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There are 9 objects for which Decoration contains "bald"
2007.9.3.1 Displays the head of a mostly bald and bearded man, profile facing right.
2007.9.3.15 Displays the head of a bald bearded man, facing left, with the face of a boar appearing out of the back of his head.
2007.9.3.40 Front view of a bald headed male with beard. Looks like he has horns. Possibly Pan.
2008.1.2.80 Profile portrait of a bald bearded man
2008.2.1.55 Profile bust of a bearded bald man wearing a crown of leaves with the start of his robe collar shown at the bottom left.
2008.2.1.80 Profile male facing left. Bearded and mostly bald hair at base of skull.
2008.2.1.99 Profile view of a bald man facing right. He is wearing some kind of fabric around his neck that ties or hangs in the front.
2009.10.2.345 figure of a man seated he is bald with a beard, and working on a bust ontop of a pedistal. Number 1.
39.8.2 Picture inside is of a bearded satyr, with his left hand on his side and his 4th and 5th figures bent under. He is stooping and reaching forward with his right hand. His long ear reaches well above the top of his bald head. 2003.21.0014.jpg
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