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There are 4 objects for which Decoration contains "appearing"
14.9.39 Clear buff clay with brownish-black paint. Outside broad band at rim with some red showing through. Below, on body are linked spirals with red glaze appearing through black. Inside the rim is black with the lower part of the fragment reserved. There is however, the start of a line running downwards at right. 2003.01.0094.jpg
2007.9.1.88 Displays the front view of four horses, with the top half of a human figure appearing above them, altogether possibly representing a four-horse chariot.
2007.9.3.15 Displays the head of a bald bearded man, facing left, with the face of a boar appearing out of the back of his head.
REDMG:1953.25.96 Head of a female with hair tied up into a bundle at the back of her head and appearing to wear a head dress of some sort. Traces of red paint on hair at back of head and on head dress. Long, smooth neck and face with flesh coloured clay. 2006.20.0675.jpg
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