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There are 4 objects for which Decoration contains "aryballos"
23.4.1 Black inside, with 8 ivy leaves reserved on rim joined by a stem and with groups of white berries. At the base of the inside is a stamped pattern of 5 linked palmettes around a horse shoe pattern with ovules inside, and there are ovules around the outside between bands. Side A is a youth with discus and athlete holding aryballos and side B is an athlete and youth with a discus hanging on the wall. Below each handle is a group of three palmettes. Moulded ridge above foot, which is black all over. Base is reserved in centre with three black bands, two broad and one narrow. 2003.24.0005.jpg
25.8.3 Globular, trefoil moth, tricorne lid, shallow foot-ring. Black, underneath reserved. Clay pale buf. Some plaster filling. Tongues on shoulder, every second red, every fourth yellowish-buff, orig. white (cf. ball aryballos 39.9.5). Just below tongues 2003.07.0097.jpg
45.6.42 Small, squat aryballos, flared mouth, pear shaped body, flat base. 2006.20.0023.jpg
RM.87.35.22 Decoration on the whole body, handle, mouth and beneath the aryballos. On the body you can see warriors marching right, carrying shields. On the underside and on the mouth, a floral design is visible (leafs). The handle has a zig-zag line design, with dots in the middle. 2003.04.0004.jpg
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