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There are 7 objects for which Decoration contains "barque"
2009.8.275 A cow and a naked woman with a crown, holding a vessel, sitting on a flower, are in a barque which has a lion's head on the left end and a ram's head on the right end. Cast number: 6
2009.9.136 A naked winged child sitting in a barque. Cast number: 70
2009.9.139 A naked winged child and a mermaid (?) are sitting in a barque. Cast number: 73
2009.9.140 Two naked winged children sitting in a barque pulled by four dolphins. Cast number: 74
2009.9.152 A naked woman with a strange face, maybe wearing a theater mask, sitting on a barque. Cast number: 96
2009.9.216 A man in armour holding a shield, standing on a barque. There is crane on his left and on his right side. Cast number: 51
2009.9.66 A cresent moon or a barque surrounded by stars covered with letters. Inscriptions on the barque. Cast number: 80
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