right satyr, also leaning towards the amphora, rests his hands on his left thigh; B: Two satyrs advancing to the right, the one in the rear holding either a branch with a heart-shaped ending, or a rhyton. The right satyr's stance makes him appear to be running. The rest of the vessel's body is black. The interior is also black with a reserved disk, 8.5 in diameter, containing a central dot and two concentric circles, the one close to the dot and broader than the other, which is closer to the edge of the reserved disk. Underneath, part of the base's hollow, conical surface of the stem is painted with a broad circular band. 2004.14.0009.jpg
42.9.1 The rim (stephane) is decorated with a double horizontal bulleted strap. The neck of side A has a broad band ornamented with elleipsoid lines with lotus leaf-shaped endings. Body: Side A: Dionysos holding leafless vine branch and kantharos between 2 dancing maenads, one of whom wears a spotted skin over her drapery. The scene is surrounded (left and right) by vertical, bulleted zones in the form of antae that seem to support a horizontal band with tongues over the heads of the figures, making the scene look as if under a building. B: 3 youths (but with beards?) wrapped in himatia, with a pair of halteres hanging between the second and third youths, relief contour on A none on B, outline of hair (and beards?) reserved. The same decoration surrounds the 3. 2003.61.0009.jpg
44.1.1 Rim: There are black tongues around the aperture and dots on the side surface of the rim. On the back of the handle there is a row of dots, framed by two, vertical lines. The neck and the surface below the handle is left reserved. At the base of the neck there are black, petal-shaped spots. Top surface: The aperture in the centre of the ring is black with additional concentric, black lines between reserved areas and a row of dots. Some of the lines have incised diagonal lines across. The reverse side bears a similar decoration but without the row of dots. Side surface of body: The main design is of an Ibex and Lion facing a central rock, made of horizontal bands. Added red is used for some parts of the ibex's body as well as for the some of the bands of the rock. 2003.06.0006.jpg
44.1.2 Black lip above reserved neck which has black tongues below fine ridge at base. Single handle is black on top and reserved underneath. Black lotus flowers with white outer petals alternating with black buds border the flat shoulder. The body has shiny black glaze with two red lines at top and another just above bottom of body. Disk foot is reserved around edge. Base reserved. 2003.97.0468.jpg
44.4.1 Mouth and handle are black and beneath it is a palmette flanked by tendrils with campanula flower. Neck has long, black tongues. Main design is a bird with outspread wings and in the field are reserved disks with a black dot. Below this is an uneven reserved band. Side of foot-ring is black and grooved. Base is reserved and depressed. 2003.26.0003.jpg
44.6.1 Clay and surface of vase ferruginous buff, black glaze fired in parts to a pale orange brown. Inside is black with traces of red bands and there are red bands on the inner rim. The upper surface has circular patterns of dots (lotuses?) alternating with vertical rows of dots. Below these and above the handle are three bands, red between two black. Below handles are two bands and another around foot. Three bands on base with central dot. 2003.35.0091.jpg
44.6.2 Glazed black on interior and top half of exterior. 2002.97.0497.jpg
45.1.1 Mouth has rays from outer to inner edge. Handle is black (perhaps horizontal bars?) and on that side are three rings, middle one purplish. Five rows of dots join the two sides. The triple band pattern is repeated on opposite side. 2003.97.0117.jpg
45.10.1 Entirely black, except reserved on the underside, and the resting surface. Red figure decoration begins at the lower part of the neck, with a band of rays, in imitation of ribbing. The shoulder has palmettes, rosettes and circles with central dots with added white. Wave on rim. Body decorated with white: chevrons between dot rosettes. Red band on lowest part of body, above foot. 2004.99.0028.jpg
45.10.10 The interior of the vessel is black apart from the lowest part of o, whose lower part bears a reserved but glazed line. Exterior: a) On the right side, there is the upper part of a seated woman (part below her waist is missing). She is draped and wears a stephane (fillet) on her head. On the left side there is a floral motif whose stem is a wavy line that expands to the left. b) There is the back side of another seated draped female figure. c) The front side of the previous female figure. She is holding an alabastron with both her hands. d) On the lower left part there is the largest part of a voluted palmette with petal shaped divisions, connected with a tendril. The area next to the spring of the one part of the handle is reserved. e) On the bottom right there is the rest of the previous palmette, also connected with a tendril. f) On the bottom right there is the upper part of a palmette and on the upper left there is part of a tendril's volute. The area on the left of teh one spring of the handle is reserved, but glazed (plaster on top). g) Uneven black surface. h) A small part of the volute of the tendril of f and the stalk of a flower. i) Part of an inverted palmette, connceted with (part of ) a tendril, with (occasional) leaves on its sides. j) Small line, part of a tendril. k) Part of a tendril's volute. l) A figure's projected forearm and hand (figure's depicted on n?). m) On the right side, there is the stalk and part of the stem of a flower and a line that seems to be part of a tendril. There is also the spring of a handle. n) Part (head missing, neck and shoulder are scraped off, area below the knees missing) of a draped standing figure that has the left hand around the waist. o) The lowest part of a figure's drapery. p) Base. Inside tondo: seated woman with septre and standing woman holding out box. Exterior: part of floral ornament under handle. Outer and inner side of footring black, resting surface and underside reserved except for central black dot surrounded by three concentric bands. Moulded circle c.1.0 wide houses thickest, central black band. 2007.01.0107.jpg
45.10.11 Offset rim is black inside and out and the handle that originally existed just below rim appears also to have been black. Exterior walls are black as is interior except for the main design which is reserved. This picture is of a youth reclining, seen from behind. Detail is picked out in black paint and the figure is painted inside a circle. On the underside, there was originally a stem which was also black. 2003.99.0021.jpg
45.10.13 (i) There is a small part of a motif (partially covered with plaster) that consists of wavy lines. Below it, there are two lines and underneath there are parts of two inverted, palmettes (voluted with petal-shaped divisions) that flank a three-pointed flower with two dots to represent pollen. ii) Between two pairs of lines there is a guilloche (fillets with teardropped terminations interwoven together) with dots among the lines. Below, there is a broad black band, which seems to be interrupted at the right side. (iii) At the left, three parts of vertical, black bands and incisions create part of an object (garment hanging from chair or couch?) In the middle, there is an object- as if it was a grave-stele with a cross-shaped ? ending above which spring two heraldic, white, voluted palmettes (now fadded away), a chiastic motif with dots and horizontal lines on top- but inverted (leg of a bed or couch?). Next to that, there are a figure's part of thighs, knees and calves, close to part of a palmette. (iv) A bearded satyr (seilinos) plays a chorded instrument (lyre), while his himation is hanging in the background. Next to him there is a draped female figure (Demeter?), holding a wreath (black circle) and branches with dots on both sides that surround her. The details on her drapery have been executed with added red and so are those for her head-dress. There are also traces of added white on her neck. On top of the fragment there is part of a motif of tongues contoured with ellipsoid lines and a line that encircles this pattern. v) On the left, there is part of the satyr's lower legs (above the knees towards the feet) and the lower end of his himation. Next to him there is the termination of the female figure's branch, close to a similar inverted grave-stele? and part of an object that resembles an animal paw (lion-shaped foot of chair or couch) . Below these, there is a line on which they seem to step on. Next, a guilloche between two pairs of lines and at the bottom part of a radial-shaped motif with a line that contours it on top. vi) A line and black, teardropped spot. vii) There is a line on whose right top side stands a rectangular object with a rectangular surface in the middle being reserved. Below, part of two lines on top of part of the guilloche. viii) Small part of shoulder and neck: there is a black spot, a thin band, a red line on top of a plastic ring (joining point of neck and shoulder) and part of a tongue-shaped pattern contoured by a line on the shoulder. There is also a part of two lines in the interior. ix) Part of the guilloche, the two lines underneath and the radial-shaped motif at the bottom. x) Tiny bit of the guilloche and the two lines below it and part of the radial-shaped motif. xi) Part of voluted palmette and tongue-shaped motif. xii) Part of the floral motif (of a three-pointed flower)? with lines that form a rhombus with a dot in the middle. xiii) Part of the shoulder and the spring of a handle. On the top there is the tongue-shaped motif, encicled by a line and below it an inverted palmette. The spring of the handle is black and next to it there are short, diagonal incisions. There is also a tiny spot of black colour in the interior. xiv) On the left, part of leaf-shaped (heart-like) motives (part of thyrsos?), close to a band of black colour, of undecipherable shape. Next to that, there is the lower part of a female draped figure, with small crosses on it. At the right side there is black and white colour that forms ovaloid shapes (?). xv) A black band and on the left part of the female drapery. Interior: Black, apart from a thin band at the joining point of the rim and neck, and the top surface of the rim, which are reserved. Exterior: The rim is black and there is a thin reddish brown line below it. Neck: There is a thin, black line. Below, there is a fan-shaped palmette (three divisions, a central rectangular part, and the details have been rendered with incisions), between two parts of motifs. The left one may be a palmette (a petal-shaped division in the middle and below, two round? or voluted? motifs almost faded away. The right one could be part of a similar motif. Interior: The rim is reserved and the neck is black. Exterior: There is a red line on the plastic ring that joins the rim with the neck. Neck: There is a black line, below which, on the left of the fragment, there is the right part of a fan-shaped? palmette (three, short divisions and a rectangular central part, the details rendered with incisions). On the right, there is part of a floral motif: part of a petal (vertical) and part of another one (horizontal). 2006.20.0626.jpg
45.10.20 i) Part of a voluted palmette with petal-shaped divisions seems to be connected to part of a three-pointed floral motif by a thick, black, curving line. On the left there is another, identical three-pointed flower, only bigger and illustrated inverted and vertically and at the left end of the fragment another curving line. Below these, there is part of a perpetual meander pattern and the upper part of continuous, teardropped motives. Some form of greyish (light) brown plaster has been applied to the surface around the voluted palmette. ii) Small part of guilloche (thin fillets with tongue-shaped endings interwoven together) with dots among the lines. Below, there are traces of thin, black lines (but not visible because of burning). Underneath, radial-shaped motif. iii) Underneath two thin lines there is a meander pattern. iv) Part of the upper ending of a radial-shaped motif. v) larger part of a radial- shaped motif. There is part of a thin, horizontal line on the top of one of the divisions and more to the left there is a circle with a dot in the middle and two vertical lines (part of the guilloche). vi) Small part of the guilloche and radial-shaped motif below that.
45.10.22 a: The upper surface of the rim is reserved, although glazed. However, the side surfaces (internal and external) are black (apart from a reserved area that would not have been visible if the handle was not missing). The neck is also black on the inside, however, there is a perpetual motif of palmettes on the external surface. These are double palmettes (5 narrow divisions upwards and 5 similar ones downwards) that look as if chained together by a horizontal row of small rings and each such palmette is separated from the other by a vertical line with wider endings, while thin, curved lines (above and below) frame each palmette. The sides of the handle bear a black band each and there is also a thin line underneath them that contours the end of the neck. On the carination that divides the neck from the shoulder there is a thin line with added red colour. The shoulder bears a motif of tongues, divided by vertical lines, while a line underneath contours them. The motif does not appear under the surface of the handle. At some point underneath this pattern there is the beginning of another motif (black with 3 dots of added red and scale-like incisions). The interior of the rest of the vessel is reserved, since it is an amphora. b: It bears exactly the same motif as the previous neck bit. c: From the branch of a three-peaked floral motif there emerge two curved lines that are downwards and upwards, each forming an ellipsoid-shaped frame from whose lower (in the case of the curved line that goes downwards) or upper (in the case of the other line) endings form one floral motif each. The left one is a voluted palmette with 5 petal shaped divisions and the right one is a three-pointed flower, similar to the central floral motif, but bigger. Although the upper part of this pattern is not preserved apart from the starting point of the motives, it is certain that this would have been the heraldic motif depicted. Underneath this area there is a thin, black line and below that, a pattern of guilloche ( branches with tear dropped endings interwoven together) with a row of dots, framed (above and below) by two pairs of concentric lines. Towards the end of the fragment (which is also towards the end of the vessel) there is a radial-shaped motif, two lines and the rest of the surface is black. d: It is a part of the body's area that bears the guilloche pattern and the radial-shaped motif underneath, but one third of it is not preserved. e: On the left there is the upper part of probably a palmette (two endings of petal-shaped divisions). Next to that there is the depiction of a draped lower body part. The drapery is formed by the incisions on a black surface. There are diagonal incisions and wavy endings to denote the folds of an himation, as well as the lower termination of the chiton, which is suggested by two almost horizontal incisions, a wavy line and another horizontal incision. the drawing is detailed and clear. f: The part between the surface above the knees and a bit below the calf of a male figure that wears a short chiton (incised, wavy folds are visible above the knee), as well as grieves with out curving terminations (Hermes?) of added red colour, now fadded away. On his left there is the upper part of a palmette and on his left there is a diagonal line, with rows of dots on either side (characteristic of Dionysus). Very clear drawing. g: Half of the three-peaked flower, a bit of a black line and two petal-shaped motives. On the side, there is part of the dotted branch and what appears to be part of a figure's drapery (upper right body part ?), with some incisions used to render details. h: Between the lower body part of two figures there is part of the dotted branch. What is preserved from the right figure is incised lines and circles on a black surface. The left figure's drapery (peplos and himation ?) is preserved (below the waist), consisting of incised diagonal and wavy lines to denote the folds. i: A central male figure's (Dionysus) body from shoulder to legs is visible and surrounded by a dotted branch. He is standing between two figures. The male figure (there is part of beard with added red) on the left holds part of the branch with his palm (upper body without the head is preserved). The only visible part of the draped figure on the right is part of the legs. Incisions are used to render details. j: Apollo playing his lyre (kithara). The head (in profile, facing right), right hand and part of the god's front side of the body is visible, as well as the largest part of the lyre. Part of a dotted branch exists in the background. Incisions have been used to render the chords of the lyre as well as for the eye, contour of hair, ear and contour of the god's body, while a taenia (fillet) on his head is in added black colour. k: Only part of a thin, black line is preserved. l: two broad black bands that overlap at some point. Incisions and the ending of a dotted branch (part of draped figure?). 2008.98.0366.jpg
45.10.23 The handle is black. On the shoulder there is a voluted palmette with petal-shaped divisions between two draped male figures facing each other, holding their himatia with their left hands. There is part of a thin line that contours the lower part of the shoulder. The upper part of a warrior is preserved, wearing a red helmet and carrying a shield. There is also the lowest part of a figure's drapery and his feet. He seems to step on two red lines, and the rest of the fragment is black. A fragment shows part of a figure's feet, which also step on two red lines. There is a broad, black band on the foot, with the rest of the underside is reserved.
45.10.29 Fragments that join 45.10.23: a)The handle's back is black. On the shoulder there is a voluted palmette with petal-shaped divisions between two male draped figures that are facing it, holding their himatia? with their left hands. b) There is part of a thin line that contours the lower part of the shoulder. c) The upper part of a warrior, wearing a red helmet and carrying a shield. Behind him , there is part of an object? in added red. d) The right part bears the left part of the previous warrior's shield. The left part of the fragment depicts the upper part of another draped male figure holding a spear.
45.10.3 Upper part of bowl decorated with roller-stamped frieze, with three ridges above and one below. High stem, ridge moulding under top and bottom. Wide flaring foot. Stamp (apparently): figure seated to right in high-backed chair, standing female with win 2003.34.0006.jpg
45.10.4 Inside and outside of rim is black and there are five dots inside. Main design is two pairs of female heads all wearing head-dresses, facing one another. Detail painted in black. On outer rim are rough dots. Underside of lid is black. 2007.01.0017.jpg
45.10.5 Interior surface is black with a medallion, with meander pattern around the edge and two youths facing each other in the centre. The handles are missing from the exterior surface but there are palmette patterns on opposite sides, suggesting this is where the handles were originally. On one side is a stele with a youth either side, the left with his hands outstretched and the other holding a cloth and a strigil. The other side shows remains of a very similar picture. 2011.98.0040.jpg
45.10.7A-B Lid: The top surface bears part of a central medallion (dots contoured by double, semi-spherical line), encircled by a black line, a red band, a broader black band and a red line. There is also an ivy spray between the last red line and a similar one. At the rim there is a rather careless tongue pattern, with inner dots (identical to the one of the central medallion, only frammed by thin, black lines). Sides: There is the representation of women pursued by the winged Eros. The naked Eros is flying and his himation with white spots on its top is falling over his forearm. At the level of his face there is an inscription, with white colour KALOS and underneath, KALH, above a bent fillet with thin, short, white lines emerging from its endings. The first of the women is headed right, having extended her right? hand towards Eros and holding and raising slightly her drapery (in order to run faster). Her head is missing, but she is probably looking backwards, to see the advancing Eros. The scene is reproduced again: Anoher Eros pursues another woman, who is running towards an altar? (rectangular, altar-shaped constuction, higher than the figures with a decoration of a large cross and dots in between). Among them there is again the inscribed KALOS, KALH. Many fragments have not survived, however this woman's head is not missing. She is looking backwards and wears a diadema, made of white lines. At the other side of the altar? there is another woman approaching it, having escaped the first Eros, but looking back to see him. She wears a white diadema and the same inscription is between her and the Eros. The scene is framed by two red, concentric lines (above and below the figures). The bottom surface is left reserved. Body: There is decoration of laurel stems and berries around the outer surface with details made of added white. This motif is framed (above and below with red, thick lines). The interior of both pieces is black. The feet have a black band on the side (ca 2 cm below their joining part to the body) and the rest of the surface is left reserved, apart from a black line at the rim. Half way up the inside surface of the feet there is a thin, black band. The base's central part is decorated with a broad black, circular band between thin black lines. 2003.94.0098.jpg
45.10.9 A: Draped youth playing pipes and draped man holding a branch; B: group, probably in a procession, including a draped youth with a staff and a draped man with a branch. The interior is reserved. The details that form the folds of the figure(s) drapery are rendered with thin, black and red lines. a) Black with part of a tongue motif on the top (tongues flanked by thin lines, on a reserved but glazed band). b) Part of a draped male figure's neck, shoulder and bust. c) Part of the figure's himation folds. d) Lower part of a male figure's drapery folds and part of feet? (carelessly rendered). e) Part of a draped figure's folds, next to a black area. f) Part of a draped figure's folds. g) Part of a figure's arm, forearm and hand, with the largest part of a flute. h) On the right side there is part of a figure's drapery folds. On a black area on the left side there is a figure's hand that holds a komos or sprig with added white, short diagonal lines around it. i) On top of a meander pattern with a black line on top there is part of a red band with traces of thin, black lines (a figure's foot?). j) On the left, there is part of a figure's drapery folds and part of his walking-stick. On the right side there is part of another figure's folds?
45.3.1 Decorated on top of mouth and neck with black tongues. Handle with two dots (rows?). Body decorated with two figural zones with plain bands framing and between. Top: two facing cocks and a long-billed bird to the right; incised rosettes in field. Bottom: two panthers facing a long-billed bird; incised rosettes in field. Incised details on birds and rosettes (divided into four, six, or eight sections). Traces of purple on all animals. Bottom: small ring inside two concentric bands. 2003.97.0266.jpg
45.6.1 Pale buff ground. Inside is black and red in places. Main design: five women with long plaited hair dancing in a ring, holding wreaths between them. In field are large rosettes with concentric circles at centre and round objects with horizontal incisions between bands of vertical incisions. At base are elongated vertical lines and the foot is coloured red. Five bands on base. 2002.97.0104.JPG
45.6.10 Finer fabric than RM.87.35.13 and 29.9.2. Black interior with reserved band on rim. Exterior of rim is black followed beneath by further reserved band. Black band above handles followed by reserved band. Handles black on outside only. Lower body and foot black. Reserved resting surface and inside of foot. 2003.45.0061.jpg
45.6.11 Squat skyphos. Two handles on either side, one broken and one glued. Small closed mouth. Black band around middle of body. Added deep red colour all around the surface, flat base. 2006.20.0180.jpg
45.6.12 Inside has black bands and a central black dot. Outside has a rim with dotted rosettes in handle zone. Black band above main design of 9 inverted swans with red bodies and black necks. Groups of dashes in the field. Black band below design with vertical rays to foot. Foot is black on top, reserved on resting surface, black badn and reserved centre, which is convex. 2003.97.0739.jpg
45.6.13 Handles: black on top and reserved underneath. Inside and outside of mouth is black but the top is reserved, with accidental smears of paint. Neck is reserved and there are black tongues on the shoulder. Side A shows 3 mantled onlookers separated by objects like long leaves tapering downwards. Two are facing left and one is facing right. On side B is a runner holding an indistinguishable object. Ivy leaf under one handle and leaves in the field. Below picture is black to foot which is reserved on the side and underneath. 2003.97.0643.jpg
45.6.15 Black lip on mouth. Neck is reserved as is the underside of the single handle. Black tongues under fine ridge at base of neck followed by a circle of black lotus flowers with white outer petals alternating with black buds. Body has black glaze, rather ruddled. Two thin red lines at top of body just below shoulder and one two thirds of the way down the body. Black disk foot with edge reserved. Base flat and reserved except for a concave central circle. 2003.97.0390.jpg
45.6.16 Mouth black inside and out with partly reserved top of rim. Handle black on its exterior. Neck reserved. Shoulder is decorated with 2 rows of rays. The body is decorated with a row of palmettes. Three out of four are preserved. They are divided by black vertical lines and circled by white arches. The leafs of the palmettes are incised. On their lower part, they are connected with a black vertical chain. Broad black band below main zone. Bottom of body is black, as is top of foot. Side of foot and underide are reserved. 2003.12.0079.jpg
45.6.17 Black mouth, black inside, reserved lip. Single curved handle black outside and reserved underneath. Bars at base of neck and lotus buds. At top of body are two rows of dots alternating black and white between black bands. Main design is of man reclining between two seated women. On couch beside him is a naked hetaira. Remains of branches with white fruit just visible. Figures are robed and detail is in white. Two reserved bands below on black glaze. Foot is stepped, side of both steps reserved. Base is reserved. 2003.12.0009.jpg
45.6.18 Mouth, handle and the upper part of the neck have been dipped in a brownish, lustreless, uneven glaze. Neck has five vertical, black tongues. The body is patterned in coarse-meshed net which occasionally overlaps onto foot, which is small but uneven. Base flat and reserved. 2003.13.0004.jpg
45.6.19 Raised circle on nib, two grooves. On top of base, three blck palmettes and on edge of lid black wave pattern. 2006.20.0032.jpg
45.6.2 Brownish-buff ground. Inside is black with traces of red lines. Outside from top to bottom, vertical black (now red) wavy lines, two red, one black, two narrow black, wide red, two narrow black, wide black, two narrow black bands. Foot is brown and base has four concentric circles. iddle thick band red, rest of decoration brownish-black. Worms in handle zone, then two thin bands. 2003.97.0209.jpg
45.6.21 Shallow, flat interior with a hole in the centre and two black concentric bands around the hole in the centre. Rim flat and reserved. Body neck and foot black glaze. High foot andon circular base which is sloping and broken. 2006.20.0039.jpg
45.6.22 Black circle where knob would have been followed by incised groove. Around rim black dots on reserved ground. Ivy wreath, leaves reserved and outlined in white, stems incised, with clusters of berries painted in white. Underside is reserved. 2003.26.0098.jpg
45.6.24 Small pointed knob on top in centre from which to hold and lift the lid with, one groove at bottom from which rim, (edge of the lid) extends outwards, rim is narrow. Flat resting surface to connect with vessel, interior reserved. 2006.20.0044.jpg
45.6.25 On brown ground is painted the remains of leaves and flowers in white, with dark red and blue-black. Small central knob handle. Rim flares upwards slighlty. 2003.98.0015.jpg
45.6.26 Black gloss covers the entire surface, except for the underside. The underside preserves two painted black concentric bands. The inner band is thicker and the painte has not been applied with care. 2008.10.0007.jpg
45.6.27 Flared lip, elongated handle to side attached from underneath lip to centre of body, squat pear shaped body, flat resting surface and ring base, reserved. 2006.20.0025.jpg
45.6.3 Decoration black and red. Central star; rays; tongues; bands. On raised rim, cone pattern between bands. Underneath, rim moulding and moulding on base red, foot-ring black. Pattern on rim is triangular shapes with curved edges, some inverted so they tessalate. 2003.97.0115.jpg
45.6.30 Black gloss, with two white bands on the lower shoulder, above a moulded groove; then ribbing on the body; reserved and ruddled on the lower part of the body, upper part of the foot, and underside. 2003.37.0001.jpg
45.6.31 Mouth black although inside is reserved; both sides of neck decorated with three branches of (faded) white leaves on incised stems. Stem and foot underneath reserved although there is a stroke of black in the reserved area; side of foot black. 2003.98.0048.jpg
45.6.32 Fabric heavy and glaze is silvered. Two curved handles on opposite sides beginning at widest part of body and ending at top of neck. On either side of neck is a garland and hanging branch of white leaves on incised tendrils. Moulded rim around foot. Base reserved. 2003.98.0052.jpg
45.6.33 Mouth, neck, lugs and upper part of body black. Bottom part of body and foot underneath reserved. 2003.98.0028.jpg
45.6.36 Trefoil lip, ribbon handle attachedfrom lip to middle of body. Ovaloid body and flat base. Two incised concentric circles in base. 2006.20.0030.jpg
45.6.37 Streaky black glaze applied through dipping, so that a reserved band remains in the middle of the body. Reserved also on resting surface, interior face of foot, and underside. Streaky appearance and reserved section of belly suggest the presence of kiln supports during firing, as found on the example in Toronto (see discussion of dating, below). Black on the interior of the mouth. 2010.98.0159.jpg
45.6.38 Slightly iridescent greyish-black glaze. Lip imprinted with horseshoe shapes (24 on the lip and 5 in the centre). The foot is flat underneath, heavily ruddled, except for a small hollow cone at centre, which is black. 2003.31.0011.jpg
45.6.39 Wide flarred lip, very hollow, flat interior. Flat resting surface with raised base, reserved. Black glaze ciovering only on part of the interior and exterior of the bowl, an elongated semi circle. The bowl is possibly marked from something else or this could be a burn mark rather than remians of a black glaze. 2006.20.0165.jpg
45.6.4 Brownish-grey in colour, apparently from burnt deposit. Shape is of a normal Corinthian kothon except that the handle is abnormally thick with no side projections. Inside, black bands in center. Turned in rim has black bands as does the top surface with four bands alternating thick and thin. Band near to foot. Base is raised and has two central circles. 2003.35.0088.jpg
45.6.45 Shallow, squat body with small sloped foot and flat resting surface, spiral grooves on base. 2006.20.0022.jpg
45.6.48 Short body. Flat interior with slight indentation oin the centre. Base large and flat. 2006.20.0037.jpg
45.6.49 Small and shallow bowl, with narrow body. Flat interior with a slight indentation in the centre. Short foot, base conical with flat resting surface. 2006.20.0038.jpg
45.6.5 Handle painted black. On the upper surface are four black bands and below handle is a single band. Kothon has a shallow foot-ring, black on both sides. Base is raised and has two black bands in center. Inside is a broad black band. 2003.35.0089.jpg
45.6.51 Deep, small cup of a pale yellowish clay. Rim slightly flarred. Short neck widening to round body with two upright handles on either side, one of which is broken, short foot and flat base 2006.20.0172.jpg
45.6.53 Knob raises slightly from the centre, flat on top. Lip rounded and sloped. Grooved concentric rings around the outside and inside forming stepped ridges. Warped. 2006.20.0005.jpg
45.6.54 Shallow and conical fragment comprises part of a gently sloping side and part of a flat base.
45.6.55 Lip overhanging edge and slightly sloping upwards. Neck short, into wide. squat circular body. Foot short and base flat. 2006.20.0021.jpg
45.6.57 Small, slightly flared mouth with fine overhung lip. Long neck opening to short pear shaped body, finally tapering to a flared foot, and a flat base. Two incised lines at top of body, one incised line on foot. 2006.20.0040.jpg
45.6.58 Long narrow neck, pear shaped body. Grooves on body in alternating horizontal and vertical lines, short narrow foot with flat base. 2006.20.0174.jpg
45.6.59 Mouth broken, neck widens into small pear shaped body which narrows into foot and flarred rounded flat base. Surface smooth with lines made from having been produced on a pottery wheel. 2006.20.0042.jpg
45.6.60 Pear shaped body, narrowing into foot and widening at the base which is round and flat. 2006.20.0179.jpg
45.6.61 Short neck and small closed mouth, pear shaped with a flat base, pale orange clay. 2006.20.0024.jpg
45.6.62-63 Bowl-skyphos shaped and inside was painted brown. Outside, from top to bottom are concentric yellow, white, orange, black circles, with triangles between and pendant pairs of white spots. Below are pairs of red and white vertical strokes. The lower part is reserved. White band around foot. Lid is dark brown with central knob handle and steep shoulder but flat rim. Pattern matches that of circles and triangles on base. 2008.99.0624.jpg
45.6.64 Small circular knob in centre to left the lid with. Top surface slightly sloped downwards. Rim flat and circular. Interior flat. 2006.20.0041.jpg
45.6.66 Black Glaze over exterior and interior, even on the inside of the tube in the centre of the reservoir the top of this tube is reserved, base is reserved but has some black markings. 2005.01.0072.jpg
45.6.67 Incision around discus. Black glaze on the interior and the exterior, the base of the foot is reserved. 2005.01.0300.jpg
45.6.68 Red wash all over including the interior and the base of the foot. Pattern on the base of the foot, probably from turning. 2005.01.0074.jpg
45.6.69 Groove around the filling hole and a pale yellow wash all over. 2005.01.0048.jpg
45.6.70 On top is a worn moulded image; a woman's body and face - Artemis with quiver? Handle has worn decoration of two bands along the crest of the handle. Red-orange wash. 2005.01.0007.jpg
45.6.72 Mouth is red on top and black down neck until a moulded ridge when there are rays down to black square blocks on shoulder. Band of vine leaves. Handle is black and below it is a palmette complex with tendrils either side joining to two more palmette designs. On front, is head and shoulders of a woman facing left, wearing tight-fitting black cap, with hair emerging in two curls at top. Serrated leaf and rosettes in field. 2003.26.0005.jpg
45.8.1 The rim (interior) bears two, concentric circles, the first at the edge and the second at the curve between the neck and the body, where traces of white colour can be found. The neck of the vessel is ornamented with a continuous floral motif (branch bearing two long leafs; laurels?) that covers the whole of the surface. A: Scene of a symposium of four, reclining, male figures; 2 men and 2 youths (in turns), in pairs looking at one another. All of them wear their himatia, loose around their waists, a fact that leaves the upper part of their bodies naked, and are crowned with identical three-pointed diadems, made of added, yellowish and white colour. They also have identical hairstyles. The youth on the left side makes a gesture, pointing left with his right hand, but facing the man on his right who touches his chest with his right hand. The third person looks as if holding a white thread with his right-hand fingers, while the man on his right is trying to put a white, spotted garland on the third figure with his right hand. They all recline on a horizontal sort of bed, supported by three feet, of equal distance between them, but of unequal width. However, the lower parts of the three feet are similar; rectangular and vertical to the stem. Under this construction, in the surface between the two gaps that are left between the feet of the bed, there are two tables, that carry food(?) (fruit and bread ?), painted with added white colour. Both of the tables bear two, broad, black, bands around their edges, the left ones being larger than the right ones. As regards the endings of the tables' feet, they give the impression of a vague rendering of animal paws. B: A youth in the centre of the scene looks at his right, while in either of his sides, another youth is looking at him. All of them are fully-clad with himatia. The left one is holding a strigil (stleggis) with his right hand, while the one at the right side of the scene makes a gesture with his feast. The spring of the handles bears part of a circle (it stops, leaving the surface between the beginning of the two handles undecorated), with small, semi-cercular patterns. Beneath each handle there is a large, complex palmette. A band with maeander-shaped patterns runs through the vessel under the main scenes. The base is in the form of a disk, with a high foot, separated from the disk-shaped surface by a carved, reserved circle, as well as an also circle at the lowest end of the base's foot. 2003.23.0005.jpg
45.8.2 Mouth and rim all black and black inside down to base of rim, then reserved. Two handles, one each side, all black. Both sides have a wave pattern above scene. Between tall tendrils: Side A a youth running with a rosette in the field. Side B is a woman running with garland in hand and a fillet hanging up. Black background carelessly applied, overlapping parts of pattern. Reserved band under scene. Foot black on outside, the rest of the underneath is reserved and flat. 2011.98.0080.jpg
45.9.1 Mouth black inside and outside. Reserved rim. Handles painted black on top and reserved underneath. Each handle has two lines down the back dividing it into three sections and a dolphin (?) painted in black below each one. The neck has two rows of ivy leaves separated by a band of dots. Ridge at base of neck and petals around shoulder. Both sides have a similar design of a warrior setting out between two onlookers. Detail is incised. Below is a double row of staggered dots and rays. Foot is black on top and side, but reserved on resting surface and base. 2003.65.0092.jpg
46.5.1A-B Lid decorated with three vertical black bands above palmette frieze. Body: dark bands on rim, narrow floral band consisting of ten alternating palmettes, six with lotus attached by long stem on right, two with lotus each side, two with none. Black at bottom of body and foot. 2005.89.0055.jpg
46.9.1 Mouth coloured black inside, outside, neck red. Handle black on outside and reserved underneath. On shoulder, black rays below fine ridge at base of neck, then lotus flowers - white outer petals alternating with black buds. Body has a silvery black glaze with two red lines at top, another just under the figure scene and another just in the junction with the base. In added white, bearded charioteer with two galloping horses. They are in profile to the left. He is holding the reigns of the horses. Naked with fillet on hair and belt, both shown incised. Row of white dots above the scene. Details of man's body and horses' incised. Disk foot has reserved edge, base is reserved. 2003.92.0149.jpg
46.9.2 Ivy wreath on rim, dots on ridge below. Decoration on main body consists of an ivy wreath with dots in between ivy leaves. Below: one band of horse shoes, one band of dots, and one band of curved lines. Below is black to the foot, which has one reserved line. Base reserved but with two thin black concentric lines around a small circle in the centre. 2003.19.0003.jpg
47.10.2 Clay reddish, glaze thin and streaky. In upper part two pairs of vertical bands; in lower a broad horizontal band. Inside black to depth of 2.0cm from lip, rest reserved. Handles black on outside. Foot reserved. 2002.97.0469.jpg
47.10.3A-B Lid: glazed black, except for the underside. At the middle of the lid are two purlish-red narrow bands; a third narrow band surrounds the rim of the lid. Lekanis: glazed black, except for the underside. Interior decorated with a purplish-red band high up the outer wall, and two red bands in the bowl; exterior decorated also with three purplish-red bands, two higher up and one lower on the outer wall. 2010.98.0012.jpg
47.12.15 Shallow bowl with flat rim and convex foot. Red with one thick black band around the body; a thin black band beneath the rim and several bands on the inside of the bowl.
47.2.1 Black gloss, with a greenish band around body towards base. Reddened resting surface and underside, with a central black dot within a faint circle in diluted gloss, and the interior of the footring black. 2003.97.0563.jpg
47.2.12 Small circle, fired red, at the centre of the medallion on the underside. Black gloss except where noted; half of interior and some of exterior misfired red. 2008.98.0420.jpg
47.2.14 light brown colour. Wide mouth, slightly narrower towards the base, with wide foot and flat resting surface. 2010.98.0207.jpg
47.2.15 Shallow bowl with flat rim and convex foot. Red with one thick black band around the body; a thin black band beneath the rim and several bands on the inside of the bowl. 2008.99.0110.jpg
47.2.21 Three careless thick vertical bands of white slip, which start just below the join of the knob and the bell, and slip onto the underside of the bell; otherwise reserved. Striations on the inside and outside of the bell indicate that it was formed on a wheel, although the knob and striking ball were probably not. 2005.02.0295.jpg
47.2.22 Interior: black ring on pale buff, black at rim. Exterior: broad and narrow black rings and one broad red ring, central black dot. Two wish-bone handles, black on both sides but reserved underneath. White painted ware I or II. 2003.92.0103.jpg
47.2.23 Interior: black ring and rim. Exterior: broad and narrow black bands, broad red band, more black bands and a central black dot. Handles black on top and bottom but reserved underneath. 2010.99.0035.jpg
47.2.24 Interior: two black rings, and black rim. Exterior: broad and narrow black rings. Remaining handle painted black but reserved inside. 2003.92.0158.jpg
47.2.27 Some traces of black on shield, neck and arms. Red around forehead, ears and over body. 2009.99.0109.jpg
47.2.28 Traces of black paint on chest, left arm and back of head, faint stripe on body. 2008.99.0007.jpg
47.2.29 Red tinge to body, suggesting originally covered in red wash. Black horizontal stripes across body and above left arm. Vertical black stripes on lower body. Black on back of head. 2008.99.0004.jpg
47.2.3 Black glazed except reserved interior of handles, panels beneath handles, foot except inner surface of foot ring and concentric black circle around central black dot. 2008.10.0012.jpg
47.2.30 Facial features prominent. Traces of red wash on face and body, red stripe down centre. Black on head, bands and stripes on clothes. 2010.99.0188.jpg
47.2.31 Remnants of black paint around eyes, headdress, upper body and arms; red on face. 2008.99.0146.jpg
47.2.32 Some traces of colour: black for hair, red on face and arms, dark red on cap, line with pendants around neck and on tambourine. Two red and black bands below the elbows. 2008.03.0015.jpg
47.2.33 Little indication of clothing or its design, which would have been painted. Faint traces of red on face, neck and both sides of the tambourine. 2007.99.0126.jpg
47.2.35 Standing female figure. Wheelmade body, moulded head. Woman in veil. Holding at breast level an object now broken off. Traces of black on head and eyes, red on face and clothes. Clay orange. 2008.99.0154.jpg
47.2.4 The vessel's tondo is ornated with impressed (stamped) decoration, of thirteen ellipsoid motives (eggs, some not fully formed) that seem to be hanging from an impressed circle, on whose border rest thirteen palmettes (voluted with narrow divisions) on stalks. There is a reserved, but glazed line at the lowest part of the body and the concave area of the base is reserved, but glazed, apart from two, concentric, reddish brown lines with a dot in the centre. 2010.99.0180.jpg
47.2.5 Black glaze covers the entire vessel, except for underside of the resting surface. It is not lustrous, of not good quality and on the interior it is mostly fired reddish, as well as on small parts of the exterior. Reddish paint is applied on the underside, which is decorated with a black dot at the centre, surrounded by two concentric thin black band at a distance of ca. 1 cm. VEry close to the external band, a thin band of thinned glaze. The interior of the bidy is has stamped decoration. Four stamped spindly palmettes arround a small circle. 2008.98.0406.jpg
47.2.6 Black gloss except reserved resting surface and underside, decorated with a black dot at the centres, surrounded by two black concentric thin bands and a broaded black band. Reserved band on the junction of the ring foot and the body. Stamped decoration in the centre of the bowl, comprised of seven palmettes between two concentric bands of stamped eggs framed by parallel grooves. 2001.99.0123.jpg
47.2.7 Black gloss on bowl, thinly applied on the lower part of the body. Reserved groove above foot, resting surface, and underside, except for concentric black bands around convex area. 2008.98.0404.jpg
47.2.8 Black gloss except reserved bands at junction of foot and body, on resting surface, and on underside. Black concentric band on interior of foot ring; centre of underside decorated with two black circles and a central black dot within a black band. Interior decoration: at centre, 8 stamped palmettes, linked at their bases; outer band of 20 stamped palmettes, also linked at their bases; each palmette band inscribed by a band of eggs. 2001.99.0128.jpg
47.2.9 Black gloss covers the entire body, except for resting surface, and within ridge on underside. Underside is covered with red paint and further decorated on reserved area with dot at the centre, central circle, and two thinner concentric circles. Much of exterior misfired brownish. 2008.98.0431.jpg
47.6.1 The Gorgon Medusa, in both shoulder panels. Area under handles is black. Side A: Achilles on black horse, alongside a red horse with an attendant riding on black horse behind. Troilos lies on ground. Side B: Achilles carrying Troilos toward alter made of bricks with incised lines (the altar might also be interpreted as a fountainhouse). Shrub in front of altar (fountainhouse) Pictures are in red, black, white with detail incised. Below shoulder zone are red and black chevron-palmettes; below this, animal frieze with goats, panther, winged creature and lion. Triangles radiating from base, foot is black and base reserved. Zones separated by bands. 2007.01.0060.jpg
47.6.2A-B Lid: Straight sides and a moulded rim at the top and bottom, both red. The plastic ring at the top of the lid black. The top is decorated with a depiction of a male figure, perhaps Dionysus (Ure) or Pan (Boardman) with horns springing from his head. He wears an animal skin (brownish dots) over his shoulders, with a hoof dangling. He seems to be stepping or sitting on another animal skin. In raised left hand he holds an indeterminate instrument (Ure: handleless fork; Boardman: syrinx) and he rests his right hand, brought before his body, on an oar-shaped object (trumpet; Ure: winnowing fan; Boardman: 'lagobolon'). To his left is the forepart of a pig (or dog?), and to his right, a basket with three corn stalks. There is also a red, thin line at the joining point of the plastic ring and the lid. The decoration of the side surface of the lid is a motif of vertical, hanging, wavy tongues, between reddish brown bands. There is also one inverted heart-shaped motif at some point between the tongues. Body: There is a red line at the rim and another one at half the way up the body, both on the inside and the outside. On the interior there are two, concentric, reddish-brown circles. Exterior: There is also a red line at the bottom of the body, while the disk-shaped ring is reddish-brown. Wide rim at base. Underside is reserved and central section flat. 2005.88.0043.jpg
47.6.3 Dull brownish-black glaze all over. Ribbed handles with bearded masks instead of spurs, handles divided in two between mask and body. In handle zone, incised band of tendrils on straight stalk. White dots (v. worn) above and below. Round top of lower band some evidence of what was a wavy pattern. Lower band black as is base and the rest of the vessel. 2002.97.0647.jpg
47.7.2 Round, flat body with vertical spout at one end with a flared mouth. Single curved handle stretches from the rim of the mouth to the back of the body. All black apart from two designs. One one side is a panther, with detail picked out in black paint and whose face is in an odd perspective. On the other side is a dog, with black and brown paint used for detail. Reserved line runs asround the body below the animals. The base is red and flat. 2003.24.0002.jpg
47.7.3 Outer rim has round pattern. Beneath each handle, palmette with side tendrils. A: Woman's head in hankerchief with hair out the back. B: Woman's head uncovered. Around foot is a broad black band then a reserved zone with a thin black band in the middle. Base is black and depressed in centre. 2003.26.0008.jpg
47.8.1 Inside is reserved except for picture of Heracles in a black corselet over spotted chiton with flame borders. Club in his right hand and bow and arrow in his left. Originally only red for framing circle inside the black band around rim but much has faded to red that was black. Two handles, one either side have been dipped. Outside are dots around rim with band below. Reserved then to resting surface and inner foot-ring which are red. Base is concave and reserved except for small red circle at center. 2005.88.0039.jpg
48.11.8 Diagonal rim directly aggached to a globular body; high swung round handle rises up from the top of the rim and rejoins the body at its middle. from the Small mouth, body is round and extends outwards from directly beneath mouth. Long handle reaches from mouth to middle of body on the side. Raised base. Pot entirely glossed, although (mis?)fired red on lower part of handle, back of body, and base. 2003.92.0398.jpg
48.12.1 Bowl of rather coarse clay. Interior glossed black, although only traces of brown remain. Two rounded handles, one on each side, with traces of faint brownish-black gloss. Outside, narrow bands immediately below rim and at base of handles. Between the handles is pair of parallel wavy lines (only on front). Black gloss from below handles to foot. Foot is rounded and base is concave and reserved. 2003.92.0249.jpg
48.12.10 Interior of the mouth and exterior of the handle black. Neck is reserved, as is the underside of the handle. Shoulder has two rows of rays radiating from neck. Body is cream ground and, from top to bottom, has two parallel horizontal black lines, meander 'key' pattern, three rows of grille and black line. In centre are three horizontal palmettes with a line, four row grille and black band. The pattern only covers the front of the pot and the back is left cream. Below this are three incised bands. Top of foot black. Reserved band on the foot. Underside reserved. 2003.97.0425.jpg
48.12.11 Flared mouth, black inside, with flat rim which is reserved. Outside of mouth and handle black but neck and underside of handle reserved. Shoulder has two rings, the inner of dots and the outer of rays or lotus buds. Body is black with lustrious glaze except for a reserved band at top and bottom of main design which is a woman walking to right with her hand extended. Stem and foot are black and side of foot is reserved. Base is flat and reserved. 2003.97.0399.jpg
48.12.12 Flared cup mouth, single handle, neck and back of body are all black. The front design is a palmette framed in a triangular panel. Foot is black on the top and side but the resting surface and the raised base are reserved. 2008.99.0531.jpg
48.12.2 Black decoration. Interior: uneven band round rim; ring in base with ill-made join. Exterior: uneven band at rim; beneath it is a wavy line (decoration ceases temporarily above handles); paint thinner in places. Black band where the body tapers to the base, and another band around the foot. Base reserved. 2003.98.0127.jpg
48.12.3 Interior black glaze, except a reserved band just inside rim. Upper body reserved with darker red and black decoration; Three horizontal brown lines around the outside rim, six sets of five vertical lines spaced evenly around the upper body alternating with four occurrences of three concentric circles surrounding a central dot. Three horizontal lines below it separate this section from the lower body which is black except for one reserved band in the middle. Handles are a darker reddish brown (2.5YR 4/6). There is an incised cross on the inside of one handle only. The slightly flared foot is also black with a reserved resting surface and underside. 2002.97.0519.jpg
48.12.6 Rim decorated with three bands, the the central one with added purple. Horizontal bars on handle. Long tongues on shoulder; figural zone framed by bands. Main design is of three crouching lions, facing right, with long tails forming s-curves above them, each reaching back to link to the next lion. Incisions and added purple on necks and shoulders. Base reserved. 2002.97.0134.JPG
48.2.1 The interior is glazed black. There are two zones of decoration. Top (A): water bird, horseman with dog, lion; top (B): lion, horseman, waterbird. Bottom: seven swans, three decorated with incisions, above a ray base. A few rosettes and a dotted rhombus in the field. The base and rim of the foot are reserved. 2003.16.0003.jpg
48.2.2 Foot-ring cushiony and black. Base inside reserved with small central circle. Inside black; rim clearly marked off. A: Between palmettes beared man walking away with cloak over arm. B: As A, but woman sits on solid black seat. 2004.99.0964.jpg
48.4.1 The rim of the mouth has leaves all round it. The outside of the rim has a thick black band. On the main zone are pairs of ivy leaves (one pointing up the other down), joined by their vines. In between these are pairs of dot flowers. All of this lies between two pairs of horizontal lines. The slight slope towards the foot is black. The top of the foot is reserved but appears to have once been black. The base of the foot is reserved except for a thin black band on the inside of the rim, another about halfway in, and then a small dot in the centre of the base. The inside of the pot is completely black. 2013.99.0072.jpg
48.5.1 Inside: Central part reserved and decorated with black band in the centre surrounded by three black concertic bands. The rest is black, superimposed with two red and white bands. The top of the rim is decorated with a band of two rows of dots framed by thin black bands. The incurving rim is decorated with back and red thin bands. A: Swan facing to the left with spread wings. Incised rosettes and dots in field. B: bird (owl?) facing to the right goat to the left coloured partly in red; Incised rosettes in the field C: Bird (goose?)partly coloured purple and facing grazing goat(?) to the left but very faded. Below, broad black band with superimposed white-red-white at top and bottom. Triangular rays on a black baseline extend from the base. Narrow black band around middle of foot. Black band with superimposed white on inside of footring. On base, two black bands and a central dot. Exterior and interior of ring foot black 2010.98.0115.jpg
48.5.2 The interior of the mouth is reserved except for a black band on its top. On the mouth, three horizontal parallel lines. On the neck, zig-zag pattern. Shoulder: A:goose/swan and B: panther. Incised rosettes and dots for the filling. Four black bands. Body: deer flanked by panthers whose tails almost meet. In field: rosettes with spoke incisions, and some with circular centres; also dots. Some added purple on animals. Scene rests on a broad black band framed by two narrow black bands. Triangular spokes point upwards from the base to the lower black band. Foot is black, but base is reserved. 2010.98.0078.jpg
48.5.3 Top 2/3 and handle are glazed.
49.1.1 Interior reserved except for red central interior surrounded by thin red and black bands. The vertical part of the interior of the rim has black and brownish bands. Decoration of thin red and black bands, with dots at edge of mouth and outlined tongues round shoulder. Outside of handle black. The underside of the foot decorated with three concentric black bands and dot at the centre. The ring on the interior and exterior covered with brownish paint. The resting surface has two thin concentric brownish bands. Sloping part of the body two thin brown bands. Above the ridge, brown band and that part covered with brown paint. 2003.92.0300.jpg
49.1.2 The vessel is covered in black except for decorative bands at the lower part of the neck (red with black vertical lines) and the shoulder (egg-and-dot), the figural scene in the body zone, a frieze (stopt maeanders alternating with cross squares) below the figural zone, narrow bands at the join of body and foot as well as on each step of the foot, and the underside. The scene depicts a nude youth standing in a relaxed pose, 3/4-view to the right. He holds drapery, bunched up, under his left arm, and seems to converse with a drapped woman seated to the left on an undulating rock. She holds a mirror in her right hand. Both are diademed. A small, winged Eros flutters above them, and he has crowned the youth. A single branch emerges from behind the rock. Next comes an older Eros (depicted as an adolescent) seated near profile to the left (the seat is no longer visible), holding an opened box (the type that was used to house alabastra such as that which he decorates, according to Trendall and Cambitoglou 2.605). In the upper left field there is a rectangular motif with a short, black, vertical band on it (perhaps a window), and in the upper right field (behind Eros) a four-part rosette (rodakas) next to a strigil. Below, there is more vegetation. Relief dots detail xxx and added white has been used for xxx. 2004.13.0014.jpg
49.4.1 The mouth is black inside and out with a reserved rim. The back of the handle is also black. The neck and underside of the handle are ruddled, as is the shoulder which has black dots and radial-shaped motif. There is a white band at the upper body surface with a yellow meander pattern, between yellow lines. The main design is that of a flying Nike facing right with a mirror in her left hand and a globular object in her right. She wears a kalyptra (head dress) and she is draped. Additionally, thinned glaze and black paint has been used for detail. Below the scene there is a similar meander pattern on a white band. The rest of the vessel is black. 2005.88.0081.jpg
49.4.2 Woman with a fan and a ball, seated in a naiskos; kalathos on either side. The inner side of the rim bears a broad band (in the middle of the surface). The top surface bears traces of carelessly applied red colour. The edge is also black and its side surface bears a reserved line and a black line underneath, from which seem to be hanging short, vertical lines. The upper part of the neck is reserved, but bears a black band on its lower part. The rest of the neck is decorated with black colour, on top of which there is a tongue pattern in yellow (faded away) that contours the vessel (long, pointed on the bottom tongues). Below, there is a reserved line. Side A: The main scene depicts a female figure seated in a naiskos (monument with pediment, from whose upper part emerge palmettes and tendrils, epistylion, an ionic column on either side an top of a stylobates or crepis, the latter represented with a perpetual pattern of voluted motives and dots in between, framed by white lines, thin, black bands and white bands), on a diphros okladias. The woman is facing left, she is wearing a peplos, holding a fan with her right hand and a round object with the left one, below which there is a row of dots. She also wears a kalyptra and has her hair in a bun, from which emerge two wavy lines with round terminations. Behind her, at the level of her head, there is a window (square object with the middle part riddled). The naiskos is flanked by a kalathos on either side, decorated with black and yellow horizontal lines, tendrils and branches, as well as yellow tongues and yellow meander pattern. There is a row of yellow dots below each kalathos and a rosette on top. Below the row of dots underneath the left kalathos there is another rosette, whereas underneath the row of dots below the right kalathos there is a phiale. The details are executed with added yellow. The handles are black. The reverse is decorated with floral motifs: the area underneath the vertical handle is black, with an H-shaped black motif divided in two by a vertical line, on a round, brown background. The surface below the vertical handle depicts two fan-shaped palmettes, from which emerge elaborate, voluted floral patterns that expand to the surface below the horizontal handles. The lower part of the body is contoured by a wavy-like pattern on a brown background. The area below is black, although streaky on some areas, while the lowest part of the body is reserved but glazed. The foot is black, with a reserved resting surface. 2001.99.0150.jpg
49.8.1 Handle in two pieces and entwined in knot and extending out to sides along rim. Mouth is wide and has small rim with moulding around edge. Neck is black and smooth with a ridge at juncture with body. The body has shallow vertical ribs, with a cross incised under handle. Horizontal groove halfway down body. Stem is ruddled above foot and reserved, decorated with a black bad. Upper and lower edge of foot reserved. Foot is conical with reserved resting surface and base, except for a black band inside of foot. 2008.98.0423.jpg
49.8.10 Trefoil lip with black glossed rim, three narrow black glossed bands below. Three ducks in profile moving to the right. Underneath, broad black and red glossed striped band (approx. 1.5 cm wide); wings painted with black brush strokes on a red gloss, red beaks and black heads. Narrow black band on the junction of the foot with the body. Exterior of foot glazed black. Brown resting surface but reserved underside with white deposits. Blobs on the handle. 2003.93.0309.jpg
49.8.11 On mouth three concentric black bands; dots on edge. Zigzag pattern on handle. On the shoulder, black tongues. The figure decorated body zone is framed by three thin horizontal parallel black bands. On the body two confronted lions, between which an incized rosette. Dots and irregularly drawn rosettes on the background. Two concentric circles on the underside of the base. 2003.97.0012.jpg
49.8.12 Mouth and rim all black. Single handle is black on the outside and reserved on the underside. Neck is reserved. Shoulder has a row of rays and a row of lotus flowers. Body design is 10 rows of debased chequerboard. There are irregular drops of paint on the back. The decorated part of the body is followed by a narrow black band followed by black stem. The foot is black on the top but reserved on the side. Base is reserved. 2008.99.0528.jpg
49.8.2 It has a central knob handle with moulded ridges that bears a red spoked wheel and a red band with a reserved rim. Additionally, it has a black and red down moulded handle with two bads at the bottom. Both sides depict a female head with ornate head dress, made of whitish thin bands and dots, shorter and thinner yellow ones, as well as of ovaloid or curving mottifs. A lock falls over, accross the neck. A spiral pattern is used to fill the surface between the end of the kalyptra (hair dress) and the beginning of another motif; a palmette, used as decoration on either side, while a floral pattern fills the space between the chin and the other side of the palmette. One of the heads wears a neclace made of yellow beads, while her earing is painted over the hair with big round spots. Between the two heads there are palmettes (fan-shaped ornament composed of narrow divisions) with added yellow for few details. Around the bottom of the rim there is a wave pattern to the left. The underside is completely reserved. 2003.94.0065.jpg
49.8.3 Interior: black with a central red dot. The underside of the rim has a leftwards laurel leaf pattern above a single red band. Palmette and tendril decoration below both handles. Side A: warrior with shield dressed in hoplite attire (but perhaps an Arimaspian, according to Schauenburg; cf. Hdt. 3.116), facing and fighting a griffin with traces of white on tail and mane. Rosettes in field. Side B: three robed women with yellow necklaces and hair decorations, facing left. Rhomboids with central crosses in field. Below the figures is a wave pattern. Stem, foot and base are black. 2003.92.0349.jpg
49.8.4 On the mouth, tonges framed by black bands. On the shoulder, tongues. Neck reserved. Lip has dots around the edge. On the handle, the decoration is hardly preserved, probably black bands zig-zag. Body has three purple bands with double rows of vertical dashes between them. There is a zone of tongues around the base, above of which thin brown line. On the underside of the base, black dot at the centre and traces of black band around it. 2008.99.0365.jpg
49.8.5 Black tongues on mouth and black rim. Horizontal parallel black bars on handle. Black tongues on moulded ring level with bottom of handle. Upper part of body ridged, painted with black and purple bands, then black, purple bands with groups of vertical lines. Body has moulded rings. Around base tongues and black foot. Reserved, concave base. 2003.97.0247.jpg
49.8.7 Inside is black with a reserved ring in centre (around hole) and a reserved band on the junction of the offset rim with the body. Rim is black outside and there is a moulded, reserved ridge above handles on the junction of the rim with the body. Two handles, one on each side are black on top and reserved underneath. Below the shoudler ridge is a band of lotus buds with dots all joined by a chain below, black band, band of eight inverted birds (cockerels and hens (?) one smudged) with a dot rosette. The figure zone is framed by thinly painted brown lines, two on each end. Black band follows and three thin brown lines which encircle the black rays rising out from the root of the stem. 2004.03.0001.jpg
49.8.8 Inside and outside of mouth and handle is black as is neck and back of body. At base of neck is a key / meander design between two moulded ridges and only appears on the front. On the body, metope bearing the figure decoration. On the top of the metope. black tongues.Main design is in a panel showing a Quadriga moving to the left. Horses' heads turned towards different directions. One to the left, other three run their heads to the centre facng each other. On the quadriga, hoplites in profile either side both facing right, holding shields and spears and wearing helmets. One of the shields is decorated with a feline picked out in white, only the back part of which can be seen. Behind the quadriga, a hoplite in profile to the right. He is holding his spear and seems ready to attack. He has a shield decorated with three dots with added white, he wears a short chiton, a cuirass and a Corinthian helmet. In front of the chariot, hoplite in profile, moving to the left, having his head turned backwards. He is wearing cuirass, short chiton, a helmet. He is holding his shield and two spears. Added red-purple on reins of horses and headbands and tunic of warriors, as well as contours of the shields. Added white on lion of the shield and decoration of the shield of the second hoplite which is not clear, the edge of the sword of the first hoplite, the dots on the shiled and a band on the body of the last hoplite. Red band at base of panel running all around the vase's body and foot is black on top, but reserved on side. Resting surface reserved. 2003.97.0621.jpg
49.8.9 Rim: There are three narrow, black bands (on a reserved area) between two thicker ones. The side of the rim, the neck and the underside of the handle are all reserved, however there are parallel horizontal bands framed by two thinner vertical lines on the back of the handle. The shoulder is decorated with black tongues. The body is covered with a scale-like motif and each of the scales is rendered with two incised lines at the edge. Additionally, each alternate column has a large purple dot and the columns between have a very small, incised dot. Above and below the scales there are two, broad, black bands, separated by reserved lines. The lower part of the body towards the foot is decorated with tongues (radial-shaped motif). The foot and the base and underside are reserved.
50.10.1 The interior, from the lip down, is reserved. There is a thick band on the lip and vertical bars on the exterior of the rim, then five bands, evenly spaced, between the rim and where the handles start. Neck (A,B): Panel between two triglyphs, each consisting of three vertical lines, a band of diagonal lines, and another three vertical lines. Panel filled with a long-legged bird facing left (body outlined and filled with vertical lines), filling splotches, and a horizontal triangle, cross-hatched, to the right. Shoulder (A,B): Seven vertical lines, panel, seven vertical lines. The panels are filled with (A) dog (silhouette) runing to right, with filling ornament, (B) same, but the dog chasing a hare. Horizontal bands cover the exterior of both handles, and the handle zones are outlined with a very thick band. Body: three horizontal bands; close zigzag; seven more bands; a large black band covering the lower part of the body and the foot. Resting surface and underside reserved. 2003.95.0091.jpg
50.10.2 Interior glazed black. The rim is decorated with black dots (possibly modern?). The walls are decorated with a floral frieze, consisting of 9-petal palmettes alternating with vertical tendrils (one of which is single and 5 of which are comprised of interlocking ss), framed above and below by two black bands. The lower part of the body is decorated with a thick black band, between two reserved bands. The foot ring is decorated with black bands on the vertical surfaces. The underside is decorated with a narrow black band around a central black dot. 2008.98.0344.jpg
50.10.3 Interior black. Main zone, lotus chain, dotted. Lower part of body black with one red band. Purple moulding at junction of stem and body. Top of stem reserved and channelled. Outside of footring rounded and black inside of footring black almost up to top, tip of interior of footring and resting surface reserved. Underside of the handles reserved. 2003.97.0808.jpg
50.10.4 The mouth is black inside and out with a reserved rim. The neck and underside of handle are also reserved, while the top of the handle is black. The shoulder is decorated with short lines and four palmettes (of which one is upside down) linked with tendrils. The back of the body is black and the front bears the representation of a draped woman in an unnaturalistic posture. She is facing right with her head and chest turned back to her left. She is holding a case (kiste? with drawers?) in her right hand and extends out her left (the gesture is as if holding a phiale). There is reserved line under her feet and the woman looks as if she stepps on it. Additionally, the foot's upper surface is black. There is also a small, concave section at the centre of the base. 2013.99.0031.jpg
50.10.5 Black inside with a reserved rim and a central circular reserved section with two black bands and a black dot. Two handles, one each side, are black except for the reserved insides and panels underneath. The exterior is black, with the exception of the handle zone decorated with palmettes and lotus buds on cable and a reserved band further down on the body. Reserved is the ridge at the junction of the stem and the foot, the side of the foot and the resting surface.
50.10.6 Front: in handle zone, white eggs, with incised line above; then, between pairs of incised lines, wavy white line; below this, row of white dots. Red vine branch with dendant grape-clusters, leaves and tendrils. Incised line all round below. Back: pair of lines of white dots with double incised line in between tapering to single line. Incised line continued from below decoration on side A. Handles and interior black. Bottom portion of body and top of footring red with single black band near top. Side of footring black, underside reserved. 2004.07.0006.jpg
50.12.1 A thick clay fragment showing below the rim and in line with the area of the handle zone; a pattern of joined arc-shaped bands and immediatly before the handle a vertical line joining the horizontal lines that surround the arc motif. On top of rim there is a single narrower curved painted band. 2006.20.0161.jpg
50.12.10 Interior left rough. Exterior: haunch and tail of seated quadruped (?); three black bands; black dots. 2003.98.0119.jpg
50.12.11 Black bands on handle and body, and black ring round base of handle. 2003.98.0112.jpg
50.12.13 Interior shows remnants of white slip. Exterior, although very worn, shows a band of black across the top and some wavy black lines are barely visible. 2003.98.0108.jpg
50.12.15 Interior is mainly unpainted with a black line (faded to orange) directly on rim, another slightly lower. Exterior has a series of straight and curved lines to left of centre there are two parallel vertical lines and far left two horizontal parallel scalloped lines. To the right a single curved line and at the bottom a small semi-circle adjoining the lower end of the vertical lines with an larged dot in the middle. 2003.98.0088.jpg
50.12.16 Exterior decorated with four concentric circular lines (brownish-black) and a small line indicating another part of the motif. Interior black misfired orange. 2003.98.0164.jpg
50.12.19 Exterior: decoration in black, comprised of three black curved lines above and a thin (faded) horozontal line below; to the right a tiny black mark. Interior: reserved 2003.98.0240.jpg
50.12.2 Fragment of wall of krater or other open bowl. Pale clay, white slip inside and out. Glaze yellow to brown for black. Interior broad black band. Exterior, bands of curved and straight lines. 2003.98.0093.jpg
50.12.20 Exterior: brown lines, curved line with horizontal waves above, and six vertical lines rising from the curve (perhaps a fish); broad band below. Interior: reserved. 2003.98.0169.jpg
50.12.23 'Psi' figurine, representing human figure with small head and upraised arms. Thin red-brown lines separated from eachother by a few millimetres are aranged horizontally across the figurine. 2003.98.0123.jpg
50.12.24 Interior: black with pair of purple red lines just below rim; exterior: black with purple-red band at rim, pair of narrower purple red bands immediately below it and another pair, broader, lower down. 2003.98.0171.jpg
50.12.26 Exterior of foot ring and adjacent part of body black; interior: three thin red rings and one thicker. 2003.98.0100.jpg
50.12.27 rim and neck of large plain storage vessel, very ale clay, no painted decoration 2003.98.0120.jpg
50.12.28 Black paint pattern with fanned arcs and chevrons. 2003.98.0236.jpg
50.12.29 Interior plain, exterior decorated with red and reserved patches, divided by a fine line, partly curved, partly straight. 2003.98.0090.jpg
50.12.3 Red slip inside and out; no other decoration. 2003.98.0221.jpg
50.12.30 Interior largely unpainted with thin black painted line directly on rim and below it a wider band. Exterior has a small motif that appears to join the rim slightly to the left with a single line and becomes a small circle and then from the base of the circle a line becomes a series of tight curves alternating with tiny dots. 2003.98.0229.jpg
50.12.31 Clay pinkish; paint red for black, interior reserved with part of one red band, exterior: parallel fish bone lines, and two apsidal lines, 2003.98.0243.jpg
50.12.32 Interior reserved, exterior with cross hatched rectangles and parallel brown-black lines 2003.98.0246.jpg
50.12.34 Black inside and out, except a patch beside handle that slants away slightly to the top of the fragment. 2003.98.0095.jpg
50.12.36 Exterior: one cross-hatched rectangle and two thin red lines; interior reserved 2003.98.0217.jpg
50.12.37 White clay fragment slightly curved and the exterior shows detail of a pattern; parallel lines curve accross the fragment to the left there is part of a feather pattern that has a single scroll at the top. On the bottom right the the pattern may be bulb shaped and six curved lines across it. The black paintwork is faded in part while some is still dark. The interior has been painted black while the area below the top has been completely worn. 2006.20.0156.jpg
50.12.39 Exterior: thick brown band, from which extend, at a diagonal, two thick curved brown/black bands and one thinner atc. Interior reserved. 2003.98.0085.jpg
50.12.45 Exterior: brown band at the top, with two parallel lines at a slant to the band. At the bottom are part of two brown circles or semi-circles, with a dot or two in the centre, and dots around the circumference. Interior reserved. 2003.98.0239.jpg
50.12.47 On exterior, traces of decoration, including dots and some lines but decoration indistinctive. 2003.98.0177.jpg
50.12.49 Fragment, appears to be the upper body of a sculpture of a woman. It has a net like structure of brown lines on both the front and back. 2003.98.0125.jpg
50.12.5 Part of foot of a closed vase. Coarse clay with tiny black and white inclusions. The interior is pink and fairly rough, the exterior is unglazed and grey. There is a small section of black near the top. 2003.98.0110.jpg
50.12.51 Brown/black designs around top and bottom, with black/brown dot in the middle on each side.
50.12.6 Fragment of comparatively fine open vase. Very pale clay. Interior black band about 1 cm wide just inside rim. Exterior lip grooved and painted black. Small bit of painted ornament. 2003.98.0096.jpg
50.12.7 False neck and one handle of stirrup-vase. Pale clay. Black bands on handle and top, and one at base of neck. 2003.98.0214.jpg
50.3.1 Red rim, mouth black inside but lower half reserved. Handles are black on top and reserved underneath. In neck zone are palmettes with dots joined by chain. Bars on shoulder. Side A; Dionysos holding wine cup, between two dancing maenads with ivy vines in the field. Side B; two warriors fighting over fallen man with spears and a shield with a leg motif and red details. Palmettes in field are attached to tendrils under the handles. Below are dots joined by zigzags with rays below. Moulded red ridge then black foot with uneven reserved band at base. Base is reserved. 2001.99.0017.jpg
50.3.2 Polished black surface all over. Gloss remains mostly lustrous with the exception of the stem and the underside of the foot, where more rough. 2003.97.0304.jpg
50.3.3 Above foot, and again half-way up to handles, groups of five fine incised lines. 2005.88.0042.jpg
50.4.10 Black gloss except for reserved underside of handles, panels under handles, line at the join of stem and foot, upper edge of foot, resting surface, and tip of conical underside. 2003.92.0271.jpg
50.4.11 Black glaze is rather silvered. Rim offset outside and inside. Two oblong, horizontal handles bending upwards, one higher than the other. Resting surface and underside of the base are reserved with a dot and black painted band around it. Foot is moulded in ridges. 2010.98.0312.jpg
50.4.12 Silvery black gloss except underside, which is reserved, reddened, and decorated with a central black dot and two concentric black bands. The external is wider and painted without precision. Red paint of the resting surface slightly flaked off at small parts. 2003.97.0532.jpg
50.4.13 Black glaze except for underside, which is reserved and reddened. 2003.97.0646.jpg
50.4.17 Black glaze all over except reserved resting surface. Rim stamped with sixteen horseshoe designs resting on a line. Base is black and depressed. 2010.98.0045.jpg
50.4.19 Cup mouth with slightly out-turned rim and flat lip; narrow neck, bulbous body, broad raised base, and strap handle rising from the top of the neck, extending to the top of the body in a near right-angled shape. A slight ridge marks the join of neck and body. The body is decorated with 9 pairs of vertical grooves giving the appearance of a 'segmented orange'. Black glazed except on base, which is reserved and treated with red wash. 2003.37.0082.jpg
50.4.20 Exterior and interior of neck in black glaze, base is reserved. Fourteen, unevenly spaced vertical incisions around the lower body. From above, the lip and handle appear to form a grape leaf shape. 2005.02.0003.jpg
50.4.22 Wide mouth, with downturned molded rim (grooved), tapering to a neck that gradually widens to form the head of a ram, whose horns curl around his ears. Horizontal strap handle joins neck just below rim and loops around to rejoin the body just behind the ram's horns (on the underside of its neck). 2003.92.0306.jpg
50.4.24 Moulded design on shoulder of a wreath of leaves and buds, three lines run along the crest of the handle. Dark grey wash. 2005.01.0054.jpg
50.4.4 Face is painted white and hair has dulled to brown. Holes at the ends of the fringe indicate that some added decoration may have been lost. 2004.07.0007.jpg
50.4.5 Interior of the neck until almost the beginning of the shoulder black. The rest of the interior reserved. On the exterior, neck and handle black. The lower part of the neck is decorated with a row of eggs. The lower part of the handle, at the height of the shoulder bears part of the decoration of a palmette the rest of which covers the body and is hown upside down. The body is decorated in black figure with a palmette-lotus frieze below with double-chevron palmette heart. The lower part of the body remains black fired brownish. 2008.99.0569.jpg
50.4.7 The exterior and interior of the mouth, as well as exterior of handle are painted black. The top of the mouth and the underside of the handle reserved. Shoulder decorated with two rows of blakc painted rays. Those of the upper row are short. The body is decorated in the white-ground technique. Decoration on front of body; at top a band with geometric meander pattern, framed by thin black bands. In a square framed by thin black bands, net pattern. The lower of the body, the small stem and the upper part of the base are black. On the lower part of the body, the glae has not been applied carefully leaving thin lines on the colour of the clay. The exterior of the foot and the underisde are reserved. 2008.10.0030.jpg
50.4.8 Black gloss on mouth, neck, shoulder, and handle (dipped). On shoulder, three rows of white spots: seven (tear-shaped) above, five (larger tear-shaped) in the middle, and below, five groups of three dots in a triangular pattern. The body is decorated with a diagonal net pattern of thin black lines with thin white spots inside the lozenges. Thick irregular black band at bottom of body, reserved stem, black foot, including resting surface, but otherwise reserved underside, with a spiral pattern etched at the centre. White paint dots added and traces of red wash over body. 2003.97.0814.jpg
50.5.2 The interior and rim are black, except for two red bands just inside the rim. The underside of the rim is decorated with a leaf-like band of design. The spaces between the attachment points of the handles are reserved. Palmettes occupy the spaces beneath each handle. On either side the figural scene is bordered right and left with tendrils spouting two quarter palmettes from volutes. Side A: A nude youth, standing profile to the right, with his left leg stepping on a rock, holds a stemmed plate in his upraised right hand (supported by his left hand). He faces a satyr, standing in 3/4-view to the left, who holds a bell in his right hand and a thrysos in his left; a himation is draped over his left shoulder and arm. Side B: Two standing, draped youths with walking sticks face each other. A reserved band, a reserved line, and a band of waves appear below the figural zones. The lower part of the body and base are black. Added white and yellow are used for details on both sides. 2004.04.0004.jpg
50.5.3 Shoulder: two cocks facing each other, heads downwards. Purple for comb and wattles. Body: two swans facing each other with their heads down and wings open: Added red on wings. It has faded on the left one. Added white bands on wings of swand and cocks that has mostly faded. The rest of the body is black, fired to brown. Ring on the junction of neck and shoulder, foot and handle black. Underside of the foot reserved. 2007.01.0012.jpg
50.5.4 Shows partial body of youth, dressed in himation and headband, with arm outstretched. Unidentified shape in upper right corner. 2003.63.0001.jpg
50.5.5 The interior is black, as is the exterior, except for a band of waves under the rim, the figural decoration in the body zone, and wide reserved bands around the handle zone. Both sides portray a female head facing left. Side A: Laurel wreath encircling head; groups of three white dots in the field and on the back of the head; beaded necklace. Single thick leaves rise from the base on either side of the head. Side B: Plain band encircling head; groups of three white dots in the field and on the back of the head; two beaded necklaces. Single thick leaves (of different sizes) rise from the base on either side of the head. Disk in lower left field. White for hair ornaments and on the upper necklace on side B. Beneath each handle is a palmette beneath circles surrounding dots. 2004.04.0002.jpg
50.5.6 Vertical strap handle from rim to bottom ridge, extending over the rim, has parallel horizontal lines. Towards the top,a double bar cross. Inside is reserved except for the rim decorated with four groups of 8/10 vertical black lines, framed by a thin line above and two below, extnding to the upper part fo the body.The body has a zone of hanging spirals to the left,framed by two black lines. It is followed by a meander and four parallel black bands below, a zone of herring-bone. Either side of handle are three vertical lines. Herring-bone pattern sits on ridge which has two bands below. Base is flat and reserved. 2003.92.0190.jpg
51.1.1 Glazed on the interior. Exterior: thick band on underside of rim and top of body; a figural and floral frieze, between a pair of thin bands. depict vertical 6-7 petalled palmettes, alternating between upright and inverted, joined by tendrils, and a silhouetted rearing lion, profile to right. Lower part of body glazed black, fading to brownish-orange; brownish-orange band overlapping from inside of foot to resting surface. 2002.97.0233.jpg
51.1.2 Interior and exterior of the mouth, neck exterior of handles black, fired mostly reddish brown. The underside of the rim has a reserved band. Underside of the handles reserved. The body is all black apart from the metope carryint the figure decoration and a reserved band decorated with radial-shaped motif beofre the black foot, decorated with two red concentric bands. Resting surface, underside of the foot. The top surface of the rim is decorated with two, concentric, red lines. Another marks the junction of the neck with the shoulder. The neck is black (reddish brown on the reverse side). The main scene begins from the top of the shoulder (under a red line), down the main part of the body. There are two confronted bulls with their heads bent downwards. Added red on partsof their bodies. Between them, there is an ivy leaf (heart-shaped). They step on a thin, black line, which separates the shoulder zone from the body metope. On the body, two warriors attack other two. All warriors have spears with teardroped terminations (three terminations are visible, the fourth is on a missing area) and wear helmets with coverings for the cheeks (only the right pair's are visible) with details (dots for the first and fillet for the second warrior) in added white (now fadded away). They all held shields as well. All are round, except for one. The right pair's episemata on the shields are visible (upper part of seated lion / tripod, rendered with added white that has fadded away), while the other pair's shields' interior is visible and so the porpax (handle) can be seen on the left warrior. Additionally, they all wear greaves. Added red on the contour of the shields, the interior of the shileds, helmest, one hoplite's greaves. Between the pairs there is an eight-pointed star. There are also two horizontal red lines below running around the body of the vase. Two horizontal red lines frame the reserved lower zone decorated with the linear motif. The foot is black, with two red horizontal lines. The base is reserved. 2010.98.0180.jpg
51.1.3 All black except rim, which is covered with a whitish slip and decorated with a zone of stpe patterns framed by two lines above and below. Base reserved with two incised concentric rings. 2005.89.0074.jpg
51.1.4 Exterior reserved. Interior glazed black except for a reserved band below the rim, and a figural tondo, decorated with a black silhouette siren, profile to right, with rows of black dots surrounding her wings and emerging behind her right leg. The figural design is surrounded by a band of vertical bars enclosed by two horizontal rings. 2004.02.0009.jpg
51.4.1 The top surface of the rim is reserved (but glazed), however, the side one bears a black meander pattern. Neck: at the left side there is the front part of a horse (head and two feet) and the right leg (thigh to toe) of the horse-rider, with incisions for detail (denoting also the bridle) and added white. At the other end there are two men, one behind the other. The fragment's termination is at the level of their knees. The first one (right end) has extended his arms, as if being a charioteer. Besides, the back part of the chariot can be seen over his white chiton. The stephane on his hair is executed with red. The black, male figure at the same level behind him makes a gesture as if holding something (invisible). He is wearing a short chiton and he is probably on the chariot too. Interior: There is a red, thin band at the rim and the rest of the surface is black. 2005.90.0010.jpg
51.4.10 Offset rim and interior is glazed black but streaky allowing red to show through. The two handles are also black on the top and reserved underneath. Beneath each handle is an ivy leaf on a long curling stalk. The main design on both sides is flanked by eyes, which have red centres and white incised bands around them, superimposed onto black. Side A is a seated youth in profile to the rightin chiton and himation (?. Added white on stool and red on chimation and fillet on his head. Side B is a tree (?) with detail added in red-purple . No substantial foot, but a reserved, flat base. 2010.98.0125.jpg
51.4.11 Glaze is dark brown, sometimes with a reddish hue. Glazed on rim, neck (interior and exterior), handles, at junction of body and stand, and on exterior of foot. Cartoon-ish black-figure scenes on body and stand, with incised detail. Body, side A: Legless horseman, with arms spread on either side, to right on a horse held by a bearded man in a short tunic, with a dagger at his right side, who stands to his left. Behind him stands another bearded man wearing a short tunic, who holds a branch in his outstretched right hand, and bends his left arm at his side. Body, side B: Another legless horseman advances to the right, also with arms outstretched, on a horse, galloping towards a bearded, male figure, wearing a long tunic, who stands profile to the left. Stand, side A: Two confronting water birds, with 3 flecks behind the right water bird. Stand, side B: Two male figures in profile to the right, with a dagger at his left side; the second figure, who is shorter, seems to be bound. 2002.97.0369.jpg
51.4.2 The top surface of the rim is reserved (but glossed), however the side bears a black meander pattern. The scene consists of two chariots, the left one with three horses (below their knees the piece is missing) and the right one with four (only two of the heads remain). The left hand side charioteer is not visible, however it is obvious that he was holding and stretching the bridle. The upper part of the chariot is also visible. The second charioteer wears white chiton and red stephane (fillet) on the head and his chariot is visible. Each figure has incisions around its edges, as well as for the depiction of details. Some parts of the horse bodies are emphasized by added red colour. Body: The surface is black. The interior of the neck and body is also black, apart from a red band at the top of the rim. 2007.01.0153.jpg
51.4.3 Rim: There is a meander pattern at the side. Neck: There is the procession of two chariots. On the left chariot 3 horses are visible, however they must have been four (four pairs of legs). In front of them there is a charioteer wearing a chiton (the added white has faded away) and the largest part of the chariot as well as some of the horse's feet and tails are visible. The details have been rendered with added red and incisions (especially for the tails and mane of the horses). There is also a black line below the figures, in order to denote the ground. The body of the vessel is black, as is the interior, apart from the top surface of the rim that is reserved (but glossed) and a red, thin band on the upper neck. 2007.99.0094.jpg
51.4.4 Rim: The side surface bears a black, meander pattern. Neck: A procession of two chariots, each with four horses (four pairs of feet) but only the first charioteer is visible, wearing a chiton, whose added white colour has faded away. There are incisions to denote the details, as well as added red (especially for the tails and mane of the horses).There is a black line under the scene, to render the ground. Body: It is black and so is the interior, apart from the top surface of the rim that is reserved (but glazed) and a red, thin band at the upper neck. 2007.99.0097.jpg
51.4.5 Decoration in black and purplish-brown over a pale slip, with incised decoration on the back. At the top of the body is a broad band between two pairs of narrow bands. Above this is some evidence of a frieze of vertical bars. Below is a figural frieze, decorated at front with a geometricising bird flying profile to the right, holding a wavy line in his beak. He is surrounded by two crosses and two clusters of 8 dots (rudimentary rosettes) in the field. A floral decoration at the back is comprised of four interlocking palmettes, with purplish-brown petals and brownish-black hearts separated by incisions, with tendrils terminating in volutes emanating from either side of each sideways palmette. The lower part of the body is decorated with a thick black band between a pair of thin bands, above, and a thin band, below. 2004.06.0004.jpg
51.4.7 Interior surface is black. The exterior surface is black for top half and there is traces of a design on the lower half. It appears to be a lion attacking a goat. The necks of both and the tongue of the lion are purple. 2006.77.0007.jpg
51.4.8 Neck and mouth, inside and outside, are black. Decoration in a panel. The top of th epanel is decorated with small balck tongues. Under them,lotus buds and flowers, purple patch on each flower, with a row of black dots above them. Cock to the right faces swan to the left, with extended wings. Added purple on wings. Above cock, dots and small line, ramines of an unidentified decorative pattern as background decoration? The rest of the body and three handles are black. The resting surface and interior of vessel are reserved. The glazed interior of the neck is decorated with 3 thin purple bands. Under the decorated panel, two thin purple bands, running all around the body of the vessel. Underside of the handles reserved.
51.4.9 The rim is black, both on the inside and on the outside. The back of the handle is also black, but the underside is reserved. The neck is reserved, but glazed apart from a thick purple band on its lower part. On the sloping junction of the neck with the shoulder, black tongues. Both interrupted at the joining point of the handle to the neck. The shoulder is covered with a guilloche (pattern of interwoven fillets) with teardropped terminations. In the middle of two upper and two lower black lines there are two rows of black dots that begin on the edge of the second left figure of the main scene and stop at the edge of the last person. In the centre of the scene, a male figure in profile to the right with as short mantle, a quiver on his back (Herakles) is attacking a kneeling Amazon. With his left hand, he is gradding her from the air and with the right he is holding a sword, with which he is ready to kill her. The Amazon, in profile to the left, is wearing a helmet, holding a very long spear with her arm and her shiled with the left. From his waist, her sword is hanging. This scene is flanked by two other battle scenes. On the left side, an Amazon is attacking a Greek. He is wearing a cuirass, helmet, he is hloding his spear and his shield and he is shown ready to fall down. Tha Amazon has atteacked him with her spear. She is wearing a helmet and a short chiton. On the right, an Amazon and a Greek are shown in profile running towards the left, projecting their spears. The Amazon is wearing a ahsort chiton and a helmet. She is holding her shield, covering large part of her body. A frontal head of a lion decorates the shield. A sword hanging from her waist. The male warrior wears a short chiton and has a shield and a helmet. The Amazons have long hair and wear helmets with longer and bigger crests. Incisions and added red are used for details. Added red: parts of the chitons of the warriors anad the Amazons, hair of the warrior in the middle, fillets on Amazon's heads and the frame of the shield of the running Amazon. Below the scene, there are two lines (not evenly formed at all in their length) and a band of added red. Below that, the vessel is black, with two concentric circles on the surface of the foot. The resting surface is reserved. 2013.99.0165.jpg
51.7.1 Black handle, mouth, neck and back of body. Around shoulder at front is a tongue pattern. Below is main design of a nude youth riding a horse to the left, white for reins and thinned glaze for black detail. Below is meander strip broken by two crosses (white on black). Black to base. 2005.88.0046.jpg
51.7.10 Inside is black and red, very thin and streaky in a swirl pattern. Handles are painted black. Around outside, between handles are vertical bars. The rest of the surface is black with some traces of red bands, except stem which is reserved. Side of footring is black, base is concave and reserved. 2003.97.0333.jpg
51.7.11 The interior and rim are black, except for two reserved bands on the interior, at the top and bottom of the lip. Just under the rim is a laurel wreath, facing to the right. A palmette fills the space beneath each black handle; a series of dots mark each handle zone. The scene on each side is bordered by two tendrils that emerge from the ground, in most cases flanked by two smaller tendrils; at the centre of each large tendril is a volute, from which spring two demi-palmettes. Side A: Wreathed, draped Apollo stands in 3/4-view to the right, holding a laurel branch in his right hand and a phiale and fillet in his upraised left hand. He faces a white-haired, bearded Papposilen, who stands in profile to the left. The Papposilen wears a taenia on his head, an animal skin (nebris) over a shaggy-white body suit, and slippers. He holds a mirror in his upraised left hand and a lyre and a fillet in his lowered left hand. Above him is bust of a goddess, probably Hera (or Leto, or Cyllene?), with her face in profile to the right, enclosed within a window, outlined in white. She wears a high crown and jewellry and holds a sceptre in front of her left shoulder. There are ivy leaves in the field. Side B: Two standing, draped youths, facing each other and wearing wreaths. The left figure has a 'V' drape on his chest and his left hand is barely visible; the right hand of the right figure emerges from his himation; he holds a branch out to his companion. Beneath the scenes is a band of right-facing waves. The lower body and foot are black, except for a reserved band on a groove at the top of the vertical surface of the foot, and the reserved underside. 2004.80.0002.jpg
51.7.12 Originally two handles, now only one remains, but they were both black, as are the interior walls. Exterior design shows a similar picture on both sides of a youth wrapped in leimation. Beneath each handle is a palmette with spiraling tendrils and serrated leaf below. Bottom of body below decoration black. Reserved ring on top of foot. Footring black inside and out, base is reserved with central dot and two circles drawn by hand. 2003.93.0368.jpg
51.7.13 The mouth is black at the top of the interior and the lip is reserved; the handles are black as is the body where they are attached, and the foot, except for the underside. The neck is decorated with a six-leaf palmette on each side. On the shoulder, beneath two reserved bands, are tongues that suggest the effect of ribbing. A white fillet has been painted over the 'ribbing' on both sides. Two thick, black lines (carelessly rendered) encircle the shoulder. A large palmette fills the space beneath each handle. A female head, shown in profile to the left, is shown on each side. Each women wear a kekryphylon or kalyptra and has her hair tied in a knot. Strands of added white (ribbons?) emerge from the hair. There are also thin lines (carelessly rendered) beneath the main scenes. Beneath the main scenes the vessel is black, except for the reserved stem and underside. The stem and the resting surface have been treated with a darker red wash. Red sections are streaky and dull, and some of the 'black' became red through misfiring. 2003.95.0062.jpg
51.7.14 Swan with added white and incisions. Above, dot, white on black. Beneath handle, palmette flanked by tall tendrils. Glaze silvery. Mouth, upper part of neck, top of handle, black. Also lower part of body and foot, including resting surface. 2003.99.0030.jpg
51.7.15 Reserved except for black glaze on the interior hollow and geometricising decoration: on one side, within two black bands, branches arranged in a radiate fashion; on the other side, within two black bands, radiate bands, some at various angles, intersecting; on the exterior 10 horizontal lines, each intersected by 7 short vertical bars. 2004.06.0013.jpg
51.7.16 Black mouth inside out, except for reserved top surface of the rim, exterior of handles, interior reserved and underside of the foot black; Between the handles are double (mirrored) lotus-enclosed palmette friezes, enclosed between red lines. Below the ridge at the base of the neck are alternating red and black tongues. Beneath each handle is a vegetal design comprised of three lotus buds, each arranged at right angles to each other, so that their stems form a diamond that encircles a dot, yet extend to four palmettes (two above and two below) that flank the figural zone. Beneath the figural zone is a series of friezes: two lines; a maeander (Greek key) to left; two lines; a frieze of upright leaves interlinked by arcuated stems; two lines; rays extending from the base. The preserved part of the base is entirely black. Side A shows a quadriga (four horse chariot) wheeling around, so that the front of the horses seem to pass a crouching warrior holding out a spear at a near horizontal. The helmeted charioteer holds a large shield. Side B shows a helmeted warrior, standing between two attendants. The warrior holds a shield with a lion-head sema, wears a chlamys, and holds a pair of spears at right angles. The (male) onlookers, both bearded, wear himatia that enclose their arms, and each holds a staff upright. Detail is incised on both designs. Top of foot and side are black and the underneath is concave and black. Added red on horses' manes and the contour of the shield. 2001.99.0160.jpg
51.7.2 Lid: The centre of the top of the lid is reserved, surrounded by two concentric bands—one red, one reserved— then a red circle, from which a band of tongues radiates. This is surrounded by a scallopped black band (fired red on one side), then an inverse wave pattern (waves leaning to the right), and finally a reserved band. The outer edge of the flange and the upper part of the body are glazed black. The remainder of the body is decorated with an egg and dot band (for which each eggs is a thick u circumscribed with a thin u), then a black band, then a wave band (with waves leaning to the right). The lower rim is reserved. The interior is glazed black, misfired to red on the underside of the top. Pyxis: Entirely glazed, fired mostly black on the exterior (with some red patches on the flange and the top of the body), and red on the interior. 2003.92.0198.jpg
51.7.3 On the body, opposite the handle, is modelled a triangular human face, with slanted eyebrows, bulging closed eyes, a straight pointed nose, tight lips, and a pointed chin. 2008.98.0371.jpg
51.7.5 Interior reserved; black glaze on mouth and upper half of neck, as well as upper half of handle; lower part of neck decorated with tongues that suggest ribbing; shoulder decorated (except under handle) with an egg-and-dot frieze between two black lines; reserved space at lower part of handle and handle attachment (interior) suggest that the mouth and neck were dipped. Body decorated with a frieze consisting of 7 clusters of three white dots at the top of a figural scene (arranged in upside down triangle shapes): a female figure, standing in 3/4-view to the left, in a relaxed posture with her left leg crossing her right, and her left elbow resting on a pillar (the curvy element in added white suggests that this is meant to represent natural rock). She wears a hairband and kekrphylon on her head, triple-dot earrings, two or three necklaces (two strands of white beads beneath a black line), two white bracelets on each wrist; a belted sleeveless chiton, and white slippers. She holds, in her upraised right hand, a mirror surrounded by white dots, and, in her left hand, a phiale that is surrounded by white beads, as well as a beaded sash. A large palmette, with a white dot on the heart and white dots on each volute, fills the space beneath the handle. From each volute emerges tendrils and floral decoration that frame the image of the woman. A 6-petal rosette fills the space to the right of the woman; to her left are a window and a dotted circle (cog-wheel?) in the upper left field, and an olive branch in the lower left field. On the body, beneath the figural scene, are a single reserved band and a thicker black band. The foot is reserved on the top element, and glazed black on the ridge and lower element; the underside and resting surface are reserved. 2008.99.0557.jpg
51.7.7 Black glaze, except for the reserved underside and a rough band on the resting surface. Decoration on both sides in superposed orange, red-washed. Side A: vertical bars, line, detached waves rightward, line, palmettes, line, waves rightward. Side B: vertical bars, line, chevrons leftward, line, simple key leftward, two lines, dotted waves rightward. 2003.93.0234.jpg
51.7.8 Lustrous black glaze all over except for lower part of foot and underside. 2003.93.0255.jpg
52.3.1 Mouth black inside and out, apart from flat exterior. Handles are black on top and sides but reserved underneath. Palmette and swirl pattern in black on neck. Small ridge at base of neck and vertical black tongues on shoulder. Side A: Heracles and Triton or Nereus (both equally possible as monster has tail and old man with staff associated with Nereus, but is unclothed as associated with Triton) with one male draped onlooker in profile to the left carrying a stick. The opposite side (B) is of a warrior (shield emblem chariot body painted in white) between two male draped onlookers carrying sticks. Added red on onlookers mantles, Nereus beard, and white on the shield. Below figures is a double row of large dots, bewteen two narrow bands with rays below to foot.Undr the handles, lotus and palmette . The foot is black and has two steps. Resting surface and conical base are both reserved. 2007.02.0023.jpg
52.3.2 Flared, cup mouth, black in and out and on rim. Neck is black, as is handle, except for a palmette pattern at base. Intricate tongue pattern around base of neck with a circular palmette pattern below. Main design, from left to right, shows Eutychia (EUTUXIA) standing to the right, holding a box in her left hand, with a string of embossed flowers (?) hanging down from her right hand. Beside her is a diphros with a cushion. Aphrodite ([A]FRODITH) sits, profile to left, in the centre and to left is small Himeros (IMEROS) in white, holding a wreath. To her right is a standing Makaria ([MAK]ARIA). Black egg pattern beneath main design. Moulded foot ring with grooves around the side. Black on top but reserved underneath.
52.3.3 Inside is black on neck and rim but reserved inside the body apart from numerous black splatters of paint. Diamond pattern with dots on rim, rays and palmettes on rim above each handle. Side has dots and two rows of wavy lines. Handles are black as is the neck between them. Neck design same as on rim. Row of tongues on shoulder. Scene similar on both sides. Each side is flanked by a vertical line of hearts/ivy leaves with dots between lines. Side A: three youths, robed, one with a staff, two facing left and one facing right. Side B: three youths, robed, around a stele (?), two facing left and one facing right. Figures are ruddled and detail picked out in black. Below is a band of ivy leaves. Foot is black and ridged. Base is reserved and conical inside foot. 2003.95.0050.jpg
52.3.4 Interior: black spots on lip; alternating black and reserved bands on interior (restored), surrounding a tondo decorated with sphinx, profile to the right. Exterior: Rim decorated with a band of zigzags, slanted to the right; body decorated with an animal frieze, above two thick black bands; exterior of handles and foot glazed black (restored). The animal frieze shows (from under the preserved handle): a water bird, left wing outspread, profile to the right; billy-goats (4) grazing profile to left, alternating with panthers (3), profile to the right, each with left forepaw raised and head frontal; spots of varying sizes in the field. 2004.07.0009.jpg
53.8.1 Glazed black except for a reddish band around the omphalos. Relief decoration encircling the omphalos consists of (from centre out) eight raised dots; two ridges, a figural frieze, and a vine wreath. The figural frieze depicts the apotheosis of Herakles (procession to Mount Olympos). Four quadrigae (four-horse chariots) are driven in 3/4-view to the left by winged victories, each with a different passenger: (1) Athena, (2) Herakles, (3) Ares and (4) Dionysos (?). Small flying Erotes hover behind each chariot. 2010.98.0071.jpg
53.8.2 Polished black surface. Relief decoration (exterior): three ridges with incised zig-zags on the middle ridge; four lions (incised details, especially on faces and tails) alternating with four moulded tongues; three ridges with incised zig-zags on the middle ridge. 2008.99.0710.jpg
53.8.3 Lip and interior glazed black, except a ram protome, profile to right, at the centre of a reserved tondo, outlined with an orange band. Exterior: lotus petals on the rim, interrupted only by the glazed handles and lugs, above a a thin glazed band at the carination (mostly orange-red), an invertedanimal frieze on the body or bowl, above a pair of thin bands above a thick band; bands decorating the foot on exterior and interior vertical surfaces; underside decorated with concentric circles (black between two lighter orange circles, enclosed by two darker orange circles). The animal frieze shows (from just above the black handle): a panther advancing to the right, head frontal, licking the horns of a grazing deer, profile to the left, between two pinecones, with a dotted line above his back; a panther advancing to the left, head turned frontal, a dotted lozenge, a lion advancing to the right, tongue licking the horns of a deer grazing profile to the left, with a row of chevrons above; a dotted lozenge. Below each creature is a dotted bull's eye (comprised of central dot, surrounded by a band, surrounded by a circle of dots). Additional ornaments, including dots and chevrons, in the field. 2010.98.0024.jpg
53.8.4 Molded, downturned rim with a flange (for lid); incurved horizontal round handles; deep body with nearly vertical sides that are slightly concave above the handles and convex below, curving sharply at the bottom into a broad, short stem, on top of a molded disc foot, recessed underneath in two degrees. Black gloss with red figure decoration. Side A: a female head profile to left, with small dotted circles in the upper field on either side; side B: palmette. Interior: a reserved band within the rim. Exterior: a band of vertical bars under the rim (with applied red wash); a reserved band around each handle attachment (also with red wash); a stemless ivy beneath each handle; narrow reserved band beneath figural scene; reserved band on the upper part of the foot; underside of foot is reserved and stained with red wash. 2004.15.0001.jpg
54.2.2 Reserved except for thin red band at rim, thick red band at neck, and medium red band at shoulder with thin streaky bands below it, level to the bottom of the handle. In between the bands there seems to be a pale white wash (?). The external face of the handle is also painted red with a small tail-like extension of paint. 2008.98.0329.jpg
54.2.3 Upper part of the outside is buff whereas the lower part and the entire inside are both pink. On the outside buff section, are coarsely incised groups of lines in groups of three. Some are vertical and others are inclined. Pink foot and resting surface and base. Base has central convex section. 2007.03.1152.jpg
54.8.1 Inside has a ribbed texture and is reserved apart from thin bands around rim with vertical bars overlapping the rim. Single ribbon handle which is unevenly bent, has horizontal lines down back and is reserved underneath. Procession of seven mourning women, in profile all facing right, framed by wavy lines, with two bands above and below and three vertical lines at right and left of panel. In front of the sevnth woman there ae three loop patterns, with dots. The women are wearing long garments, have long hair and ftech one arm over their head, as a mourning gesture. Face drawn in outline. No use of incision for any details. Below 'SSSS' pattern, then horizontal lines. Moulded ridge and groove below around foot. Base is flat and reserved. 2008.98.0351.jpg
56.8.1 Reserved inside. Paint on outside is black, lustreless and largely worn towards base of body. Two handles painted black on top but reserved underneath. In handle zone, within a panel framed with bands of dots is an ivy spray (on both sides). Lower band of dots carried round below handles. Bottom of object is black until reserved band just above foot. Flaring foot, black on top and reserved and conical underneath. 2003.97.0945.jpg
56.8.2 Interior reserved, except for a narrow band of black glaze at the top. Exterior: black-glazed rim and handles, including handle attachment points, lower part of body, and foot. The shoulder is decorated with pendant leaves, vertically arranged, divided by a narrow black band from the body frieze which consists of, on either side, a 12-petalled horizontal palmette between two sideways 14-petalled palmettes central. Lines of dots emerge from either side of the middle leaf on each palmette. Underside reserved. 2002.97.0579.jpg
56.8.3 Exterior of handles black, interior reserved. resting surface reserved. Underside of foot reserved apart from black dot at the centre, surrounded by black thin band. Body black apart from handle zone, a reserved band c. 1cm below the main design and a reserved band at the junction of the body with the foot. Handle zone decorated with Protocorinthian black butterfly pattern three times front and back, recesses filled with chevrons. One butterfly recesses with leaves. Interior of the vase black. 2004.03.0017.jpg
56.8.4 Black inside and out except for an egg-and-dot band framed by two black lines at the front of the base of the neck, the figural design, and the reserved underside. Body: A satyr seated between two similar palmettes (the left one larger; each is comprised of a flower in the middle of two volutes framed by a short half-heart-shaped pattern on either side). The satyr is seated in 3/4-view to the left on a rocky mass that is spotted (perhaps it is covered with an animal skin). He looks profile to the left and he wears a taenia or band on his head, as well as a long, beaded necklace over his left shoulder and across his chest. He holds a phiale (its rim is marked with yellowish dots) in his left hand and a fillet in his right hand. The fillet is purple. The taenia, necklace, and rim of the phiale are coloured white with yellow wash. On the back a drip of (probably accidental) white paint. 2003.59.0004.jpg
56.8.5 Black pointed knob with moulded purple ridge at base, in centre of lid. Three black bands, tongues alternating black and purple, three bands, broad black band with superimposed purple line on each edge, three black lines and then a ridge. The rim is lower after ridge and has a chain of interlaced black lotus buds with dots between each one. Underside is reserved with a rim for top to sit in lid. Centre is concave with a hole in the middle below knob handle. 2003.92.0217.jpg
56.8.6 Interior: black not carefully applied , not lustrous. Purple band towards the the edge framed by two thinner black bands. Exterior: around rim black band with white dots; Animal frieze on the bowl. Four swans (water birds), facing right, alternating with incised rosettes. Background filled with small decorative patterns of undefined shape that often bear incisions. Black band below. Black stem and upper surface of foot; reserved groove on vertical surface of foot; reserved underside. Added purple and white on the birds' wings and the rosettes. 2010.98.0102.jpg
56.8.7 Interior glazed. On top, curved surface, are tongues which alternate black and white, the black ones also framed by black lines. The underside of the rim is black fired reddish brown. Thick stem and wide, with a plastic ring to the joint with the base. Flat base, curving upwards. Resting surface and concave base both reserved. 2008.98.0308.jpg
56.8.8 On the exterior of the rim, S pattern. A fight of three warriors between onlookers; on the left, an onlooker between two runners, on the right, a runner between two onlookers and at the back a floral motif (lotus-palmette cross?): Two semi-spherical palmettes chained in the middle by circular bands, dotted in the centre, and held on a columnar motif with similar (only more conical) palmettes as endings (top and bottom) by black strips. Many of the figures appear to be holding spears (in the case of warriors) or have in front of them the same attribute (long, thin, vertical or diagonal lines). There are variations in the rendering of armour, hairstyles and drapery, mostly executed by incisions. The scene is framed by bands, top and bottom. Above the top band is a reserved circle, a thin, red, circular band and then the vessel is black up to the base where there is another red circular band. The interior of the footring is black. The broad, reserved base has a black circle inside a black band in the centre. Additionally, there are six dots (four are bigger) placed randomly on the reserved area of the bottom. Interior: The surface is black from the rim to the tondo, except for two, red, concentric bands approximately 1 cm within the carination, and a similar red band framing the tondo. Inside the tondo is a representaion of a cock in profile to the right with a flower-bud emerging in the background. Red paint: tail, wings. Moreover, incised over the red ring surrounding the tondo there is a mercantile graffito (?). The handles are black but reserved within. The underside of the foot decorated with black dot at the centre, surrounded by black band and 6 black dots around it, uncanonically placed 2003.95.0104.jpg
57.3.1 Clay pale, paint greyish brown: large closed vessel, interior unpainted. Exterior broad black line, and part of a circular spiral in black. One small faded black line in middle of fragment, a section of a semi circle to the left of the broad black line. 2003.98.0173.jpg
57.3.11 Woman wears stephane and earrings. Features appear slightly archaic. 2003.98.0069.jpg
57.3.15 Middle part of draped female figure, seated on throne(?) Left hand emerging from draping, and left lef with knee bent. Clay pink. Pierced hole in extension on right side. Mould-made, with flat back, probably. 2006.20.0267.jpg
57.3.16 Lower part of boy. Two legs and one arm wrapped in cloak. Clay orange. Traces of red on legs. Apparently seated. Mould-made, probably with flat back.
57.3.4 Decorated with white slip reddish-brown paint. Row of dots between narrow and broad horizontal band. Most of the fragment is taken up with three radiating lines, crossed with small bars. Below this is a broad curved line. The underside is reserved and the clay is ribbed. 2004.12.0097.jpg
58.2.3A Black glaze (dipped) except lower part of body and underside of pyxis foot reserved. 2008.98.0396.jpg
58.2.4 The lip of the jug is decorated with black lines compartmentalising the area; within every other compartment there is a design of lines of black dots. This design is carried on part way into the interior of the vase and onto the spur. The underneath of the rim is delineated with a black line. The neck is decorated with three compartments of decoration of unequal size. The compartments are divided by two black lines which enclose crosses surrounded by diamonds. Within two of the compartments there is decoration consisting of lines of vertical dots hemmed in by horizontal lines on either side; underneath are crosses with dots in each section and above is a mixture of crosshatching, lines and dots. The third section is undecorated apart from six groups of three diagonal lines, which form a vertical stripe of decoration under the handle. The body has decoration of long and short double lines containing cross-hatching reaching for the base (within the gaps there is a cross with dots in each section), below two such lines enclosing a string of continuous horizontal diamonds. The base is decorated on both faces with lines and circles. The handle is also decorated with black lines. 2003.92.0082.jpg
58.2.5 Incised decoration on the spout and handle consisting of sets of lines. The shoulder is decorated with a set of dots within two incised lines. Red slip 2003.92.0321.jpg
59.6.1 Glazed black on interior, except for a reserved concentric band in the middle of the bowl. Exterior: Black-glazed rim, exterior of handles, lowest part of body, stem, and upper part of foot. The lower part of the body is decorated with a floral frieze, consisting of (on either side) three palmettes. On side A, and the right palmette on side B, each palmette is dotted on either side of the central petal. The right-most palmette on side A has a vertical band (drip?) to its right. The left-most palmette on side B has a vertical worm on either side of it. Under each handle is an upright ivy leaf. Below this frieze are two narrow black bands. 2010.98.0333.jpg
60.1.1 Bird; three dots in triangle above tail. On either side two markings. Beneath handle palmette flanked by two markings. Neck (upper part), mouth, and top of handle black; also lower part of body and foot. Base underneath reserved. 2003.99.0032.jpg
60.1.2 Bird (swan) between two markings. Beneath handle palmette, flanked by two markings. Lower part of body and top of foot black. Side of foot and base reserved. 2003.97.0377.jpg
60.1.3 Black glaze interior and exterior. Reserved resting surface and underside, except two concentric black circles around a central black dot. 2003.94.0022.jpg
60.1.4A-B The rim is painted black. On receptacle laurel spray / leftward chevrons, beneath it broad streaky black band not reaching as far as foot and running up into laurel fringe where the brush in taken off. Ring foot and underside reserved. Edge of lid decorated with evenly spaced black dots. It is framed with 2 black bands. The zone towards the knob is decorated with eggs. Black band defines the zone and the transition to the knob, whose neck is reserved. The upper surface of the knob is black. 2004.05.0002.jpg
60.1.5 Mouth, top portion of neck and exterior of handle black; vertical black lines on neck; thick black band and band of waves on shoulder; frieze on body of three palmettes between three lotuses; black band below except reserved groove between body and foot and reserved base. 2008.99.0786.jpg
60.8.1 Reserved bands on lip and handle zones, heavy black line on lip and dividing the two zones. Handles reserved underneath. Interior black except for a reserved disk in the bottom with two concentric reddish circles inside, then two purple circles applied over black about half-way up, then another single circle just below lip. Reserved thin band on the top of the rim, in the interior. Exterior black beneath the two reserved bands, exterior of footring black, base reserved. 2009.07.0004.jpg
60.8.2 Decoration in panel, shoulder: Two black lotus flowers (fired red) with white sepals alternating with buds (purple). Body: mantled woman in profile standing to right holding wreath between two mantled male figures. Black dots decorate part of their garments. The rest of the body is very patchy and is both red and black. Base is reserved. 2002.97.0709.jpg
60.8.3A-B Lid: lowest tier of knob black, upper tiers reserved. Stem and band around stem black, then another black band, main design of trident-lotuses and palmettes. Side of lid black, underside reserved. Lekanis: interior black with a streaky spiral pattern through which the clay shows; handles originally black; broken wave pattern around outside of rim, then black band; lower part of body, outside of footring and resting surface black; base reserved. 2002.97.0575.jpg Small rough bowl with spout and three feet at base (but it is unable to support itself). Pinkish-buff fabric, unpainted. Dark red spot on interior. 2008.99.0454.jpg Rough reddish-pink fabric, fired grey on the surface. Parallel ridges in pairs on neck and shoulder. 2008.99.0449.jpg
61.6.3 Glazed black on the interior, except at the bottom of the bowl. Exterior glazed black (dipped) on the rim, handles, except near attachment (but a small line emerges to the front of the bowl, from either handle). The floral frieze consists of: palmette, upright, flanked by curling tendrils from which hang smaller palmettes (side A), a simple enclosed palmette (under missing handle); two upright palmettes with curling tendrils, although the palmette on the right has two curling tendrils at the left and none at the right (side B); simple palmette under handle. Beneath the floral frieze is a thin black band above a band of black dots. Black glaze also on the lower part of the body, stem, and top of foot, and interior surface of the foot (with extra paint spilling over onto the resting surface and the underside). 2010.98.0337.jpg
61.6.4 Decoration fired medium-dark reddish-brown rather than black, except at the centre of the front. Interior glazed, except for a narrow reserved band at the top. Exterior glazed on rim, exterior of handles, lower part of body, exterior and interior of foot, and thick band around a bull's eye on underside (namely a band around a dot. Body decorated on either side with a tall 5-petalled lotus between two 15-18-petalled palmettes. A single ivy leaf, upright, floats beneath each handle. Beneath the palmettes and ivy leaves are two black bands. 2010.98.0213.jpg
61.6.5 Lid reserved except for beveled interior of knob top, exterior surface of knob and stem, top of lid, where knob is attached, which is encircled by a black line, then a floral band, comprised of alternating 3 11-petal palmettes with 3 5-petal palmettes (or lotuses), then a black band on the vertical surface of the rim. One-handler glazed on the interior, handle, zone between handle attachments, lower part of body (below handle attachment, and ring foot except for reserved resting surface. The upper part of the body is also decorated with vertically arranged zigzags, while the underside is decorated with a 'bull's eye', that is, a central black dot, surrounded by a small black ring. 2002.97.0677.jpg
62.10.1 Black-glazed inside of rim and lip; broad black band at top of shoulder, above the handles; between the handles, on either side, a frieze of thin rays, a line of fine dots, and a simple maeander. Around the body two broad black bands, and black-glazed upper element of exterior of foot, but otherwise reserved. A faint rouletting marks the junction of the body and foot. Handle zones reserved but handles dipped in black-glaze, which drips from the left side of one handle. Under each handle a design comprised of a vertical band (?) above a series of four chevrons. 2008.98.0333.jpg
62.5.1 Decoration is dark (brownish-black fading to red) on a light ground. The interior is decorated with bands around the rim and in the bowl (with an ill-made join). The exterior is decorated with a band around the rim, brown fading to red on the exterior of the handle, and another band where the cup tapers to the base, beneath which six narrow bands in dilute glaze are evenly spaced to the foot, the exterior of which is red. 2003.94.0036.jpg
64.7.1 Black band on the interior of the rim, underneath of which a red line. On the interior, bust of a female figure drawn in outline and shown in profile to the left. She has a freckled face (six spots rather than the usual three found on faces in the Sam Wide Group). Her hair is bound up with a spotted kekryphylon (scarf) tied over her forehead. She wears a pine-cone shaped earring and a beaded necklace. Her drapery is clumsily rendered: a himation decorated with a banded (tongues?) border (shown on her left shoulder) over a thin dark chiton (shown on her right shoulder). She holds a thymiaterion (incense burner) out of which streams some smoke (six strands in diluted glaze). The remaining handle is dipped black on the side. On the exterior of the rim, a frieze of black tongues below the rim, with a thin line below. The foot is reserved, except for the interior of the sloping ring. 2003.57.0002.jpg
65.6.1 The mouth (exterior and interior), larger upper part of the neck and the handle are black (uneven and at most areas reddish brown) apart from the upper surface of the rim, which is red. There is a grey line on the neck and the surface of the shoulder bears decoration of voluted palmettes with narrow divisions and tendrils, widely spread to fill the space. The upper part of the body bears a meander pattern between two pairs of brown lines (above and below). Every fourth meander the pattern is interrupted by a saltive cross with a dot on each one of the triangular surfaces around it. The meander pattern continues as far as the scene below it is depicted. Main scene: A young man, wearing underwear? is seated on his himation, at the left side of a two-stepped tomb or pedimental funerary monument (grave-stele). At the right of the scene, a woman wearing a black and red peplos is bringing offerings. There is a brown line below them and the rest of the vessel is black, with the exception of two exteremely thin lines that are reserved at the joining point of the foot to the body and the side surface of the foot that is red, although the slip has not been evenly applied on the whole of the surface. Lastly, the resting surface is reserved. 2003.95.0173.jpg
65.6.2 Head and shoulders of a Neolithic deity. Square head and oblong arms. The top part has three holes bored through down either side and two partly bored holes near the top representing eyes and three partly bored holes representing the mouth in a horizontal line above 'neck'. Single partially bored hole on neck and one just above the break. Bored hole at the end of each arm. The other side is flatter than the side with the visible holes. Very smooth and highly polished object, creamy-yellow colour with naturally formed pattern.
67.6.3 Standing woman, left arm akimbo, holding palm leaf far in right hand. Wearing head dress and robes. Possibly portrayed as pregnant (?). 2004.95.0067.jpg
67.7.3 Long aulos (probably the right half of a double aulos, a wind instrument played through [missing] reeds) which appears to have an inner surface of wood (?) with a bronze sheath and silver mounting (in four sections). Mouth is silver and has two grooves towards rim. Neck has small hole below mouth and no silver. Bulbous section to neck with bronze section between two silver sections below. Four holes down the length of the body, one apart from the lower three with a fifth on the reverse side in the gap. The hole of the reverse has a small thumb plate around it. Bronze section below which may have originally been silver, with a grooved silver section flaring slightly to end. Hollow inside. 2016.99.0285.jpg
68.12.1 Rounded and solid with a flat base and sloping surface at the top. 2002.97.0631.jpg
68.12.2 Decorated with streaky black glaze, which becomes dark red in placces. Knob black glazed on exterior of two recesses, side, and underside, as well as stem and inner part of domed top. Beyond this a frieze of 9-leaf palmettes alternating with water birds, profile to the left, with intervening spots between palmettes and swan. This frieze is surrounded by a band of vertical bars between two glazed bands. The underside is reserved. 2002.97.0272.jpg
68.12.3 Black glaze on the exterior of the upper element of the knob, with two rows of short vertical bars on the globular lower element. The attachment of the knob is surrounded by a thick band and a thin line, then tendrils atttaching 5 evenly spaced vegetal elements, namely a lotus bud, an 11-leaf palmette, a 5-leaf palmette, a 10-leaf palmette, and a 6-leaf palmette. This frieze is surrounded by a thick band, a row of dots, and a thicker band. The bevel and underside are completely reserved. 2008.99.0609.jpg
69.7.1 The inside of the mouth is black and the aperture is marked by a thin, black line. The lip is decorated with black tongues, with intervening white dots. There is also a zig-zag band on the vertical surface of the rim. The neck is black. The back of the handle is decorated with a voluted palmette (incised) with tongues (black and reddish) on the top. From the ankle, just below the neck, emerge alternating black and red tongues (contoured with black lines). The foot itself is entirely covered in a thonged sandal that ties at the front with a ring-shaped knot. The sandal is indicated with relief straps that are painted in reddish-brown colour. The edge of the sole (crepis) is decorated with two rows of black dots. The base is reserved. 2005.88.0054.jpg
70.3.1 Chimney mouth is black inside and out but with a reserved lip. Neck and underneath of handle reserved. Shoulder has dots, rays. Body, from top to bottom, two rows black dots, scene. Scene shows a chariot travelling right at speed. Behind the chariot figure with long garment and helmet running to left (Athena?). White added to charioteer and back side of chariot. Black to top of stepped foot, the side of which is reserved.Incision carelessly used for horses. The lower part of the body black with the excepton of three thin reserved bands under the decorated zone. Foot reserved. Underside reserved, two incised concentric circles. 2008.10.0045.jpg
70.3.3 Applied red wash except lower body, foot and base, which are reserved. Black glaze is applied to the interior in a swirl and the rim is also black. Handles and large semicircular spaces under each handle were also treated with black glaze. Both sides depict an owl flanked by olive sprays. 2008.98.0449.jpg
71.12.1 The interior and the exterior of the mouth as well as the handle glazed. On the exterior, the black is fired brown. At base of neck, ridge in place of drip-ring painted purple. Shoulder: ivy leaves on each side of central purple line(six above, seven below); on body five inverted opening lotus flowers with central petals white. Above them row of white dots. Lower half of body and exterior of the foot glazed black (turning red in places). Resting surface and the underside of the foot reserved. 2002.97.0702.jpg
71.12.2 Circular with flared edges which are fanned. There are concentric circles around the central carved dot of the vessel: A small, incised one, two larger, that seem to be in low relief and one that contours the others, incised. There is also a carved line that separates the rim from the body (exterior), which becomes double at some point. In the centre one small hole, on the surface of the bronze two incised grooves and four smaller holes positioned symetrically around the bigger hole in the centre. Inscised petal decoration around the centre hole. Four fine grooves around the centre decoration and then twelve further holes around the edge the same size as the four smaller holes. Edges fanned with large grooves. 2002.97.0571.jpg
71.6.1 Relief decoration consists of a double frame inscribing the upper rectangular part and, below, the face of a satyr, with an ivy wreath, furrowed brow, upraised eyebrows, large eyes, pointed nose, and long, rectangular beard, striated. 2002.97.0627.jpg
71.6.2 Lumpy on interior and smooth on exterior. 2002.97.0635.jpg
71.6.3 Inside is streaky black showing red through. Handles and outside are also black. Side A: A woman standing with her back to a chair, holding out a fillet in her right hand. Side B: A youth in himation holding two spears (?) of which heads are not visible, being too tall for space avaliable. The detail on both figures is picked out in black paint. Two ruddled bands run around base of pot below figures. Foot is black on top and side and inside foot ring; resting surface and underside reserved. Base is ruddled and has three black bands and a central black dot. 2008.99.0717.jpg
73.6.4 On the outside surface is a figure zone, on the left edge of which appears to be the edge of a square. To the right of this is the lower half of what appears to be a swastika and below, a dot rosette. A vertical palmette is figured in the middle of the surface, to the right of which is the tail end of a bird, the head and neck missing. Below all of this, is a curved black line, and then the edge of what could be a circle. The inside is covered in black gloss. 2002.97.0210.jpg
73.9.2 Handle, three quaters black glaze, situated above ivy leaf standing on tendrils and tips of two leaves of palmette on right. There is a thick black band around the rim and two thinner black bands beneath the ivy leaf. 2002.97.0212.jpg
73.9.23 Fragment with both red and black on it. On the surface (depending which way up you hold it!?)On the left there is the edge of a curve with two black dots inside it, to the right of this is a vertical line. To the right of this line are what could be the edge of two big petals or leaves., in the centre of the first there is a dot and a line. Underneath all of these shapes is the edge of what seems to be a big circle in a red coloured gloss. The back of the fragment is covered in a black glaze that has come out as red in patches(?) 2002.97.0191.jpg
73.9.3 Singular arm of handle remains, outside of which has a black glaze, the inside does not. Remains of rim, same colour as this handle. Dot rosette and dotted swastika below handle, tip of palmette leaf on right of handle. Two dark brown bands at bottom edge of fragment. 2002.97.0215.jpg
73.9.4 Figure of a dog or goat (head missing), stands under missing handle, bordered with spots. Behind the dog's tail, we can see the edge of a palmette. The figure of the dog stands on a black band, below this, there is the edge of a black circle. Rosette and palmette decoration. 2002.97.0214.jpg
73.9.5 Rim is flat and black on top, as well as underneath and inside. Below, on ruddled surface, metopic ornament. Below, on reserved surface, meander round dotted square. 2002.97.0196.jpg
73.9.6 A small fragment with possible figure of bird (front part and head missing) and above this, a circle design with a dot in the centre. The back of the fragment is covered in black glaze. 2002.97.0193.jpg
73.9.7 The inside is black with a reserved band around the inside of the rim and again roughly half way down the inside. In the centre is the remains of a brown disk. On the outside, only part of the rim and main zone of skyphos remains, as well as one handle. The handle is mostly black, but reserved on the inside. The main zone shows: parts of three palmettes, one upright, one reversed, then another upright in black. A thick black band runs round the outside of the rim, a thin one underneath the main zone. The stem is black as is the upper ridge of rim of the foot. The lower ridge is reserved, as is the base of the foot, except for a band of red/brown about half a cm in. The inside of the foot is hollow and reserved, except for a very thin red/brown band, and a dot in the centre. 2002.97.0189.jpg
73.9.8 The rim, leading to a band on the ouside is black, as is the entire inside of the fragment. Below the band on the outside is a horizontal 'S' shape pattern with small dots above and below it. To the left of this is a big black blob, which is slightly raised to suggest a handle ? Below the 'S' shape are four parallel lines, below which is a thin brownish band, a gap, and then what looks like the edge of a black circle. The second fragment has no rim and also shows a black blob which looks like it should be the base of a second handle. The inside of the fragment is againentirely black. On the outside of this fragment, there is no 'S' shape pattern or parallel lines, but there is a brownish band, below which is the edge of what seems to be a black circle, the same as fragment 'a'. 2002.97.0185.jpg
74.7.2 Completely reserved plate. Inside at centre is a stamped design of six leaves, with vein detail, in a circle inside three grooved bands. More grooves towards sides of plate and on rim. Flat base with incised grooves on bottom. 2007.03.1292.jpg
74.7.4 Flat resting surface, concave underside. Small conical shaped body. Narrow thin neck, broken and tilted slightly to one side. 2002.97.0549.jpg
76.6.1 Exterior of the handle and upper part of the body, the interior of the trefoil mouth and the back side of the neck are painted black. On the front side of the neck, decoration on a metope. Probably black painted horizontal bands (?). On the shoulder is a row of large black, irregular dots. Body has as chevron design and base is decorated with a cross hatch pattern all over. 2008.99.0388.jpg The interior is reserved (although covered with plaster on most of the fragments), apart from the upper parts of 13, 14 and 15, that are black (unevenly applied). 1) On the left, there is part of a naked male figure (thighs to toe), facing right and next to him there is the lowest part of another similar figure facing right. Below them, there is part of a black band. 2) There is part of the right part of the previous figure (chest to toe). On the right side of the fragment, there is a figure's forearms (projected to the left, the right hand holding a round object) and part of the right knee. 3) Part of a naked male figure, leaning to the left. Details with incisions and added red. 4) Part of a lions's paws and below it part of a broad, black band. 5) A male figure's thighs and part of a bird? (executed with incisions and added red). 6) The right part of the previous bird? and the right tibia of a male figure , facing left. 7) The thighs of a male figure facing right. On the left side of the fragment there is part of a black and red motif? 8) The upper part (chest to thighs) of a naked male figure, facing right. 9) Part of a male figure's thighs, facing right. 10) The previous figures lower part of legs and part of a black band. 11) The biggest part of a bird, executed with black, added red and incisions. 12) On the left, there is the rest of the previous bird. Next there is the lower part of a lion, executed with black, addeed red and incisions. Behind the lion, there is the lower part of another male figure (chest to feet), facing left and behind him there is part of a bird. 13) The upper part of a satyr (head to thighs), facing right. His hair and beard have been rendered in added red. 14) The lower part of the satyr, chasing a maenad on the right (her right leg is only visible). The details of her drapery are in red and her tibia is white. 15) The left left of the running maenad. On the right, another satyr chasing a maenad (lower part of the figures is visible). 16) Part of a broad, black band. 17. Bit of plaster. 2005.91.0037.jpg
77.9.1 About half foot and side to H. of c.1.5 cm, of small cup. Clay pink. Red for black inside and out, with res about 1 cm wide running diagonally across side and foot. Underneath, broad purple ring in centre, and groove near edge. Outside, two narrow pu
78.12.10 Light wash all over, moulded egg design on the soulder, moulded ring around discus and a moulded design of a peacock on the discus. 2005.01.0114.jpg
78.12.12 Moulded rings around the edge of the discus, in the centre stands an eagle with outstretched wings and head turned to his left. Single volutes on both sides of the nozzle. Red wash inside and out. 2005.01.0110.jpg
78.12.16 Flat ridge around the edge of the filing hole, turning marks on the base of the foot. Dark red wash inside and out. 2008.99.0799.jpg
78.12.18 Obvious wheel marks which could constitute pattern.(?) Possible wire marks on sides and underside. 2005.01.0281.jpg
78.12.19 Shoulder is decorated with a moulded pattern of a vine, on the discus is a standing figure orientated with head towards the nozzle, holding a hydra in right hand and to the left is an amphora. Above the figures head, on the decline of the discus is a pattern of rays. Pale yellow wash. 2005.01.0097.jpg
78.12.2 Upper handle has five band incisions, lower has three, equal radiating bands along the shoulder disturbed by the nozzle and the handle. Discus is plain, slightly concave with a small central circular filling hole. Sides of nozzle incline and are slightly raised, forming a triangle of the back of the nozzle. Lower body is plain with smooth surface. 2005.01.0161.jpg
78.12.3 Moulded ring around discus, within is a moulded dolphin with a trident. Volutes very worn, contained within silhouette of discus and nozzle. Marianne's correction: 2 moulded rings around the discus. 2008.99.0724.jpg
78.12.8 On shoulder is an egg and dart pattern, interrupted by the handle and the nozzle. on the discus is a moulded design perhaps of Odysseus under a ram. Red wash all over exterior. 2008.99.0064.jpg
78.7.1 Two handles on opposite sides at top. Inside black with convex centre. Around rim are incised pendants on side A and two parallel lines with row of white dots above and below on side B. Below pendants is a pair of incised lines, a row of red dots, a grape vine with pendant grapes, leaves and tendrils. At base are three uneven circular shapes above reserved band. Black band around rim of foot. Base reserved and raised. Glaze partly faded. 2008.98.0440.jpg
79.1.1 Black glaze on exterior and interior, red in parts. 2005.01.0021.jpg
79.1.11 Ridge and groove round top opening, Red wash. 2005.01.0319.jpg
79.1.12 Discus is outlined with a moulded ring and has eight petals radiating from the central filling hole. Single volutes decorate each side of the nozzle. Red-orange wash. 2005.01.0036.jpg
79.1.16 Two bands of laurel leavess with berries on either shoulder between the handle and nozzle, discus decorated in raised moulded relief of a fourteen petal warped rosette. Two very small circles are placed at the body end of the nozzle, on either ridge of its top. Moulded line along the crest of the handle with two small lines either side of it at the front of the handle. The back side of the body, under the handle are three lines; the central is straight and terminates at the base with a bud either side, the other two terminate in volutes. Red wash all over. 2005.01.0041.jpg
79.1.17 Moulded decoration between main discus and nozzle indecipherable; could be birds heads. 2005.01.0321.jpg
79.1.2 Moulded ring around the filling hole, depressed ring outside the moulded ring. Black glaze on the interior which has leaked out of the wick hole and run down part of the nozzle. 2005.01.0024.jpg
79.1.3 Broad moulded ring around the edge of the discus, Black Glaze on interior and exterior. 2005.01.0320.jpg
79.1.5 Single band incision along the handle, both on the top side and the underside. A band across the handle at the highest point which does not reach all the way around the handle but does have an incision along it. 2005.01.0336.jpg
79.1.6 Shoulder has a radiating decoration, discus has decoration of a krater with vine tendrils and grapes and is outlined by a moulded ring. the handle ha two lined running along it's crest. Reddy-orange wash. 2005.01.0083.jpg
79.1.9 Balck glaze all over interior and exterior. raised ring around the filling hole. 2005.01.0060.jpg
80.7.1 Interior glazed black, except a reserved band around the bottom of the bowl. Lip, lugs and exterior of handles also glazed black. Exterior: a band of lotus leaves on the rim, and a figural frieze on the body, with black bands above and below it; another black band just above the foot; the exterior and interior sides of the foot ring are black, while the resting surface is reserved; the underside is reserved, except for a black dot with black and red circles (one each) around it. The figural frieze shows: two confronting sirens, in profile, on either side of an inverse lotus bud; a water bird, profile to the left, turning its head profile to the right, back over its bod; two confronting panthers, both turning their heads to the front, on either side of an inverse lotus bud; another water bird, similar to the first except its beak touches its back. A 6-pointed star decorates the field beneath each creature. 2010.98.0222.jpg
83.10.1 Standing female figure in cloak, with halo-shaped hat (or hair style). Rectangular hole in back. Hollow. Right leg bent, right arm across breast. White slip on clothes and face, pink on head, and shoulders of garment. 2006.20.0913.jpg
83.11.1 Torso of seated female figurine, and legs to just below knees. Right arm (articulated). Blobs representing (?) jewlery arranged in a saltine cross over front of body, and horizontal row at waist. Tow incised lines on left thigh. Clay orange pink. 2006.08.0175.jpg
83.11.2 Part of body of horse, with one leg and part of tail. Traces of white and red paint.
83.11.7 Front part of female head from figurine. Hair waved on top, ringlet down side on right side. Earrings. Clay dark orange, coarse, and bown in patterns. 2005.02.0503.jpg
83.11.9 Female head, raised and tilted over to right, on long neck. Hair waved from middle parting and gathered into bun at back. 2006.20.0425.jpg
83.5.1 Fragment of base of cup-skyphos (or possibly stemless kylix). Arrowhead graffiti underneath. Red splotch inside when another vase rested in kiln. Inside base, black bands and central spot. 2006.20.0049.jpg
83.9.2 Decorated on the interior of the bowl with stamped palmettes and rouletted decoration.
83.9.26A-C Black glaze on the outside and inside, the surface shiny. 2006.20.0922.jpg
83.9.30 One side of fragment has two patches of black, which continue off the piece. This side has a reserved patch in between the black and two small back dots. The other side is black and appears to have two small flowers on it. Also there is a third half of a flower, which continues off piece. 2006.20.0136.jpg
83.9.32 On one side of fragment it is mostly terracotta with a small patch of black gloss, located on the end which is squared off. In, almost, the centre of this side there is a small, black circle with a tiny, black dot in the middle. On the other side of this fragment it is glazed black with a palmette design on. The flower pattern has a circle around half of it. This circle has 'U' shapes on it and appears as if it would have continued around the pot, from which the fragment came. 2006.20.0141.jpg
83.9.33 One side of this fragment is black glazed with four flowers on it. The flowers seem to be separated off into pairs, as in between them there is a line with up-side-down 'U' shapes inside it. The other side of this fragment seems to have the remains of what would have, perhaps, been a rim. The rim has black strips on either edge and a strip of terracotta on the top. This 'rim' has more fragment on each of it's sides, which are glazed black.
83.9.34 One side of this fragment is all glazed black and has three flowers on it. It also has two rounded lines, with up-side-down 'U' shapes inside them. The other side of this fragment also has a black glaze and seems to have a rim coming out of it, which could have been part of a base of a pot. 2006.20.0054.jpg
83.9.35 One side has a single flower on it. If you are looking at the fragment with the flower at the bottom, then above that there is a band which has up-side-down 'U' shapes inside it. The other side seems to have alternate black and terracotta strips on it. One of the terracotta strips appears to be indented. 2006.20.0146.jpg
83.9.36 One side of fragment is black and has a single flower on it. The other side is plain black gloss with a strip of black missing from edge. 2006.20.0148.jpg
83.9.5 Flat, black, open bowl with moulded foot. Base of foot is reserved, with black inner ring and a tiny black dot in the middle of the inner ring. Outside the reserved area is a thick black ring outlining base of foot. Above the black ring there is a thin red line around the bottom of the body. 2006.20.0127.jpg
83.9.6 An almost round, single fragment of a foot to a pot. Base of foot is reserved, with a black indented inner ring; inside this are three more reserved rings, surrounded by thin black circles. In the middle of the rings is a tiny black dot. There is a thick black band all the way round the sides of the foot. The side of this fragment which would have been the inside of the pot, is black and details four flowers grouped together. 2006.20.0121.jpg
84.8.1 30 fragments, largely side B, small part of side A, handle and rim fragments. Side B three youths. 2007.01.0050.jpg
84.8.2 Amphora stamp. Stamp is rectangular and letters are in relief and takes up most of the handle. There is a small hole in the break of the handle. 2002.97.0611.jpg
84.8.3 Amphora stamp. Stamp rectangular and takes up most part of the handle. Letters are still visible but worn. Small hole in break of handle. 2002.97.0614.jpg
84.8.4 Amphora stamp. Round circular stamp, with words around the outside of the circle and a picture or symbol which is difficult to make out in the centre. Stamp is on lower part of handle. There is a small hole on the break of the handle. 2002.97.0619.jpg
85.3.1 All around the neck (except where the handles would have been attached) is a band of chained together, inverted teardrop shapes and dots within two black lines. Main decoration on body consists of two bordered figural scenes; Side A: Dionysus on donkey led by boy; Side B: Hephaistos (Dionysos, according to Mannack) on donkey led by boy. Both scenes are bordered by two lines of vertical dots between three vertical black lines at the sides, and a series of alternating thick and thin vertical black lines above. At the bottom of the body is a band of upward pointing rays. 2007.01.0097.jpg
85.3.2 On the top of the rim, one broad black band and two concentric narrow; plange side, two narrow bands converging into one band. On body, cinquefoil with leaves touching central wheel. Below handle, rough six-petalled flower. '49' pencilled on back of handle. 2003.97.0051.jpg
87.2.1 Horse decorated with white slip on pale orange, with dark red (for black?) stripes on chest, legs, mane, tail, and harness. Head and mouth of the horse shows representation of bridle, with thin horizontal bands down the neck representing the mane. There are two horizontal bands around the main torso of the horse. Horizontal bands also decorate the legs, chest and tail of the horse figurine. Front legs are slightly projected forward, as are the rear legs backwards. The legs are straight and disproportionately long compared to the head and torso. 2005.05.0061.jpg
91.11.6A-B (a) fragment of base of bottle, and part of neck, shape resembling 91.11.2. Opaque opalescent lustre. H. (pres.) 4 cm (b) fragment of neck, possibly from same bottle (though glass appears thinner). Max L. 2.7 cm 2005.02.0233.jpg
92.1A-K (a) Bull and lion, facing; (b) Pegasus; (c) Archer: holding bow and spear/arrow(?) with tall helmet, kneeling; (d) stag; (e) Female head: wearing winged helmet; (f) Lion head, small; (g-k) non-identifiable shapes, stamps.
E.23.1 Below a cornice, sunk within a square frame, figure of deceased (in Roman clothing), stood frontal between Anubis (stood) and Osiris (seated). Red pigment preserved on lower part of Anubis. 2008.08.0182.jpg
E.23.17 Face comprises top third of piece, angular. Detail on face uses black pigment (beard. eyebrows and what may be hair). Face and clothing in light coloured pigment, green is used around the eyes, the upper body decoration consists of a large red band, a smaller black band of dashes, a blank band, a light blue band, another black dash band, a thick black band, another dash band, another thick red band, another dash band, another blank band, another thin dash band, and finally a thick band made of black tear shaped vertical stripes. There is also some black pigment on what appears to have represented the shoulders. 2007.99.0037.jpg
E.23.18 Head only (more rounded than E23.17 and heavier) and part of the headdress. Brown pigment on face, black and white pigment for eyes. It is unclwear what kind of decoration there was on the headdress, however both the carved and painted facial features are very distinct. 2007.99.0105.jpg
E.23.19 Coarse red fabric, burnished. Stylized ships painted, one on either side, in dark red pigment, with details such as oars, sails, and 's' shapes representing the sea. 2002.98.0025.jpg
E.23.2 Funerary stele with vulture wings surrounding the solar disk, common during the time period. Below the wings is the text of the stele, surviving intact. Two men are depicted adoring the god Re-Horakhty, whose presence is indicated not only by the uraeus and sun disk but also his name inscribed in the text. It has been suggested that the dress of the figures indicates that they are Nubians; this is confirmed by the oddity of their personal names. The sky is depicted above the winged disk, each end being supported by the symbol of the west (on the left, only the top of the feather survives) and the east (on the right, more or less complete). A signature, possibly belonging to Flinders Petrie has been found above the head of the right hand figure. There is only one viable interpretation possible, when one combines the depictions with the details found within the text. The stele depicts the man Serep and his son Tkr-Irt-Hrw, not as has been assumed Serep with his Ka. A personal Ka has no need of the title m33 khrw, which is a title of the deceased, thus two deceased are depicted. There is no question that Serep is a man as he is depicted in male dress and has the male symbol after his name. There is enough evidence to show that the stele was once painted. Red pigment on the sun disk of the god is the most apparent, though a similar (if not the same) is found in several of the hieroglyphics and on the deceased as well as faint traces on the column to the right. A yellow stain remains in the first two columns, which could be remains of the paint used to fill in the columns. The combination of colours matches well with the red pigment found in the glyphs. 2007.99.0044.jpg
E.23.20 Burnished red fabric decorated with red and black. Four black bands on the neck; three similar bands on the body. 2002.98.0026.jpg
E.23.3 Model of Nile boat, with six rowers with six oars and a steersman standing and steering with paddle. Another figure standing in front of steersman, by mast, and a final figure sitting behind the rowers. Figures are painted with brown pigment for skin, black pigment for hair. There is a faint red pigment on the 'deck', going from top to bottom and then several horizontal lines.
E.23.32 Jar perhaps coloured with a white wash. There is a purplish-brown band in the shape of a 2 x 2 grid around the shoulder and also in two bands around the neck. There are marks in this pigment elsewhere on the body, particularly around one of the handles. There are also concentric incisions, perhaps wheel marks. 2002.98.0198.jpg
E.23.35 Small red jar with a large lip and thus a small mouth. The shoulder is the widest part of the body and descends to the flat base with a constant gradient. There is no discernable decoration. 2002.98.0002.jpg
E.23.37 Small alabaster kohl pot, bluish/grey. Very fine (cf E62.45), with narrow neck and wide, flat rim. Flat, circular lid (date uncertain), flat base. 2002.98.0010.jpg
E.23.40.1-4 One is a complete ring with an oblong panel on the top / front. The second piece is half a ring with what appears to be a crocodile (?) moulded on to the front. The third piece presumably was the top of the ring and is an oblong panel with incisions. All three are blue and glazed.
E.23.43.2 Cylindrical bead, light blue glaze, the bead is thickest at one end and tapers to it's thinnest at the other end.
E.23.44 Glazed blue amulet in the shape of a head wearing a crown. The head is vaguely reminiscent of that of the dwarf god Bes. The top of the crown has been threaded for a string for wearing. The eyebrows are large triangles, above the sacred eyes which are joined. The nose is snout-like in between two puffed out cheeks. The mouth is thin lipped and small verticle lines indicate a beard. 2002.98.0994.jpg
E.23.47.1 A string of random beads placed together. The string consists of two Horus amulets, two lotus petal amulets, two scaraboid amulets, several single beads of circular shapes, one shell, one broken unidentifiable amulet and one cylindrical bead. There are varying colours and sizes. 2002.98.0232.jpg
E.23.49.2 Very light brown in colur. Slightly curved and rectangular in shape, shorter inside edge serrated. Flat underside with 'Kn' written on it. 2002.98.0139.jpg
E.23.51 A long flat beadm the top in rounded, the underside is flat and the edges appear to have been bluntly serrated. Turquoise in colour. 2002.98.0999.jpg
E.23.53 Originally green in colour although little remains. The shabti is decorated in black pigment the details being a hieroglyph inscription up/down the legs, a crook, a basket (both denoting work and being'held' by the figure) and some kind of head decoration. 2002.98.0063.jpg
E.23.59 String of beads made up of three lines of green cylinders and buff disks, these meet up with a short line of brown beads and then split up into three seperate strings again. There are 14 groups of three lines. 2008.08.0083.jpg
E.26.39A-B Two bracelets, one slightly larger and wider than the other. Probably for child as they are very small. Very light weight and delicate. Both a creamy white colour and smooth on surfaces.
E.47.1 On three quarters of the shoulder a wreath surrounding the discus, the other quarter is sections by two ridges and a small lanceolate relief points to the wick hole. Red colouring still apparent in very small amounts on the relief and a small section on the base of the nozzle. 2005.01.0328.jpg
E.47.6.10 Pink clay with a white slip. Very rounded shoulders, tapering to flat base. Body striated. Two handles and narrow neck, with wide mouth. Spout on shoulder. Large piece broken out of one side. 2002.98.0020.jpg
E.62.10 Carved piece of open-work rail of furniture, shape represents the hes vase. Object is flat and only some small amount of white pigment remains. 2002.98.0972.jpg
E.62.12 Blue scarab on a flat base, which has vertical lines down the top of the beetle from its throat, and patterned legs. The wings are detached, both with spanned wing decorations. Base is plain. There are 6 small holes on the points of the compass, with 2 at East and at West by the side of the scarab, and three holes on each of the wings. These are at the corners of the joining part to the body of the scarab and one at each end of the wing spans. 2008.08.0054.jpg
E.62.16 A cubic dice, white in colour with numerical symbols etched on and then painted in black. On all bar one side the symbols are made up of one dot surrounded by two concentric circles, the number of these represents the value of that side. On two sides there are five, on two there are four and six on the fifth. The final side has twelve dots although on this side one symbol consists of one dot and one circle rather than two, also the dots are depicted in groups of twos. 2002.98.0256.jpg
E.62.17 The thorax is made of parallel straight lines. There appears to be a small amount of gold pigment between the beetle and the base, there is no other discernible pigment. 2002.98.0982.jpg
E.62.18 Stone scarab, the beetle attatched to a flat base. The thorax consists of parallel straight lines, the upper body is flat, and the 'head' consists of parallelagram like shape a ceratted edge to represent the mouth. 2008.08.0018.jpg
E.62.2 Sculptor's trial piece. White limestone, the sculptor is trying different ways of drawing hair. The bottom of the fragmet has a human head with one way of drawing hair, one braid at the from with several straight lines representing the rest of the hair alon with a band accross the top of the hair. Other methods include small squares, undulating lines and straight parrallel lines made up of small chips into the surphace. 2008.08.0210.jpg
E.62.20 Pronounced overhanging lip and slight lip on base. DSCN0183.jpg
E.62.24 Coarse red fabric. Flat base, widening to shoulders and pronounced, flat rim. Around the middle of the body there is a circular black mark inside of a diamond shaped mark. 2002.98.0090.jpg
E.62.26 Polished red pottery bowl, faced with (black) haematite (iron oxide) and burnished. Much red pigment remaining (outer surface). Flat base and flared sides (cf. E.65.3 for shape) 2002.98.0124.jpg
E.62.27 Coptic cross in bronze, probably early Christian usage. The cross consists of 4 inverted triangles pointing to a similar centre. The top point, two side points and the centre appear to once have had gemstones stuck to them, since there are remnants of the solder that held them on. On top of the cross is circular clasp to enable wearing. 2002.98.0997.jpg
E.62.28 Tall red jar tapering to a narrow, flat base. Around the top there is a band of black pigment (th. ca. 3.0-4.0), above a band of yellow pigment (max. th. 4.0). Treated on the interior with haematite (iron oxide) and burnished. 2005.89.0014.jpg
E.62.29 Globular body with rounded base. Slightly fluted rim and wide mouth. 2002.98.0017.jpg
E.62.3 Fragment of Memphite stele with figure worshipping and offering to Ptah, god of Memphis. The God can only be seen in the form of an arm and the crook he holds. The offering table between them holds a vase and two loaves. The underside of the frament appears to have rough inscriptions like some kind of practice work. 2002.98.0246.jpg
E.62.31 Large red vase. Rounded body with rounded base; no neck, narrow lip and flat rim. Large lugs, on either side, are perforated to take thread. There are splashes of red all over the pot, it is unclear if this is part of the original decoration or somehow added later, since the splashes have no discernable pattern. 2002.98.0039.jpg
E.62.37 Wide mouth, no neck tapering to a very slightly flat base. Very shallow rivets form concentric around the bowl, almost as if the potter has lightly brushed around the pot with his fingers during its creation. The surface is course and it is dark red in colour. 2002.98.0085.jpg
E.62.4 A small limestone tablet with the image of a monkey holding its young. It is square in shape although this appears to because the adult monkey's head has been removed. There is a hole in the centre at the top of the artefact presumably so it could be hung up. The adult monkey is bending it's knees to reduce its height which also gives the idea of closeness between the two creatures. The underside of the artefact has the same image only in reverse and with less detail. There is red pigment remaining on both sides around the feet particularly. 2002.98.0241.jpg
E.62.40 Lid is white, naturally occuring wavy pattern on top and bottom. Ring is more yellow in colour than lid and with less patterning. Base is yellower than the other two pieces and with the same wave pattern as the lid on one side. Heavy object. 2002.98.0008.jpg
E.62.44 At base of shoulders and top of body are incised diagonal bars between bands. Five panels go around the body and are separated by incised chevrons between bands. Two panels show designs of leaves - possibly palm leaves. Two other panels show a collection of pictures which appear to consist of three leaves or feathers, an ear of corn perhaps and other agricultural objects (?). The fifth panel shows similar things to the last two described with the addition of a triangle with horizontal incised lines through it. None of the panels is next to a similar one. There is a flat ridge at the base. Painted to almost have a wood effect.
E.62.49 Painted with scenes and inscriptions. Vivid yellow pigment used for background. Female figure painted in red outline. Inscriptions use blue, red and green pigments. Figure is "singer of Amun". The right hand side appears to have a wooden peg going through this part of the coofin, like this was part construction of the original coffin. 2007.99.0004.jpg
E.62.5 There is a small band of carved / incised detail at the thickest end. Carving is a simple cross-hatch pattern with three carved bands above and below; the pattern extends below the bottom bands, perhaps by mistake.
E.62.51 Head of a cobra, dark wood, some traces of dark red and black pigments. Very little decoration remains, only small remnants of the original pigment. 2008.08.0279.jpg
E.62.52 Beetle is painted with black pigment and some brown on thorax. Wing bars are painted brown and feathers in black pigment. The underside is highly blackened. 2007.99.0110.jpg
E.62.53 One of four hawks from corners of a sarcophagus. Disk on head is missing. The minat (counterpoise) hangs at back of collar. Painted all over in dark red pigment; traces of white pigment on face and breast. 2002.98.0074.jpg
E.62.54 Alabaster vase; sunken, flat base and small neck with pronounced lip. No decoration. 2002.98.0018.jpg
E.62.60 Undulating lines around the mouth and in three concentric semi-circular shapes, then three groups of four solid triangles; all in a purple/brown paint. 2002.98.0028.jpg
E.62.8 Incised band two thirds of the way down toward centre of inside. At centre are two pairs of two incised lines with a single circle and a sunken dot incised in centre. 2005.88.0070.jpg
E.62.9 Incised line horizontal across both sides at back and again both sides at start of teeth.
E.63.13B Fragment preserves part of the lip and also the base of what was a shallow bowl. There is is a darker blue curved line following the angle of the bowl suggesting that there was a decoration at the bottom of the bowl. The piece comes from a spoilt lot from the lower levels of the city, which is suggested by the extra thick layer of glaze that is present on the lip. 2002.98.0959.jpg
E.63.15 Below the uraeus there is a small amount of blue under this, below the chin, on the neck and around the groin, where it is quite faded. The eyes still hold a gold pigment. 2007.01.0108.jpg
E.63.16 Small blue scarab on a flat base. The beetle has a line running down its thorax and little detail around the 'mouth'. The base is decorated with an ankh and two other symetrical unidentified symbols. 2007.99.0067.jpg
E.63.26 Pointed base and no neck. A possible inscription approximately one third of the way down, although it appears to say "MOM" so is probably modern. This is backed up by the fact that there is no other decoration on the pot. 2002.98.0042.jpg
E.63.5 Shaped like a draughtsman or pawn chess piece, the figurine has a flat circular base, and tapers to a pointed top. Light blue colour. 2002.98.0966.jpg
E.63.7 Light blue figure of Sakhmet (lion-headed goddess, wife of Ptah). Behind the head is a hole for threading. The figure has the left arm folded over the stomach and is apparently wearing a skirt. 2002.98.0937.jpg
E.63.8 A miniature blue figure of the gods Isis and Horus, Horus as her child is sat on her lap. The detail is not clear and there is a hole in the crown of Isis presumably so the necklace could be strung for wearing. 2002.98.0935.jpg
E.63.9 Light green pendant. The image is the goddess of Hathor, goddess of music and dance. Here she is depicted in the form of a highly stylized cow. At the top of the pendant is a loop for threading. The pendant is flat and has the cow-head engraved in the centre with an arch of concentric lines above the head Below the head on either side are parallel vertical lines divided by one horizontal line on both sides. 2002.98.0219.jpg
E.65.2 Tall red jar, tapering to a flat base. Band of black pigment around top. Treated on interior with haematite (iron oxide) and burnished. 2002.98.0128.jpg
E.65.3 Dark red polished bowl with flat base and flaring sides. Inside decorated with white/yellow pigment; sylized leaves shaped like chevrons from base to point halfway up inside. Traces of similar decoration from inside of lip down. 2002.98.0091.jpg
E.79.2 Such an offering plate was placed in a tomb to provide food for the deceased after death. The plate is oval in shape made with clay and a red slip. Offered here are two loaves of bread, a trussed bull and a leg of beef. The cross channel on the plate allowed the water that was ritually placed in the bowl to drain away down the hole. The water was placed there to moisten the food and provide a kind of magical soup for the deceased. 2002.98.0207.jpg
L.2005.7.12 Obv: Tyche (Fortune) of Smyrna wearing mural crown. Rev: Oak-wreath enclosing monogram and inscription 2006.98.0002.jpg
L.2005.7.14 Obv: Head of Athena Parthenos wearing a triple-crested helmet, within a border of dots. Rev: Owl standing atop amphora on its side, all within olive wreath. Monograms on either side of owl and ear of corn below (series viii). 2006.98.0001.jpg
L.2005.7.15 Obv: Bust of Artemis wearing stephane; bow and quiver at shoulder. Rev: Nude Apollo standing on maeander pattern, holding in right hand a branch and resting left elbow against tripod; all within laurel wreath. 2006.98.0003.jpg
L.2005.7.16 Obv.: Head of Athena wearing crested helmet and round earring. Rev.: Owl, oliver spray behind, within incuse square.
L.2005.7.4 Obv: Ear of barley. Rev: Apollo holding long laurel branch and bow 2006.98.0012.jpg
L.2005.7.6 Obv: Female head, wearing pendant earring and necklace, hair tied back and up; four dolphins. Rev: Quadriga (four-horse chariot), Nike flying above to crown charioteer; dolphin below. 2006.98.0011.jpg
L.2005.7.9 Obv: Head of Athena wearing a crested helmet, front adorned with three upright olive leaves. Rev: Owl with olive sprays, 2 leaves and 1 berry each
L.2011.1.11 Glass fragment with a raised ridge across the middle and remains of a pearl-white glaze 2011.97.0167.jpg
L.2011.1.23 Smooth and polished sides 2011.97.0135.jpg
L.2011.1.36 Image of a winged Eros holding a shell in left hand and an object in the right hand (alabastron?). Volute patterning between body and nozzle. 2011.97.0307.jpg
L.2011.1.38 High mouldings around the central discus and the nozzle. Two moulded projections on the edge of shoulders. Channel incised on the length of the nozzle, with two circular mouldings around the filling-hole. Circular dip in the nozzle, near the hole. 2011.97.0274.jpg
L.2011.1.42 Decorative pattern in low-relief on the edge of the body (floral, with two six-foils alternated to little plaints, and another one inscribed in a square); decoration in low-relief on the central discus. 2011.97.0249.jpg
L.2011.1.48 In the central discus one reclining figure recumbent on its right side; right leg bent, left leg outstretched. Behind the legs a fish tail. At the back of the figure a drapery, like a semi-circular frame around the head. (possibly a Nereid riding a sea-bull?). On the edge parallel lines in low-relief. On the underneath inscription and a small half-moon shaped stamp. 2011.97.0370.jpg
L.2011.1.50 black and jade green glaze inside, green outside. 2011.96.0080.jpg
L.2011.1.51 Pattern on the handle(short horizontal lines on the edge, one on the left, two on the right); moulded ring at the junction between rim and neck, with a pattern (short vertical incised lines) above and below. 2011.97.0332.jpg
L.2011.1.56 Raised frontal image of a bearded man in a short tunic and hat, holding a rectangular shield in his left hand and leaning on a (?) club with his right, and with a wheel on his left hand side 2011.96.0089.jpg
L.2011.1.64 Pale green, grey, pale blue and dark blue/purple tesserae on a white mortar. Grey and green tesserae are in the background; darker colours (blue/purple) create a circular shape, with lighter colours in the middle (pale blue and green). 2011.96.0096.jpg
L.2011.1.65 Pink, red, black and white tesserae (one line for each colour) with a curving pattern inside black tesserae background surrounded by white band composed by three tesserae (width), forming a square or a rectangle. 2011.97.0050.jpg
L.2011.1.68 Pink, red, black and white tessera with a curving pattern inside black tessera boarder surrounded by white tessera.
L.2013.10.3 Details of the scarab body is incised, but now faded. Base damaged especially in the top right hand corner. Hieroglyphic inscription damaged and illegible.
L.2013.10.5 Obv: side profile of a man wearing a helmet, facing left, to the right of the helmet is an inscription. Rev: Romulus and Remus being suckled by a she-wolf, above the she-wolf is two stars. Below Romulus and Remus are the letters TRP or THP.
L.2016.3.10 Exterior: Moulded face and front section of the hair. Rounded features in profile, either because of the worn surface or it was intentionally rounded mould made. The whole object is coarsely worked out.
L.2016.3.14 The dancer wears a short chiton, only fixed on the right shoulder; left breast and shoulder are bare. Those characteristics are associated with a Maenad. Her hair is tied together to a long plait.
L.2016.3.26 Obverse: Portrait head to the right, probably Artemis with long curly hair and laurel wreath. Reverse: cow/bull, Greek inscription
L.2016.3.28 Obverse: Portrait head of Zeus to the right, bearded and wearing a diadem, reverse: thunderbolt with two letters around the centre.
L.2016.3.30 Obverse: Portrait head of bearded Heracles to the right, reverse: bow and club with Greek letters below
L.2016.3.31 Few traces of different coloured paints. Few, small black or dark brown flecks allover the surface, a little more at the saddle, belly and mane. There are very few traces of green glaze at the top of the nose and front part of belly and saddle (and white as well as red-brownish flecks at the rare part) on the right.
L.2016.3.9 Black glaze on interior and exterior. A band of incised lines surrounds the inner centre of the bowl.
REDMG:1926.99.50 Black band on inside of mouth; three black bands on rim; exterior off lip decorated with a series of dots; handle decorated with vertical bars on either side. Daisy petals extend from the neck (each petal is decorated with a white dot), below which are two lines, a warrior frieze, two lines, and a black band . The three warriors, lightly incised, each stand profile to the right, and are indicated by two lines (extending from the top right and bottom left) for the spears, and two more lines (extending below) for the legs; each carries a large round shield decorated with incised circles. 2004.99.0952.jpg
REDMG:1926.99.52 Daisy pattern on upper surface of rim; vertical bars on lip; crouching sphinx, profile to the left, on the body, with her feet curled down to the base, which is decorated with a 8 'pointed' star, surrounded by four 8-quadrant rosettes (five similar rosettes also in the field). Added colour (red) on the chest, wing, and underside of body. Incisions on figure and rosettes. 2004.99.0909.jpg
REDMG:1926.99.54 Mouth black interior and exterior; reserved neck; black on exterior of handle; band of black vertical bars above white band decorated black rays on shoulder, extending to carination. Body, top: white band decorated with two rows of black dots joined by a thin black zigzag (at front, only), above two black lines; figural scene (front only); white band; black band between two black lines; black to foot and on top of foot; otherwise reserved. Figural scene is of a chariot behind which stand three draped female figures (two women, standing profile to right, towards a third figure, standing profile to left. A fourth female figure sits profile to left, in front of the chariot. All four figures are draped, wreathed (with red bands), and have white faces. 2003.93.0391.jpg
REDMG:1926.99.59 The interior and the rim are coated with a streaky black glaze. Exterior: dots, black band, floral zone comprised of inverted lotuses alternating with palmettes, both rising from volutes, black band, double band of alternating black dots. Reserved resting surface and underside, except for two concentric red bands, one on interior vertical wall. 2004.99.0779.jpg
REDMG:1926.99.60 Body: white with two yellow lines near the top and bottom; black on lower part of body and upper part of foot, which is reserved underside 2004.99.0943.jpg
REDMG:1926.99.61 Black glaze around the base and on the neck. Shows a slave woman and a draped youth standing on either side of a tombstone. 2005.99.0170.jpg
REDMG:1934.26.1 Thinly applied black glaze on interior, handles, and lower part of bowl, as well as a narrow band at the bottom of the lip, and the exterior surface of the foot. 2004.99.0896.jpg
REDMG:1934.51.8 Black glaze all over, although patchy (perhaps as a result of poor firing) on the lower part of the body and foot. 2004.99.0795.jpg
REDMG:1934.53.4 Lip decorated with a band of sloping 'z's; black band on rim; bowl decorated with central dot, two concentric circles and a broad band where the plate joins the rim; stem and upper surface of foot black, otherwise reserved. 2004.99.0437.jpg
REDMG:1935.87.1 Black glaze except for reserved band at join with foot and underside, including resting surface. At the front of the body, the shoulder is decorated with an incised ovolo grieze between two incised lines; this frieze is accentuated with white inscribing the eggs and white dots between the eggs. Beneath is another pair of incised lines between two rows of white dots. The body is decorated with a red band from which emerges, above and below, (ivy) sprays, in added white ‘gilded’ with yellow; two clusters of grapes (again white ‘gilded’ with yellow) hang from this band. Some clusters of three red dots on lower part of body. 2005.99.0060.jpg
REDMG:1935.87.12 The interior is decorated with two broad black bands. The lip is red and from top to bottom the pattern consists of three red bands with dots on them, a black band, two more dotted red bands, a red band, three dotted red lines, black, red, and black bands. Foot-ring black on both sides; resting surface reserved. Underside reserved with three concentric black rings and black centre. 2003.97.0182.jpg
REDMG:1935.87.13 Inside black except reserved band at rim 0.5cm wide. Red and black band around rim, beneath which is a reserved band. Thin black and red band just above handle followed by further wide reserved band approximately 1.2 cm wide. One handle reddish brown, the other black, both dipped. Lower body black with one dark red-brown patch below redddish brown handle. White deposits on joint between body and foot. Flared foot also black with reserved base and broad resting surface. 2005.89.0090.jpg
REDMG:1935.87.14 Black rim. On shoulder Z-pattern between red bands; below, a pair of bands; much lower, three bands and then one, all in brownish-black on creamy-buff ground. Underside reserved except for line of black on resting surface. 2003.06.0094.jpg
REDMG:1935.87.16 Handles painted black on the top and reserved underneath. Reserved thin line inside lip and on outer side and bottom of footring. Ring foot is black although underneath is ruddled, except for black centre and one small black ring. Streaky glaze in places.
REDMG:1935.87.17 (a) Pyxis: unpainted inside. From top to bottom, bands, tongue pattern repeated, bands (red and black of varying widths: two broad red bands within a group of four thin black lines; lower, a black band), red foot; concave base. (b) Lid: central knob with bands and bands on neck. Shoulder pattern is tongues with alternating red and black coloured centres. Bands on edge of lid.
REDMG:1935.87.19 Traces of four (?) bands on mouth and three lines on handle. Tongues on shoulder with two bands below. Main design (starting from below handle going left to right) a human (?) figure on a horse facing right, a lion biting the foot of a warrior who is defending himself with shield, a large creature (possibly a panther), and a man. These pictures are all incised. Dots and rosettes incised with asterisks in field. Five bands around base.
REDMG:1935.87.2 Inside of mouth and exterior of rim black, while lip is reserved. Body is mostly reserved. Handles are black on the outside, and reserved on the insides. Below the handles are three thin black bands. The top of the foot and a thick band above it are black, but resting surface and base are reserved. 2002.97.0713.jpg
REDMG:1935.87.20 Two red bands around widest part of body and red band on base.
REDMG:1935.87.21 Mouth: broad band between two narrow bands; handle: horizontal bars; shoulder: daisy pattern; body: band above and below zone of incised scale pattern on black, with incised dot in each scale; below: daisy pattern emerging from narrow band just above base.
REDMG:1935.87.22 Tongues emerging from mouth between two bands. Dots around the rim and tongues again on shoulder. Zigzag with two dots on handles. Main design is five warrior figures facing left, carrying large shields. Each shield is bisected with incised vertical parallel lines and coloured one half red and the other half yellow. The outer ring of the shield is brown, and the helmets which the warriors appear to be wearing are yellow. The base has two bands around tongues with two bands the other side.
REDMG:1935.87.23 Handles all black. Mouth has wide rim, inside is all black but streaky. Reserved band under rim. Design is similar both sides and shows a woman's head facing left with ornate head dress and jewellry on in white and yellow added paint. Under handles on body is a red block between white lines with dots down originally. Stem is long and has a moulded band around centre. Foot has three steps all black (faded to red). Base is also stepped inside but reserved.
REDMG:1935.87.24 There is a reserved ridge on top of the foot, while the side of the foot is also reserved and rounded. The surface underneath is ruddled with broad black band just within a resting surface. Lastly, a steep, narrow cone is formated inside the stem. The ellipsoid body is supported by a slim stem, which ends in a disk-shaped base, with concentric, incised circles.
REDMG:1935.87.25 Black except for the figural design, with friezes above and below it; reserved but ruddled resting surface. A. Horizontal friezes on neck and below figural scene, consist of two vertical bars alternating with circles, reserved bands above and below. Scene: nude satyr, standing profile to right, with his left foot raised on a rock, faces a draped woman, seated 3/4-view to right, with her head turned profile to left. He raises his right hand towards her, and rests his left arm on his knee. She holds a mirror in her upraised left hand. Five ivy leaves in field between them. B. Horizontal friezes on neck and below figural scene consist of chevrons to left, between reserved bands. Scene: Two draped youths in conversation, face each other on either side of a stele. Yellow and white details: white fillet on satyr, bracelets and necklace on woman, and spots on the mirroron Red wash on reserved areas suggests imitation of Attic red figure. A pair of incised lines run horizontally across side A, and another line runs horizontally across side B; further incised lines around the upper body of the woman indicate that these might be an artist’s guidelines. 2005.89.0068.jpg
REDMG:1935.87.27 Two handles, partially painted black. Inside is a red rim, then black with two red bands superimposed. Outside (from top to bottom) are two thin bands, three rows of uneven dots, middle row red, three bands, two rows of small dots, three bands, broad area left clear, three bands around foot, foot red. Highly ornate base with dots, red band (repeated) and in centre is a cross with four dots around it. The base has moulded ridges for added decoration. 2003.93.0395.jpg
REDMG:1935.87.28 Inside black, reserved line at lip. Two kylix handles, black on the top and reserved underrneath. Main picture is in handle zone and is similar on both sides. Shows Dionysos seated, flanked by palmettes with vines running either side of him. Detail picked out in red and white. Foot rind reserved outside, black inside. Base reserved with central dot, small ring in dripped glaze, thick black ring and near circumference also fire circles in thinned glaze.
REDMG:1935.87.29 Heavy fabric. Black all over except underside which is reserved and ruddled. Two handles, one either side are black all over. Stamped inside with four palmettes set crosswise, standing up in relief with an impressed frame.
REDMG:1935.87.3 Black inside, outside and rim. Handle is black all over as is top half of neck. Lower half of neck has an umbrella pattern with 12 tongues on top. Large palmette with tendrils under handle on body and tendrils either side of scene. Scene is a woman standing, facing right, holding mirror in right hand and a box in left looking at seated Eros who is holding a mirror in his right hand. Added yellow over white, and white on Eros's wings, mirrors, box and headresses. Traces of miltos. Reserved band beneath scene. Black foot but reserved resting surface and base. (Modern) red cross drawn on base.
REDMG:1935.87.31A Red rim; two handles, coloured black. In the handle zone pomegranate pattern in three rows, the middle row red; below, one red line between two black; a broad black band with a pair of superimposed red lines at top and bottom; one red line an done black immediately above foot. Foot-ring black outside, two black rings on resting surface; inside of foot-ring red; on the bottom a central dot and pair of small thin rings, near the circumference a broad ring, all black. The edge of the flange supporting the lid, red. Handles black. Inside of bowl originally black with traces of one pair of red circles. 2003.97.0279.jpg