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There are 6 objects for which Decoration contains "aureole"
2009.8.218 Profile of a man, probably a Roman emperor with an aureole and a prominent chin, looking left. On the left side there is an eagle on a globe, probably referring to Jupiter. Cast number: 9
2009.9.25 Profile of a man wearing an aureole and some kind of wear. The top of his cloak can be seen, looking right. There is a "C" or a half moon on the right side. Cast number: 39
2009.9.26 A naked man with an aureole, holding a scepter, sitting on a dog, looking right. Cast number: 40
2009.9.28 A monster with a lion's head, a man's chest and two serpent tails wearing an aureole, looking right. Cast number: 42
2009.9.36 A naked man wearing an aureole, holding a scepter, standing next to a fire. There is a half moon on the left side. Cast number: 50
2009.9.55 A bird, maybe a hawk, holding a spear or stick in its beak poking in a vessel. Behind the hawk there is the profile of a man with an aureole. Cast number: 69
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