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There are 15 objects for which Decoration contains "bare"
2007.10.2.140 Male, sitting down, bare chested, caring a cornucopia in one hand and a branch with leaves (possibly olive), iconography suggests figure is a god.
2007.10.2.188 Woman sitting down and touching her left bare foot with a hand. She is wearing a Peplum draped around her body.
2009.8.140 Old man with a beard wearing a cloak, but has a bare chest. Cast number: 56
2009.8.165 A woman wearing a dress with a bare chest. On her right side a bird, maybe a crane. Cast number: 19
2009.8.17 A hooded woman in the middle holding the hand of a young man with a bare chest. A second man behind the woman, putting one hand on her shoulder. Cast number: 6
2009.8.174 Bare torso of a man with a beard and a wreath in his hair, looking right. Cast number: 28
2009.8.24 A dancing woman with a bare chest. Cloak or dress around her waist. Holding a timbrel in her hands above her head. There is also an inscription. Cast number: 34
2009.8.259 Profile of a man with short hair and a bare chest, looking right. A cloak is hanging on his shoulder. Cast number: 50
2009.8.28 A dancing woman with a bare chest. A ribbon or scarf flying above her head. There is an inscription. Cast number: 28
2009.9.249 Bust of a half-bald man with a beard and a bare chest, wearing a cloak. There is an inscription at the bottom of the bust. Cast number: 89
2009.9.253 Profile of a man with short straight hair and a beard, looking right. His bare chest can be seen. Cast number: 93
27.3.4 Flat lip with two black bands. Three horizontal lines on handle. On body, from top to bottom, shoulder bare, black band, group of seven thin lines, five thicker bands coloured black but often fading into brick-red. Base reserved, slightly concave. 2003.57.0091.jpg
E.63.28 Red colour wash (?) is present on the on the upper body. Several concentric purple lines decorate this area. lower body is left bare. 2002.98.0180.jpg
L.2016.3.14 The dancer wears a short chiton, only fixed on the right shoulder; left breast and shoulder are bare. Those characteristics are associated with a Maenad. Her hair is tied together to a long plait.
TEMP.2003.7.49 Obverse: Head of Julius Caesar, facing right, inscribed (behind head) 'Julius'. Reverse: the bare head of Augustus, facing right, inscribed (around head) 'Caesar. Divi. F.' 2008.02.0117.jpg
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