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There are 42 objects for which Decoration contains "aphrodite"
2007.10.1.3 Possibly Hercules on the left, holding a club and Aphrodite on the right. Tree behind Aphrodite with snake coiled round.
2007.10.2.253 Two figures are depicted. The figure to the left of the scene is a seated semi-naked female. Her dress or cloak lays across her lap and is gathered up in her left hand. Her head is bowed slightly. In the centre of the foreground is a semi-circle which crosses the female figure's left ankle or calf. It is unclear what this might represent. The second figure (to the right) is a smaller winged male facing to the left and the larger figure. He appears to be carrying a bow and stands under a tree. The two figures are almost certainly Aphrodite and Eros.
2007.10.2.264 Two figures, a half-nude female seated, with her hand outstretched toward Eros, who is half hovering in the air before her, his arms outstretched towards her hand as if reaching for her. She is possibly Aphrodite.
2007.10.2.285 Three figures, a woman and a man semi-nude, and beside the man is Eros. Possibly Eros, Ares and Aphrodite.
2007.10.2.361 Hephaistos, Aphrodite and Eros. Hephaistos is using an anvil and Aphrodite is in the middle holding a trident and Eros is holding her other hand. By Aphrodite's side is a shield with a face protruding out of it.
2007.9.1.31 Displays a naked woman, possibly Aphrodite, leaning on a post whilst reaching for her foot.
2007.9.1.35 Displays a half naked woman holding a mirror, possibly Aphrodite.
2009.10.2.213 Figure of Aphrodite leaning on a pillar looking round from behind. Number 3
2009.10.2.214 Aphrodite leaning on a wall looking around her shoulder from behind. Cupid is in the left hand corner. Number 4
2009.10.2.215 Figure of Aphrodite from behind, with a cloth draped around her legs. She is holding a pot. Number 5
2009.10.2.216 Figure of aphrodite crouching facing left, holding a cloth above her head with a pot in front of her. Number 6
2009.10.2.217 Figure of Aphrodite crouching to her left with a bowl in front of her. Number 7
2009.10.2.218 Nude Aphrodite sitting on a rock washing her hair by a stream. Number 8
2009.10.2.219 Nude standing female (? Aphrodite) holding drapery behind her. Number 9
2009.10.2.220 Nude figure of Aphrodite viewed from behind, holding drapery. Winged Eros on her right holding a torch. Number 10
2009.10.2.221 Aphrodite semi-nude, holding drapery around her waist, accompanied by winged Eros on her right. Number 11
2009.10.2.224 Standing nude Aphrodite holding her hair Number 14
2009.10.2.225 Nude Aphrodite standing, holding her hair and accompanied by winged Eros holding an object Number 15
2009.10.2.226 Nude Aphrodite standing, flanked by two winged children holding objects Number 16
2009.10.2.233 Kneeling Aphrodite accompanied by winged Eros Number 23
2009.10.2.234 Nude female (? Aphrodite) ciewed from behind, leaning on a shield covered in drapery with a spear leaning on her left shoulder holding an object in her right hand. Accompanied by winged Eros handing her a helmet Number 24
2009.10.2.238 Nude female figure with drapery (?Aphrodite) seated under a vine/branch, accompanied by a winged child Number 28
2009.10.2.240 Nude Aphrodite with drapery over her legs sat on a rock, wearing a necklace and bracelet and accompanied by a flying Eros. With an inscription. Number 30
2009.10.2.241 Nude Aphrodite standing with drapery over her arms, holding an arrow and accompanied by winged Eros. Number 31
2009.10.2.244 Nude Aphrodite with drapery across her shoulders, holding an arrow in her right hand, accompanied by winged Eros on the right and a quiver of arrows on the left. Number 34
2009.10.2.245 Nude Aphrodite leaning on a pillar and holding a small object in her right hand, accompanied by a winged Eros carrying a torch and offering a wreath to Aphrodite. Number 35
2009.10.2.246 Nude Aphrodite reclining against a pillar with drapery, accompanied by winged Eros. Pillar with objects ontop and a bow and quiver leaning against it. Number 36
2009.10.2.249 Winged Eros at a flaming altar in front of a temple, with a statue of a nude Aphrodite inside, and a tree behind Number 39
2009.10.2.259 Nude Aphrodite lying on her front on a bed with drapery around her viewed from above. Inscription below. Number 49
2009.10.2.260 Nude Aphrodite embracing a standing nude male Number 50
2009.10.2.264 Central figure of nude Aphrodite holding an arrow in her right hand and holding a winged Eros' hand in her left, a shield with a face leaning against her left leg and armour on the floor. Winged Eros holding a bow on the right, and kneeling nude Hephaestus on the left with a hammer held above his head and an anvil in front of him. Number 54
2009.10.2.265 Central figure of nude Aphrodite wearing a cloak holding arrows in her left hand, with sitting Hephaestus in front of an anvil on the left holding a hammer above his head,and winged Eros holding a bow on the right. Number 55
2009.10.2.266 Nude standing Aphrodite holding a torch and another object, with a satyr on the right holding an object, and Eros with a bow and a seated Hephaestus on the left holding a hammer above his head with an anvil in front of him. Number 56
2009.10.2.267 Nude Ares and Aphrodite embracing on a bed to the right, with Hephaestus standing over them and casting a net over them, and a fourth figure (?) reclining in the left corner. Number 57
2009.10.2.372 Nude Aphrodite with drapery over her legs, holding object in her hand. There is a tree in the background and a helmet and shield at her feet. One foot is resting on a stone. Number 28
2009.8.14 Aphrodite wearing a cloak around her waist. Cupid is standing under a tree with a bow in his hand. There is an inscription next to Aphrodite. Cast number: 3
2009.8.19 A woman laying on waves, probably Aphrodite. Above her Cupid. A man wearing an armour and a spear, probably Ares. Cast number: 8
2009.8.53 Aphrodite lying and leaning on a rock. Cupid stands next to her. Inscription on the bottom. Cast number: 41
2009.9.15 A naked woman holding a cornucopia and leaning against a pole, maybe Aphrodite. Cast number: 29
29.6.1 Plaster cast of the “Ludovisi Throne” (Original in Museo Nazionale Romano di Palazzo Altemps). Central panel: Aphrodite (Roman Venus) rises from the sea assisted by two Horae (Seasons) on the shore who clothe the lower part of her body.The scene probably represents the birth of the goddess. Alternative interpretations: Persephone’s return from the Hades or Hera emerging from the Kanathos waters (Hera Parthenos). Left panel: Seated naked female figure (hetaira?)wearing a sakkos (hairnet) plays the double aulos. Right panel: Seated crouched veiled woman with a pyxis in her left hand in front of an incense burner (thymiaterion)
52.3.2 Flared, cup mouth, black in and out and on rim. Neck is black, as is handle, except for a palmette pattern at base. Intricate tongue pattern around base of neck with a circular palmette pattern below. Main design, from left to right, shows Eutychia (EUTUXIA) standing to the right, holding a box in her left hand, with a string of embossed flowers (?) hanging down from her right hand. Beside her is a diphros with a cushion. Aphrodite ([A]FRODITH) sits, profile to left, in the centre and to left is small Himeros (IMEROS) in white, holding a wreath. To her right is a standing Makaria ([MAK]ARIA). Black egg pattern beneath main design. Moulded foot ring with grooves around the side. Black on top but reserved underneath.
REDMG:1951.137.1 Inset circle of knob decorated with a cross with chevrons in the angles. Bars on rim of knob. Black stem, reserved band at attachment to lid, which is decorated with a figural scene. Bird (partridge or pigeon) standing profile to right, towards a female head (Aphrodite), profile to left, wearing dotted spiked stephane, sakkos, and a pony tail, as well as white hoop earrings and a dotted necklace. Two dotted four-petal rosettes in field behind her. Scene flanked by two sets of tendrils from which emerge lotus buds, on either side of a palmette from the top of which emerges a lotus bud. Added colour (yellow on white) for details of bird, stephane, jewelry, and flowers. Flange on edge and underside of lid are reserved. 2004.73.0004.jpg
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