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There are 5 objects for which Decoration contains "balancing"
2007.10.2.261 Two figures, one is a naked and bearded man standing, the other is a female sitting down. He is holding what looks like a staff or club, which could identify him as Heracles and she is balancing something on her knee. There are trees and vines in the background.
2007.10.2.359 A centaur wearing a lion's skin, balancing a big pot on his shoulders. In his left hand he is holding a staff.
2008.2.1.61 There are a large group of 10 figures, 5 are standing and 5 are seated. They are engaged in festivities; the second and third figures from the left are holding bowls and appear to be offering them. Behind the seated figures are two standing women who appear to be balancing baskets of fruit on their heads. The two figures on the far right of the scene appear to be playing musical instruments. The scene is framed by two trees, with their branches intertwined above the group of figures. Above the figures there are two small winged figures, possibly cupids.
2009.10.2.9 Small figure wearing a hat with a staff in right hand and with a small winged person balancing on the left hand.
2009.8.99 A young warrior with a helmet and a sword sitting on a rock balancing a staff in his hand. There is a shield on the bottom. Cast number: 43
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